"Good day, citizens of Panem. As your president for many years to come, I am in charge of retelling the backstory of the Hunger Games and reading the twists for each year. As always, I will begin with the history.

"You all know about the Dark Days. War plagued a land called North America. Families fought over slices of burnt, stale bread as the wind howled, foreshadowing yet another tornado, hurricane, or severe thunderstorm. Mothers became wives, and later widows. Men were sent to fight, and eight out of ten returned in a coffin. Children fled from the terror, but were either killed by exposure or were sent to fight in the war.

"After many years, only a few families remained. They created a civilization that would rise above the others, known as Panem. Each family chose to rule a district, and the wealthiest, coming from my bloodline, ruled the hub district known as the Capitol. There were thirteen districts, until thirteen was obliterated.

"After Panem was populated, a punishment was issued for the districts; every year they would send two children to fight to the death. All was well until Katniss Everdeen appeared. She won the 74th Hunger Games with her district partner, Peeta Mellark. We were able to try to kill them off the next year by the 75th Hunger Games, but apparently District Thirteen was still alive. Somehow, a few tributes escaped, but the remainders were taken in by us to protect them. After the war, we captured Katniss and Peeta. They were executed.

"Now, we restarted the games. After finding out about a hidden district, fourteen, they were punished into going into the games as well as district thirteen. We had to compete as well as part of the agreement. This year's twist, as always, will be kept a secret until all the tributes are reaped."

Information and Stuffs

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District Female Alliance User Male Alliance User
1 Carolyn Collins Careers YourFavoriteSalmon Copper McPrice Careers YourFavoriteSalmon
2 Thalia Grant Careers YourFavoriteSalmon Troy Mason Careers YourFavoriteSalmon
3 Marcella Brynlee None FrostyFire Twix Juniper ? PumPumPumpkin :3
4 Silvia Peck Freddie (4) Rayplayzlol70 Freddie Peck Silvia (4) Rayplayzlol70
5 Nichole Peyton ? Nlby001 Lightning Duodecim None Mistfire333
6 Luna Woodland ? Rayplayzlol70 Zulfikar Zambrano ? Nlby001
7 Zoey Oakley The Big Alliance YourFavoriteSalmon Jayson Huff None Nlby001
8 Cynder Fabric The Big Alliance YourFavoriteSalmon Saibi Deller Iggy (C) Saibi
9 Whitney Grey The Big Alliance Pippycat Elias Angerrage None YourFavoriteSalmon
10 Alice Withers The Big Alliance Pippycat Rory Wheat None YourFavoriteSalmon
11 Lilly Ganté ? Yoonie Havan Famin ? Yoonie
12 Leona Soleil ? PumPumPumpkin :3 Jake Locketback Careers Mrs. Whale
13 Shyvana Feuer Alone PumPumPumpkin :3 Trenton Weltz None YourFavoriteSalmon
14 Bethany Rhode ? Meoryou Iggy Coupe Saibi (8) Mistfire333
C Glare Tate ? Meoryou Lyssander Ghan ? Yoonie

Tribute Gallery


Name Score
Carolyn Collins 9
Copper McPrice 10
Thalia Grant 9
Troy Mason 10
Marcella Brynlee 12
Twix Juniper 4
Silvia Peck 10
Freddie Peck 9
Nichole Peyton 4
Lightning Duodecim 10
Luna Woodland 8
Zulfikar Zambrano 4
Zoey Oakley 8
Jayson Huff 4
Cynder Fabric 7
Saibi Deller 3
Whitney Grey 10
Elias Angerrage 9
Alice Withers 1
Rory Wheat 11
Lilly Ganté 4
Havan Famin 4
Leona Soleil 4
Jake Locketback 9
Shyvana Feuer 4
Trenton Weltz 6
Bethany Rhode 7
Iggy Coupe 10
Glare Tate 7
Lyssander Ghan 4

The 86th Hunger Games

-told in third person-

Day One : Bloodbath

The tributes rise into the arena, and are shocked at the sight. Instead of a beautiful forest like it is most years, they're inside a parking garage building. The Cornucopia, instead of being made of a shiny metal, it seems to be made of cement. This has its pros and cons; it will be somewhat protectant to attacks, but if one part falls down for whatever reason the rest could fall down and be so heavy that it will destroy the dark wooden crates filled with valuable supplies. It could also easily break someone's neck.

The tributes cover their ears as a wave of feedback comes through the speakers on the top of the Cornucopia.

"Tributes, let the 86th Hunger Games begin!"

A robotic voice comes over the same speakers, counting down from a minute to allow the tributes to get their bearings together and search for items they want that are thrown throughout the pavement.

