Hunger Games computer simulation: Winning!

Happy weekend everyone! :) I've written a free computer program inspired by the Hunger Games, that accurately simulates what it's like to play as an actual tribute in it. The screenshot above shows you winning (playing as the District 2 Girl), with the golden Cornucopia in the left background, and trees to the right.

I introduced this game in my first blog post, and a documentation page for it in a second blog post. I've updated the documentation page to describe 12 more advanced commands. They allow options such as playing at night (for a challenge), switching to playing a different tribute (useful if you get killed), and status reports such as arena maps and event timelines. Enjoy, and I hope you're able to download and play this, and successfully become victor! Thanks, Cruiser One (talk) 20:00, April 6, 2013 (UTC)

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