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  • CresentHearts

    I'm Leaving, for now.

    November 19, 2011 by CresentHearts

    I'm sorry. I really can't go on this site anymore. My grades were falling, and I have pets to take care of and a life to live. You people were awesome, (Namely Anna-athena and Clove1001)

    I might be coming back after Christmas, but don't expect anything sooner.

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  • CresentHearts

    The Twist Games

    October 16, 2011 by CresentHearts

    Okay, so, I know I'm new, I haven't done anything on here, but I feel like I needed to make a games. I'm making one about my class, so now, I hope I do this right....


    Districts Male Female
    District One Pearson Woods Colbie Cain
    District Two Everest Sateer Harpy Evermist
    District Three Ray Plug Evi Tech

    District Four

    Pirate Mast Bubbles Foam
    District Five Cloud Collection Winter Berry
    District Six Ian Volt Shana Buzz
    District Seven Chill Bone Amethyst Rose
    District Eight Ryan Penn Sofia Trainer
    District Nine Apollo Shaylene Taylor Heartstock
    District Ten Talon Faust Kedzie Woods
    District Eleven Forrest Shadows Terra Earth
    District Twelve Reed Shacklebolt Kajama Odair

    When you submit your tributes, please also enter a token or an a…

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