Okay, so, I know I'm new, I haven't done anything on here, but I feel like I needed to make a games. I'm making one about my class, so now, I hope I do this right....



Districts Male Female
District One Pearson Woods Colbie Cain
District Two Everest Sateer Harpy Evermist
District Three Ray Plug Evi Tech

District Four

Pirate Mast Bubbles Foam
District Five Cloud Collection Winter Berry
District Six Ian Volt Shana Buzz
District Seven Chill Bone Amethyst Rose
District Eight Ryan Penn Sofia Trainer
District Nine Apollo Shaylene Taylor Heartstock
District Ten Talon Faust Kedzie Woods
District Eleven Forrest Shadows Terra Earth
District Twelve Reed Shacklebolt Kajama Odair

When you submit your tributes, please also enter a token or an animal of choice. If you see someone has put down tiger and you wanted to, please try to choose something else.

Okay, there won't really be a plot twist, but in the arena, there are unique locations for tributes to stock up on anything they need. The locations change every hour, making it nearly impossible. The rest of the arena will be the ruins of an old castle, plains, a dense forest and a large mountain range. Wandering around the arena will be different kinds of animals, and each tribute has a headset so that they can understand and talk to a specific animal and sort of control it.

To make it easier for me...


District Boy's Animal Girl's Animal
1 Cheetah Wolf
2 Tiger Eagle
3 Elephant Giraffe
4 Octopus Fox
6 Snake Spider
8 Lynx Red Panda
9 Otter Seal
12 Jaguar Horse

District One: Colbie Cain

Everyone was gently pushed into pens. I was crowded in next to a group of some of my friends. The Reaping was starting. People were talking, talking about who was going to get chosen, talking about the birds flying above us, about everything. I had no idea this year it would be me. The idea disgusted me, but a lady was climbing onto the stage and I had no time to complain to my friends. The lady was tall, a tad flabby and looked like she'd had surgery, once, no... maybe four times. Her neck bulged and her legs were thick. I grimaced.

The mayor gave the annual speech and then the thick lady stepped forward and stuck her hand into the Girls Reaping Ball. She glanced at the name, and yelled, "Roger Tamisin!" A thirteen year-old boy gulped and stepped forward, only to be volunteered for by two other boys. "Okay, Pearson Woods!" I watched a muscular-looking boy come to the stage and sit down. The lady moved to the girls Reaping ball. "Colbie Cain!"

I felt sick, but my sisters winked at me from three other sections. The thick lady gave me a clap on the shoulder as I sat down, and this time, there weren't any volunteers. Pearson Woods and I were going to the Capitol.

District Two: Everest Sater

The Reaping was beginning, and I couldn't wait. I stood in a crowded pen of sixteen year-olds, waiting for our normal escort to get onto the stand and pull name. I had a feeling this year. Apparently, some of my friends did too. They air fought with invisible swords, pretending to race to grab a backpack, they were just too life-like. I watched them maul each other until the mayor cleared his throat into the microphone. I watched the mayor give the speech of the Hunger Games' history, and I noticed his red, plump hands were shaking. Our escort stood up from his seat and moved to give his own speech. The mayor, looking quite embaressed sat back down. Before I knew, our escort's hand dived down into the Girl's Reaping Ball. "Alicia Downs!" She was replaced quickly by a girl with the name, Harpy Evermist.

"Kevin Silver!" The escort cries. My hand shoots up. It's finally my chance, and Kevin looks glad too. He's a twig of a kid, and it feels good to be sitting up on the podium, wondering whether or not I'm going to live or die in the arena.

District Three: Evi Tech

I was tinkering with my lastest creation. I wasn't quite sure what it was going to be, but the Peacekeepers weren't going to take it from me. I slipped it into my pocket as I walked past them, two fattish guys talking about the Games. I took it out as soon as they were out of the way, just for the fun of it. My friends gave me extra scraps of metal and bolts when I joined them at the roped off area.

