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The Most Tracked Blog Posts - Day 2

CrazyKiss December 13, 2012 User blog:CrazyKiss


The method of the The Most Tracked Blog Posts is simple. I will see the blog posts with most different editors (people writting comments) and see what blog is the most tracked one per day.

I hope you enjoy the chart!!

Chart - December 13th 2012

(The statistics were tracked since 00:00 Wikia Time until 20:07)

For the second consecutive day, Nommyzombies 'and her interactive blog' Hurt/Heal Games CONT. stay on the first spot. The number of different users commenting grew 25% to 25 users. Anyway, the blog is a good candidate for the next number one spot tomorrow.

The number #2 on the chart today is tied between two blog spots with eight users commenting on each of them. One of them is Cloveismywife's 373rd Hunger Gameswhich fells 43% and Wesolini's Welcome to The 25th Annual Hunger Games!which moves 0%.

Stucked up in number #3 with six different users commenting on the blog pots is: YoungGuy5/THE WIKI GAMESwhich enters on the chart with an increase of 200%!

In number #4, and tied with five differents users in each blog posts, we have: XXxLiGhTsxXx/The Christmas Games (rises 100%)YoungGuy5/THE INSANITY GAMES (rises 150%), EHKnight/Welcome to the 16th annual Hunger Games! (debut), The Hungarian Games/Might Quit (debut and first non-roleplaying blog to enter in the chart), and Nataliezelda51/demi-games (debut).

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