The method of the The Most Tracked Blog Posts is simple. I will see the blog posts with most different editors (people writting comments) and see what blog is the most tracked one per day.

If the first day or week becomes very famous, I will be able to do the entire top 10 in one day. Keep going with the feedback too XD.

Chart - December 12th 2012

(The statistics were tracked since 00:30 Wikia Time until 18:09)

The number one of the first day of The Most Tracked Blog Posts is the Nommyzombies' Hurt/Heal Games CONT. It had exactly 20 different users posting a comment.

The number #2 on the chart today was Cloveismywife's 373rd Hunger Games. That blog had 14 different users posting a comment. It could be explained by the attack of a wikia contribuitor at the blog.

The number #3 on today's chart is Wesolini's Welcome to The 25th Annual Hunger Games! The blog had exactly 8 users commenting. 

Tied in number #4 we have: FantasyDreamer/The 132nd Hunger GamesThe Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo/The Spera Games, and District2Career/48th Hunger Games with 6 different users commenting on each blog post.

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