The Reaping Balls were placed on the stage, and the Mayor Ray took the microphone, giving his speech and then handing it to our mentor, who said just about two words, (no wonder we don't win all the time) and the escort took it for the last time. She was different from last year somehow, maybe more shy. Who cares anyway? She took the Boy's Reaping Ball first, dipping her slim hand in and pulled out a random name. I saw thousands in there, pressed up against the sides like they could never get away.

"Ray Plup! Oh wait, that says... Ray Plug!" The escort mumbled into the microphone. A boy came up to the stage, looked back at his family and waited for volunteers. None, just as always.

"Evi... um... Eve..." Our mentor stepped forward and whispered the name in her ear. My hands closed around my metal creation. "Evi Tech!"

I gulped, but District Three gave no volunteers, again.

District Four: Pirate Mast

All I was thinking when I joined the boys my age was that today, was the Hunger Games. And that I, was finally ready to volunteer. I listened closely to the noise of the Reaping, hearing the twelve year-olds whining to their parents, my friends trying to talk about something, the Peacekeepers placing the Reaping Balls on the stage. My eyes opened. I hadn't realized they'd even closed.

It was just the same as last year. I was only here for the names. That's what all of us were required to be here for.

The Mayor and our mentor gave the same expressions as they stepped to the microphone, but it was the escort we were waiting for. She looked like a pig, but she was a Capitol person, and that was expected. She placed one of her pinkish, flabby arms into the Boy's Reaping ball.

"Pirate Mast!" I heard someone trying to volunteer for me, but it wasn't going to happen. My feet took me to the stage, and that's where I stayed.

"Bubbles Foam!" The escort cried into the mic. A girl walked up to the stage, winked back at her friends and sat down next to me. Unfortunately for her, I was already devising strategies to get rid of her.

District Five: Winter Berry

I felt cold as I joined my friends in the little area. My friend Ivy gave me her jacket, and we listened to the birds singing and then the boys our age next to us, talking. The microphone squealed when the mayor stepped forward, and everyone plugged their ears. I knew the mayor always took a long time with his speeches, and I was preparing to just sit down and wait it out, when he muttered, "Happy Hunger Games." into the microphone, and then gave it to our mentor, who proceeded to say the mayor's speech for him.

When half an hour had passed, the escort shoved our mentor out of the way. Luckily for us, she was never much of a talker, and just like the mayor, said "Happy Hunger Games!"

She moved to the Boy's Reaping Ball first. I could see thousands of slips of paper, and I wondered how many were duplicates. "Hm... this says.... Cloud Collection!" A boy walked up to the stage with a backward glance at his family, like he would never see them again, which could be somewhat true. No one volunteered, except for an old man who thought he was chosen.

"Winter Berry!" I froze, but I wasn't quite sure if it was because my butt was stuck to the ground, or because I had a bad feeling. When the Peacekeepers got me up, I walked up to the stage. "Hey, it sure does feel like Winter today, huh?" The escort said as I passed. I gave a little laugh at her awful joke, just to be nice, and then sat down in the black chairs.

District Six: Ian Volt

I walked away from my younger brother, who was calling out and trying to reach me. I knew he wouldn't make it very long without me, but I left him notes on edible plants... I joined the fourteen year-old boys, and waited for the Reaping to start.

Our Mayor came out, dressed in a simple black suit and began to give his speech. I noticed one of the sixteen year-old boys readying a paper airplane. Three... I wasn't going to say anything. Two... the boy prepared for launch. One... and it sailed through the air, hitting the mayor nicely on the nose. The sixteen year-old boy blended in with his friends, and the mayor quickly gave the mic to our mentor, who just told everyone that the Hunger Games would be really great, and then the escort got the microphone.

She was dressed entirely in purple, from her wig and lip stick to her high heels. We watched as she stumbled around the stage, looking like a fool in front of Panem.

"Tyler... no wait..." Our escort dropped the slip of paper back in and wailed. "Oh no! Which one was it?" She dove into the Reaping Ball, spraying paper everywhere. I had a feeling the nation would be laughing at her this evening. When she got back up, the escort sat down and made the mentor do it.