60, 59, 58

Alice (10) stands on her tribute plate, pretending to cower in fear. The other tributes think she'll be an easy kill since she got a one as her score. Well, they thought wrong. While she's not the best with most weapons, she's very intelligent and due to her quick reflexes, she could dodge an attack quickly.

53, 52, 51

Troy Mason (2) is definitely participating in the bloodbath. He's got his sights set on a mace leaning against the Cornucopia, its pointed ball dangling from a black chain. Soon, he knew, it would be stained with thick, crimson blood from the other tributes. The one person he wants to take out is Marcella (3). He can't believe she got one of the highest scores ever, and scored higher than him! To him, she's just an average tribute. But Marcella (3) knows she's more than that. She proved it in her training session.

48, 47, 46

Saibi (8) is analyzing the Cornucopia, trying to find a good hiding spot. He plans to kill Alice (10) with an axe because she was the only tribute to get a lower training score than him and his mentor, Inchcape, told him to. He's extremely dissappointed at his three, but maybe it was the Gamemakers giving him a bad score for his actions.

39, 38, 37

Lightning (5) looks around the area. He lets out an internal scream as the concrete slowly morphs into a battlefield full of bodies, disfigured and mutilated. He blinks a few times and it goes back to a normal floor. He shakes his head and looks around for something he needs to execute his game plan, a battery, some water in large containers, and wire. He locates the battery and wire a few yards ahead of him, but he'll have to go farther to get the water.

26, 25, 24

Silvia (4) locks eyes with her brother, Freddie (4) and they silently discuss a meeting point towards the outskirts where she'll pick him up to take both of them away from the terrible event soon to come.

21, 20, 19

Shyvana (13) smirks towards a weaker tribute, Cynder (8). She whimpers, tears threatening to spill out of her eyes.

15, 14, 13

All of the tributes are prepared to dash into the Cornucopia to get supplies, kill, or even both. The countdown reaches zero and the tributes jump off their plates, all of them going in seperate directions.

The first tribute to reach the Cornucopia is Whitney (9). She dashes inside the Cornucopia and retrieves a shiny, platinum bow from one of the racks and grabs a quiver of arrows from beside it. She silently gags in disgust after finding a piece of chewed up bubblegum on the arrow she happened to take out. Normal parking garage things, she thinks. She wipes it on the white walls and secures an arrow in her bow. She doesn't aim or shoot yet; she wants to keep her arrows for a later time. She runs towards a blue and gray fabric backpack just outside the mouth and scoops it up, looping the straps on her back and buckling the straps in the front. She runs to a relatively unseen hiding place and aims as a sniper would, but she's just trying to protect her alliance.

Next to reach the concrete structure is Jake Locketback (12). He picks up a silver spear leaning against the walls of the Cornucopia and lurks over to Twix (3), who is stuffing items in a large black backpack. Jake (12) pounces, knocking him over onto the ground. Twix (3) struggles against Jake's (12) grasp, but he's too weak. Jake (12) starts giving him a sadistic, painful death. To begin, he cuts his eyelids off so he has to watch Jake (12) kill him. Next, he inserts a nearby knife through his cheeks. It goes through one end and out the other. Then, he stabs his arm and one of his legs and pins them to two pieces of very sticky chewed up gum.. Twix (3) tries to wriggle out from the knives, but the knives are firmly planted in the gum, which are secured to the ground. Jake (12) slices open his stomach, and intestines threaten to spill out and his ribs are exposed. Twix (3) gags as Jake (12) uses the serrated end of the spear to saw his ribs back and forth and destroy them.. Lastly, Jake (12) uses the spear to tear his heart in half. Blood spills out of the wound and a large boom echoes through the building.

Marcella (3), disgusted by her partner's terrible death, sprints to the Corncucopia, her silver necklace bouncing on her chest with each step she takes. Due to her high score making her a target, she finds herself turning around every step she takes. Luckily, the tributes are focused on other tributes other than herself. She reaches the hardened cement Cornucopia and searches through the weapons for a katana. She finds a belt with a filled sheath and a water canteen, and immediately picks it up. She pulls out the katana and admires the shiny, smooth blade. She starts to run out when a axe whizzes past her ear. She winces and feels her ear. Her fingers come back red. She turns around to see Shyvana (13) readying an axe to throw at her again. Marcella (3) lets out a scream of rage and locates a knife. She runs towards Shyvana (13) and pins her down. While Shyvana (13) is very strong, Marcella (3) is stronger and is able to resist Shyvana's (13) pushes against her. Marcella (3) pushes the knife down on the front of her neck, severing the important carotid artery. A stream of blood flies onto Marcella (3) and Shyvana's (13) body immediately goes limp. Marcella (3) stands up and grabs a nearby white bag before running off. Another loud cannon noise echoes through the building.

