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    Just because of TWD. Which I am very behind on. Oops...

    These are like any other games. The districts Zero through Fourteen, and the Capitol, send tributes to compete in the Hunger Games. But these, oh, these are different.

    "This Hunger Games, to show that even though Capitol soldiers died their legacy lived on, zombies will be placed into the arena, and there will be twice as many tributes as normal."

    • Links are not allowed. This is because I need to keep things organized.
    • No Lunaiis, only real life pictures. 
    • I will reserve/hold spots for twelve hours. You can't rereserve a spot.
    • Follow the template!
    • You may have as many tributes as you'd like.
    • I have the right to decline a tribute.






    Weapons: (yes, guns are allow…

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  • Cupcakes With Flames

    Woohoo! The next games in this series that could last forever. Anyway, yes, I am aware the 86th are still going on, but I want to write the Reapings, Train Rides, Interviews, all that good stuff. 

    Without further ado, let the 87th Hunger Games begin!

    After the 86th Hunger Games, the Capitol was still excited for yet another year of bloodshed. This year does have a twist, like each year does, and so the Capitol is very excited.

    1. Follow the template linked on the last games. It's underneath the rules section. (of course)
    2. Please, only three tributes per user at this time. On top of that, only two can be Careers.
    3. For now, Districts 1-14 and the Capitol are included. If somebody can give me more information on zero (I only know it's astrology) I'll ope…

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  • Cupcakes With Flames

    "Good day, citizens of Panem. As your president for many years to come, I am in charge of retelling the backstory of the Hunger Games and reading the twists for each year. As always, I will begin with the history.

    "You all know about the Dark Days. War plagued a land called North America. Families fought over slices of burnt, stale bread as the wind howled, foreshadowing yet another tornado, hurricane, or severe thunderstorm. Mothers became wives, and later widows. Men were sent to fight, and eight out of ten returned in a coffin. Children fled from the terror, but were either killed by exposure or were sent to fight in the war.

    "After many years, only a few families remained. They created a civilization that would rise above the others, kno…

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