"Ian Volt!" I looked at my brother as I went to the stage, and he was crying, but I knew he wasn't going to volunteer, and no one else did either.

"Shana Buzz!" I watched Shana emerge, and she was a lot taller than me. I decided she was not exactly someone I wanted to kill in the Games. Someone else could do that. We shook hands, and the Reaping was over.

District Seven: Amethyst Rose

As I waited for the Reaping to start, I knew thousands of other kids were going through the same thing, and most of them probably going home, the few that weren't knew it. We'd have to kill.

My friends crowded around me, gabbing about something, or someone. I heard the mayor clear his throat into the microphone and tried to push through my friends to get a view of the stage. It took a couple minutes for the crowd's roar to fade, and even when it did, some obnioxous kid was making bird calls and making it sound like it was someone else, the old woman, a young baby, and the Peacekeepers were following the sound, to no avail.

"So anyway, I'm Mayor Heartman..." The rest of the words faded as the crowd began to talk again, and the mayor just gave it to our mentor, who gave it to the escort.

"First the girls!" She shouted into the microphone. "Amethyst Rose!" I glanced back at my friends, and some gave me quick hugs. I was pushed over the barrier, and onto the stage. The escort smiled at me and then reached into the Boy's Reaping Ball. It was supremely large, and she was so tiny, I was surprised that she was bigger than it.

"Cloud Collection!" A boy joined me on the stage, and we shook hands, like twenty two other kids were doing across the nation of Panem. I sighed quietly and took a seat, waiting for the cameras to stop filming me.

District Eight: Ryan Penn

I gave my little sister a hug and hurried to catch up with my only friend, Timothy. I would hate it if he was selected, but luckily for him, he's nineteen, and my brother. Yeah, yeah, I'm weird.

Timothy took my sister to the stands as I joined the thirteen year-olds and waited for our old escort to come to the stage. And she did. Every year, it looked like she'd had surgery to make her wrinkles go away, and every year, it failed.

She looked odd as she joined everyone on the stage, the camera crews, our mentor and mayor. I'll be over before I know it. My sister was singing a song with my brother, and that's when I saw Sofia. She was dressed just as she always was, but she seemed prettier today. I nearly had to slap myself to stop looking... slap!

"Yo, Ryan! You gonna win the Games this year?" My enemy and used to be other friend slapped me and then smiled at the red spot on my cheek.

"I..." And the mayor began his speech, and then the mentor.

"Sofia Trainer!" My jaw dropped, but Sofia didn't seem worried in the smallest wave. She hurried to the stage, and then shared a private joke with the escort. My face burned, and I wasn't sure if it was because my enemy had slapped me, or because Sofia was going to the Capitol.

"Aaron Heist!" My jaw dropped again, because my enemy was going to the Capitol. With Sofia. "Any volunteers?"

My hand went up, and I raced to the stage and resisted the urge to throw him off the stage.

"Alright, Ryan Penn!"

District Nine: Taylor Heartstock

I turned around as if the parents I didn't have anymore would hug me close. Air whirled around me and I sighed. No parents, then I walked myself to the roped area for my age. Not many were my friends, but the few that were were good friends. But they weren't here. I wondered why.

The mayor didn't say anything at all, just took a very long time writing a note and then handing it to the mentor. The mentor raised his eyebrows, but took the letter and stepped up to the microphone.

"Apparently, I, I mean the mayor has a sore throat. So um, anyway, this is the um..." He continued like that until someone threw an egg at him. The mentor was off the stage in seconds flat. The puffy haired escort stepped forward.

"I guess it's up to me, and since our hour has already been wasted," she looked daggers at the mayor. "I'm get right to the choosing." She walked to the girls. "Maggic Blue!"

Maggic Blue stumbled forward, and I choked out, "I volunteer!" Maggic nearly flew off the stage and the escort helped me into a chair.

"Apollo Shaylene!" Another boy came up, looking powerful. He was going to be tough to kill. I wondered if my parents thought I had done the right thing.

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