Meanwhile, Alice (10) sprints to the mouth of the Cornucopia and picks up a pastel pink backpack. It takes a moment to adjust it, but once she does she runs off into the garage. She continues to look around her for projectiles and attacks aimed towards her. She knows she's probably a target because of her score, but she thinks the Careers will go for tributes like Marcella (3). Right? She picks up a whip from the ground and screams as an axe comes flying towards her. She closes her eyes, prepared to accept death, but she feels no pain and hears no cannon. She cautiously opens up her eyes. She locates the axe on the floor next to an arrow. Perhaps somebody deflected it from hitting her? She looks to her right, where the arrow must've come from. She spots Whitney (9) aiming at her. She screams, until she releases the arrow and it goes flying into Saibi's (8) shoulder, who was standing over Alice (10) about to kill her. He says some . . . innapropriate words for a twelve year old who worked in a bakery to know. Alice (10) uses all of her strength to push him down into the concrete and she runs off to Whitney (9).

Luna (6) runs to the outskirts of the Bloodbath and prepares to pick up a bow and a dark gray backpack. She takes a deep breath and stealthily tiptoes to her intended targets. She picks up the bow quietly and puts the quiver on her back. She goes ahead and loads the bow just in case she needs to, but with her stealth it's unlikely. She reaches for the nearby backpack, and yells a curse since all of the items fell out through the slashed bottom, making a large clatter. Just to Luna's (6) luck, Thalia (2) notices her. Thalia (2) pulls an arrow and a bow out from a nearby quiver and aims at the girl. Luna (6) notices her, and fires an arrow in her direction. The arrow doesn't travel far, though, because of Luna's (6) inability to put strength and therefore distance into weapons. Thalia (2) releases the arrow, and it lands directly in the center of Luna's (6) forehead. For a moment, Luna (6) is stuck there for a moment, her brain unable to process what's happening. Then, Luna (6) reaches her hand up and removes the arrow, a small stream of blood falling from the shallow hole in her skin. It's only a small wound. Just like a cut, Luna (6) concludes. She gets up and runs away with the bow and a backpack that she picked up on her way out. Thalia (2) curses. How could somebody survive something like that?

With only two tributes dead, Rory (10) is eager for some more blood to spill on the gray floor. He looks around, eyes darting from tribute to tribute. His eyes lock onto Zulfikar (6), who's gathering supplies from a large black crate. Rory (10) smirks and runs towards his target. He pushes him to the ground. Despite his appearance, though, Zulfikar (6) is stronger than he looks. The two fight, until Rory (10) notices he has a size advantage and lunges towards Zulfikar's (6) neck with his teeth. Zulfikar (6) saves his neck at the expense of his cheek. Rory (10) has a piece of his skin in his mouth, and a crimson fluid is pouring out from the younger boy's face. Rory (10) cackles, and picks up a nearby long spear. He rips open Zulfikar's (6) throat, and as he's bleeding out, impales him on the spear and hoists him into the air. An indistinct garble of words and sounds comes out from his mouth before his cannon goes off. Rory (10) grabs a nearby backpack and hauls the spear with Zulfikar's body with him into the garage.

Jake (12) sneaks up behind Lilly (11) with a sword. He pushes her to the ground, causing her to wail in pain. He picks up a nearby rope and bounds her legs and arms together so she can't move. She begins to sob uncontrollably. Jake (12) cuts off her eyelids like he did to Twix, but that's the only part of his M.O. he's keeping. Jake (12) makes a long slit from her collarbone to her waist and pries it apart. He looks at all of her internal organs. He lifts up one of her intestines and cuts it down the middle very slowly. Fluids pour out of it. A foam erupts from Lilly's (11) mouth and her cannon echoes through the arena.

Lightning (5) activates his contraption of a battery and water, making a deadly combination that kills three tributes: Nichole (5), Havan (11), and Jayson (7). Their bodies, though lifeless, continue to jerk up and down on the gray pavement. 

All of the tributes have run away now, apart from the Careers, who attempt to find a way to dry up the water.

Day One : Afternoon

Marcella Brynlee (3) walks around the simple parking lot, trailing her katana behind her. It makes a quiet scraping noise against the gray pavement. She wipes the sweat off of her forehead, and sits down against a wall. She leans back against it, breathing heavily.

"I've made it through the Bloodbath," she breathily pants. "That's gotta be the worst part, right? Unless there's a feast, anyway. I should be fine for now."

She sits straight up after hearing a screech on the pavement. She quietly stands and grabs her katana. Just something in the ceiling, she tells herself after not hearing anything for three minutes. Then, a boot comes into view.

