Do you are ready for the life and the adventures of Enobaria Fire, a district 2 girl.

Part I

Chapter 1

Today is the famous Reaping Day and in my district, no one fears that day. I am very excited because I know that I will volunteer, this is my year, my chance to make my district proud. I wake early, my mother left my clothes in the metal chair in my bedroom. The dress is purple, strapless, it hits a little above my knees. I hate dress, but my mother thinks that I have to be well-dressed to the reapings. I take a shower, wear the stupid dress and I put a sneaker.

I get down the stairs towards the kitchen. My mom is making chocolate pancakes, and I love it. I ate in silence, making my mother a little nervous.

- You have sure? - my mom asks

- Yes, mom - I say without a second thought - I trained for this, I will win. It's a promise.

My mom was very afraid with the Games since my brother's death ten years ago, when a stupid girl from district 6 won.

- I know that you will win - says my mother

- I will, I know that I can.

- Now, finish your breakfast and go to the square, I'll met you there. - my mom speaks.

I ate all the pancakes and I walk to the square. When I arrive at the square, I see that is full. I go to the 16-year old girls area. In the stage: Jally Noberts (our escort this year), Brutus (our mentor) and Katarina (another winner).

Jally is on the stage, preparing herself to the reaping

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