Hunger Games simulation screenshot

Greetings fellow Hunger Games fans! :) I've made a program inspired by the Hunger Games, that accurately simulates what it's like to play as an actual tribute in it. Above is a screenshot. You can see the semicircle of 24 tributes on their platforms, the central golden cornucopia, gear in front of and within the cornucopia, and the surrounding woods.

  • Download: This Hunger Games simulation is an applet that comes with the Maze generation program Daedalus. It's not unlike the Hunger Games simulations in Minecraft: Daedalus provides the tool to create the environment, and the app defines the Hunger Games environment itself. Daedalus (and its Hunger Games app) is a 100% free program for Windows, available at: Once installed, click "The Hunger Games" icon in the "Daedalus / Scripts" program group to play.
  • Players: This is a single player game. The other 23 players are computer controlled, and have reasonably intelligent AI. You can choose which tribute to play as, or get one assigned to you randomly. Yes, there is an advantage to being a Career (since you start in the Career alliance) but it's a bigger achievement to win from an outlying District.
  • Gameplay: This is a turn based game (similar to games like Nethack, or a board game). After you decide what move to make, the other tributes do so in turn. Strategy and thinking are important, and you shouldn't treat it like an arcade game where speed and reflexes matter.
  • Graphics: You play from a first person perspective, seeing through the eyes of your tribute. (The screenshot above is a special bird's eye view from an external observer.) First person means you should keep an eye out in all directions, because you can be ambushed from behind. Beyond that graphics aren't high quality, with everything as block tokens (again like a board game), and icons on the ground indicating the various types of gear. Looking at a tribute, you can see their district number, gender, health from 1-10, and wielded weapon if any.
  • How to win: Stay alive, and kill everybody else. :) Most deaths are from combat, but you can also starve to death, poison yourself like Foxface, or electrocute yourself on the surrounding forcefield. Be aware that thrown weapons bounce off the forcefield, meaning you can also kill yourself like the District 1 Girl did in the 2nd Quarter Quell.
  • Features: The arena is randomly generated, with random tribute placements and gear in the cornucopia. Gear includes weapons (melee weapons, throwable weapons, missile launchers such as bows, and ammo for them), food, and first-aid. The best gear is inside the cornucopia, with lesser gear in front of it. You can also forage in the surrounding woods for food and more primitive weapons. You can have and even form new alliances (by giving people gear), and backstab (or be backstabbed by) your allies. You may also get random sponsor gifts, especially if you "get people to like you" i.e. are deadly.
  • Inspiration: This is not the 74th Hunger Games, but should be thought of as a random year. Therefore don't be surprised if tributes behave differently from game to game, e.g. the District 11 Girl is not Rue, and may grab a sword and start stabbing everybody in sight. ;)

Enjoy, and "may the odds be ever in your favor". :) Cruiser One (talk) 20:26, March 14, 2013 (UTC)

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