"Who the fuck are you?" she asks in the direction of the figure. She cautiously steps closer. "Ah!" she shrieks, as a sword flies towards her. She covers her head with her arms and ducks. She cringes as the sword lodges itself in her left arm. The pain is almost blinding. She falls on the ground, clutching her arm in pain. As they get closer, Marcella (3) reaches for the weapon she dropped in her panic, but it's too far. She braces herself to die. She hears a cannon.

"Wait... I'm not dead..." she realizes. She opens her eyes and sees the body of Lyssander in front of her. If he died, then that means somebody protected her from dying. She notices an outstretched hand in front of her, and trails its arm up to Lightning (5).

"Allies?" he shrugs, Marcella (3) takes his hand and stands up, but quickly backs away from him.

"I don't- I don't know..." she trails off. This'll be a question their mentors may have to go over. But Marcella (3) knows what her mentors would say. "I say we just truce for now."

"Sure," he agrees. He begins to walk out of her view, but she stops him. 

"Hey, Lightning?" she asks.

"Yeah?" he replies.

"Thanks for saving me," she acknowledges.

"You're welcome," he says.


"We could always try to put an insulator on top of it and make some sort of a bridge," Troy (2) suggests, motioning to a plastic crate.

"Yeah, but how do we know they're plastic? For all we know, they could be metal in disguise. These gamemakers are completely unpredictable. Combine that with a past victor and you get a very challenging arena," Copper (1) reasons. 

"Dude, are you blind or something?" Troy (2) sarcastically retorts. "This feels exactly like plastic, and the crates are plastic each year. These. Are. Plastic!"

Copper (1) throws his hands up in innocence. "Fine. Get yourself killed by putting a conductor on electrified water."

"Maybe I will, you little son of a bitch," he smirks. 

Copper (1) stands up from atop the crate, holding his spear in both hands. "Excuse me? That woman you just called a 'bitch' is a mothereffing victor!"

"Well, should we show her there won't be another one in your bloodline?" Troy (2) asks, walking over with a sword.

"Guys, stop!" Thalia (2) interrupts. "We don't want a loser from an outside district to win, right?" They all nod. "In this case, we should stop fighting and work together. Unless, of course, you want a non-Career to win."

"I suppose you're right," Troy (2) says, clearing his throat. He still goes through with his plan and uses his sword to push a crate to the water and make it a bridge. "Carolyn."

"Hmm? What?" she asks, looking up from sharpening her axes.

"Go to the Cornucopia using the crate."

"O-Okay," she shudders. She stands up and shakily steps on the crate, balances carefully, and walks across, jumping off once she reaches the inside of the Cornucopia. "Well, I'm not dead, so you should be able to come across."

The rest of the Career alliance follows, and they all get ready to go hunt.


"Where even are we?" Cynder (8) whines. "This whole thing is like a big maze." She notices a piece of blue gum on the floor. "I could've sworn I saw that a few minutes ago," she says, pointing to it.

"We're fine. I mean, we haven't run into another tribute so I think we're good at the moment," Zoey (7) guesses. "At the same time, running into another tribute may be good since we can't find Whitney and Alice. I don't know where they are, and I didn't even see them at the Bloodbath. But again, we are so, so lucky, we haven't run into anyone else."

Suddenly, a metal ball flies through the air and hits Cynder (8) in the head. Zoey (7) immediately throws an axe towards the direction of the attacker and a cannon goes off.

"Cynder?" she asks, tears beginning to fall down her face. She shakes the body of her ally. "Cynder?!" she asks, louder this time.

"Zoey..." she trails off. "I'm fine."

"No, no, no, nonononono! Cynder, please!" she yells louder. Zoey (7) knows Cynder (8) will die from the dent in her skull, but she wants to keep her with her. She needs to keep Cynder (8) alive.

"I'll be fine," she says, looking someplace in the sky. A cannon goes off. 

"No!" she wails, crying uncontrollably over Cynder's body.

She gets up, wipes her tears off her face, and walks over to her killer's body. It's Glare; she can only tell by her purple hair, which is stained with blood spatter from the axe lodged directly in the center in her face. There's a cracking noise as the axe is pulled out, and small pieces of bone and brain matter are stuck to it. She crinkles her nose and wipes off the axe with the dead girl's shirt. She walks off into the arena, scarred for what she just saw and did. 

Day One : Evening

As the sun sets, Saibi (8) quietly gets up and sneaks behind the conversing Careers. He grabs an ivy green bag and runs towards the bottom of the parking garage. Once he's run far enough, he sits down and leans against the outside wall. Suddenly, he hears the anthem. He immediately stands up and walks to the railing so he can see outside, to the empty urban city below. 

He looks up into the navy blue sky.

