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The Most Tracked Blog Posts - Day 3

CrazyKiss December 14, 2012 User blog:CrazyKiss


The method of the The Most Tracked Blog Posts is simple. I will see the blog posts with most different editors (people writting comments) and see what blog is the most tracked one per day.

I hope you enjoy the chart!!

Chart - December 14th 2012

(The statistics were tracked since 00:01 Wikia Time until 20:31)

For the third consecutive day, Nommyzombies 'and her newest blog' Hurt/Heal Games CONT. stay on the first place spot. The number of different users commenting grew 12% to 28 users. The blog is just growing up more and more and for sure, it is the best candidate for tomorrow.

Another famous blog bows at the no #2 on the chart today. FantasyDreamer and her first roleplaying blog post, The 132nd Hunger Games rises 300% to 16 different users commenting on that blog post. It will not be a surprise if this blog hits the #1 tomorrow.

Tied on the third place with 8 different users commenting on each page, we have Cloveismywife/373rd Hunger Games (which descends 1 spot; moves 0%), and Ms.finnickodair/The Supernatural Games (rises 167%). These two blogs were impacted by updates yesterday.

At the bottom of the chart with seven different users commenting on that blog post, we have ~PopTart~/Leaving which debuts and makes a good first day for a non-roleplaying blog.

What's Happening?

For today, What's Happening is asking you. Why Hurt/Heal Games CONT. is so popular?

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