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  • I live in Seattle, WA
  • I was born on November 19
  • My occupation is Software Engineer
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  • Cruiser One

    Want to be a tribute in the Hunger Games, or at least experience what it would be like? A new version 3.0 of my Hunger Games computer simulation video game has been finished and released. :) It's a free Windows program downloadable at , and features the following additions over version 2.5 that was released October 2013, and described in previous blog posts:

    • New Landscapes: Option to play in a "Catching Fire" style clock arena. Climb over rolling hills, and experience a gradual day/night cycle. Head downhill or dig deep enough and you can find water. Play in mixed terrain arenas, such as half sandy desert and half rocky wasteland.
    • New Customizations: Set number of Districts (1-13), and num…

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  • Cruiser One

    Happy "Catching Fire" release day everyone! :) In honor of this event, I made the above video of my Hunger Games Simulation video game for Windows, which is freely downloadable here . The video shows a random automatic playing of the Games from start to finish in a randomly generated arena, with the computer controlling all tributes, and the camera following them around observing (like the Capitol audience). In the end the District 4 Boy overcomes all 23 other tributes, winning with full health. That's kind of like how I imagined Finnick winning his Games! :)

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  • Cruiser One

    Hello fellow tributes! A new version 2.5 of my Hunger Games computer simulation video game has been finished and released. :) It's a free Windows program downloadable at , and features the following additions over the first version 2.4 that was released in March, and described in three previous blog posts:

    • New Arenas: In addition to Forest like before, you can also play in randomly generated snowy Mountain, burning Desert, open Plains, watery Swamp, and giant Maze arenas. You can also play in smaller or much larger sized arenas. Choose your arena type and size, or have them randomly chosen for you. In addition to trees like before, you can also encounter rivers, lakes, hills, and meadows …

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  • Cruiser One

    Happy weekend everyone! :) I've written a free computer program inspired by the Hunger Games, that accurately simulates what it's like to play as an actual tribute in it. The screenshot above shows you winning (playing as the District 2 Girl), with the golden Cornucopia in the left background, and trees to the right.

    I introduced this game in my first blog post, and a documentation page for it in a second blog post. I've updated the documentation page to describe 12 more advanced commands. They allow options such as playing at night (for a challenge), switching to playing a different tribute (useful if you get killed), and status reports such as arena maps and event timelines. Enjoy, and …

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  • Cruiser One

    Hello again Hunger Games fans! :) In my last blog post I gave an introduction to a free Windows computer program that simulates the Hunger Games. You select a tribute and control their actions to fight with the others until a victor is determined. Above is an example screenshot from the Bloodbath. The viewpoint is from inside the Cornucopia, with gear on the ground and the Careers in control of the entrance. I've written a comprehensive page describing the game, how to install it, and how to effectively play it, in more detail: That page has several sections, which include:

    • Gameplay: The 12 different commands you can use to move and interact in the arena, such as picking up, dropping, at…

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