"Nighttime sure came fast," he exhales. Despite being unconscious, the gamemakers have made the day go faster, making it seem faster to Saibi (8). 

The Capitol seal appears in white, and the deceased tributes' pictures appear after it.

After the trumpets fade out with a flourish, a voice comes over the loudspeakers. The tributes all recognize it as the President, Jeanine Snow, also known as President Snow's daughter.

"Good evening tributes!" She exclaims, then pauses, as if she expects for tributes to reply. "We apologize for not revealing the twist earlier. Now, though, we are ready to announce it. As you know, you have trackers injected in your arm. These have many capabilities. One is being able to kill you. Now, don't dig it out of your arm. It's not there anymore. It's in your chest. 

Why does this matter? Because each tribute has a partner of sorts. If tribute A kills their partner, tribute B, then tribute A dies soon after. If tribute C, though, comes along and kills tribute B, tribute A is unaffected. They are, in a way, safe. If you do happen to find your partner and get in close enough range, your trackers will beep at the same time. For now, though, you do not know who your partners are."

All of the tributes ponder, who are their partners and will they ever find them alive?


Day One : Tribute Status

Floor Supplies With Needs Gifts Left
Carolyn Collins 7 Cornucopia Supplies Copper (1), Thalia (2), Troy (2), Jake (12) None 2
Copper McPrice 7 Cornucopia Supplies Carolyn (1), Thalia (2), Troy (2), Jake (12) None 2
Thalia Grant 7 Cornucopia Supplies Carolyn (1), Copper (1), Troy (2), Jake (12) None 2
Troy Mason 7 Cornucopia Supplies Carolyn (1), Copper (1), Thalia (2), Jake (12) None 2
Marcella Brynlee 12 Katana, Water, Dried Fruit, Knife, Nightlock, Dried Meat  Nobody Bandages 2
Silvia Peck 4 Dagger, Water, Bread, Sleeping Bag, Matches Freddie (4) None 2
Freddie Peck 4 Awl, Wire, Jacket, Rope, Dried Meat, Water Silvia (4) None 2
Lightning Duodecim 13 Wire, Sword, Empty Canteen, Almonds, Medicine Nobody Water 2
Luna Woodland 5 Bow, Arrows (13), Matches, Wire Nobody Food, Water 2
Zoey Oakley 15 Throwing Axes (2), Water, Cashews, Jerky Nobody None 2
Saibi Deller 3 Knife, Water, Blanket, Painkiller Nobody Food 2
Whitney Grey 9 Bow, Arrows (11), Water, Rolls, Poison Alice (10) None 2
Elias Angerrage 11 Axe, Sword, D3 Rolls Nobody Water 2
Alice Withers 9 Whip Whitney (9) Food, Water 2
Rory Wheat 2 Spear, Body, Water, Graham Crackers Nobody None 2
Leona Soleil 6 Tent, Carrots, Assorted Meats, Water Nobody Weaponry 2
Jake Locketback 7 Cornucopia Supplies Carolyn (1), Copper (1), Thalia (2), Troy (2) None 2
Trenton Weltz 8 Machete, Water (half full), Poison Nobody Food 2
Bethany Rhode 7 Nothing Nobody Water, Food, Weapon 2
Iggy Coupe 4 Water Bottles (2), Knives, Wire, Metal Rods Nobody Food 2

Day Two : Morning

"We should split up and hunt," Thalia (2) suggests. "More area, more tributes, right?"

Troy (2) nods. "The faster two of us can get out of here. Which floors should we take?"

"I'll go two down. That's probably when the tributes should start," Jake (12) says. "Nobody'd be stupid enough to be on this one and they'd probably go to the one before only to rest for a few minutes. Carolyn can guard."

The girl rolls her eyes. "Fine."

"Alright, I'll go one down, Copper can go two up, and Troy can go three up. Just meet up after two cannons," Thalia (2) commands. They all nod and go their seperate ways.

After lots of walking, Jake (12) trips over a sleeping Luna (6), a purple bruise on her forehead and a bow in her hand. The girl slowly opens her eyes and widens them as she stands up and realizes what woke her up from her peaceful sleep. They both know they can kill each other since their lights aren't blinking or beeping.

"Just because we aren't partners doesn't mean we have to kill each other," Luna (6) says, keeping an eye on Jake (12) as she loads an arrow into her platinum bow. Jake (12) rolls his eyes and raises his sword to attack her as Luna (6) raises her bow and fires.

