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You have to vote in your favorite, to finally he or she wins the FAN BATTLE!!


First 32 characters will face other character in one-on-one. The winner pass to the second round. In the second round, will be 16 characters in 8 battles one-on-one. In the third round, will be 8 characters in 4 battles one-on-one. In the fourth round, will be 4 characters in just two battles. In the big final, two characters will face each other.

First Round

<poll> Prim or Mags? Primrose Everdeen Mags </poll>

<poll> Thresh or Buttercup? Thresh Buttercup </poll>

<poll> Cashmere or Paylor? Cashmere Commander Paylor </poll>

<poll> Glimmer or Seeder? Glimmer Seeder </poll>

<poll> Cinna or Wiress? Cinna Wiress </poll>

<poll> Maysilee or Finnick? Maysilee Donner Finnick Odair </poll>

<poll> Cato or Brutus? Cato Brutus </poll>

<poll> Foxface or Seneca? Foxface Seneca Crane </poll>

<poll> Peeta or Portia? Peeta Mellark Portia </poll>

<poll> Clove or Coin? Clove President Coin </poll>

<poll> Haymitch or Gale? Haymitch Abernathy Gale Hawthorne </poll>

<poll> Marvel or Enobaria? Marvel Enobaria </poll>

<poll> Johanna or Beetee? Johanna Mason Beetee </poll>

<poll> Caesar or Madge? Caesar Flickermann Madge Undersee </poll>

<poll> Snow or Annie? President Snow Annie Cresta </poll>

<poll> Katniss or Effie? Katniss Everdeen Effie Trinket </poll>

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