Distrito Tributo
1 Alec Hammos
1 Maroon Woods
1 Jennifer Walbere
1 Luna Powers
2 Mason Blue
2 Jake Karmon
2 Rosa Reese
2 Caitlin Brooke
3 Watt Stare
3 Cody Stanford
3 Lauren Bryll
3 Gabrielle Ksana
4 Chad Micro
4 Seth Ross
4 Rose Willow
4 Beth Kelly
5 Timotheo Dearing
5 Jordan Rhodes
5 Anna Bella
5 Evelyn Hill
6 Chase Torquatto
6 Rey Crubin
6 Marta Shin
6 Florence Guine
7 Logan Sage
7 Ryker Bens
7 Maxine Regal
7 Sapphire Stone
8 Troy Hicks
8 Matthew Cameron
8 Brie Savage
8 Victoria Borne
9 Jack Cutter
9 Lexi Beattis
9 Hellena Glam
9 Amanda Knight
10 Harry Madino
10 Sebastian Trucker
10 Tilde Stars
10 Hebe Escrapo
11 Finn Lexi
11 Robert Whittle
11 Elena Blanc
11 Demetria Welbag
12 Jonathan Talon
12 Haymitch Abernathy
12 Eva Lida
12 Maysilee Donner

Day 1

The Cornucopia and around is the most beautiful part in the world. GONG! Just, at least, fifteen tributes go out of their plates. The others are paralyzed with the pretty in the arena. Haymitch and Jordan grab some backpacks and supplis and go out of the Cornucopia. Rey and Seth reaches the axe at the same time. Seth grabs the axe and shoves into Rey's heart. BOOM! He laughs, but Florence watch it. She throws a knife in the back of Seth. BOOM!

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