At the last minute, Jake (12) jumps out of the way and just earns a small cut to his right thigh. He doesn't have time to wince in pain as he swings towards her. Again, Luna's (6) mysterious luck comes into play as she just barely dodges the long blade. She laughs in relief and a small panic as she shoots an arrow towards Jake's (12) chest. He turns, and the projectile instead lands in his shoulder. The wound nearly goes to the bone, and Jake (12) says a few words under his breath before lunging towards her again. This time it does get her, but in the hip. It's only a small wound, but it's enough to satisfy Jake (12) in the respect of hitting her. Luna (6), unable to concentrate from being hit, sloppily aims and fires an arrow towards her attacker. It misses him by a few inches and lands behind him. Since Jake's (12) sword hand is his bad arm, he lunges at her yet again and gives her a small cut to her head. It's around the same spot as her other one, and blood spills from it, spilling even more crimson fluids onto the gray surface. In retaliation, Luna (6) uses all of her concentration to shoot an arrow into his chest. Much like Luna's (6) first wound, though, it's very shallow and Jake (12) keeps on fighting despite his wound.

Jake (12) throws himself in her direction and gives her a deep chest wound, and it knocks her to the ground, snapping some of her arrows in half or at least bending them. Luna (6) screams in pain, and pulls out an arrow and shoots it towards Jake (12). Unluckily for her, the arrow is one of the bad ones and hardly makes it a foot before just falling to the ground. As Luna (6) loses more and more blood, Jake (12) feels a small twinge of pity for the girl and gives her a quick jab to the stomach. Her life ends and her cannon goes off.

. . .

After finding some matches from a random parking spot in the middle of nowhere, Iggy (C) is prepared to activate his plan to kill three other tributes and leave himself free.

Thoughts race through his head quicker than one could imagine.

The tributes must be of the opposite gender. They also must not be from the same district. This leaves Carolyn (1), Thalia (2), Marcella (3), Silvia (4), Luna, Zoey (7), Whitney (9), Alice (10), and Leona (12). The only variable in here is who that cannon was. However, I can probably cross off Silvia (4) since the Gamemakers would probably make the district exception for siblings. They'd also probably want tributes of similar ages, maybe within a year or so. This marks out Whitney (9), Thalia (2), and Marcella (3) and leaves Carolyn (1) and Leona (12), since it was probably Luna's (6) cannon. What do Carolyn (1) and Leona (12) have in common with me - or different than me? Now that I think of it, pie sounds really good. Pie, pie, pie. I want food. Actually, Carolyn (1) may be with another Career, probably Troy (2) so they don't kill each other. Now, I need two other tributes to do away with. I think, despite the age difference, Trenton (13) and Bethany (C) may be together because of the personality contrast. A little girl and an older, brutal guy would be a crowd pleaser for the Capitol. If I can find the security room, I can lure them together...

Coincedentally, Iggy (C) finds the camera room. He spots Bethany (C) hiding near the floor change, and presses a button marked FEAR - CF . To Iggy's (C) confusion, bacon drops from the ceiling, and Bethany (C) squeals and runs off towards him. He finds Leona (12) and Trenton (13) above him, and draws them to elevators where they go down to the fourth floor. Using the matches to create some kind of firecrackers, they're drawn to where Iggy (C) is. They all look at each other in confusion as their lights go off, but Iggy's (C) surprise is fake. 

"Wait! I think I'm Trenton's partner, so you guys go off and pretend this never happened," he lies.

In confusion, Leona (12) lunges at Trenton's (13) stomach, which he dodges with ease and lands a slice to her head. It falls off her shoulders to the ground and her cannon goes off. Meanwhile, Bethany (C) is running around, trying to get away from Iggy (C). 

"Trenton, can you help me get her? She's too fast. You go one way and I go the other," Iggy (C) smirks. Trenton (13) nods, catches up to her, and stabs her in the stomach with his machete. 

Both Trenton (13) and Bethany (C) fall down to the ground in pain, their trackers beeping rapidly. A black spot appears on Trenton's (13) hands, and just when he realizes that he killed his own partner, his and Bethany's cannons go off. Iggy (C) rummages through their backpacks and gobbles up Leona's carrots. He stuffs their supplies in his backpack and runs off into the arena, able to live with the fact that he won't feel the risk of killing anybody else.

. . .

On the fourth floor, water starts pouring out of the ceiling. "What the hell?" Silvia (4) yells. The clear liquid is building upon layer and layer, quickly reaching their ankles. 

"Pick up the bags!" Freddie (4) shouts, over the rushing water. They hastily do so, and start running through the water, now reaching their shins. 

"What in the world is this?" his sister yells. Freddie (4) shrugs.

"I don't know . . . what floor are we on?" he inquires.

"Third, third or fourth, I think," she pants.

Freddie (4) widens his eyes. "A floor for each district..." he mumbles.

"Speak louder, brother! I can't hear you!"

"A floor for each district, a terror for each district slash floor!" he yells. The water nears their waists. "We're going to have to swim against the current!"

"We can't swim against this!" she screams, pointing to the heavy flow of water coming down towards them.

"Got any better ideas?"

Silvia (4) shrugs, and takes a deep breath before diving under the surface. Her brother follows. Silvia (4) breaks the surface after a minute since she doesn't see Freddie (4). 

"Freddie!" she says. "Freddie?" she yells. "Freddie?!" she screams, tears coming down her face. "Where are you? Freddie?" As a cannon booms, Silvia (4) realizes the worst thing has happened that could in the world: a family has been ripped apart by the Capitol. There is no worst feeling than finding out your sibling, your best friend, has been killed by an unstoppable force.

Tears continuing to fall from her face, she faces the fact that Freddie has died because of the Hunger Games. Despite being broken in two, she will go on. She hysterically wails the few moments she's above the surface of the water to take breaths.

Once she's reached the next section, what she notices is peculiar. There isn't one drop of water overflowing into the next floor. It's like there's an invisible wall sectioning off the water from the fifth floor. 

As Silvia (4) ponders what that could possibly mean, lasers pop out of nowhere. The red beams give a small burn to her right hand and her left foot. They're facing in all different directions. Silvia's (4) got herself trapped in a lazer maze.

. . .

Marcella (3) is simply nursing her arm when she hears a faint rumbling. She stands up and grabs her katana, coated with crushed nightlock, and hoists her backpack. She makes her way towards the source of the sound, which happens to be some sort of a mineshaft.

"Twelfth floor, District Twelve," she mutters. Knowing it would be a rash decision to enter the tunnel, she turns her back and begins to walk away. Suddenly, the floor starts to shake, and rocks begin falling down from the ceiling of all different sizes, shapes, and colors. Much like snowflakes, none of them are alike apart from a few basic things. 

Marcella (3) is confused until a large boulder falls in front of her, making the pavement crack and bend in front of her. She quickly sheaths her katana and covers her head with her arms to run. At first, the small rocks hitting her arm don't affect her. As they fall though, they become hotter and hotter. When a scalding one lands in her wound, she screams in pain and falls to the ground. 

"Desperate times call for desperate measures," she winces, and cuts a strip of fabric off her shirt with a knife. She ties the black fabric around her arm. She gets up and continues running up. If she can just get past the District Thirteen and Fourteen floors, she could reach the Capitol floor, where it will be safe. It's her own speculation, but the Capitol wants the districts to know they're safe with them, so this is probably the best floor to be on. She hopes that she doesn't run into any other tributes. Running into Lightning (5) is a possibility, but they're truced and it's likely the things are happening on the other floors simultaneously so he's probably already made it to the top floor. 

She continues running upward. She notices a small box in a black car, and breaks open the window with her sword. She reaches for the box, and sighs in relief when she realizes it's a first aid kit. She doesn't take the time to sift through the contents; she keeps running. 

After a long while, she reaches the sign with the number thirteen. She leans against the wall by it and pulls out the kit. She takes off the already bloody fabric strip and cleans the wound with a swab she found in there. Next, she dabs some ointment on it that's supposed to help stop the bleeding. Lastly, she wraps some gauze around it and reties the fabric on top of it. Since the box refuses to reclose, she yanks her hair out of the ponytail she had to have it in - well, that's what her stylist told her - and uses it to wrap the box up before putting it in the mesh pockets on the side of her bag for easy access. 

Marcella (3) jolts her head upwards when she hears a boom that sounds like a cannon, but it's not a tribute's. It sounds more like a bomb, which would make sense since thirteen's industry is nuclear technology. Marcella (3) takes a deep breath and walks into the next floor.

Day Two : Afternoon

"Is it hot in here or is it just me?" Alice (10) asks. Whitney (9) raises an eyebrow as if asking if her ally is sane. "No, no, not that way! I mean, do you think it's overly warm here?"

Whitney (9) nods her head. "It does seem that way. Luckily, we both have water." Alice (10) looks over to the side. "You don't have water?!" she exclaims. 

"Well, I almost got killed in the Bloodbath!" Alice (10) exclaims, placing a hand on her hip. "You saw."

Whitney (9) sighs. "You can have some of my water," she says, reaching into her backpack. She hands it to Alice (10) and they walk over to a beam to lean against.

"You know, apart from the Bloodbath, things haven't been that bad," Alice (10) says. "I mean, we haven't run into anybody at least."

"I agree, but don't jinx it," Whitney (9) says. They sit there in silence for a few more minutes, and then they stand up. Whitney (9) quickly exclaims, "The ground! We're sinking! It's melting!"

"It has to be the heat! Don't understand why it's not us melting, but we need to get out of here! My feet are already stuck!" Alice (10) frantically yells. 

"Just calm down. Um, give me your whip!"

"Are you nuts!? What are we going to do?" 

"Alice, I have a plan! Just hurry up before we get turned into mush or something!"

Alice (10) hands her ally her weapon, and Whitney (9) ties it around an arrow.

"Hold onto the back of the whip, or we're doomed," Whitney (9) instructs. Alice (10) tightly grabs the handle, and Whitney (9) shoots the arrow above them. It wraps around a pipe, and the whip lifts Alice (10) into the air. Alice (10) uses her momentum and eventually finds a solid patch of ground. Alice (10) sends the whip back to Whitney (9) who can't grab it. Whitney (9) is filled with fear. Alice (10), seeing the desperation of the situation, runs back to Whitney (9) and jumps into the cement. 

"Alice?!" Whitney (9) screams.

"You're going home!" 

Alice (10) hoists Whitney (9) onto the whip and pushes her to the safe patch of concrete. 

"Alice!" Whitney (9) cries.

"You'll be fine, Whitney!" Alice (10) yells. She continues to sink. Alice (10) grabs her teddy bear from her backpack and holds it tight, tears streaming down her face. "I don't want to be alone, Teddy, will you keep me safe?"

Alice (10) smiles as she goes under the cement. Whitney (9) watches in horror as bubbles come up from underneath and a cannon goes off. Her mouth open in shock, Whitney (9) falls to the ground and cries. She realizes the ground is hardened now. Whitney (9) weeps and weeps. That's all she can do.

The rest of the day was anticlimactic.

Day Two : Evening

Saibi (8) wanders around the floor he's on.

"There's nothing to do," he groans, and he sits down. His stomach grumbles with hunger. Saibi hears a click and turns his head to the right.

"Shit!" he screams, and ducks. A bullet flies through the air and lands where he was sitting, precisely where his head was. Saibi turns to look at a Peacekeeper. It's just one, but on this floor there could be any number.

He ducks as it fires again and grabs his knife.

I've only got one shot at this, he thinks, so I better make it. He points at the man and chucks the blade through the air. To Saibi's (8) relief, it hits the man in the face, and even though he has a cover, he falls to the ground. Saibi (8) sighs and cautiously approaches the Peacekeeper.

After no responses from him, Saibi (8) grabs the knife and gun off the Peacekeeper. Looking at a beam, Saibi realizes he had traveled down a floor.

"Who the hell are you?" a voice grunts. Saibi (8) turns to find Rory (10), blood on his face and hands. He holds a spear in his hand. The other holds a piece of red meat. Saibi (8) cringes. Rory (10) smirks and runs at Saibi (8).

Without thinking, Saibi (8) pulls the trigger on his gun. Saibi (8) widens his mouth in shock as a cannon goes off. Did he really just do that?

He walks to see the sky after hearing the anthem begin.


Day Two : Tribute Status

Floor Supplies With Needs Gifts Left
Carolyn Collins 7 Cornucopia Supplies Copper (1), Thalia (2), Troy (2), Jake (12) None 2
Copper McPrice 7 Cornucopia Supplies Carolyn (1), Thalia (2), Troy (2), Jake (12) None 2
Thalia Grant 7 Cornucopia Supplies Carolyn (1), Copper (1), Troy (2), Jake (12) None 2
Troy Mason 7 Cornucopia Supplies Carolyn (1), Copper (1), Thalia (2), Jake (12) None 2
Marcella Brynlee 13 Katana, Water, Dried Fruit, Knife, Dried Meat, First Aid Kit Nobody Ointment 2
Silvia Peck 5 Dagger, Water, Bread, Matches Nobody None 2
Lightning Duodecim 14 Wire, Sword, Empty Canteen, Almonds, Medicine Nobody Water (desperately) 2
Zoey Oakley 15 Throwing Axes (2), Water, Cashews Nobody None 2
Saibi Deller 2 Knife, Water, Blanket, Painkiller, Graham Crackers, Gun Nobody None 2
Whitney Grey 10 Bow, Arrows (10), Water, Rolls, Poison, Whip Nobody None 2
Elias Angerrage 11 Axe, Sword, Rolls Nobody Water 2
Jake Locketback 7 Cornucopia Supplies Carolyn (1), Copper (1), Thalia (2), Troy (2) None 2
Iggy Coupe 5 Water Bottles, Knife, Wire, Metal Rod, Meat, Poison Nobody None 2

Known Disasters

  1. -
  2. Peacekeepers
  3. -
  4. Flooding
  5. Lasers
  6. -
  7. -
  8. -
  9. Immense heat (melting floor)
  10. -
  11. -
  12. Avalanche/Rockslide
  13. Explosions
  14. -
  15. Safe 

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