Woohoo! The next games in this series that could last forever. Anyway, yes, I am aware the 86th are still going on, but I want to write the Reapings, Train Rides, Interviews, all that good stuff. 

Without further ado, let the 87th Hunger Games begin!


After the 86th Hunger Games, the Capitol was still excited for yet another year of bloodshed. This year does have a twist, like each year does, and so the Capitol is very excited.


  1. Follow the template linked on the last games. It's underneath the rules section. (of course)
  2. Please, only three tributes per user at this time. On top of that, only two can be Careers.
  3. For now, Districts 1-14 and the Capitol are included. If somebody can give me more information on zero (I only know it's astrology) I'll open that up if there aren't any other spots and people still want to enter tributes.
  4. Again, Lunaiis are required. I will be making a banner with the Lunaiis, and want an uncropped one without a background. If they are cropped/have a background, they will not be accepted. I recommend using an online editor like pixlr and opening up a background of - argh, this isn't a tutorial blog. Just ask me on my talk if you don't know how.
  5. No reservations apart from the two day ones for people who were in my previous games.
  6. No links! Well, you can do links, but I am not uploading any Lunaiis for you because I'm lazy. 
  7. Please answer any polls at the bottom of the page when you see them, but only once, please!
  8. Any questions? Ask me on my talk or in the comments below.
  9. Your tributes weren't accepted? Reread these rules. 

Prolouge-ish thing

{The exact thing from last time because I'm way too lazy to type up a new speech and I liked the other one}

"Good day, citizens of Panem. As your president for many years to come, I am in charge of retelling the backstory of the Hunger Games and reading the twists for each year. As always, I will begin with the history.

"You all know about the Dark Days. War plagued a land called North America. Families fought over slices of burnt, stale bread as the wind howled, foreshadowing yet another tornado, hurricane, or severe thunderstorm. Mothers became wives, and later widows. Men were sent to fight, and eight out of ten returned in a coffin. Children fled from the terror, but were either killed by exposure or were sent to fight in the war.

"After many years, only a few families remained. They created a civilization that would rise above the others, known as Panem. Each family chose to rule a district, and the wealthiest, coming from my bloodline, ruled the hub district known as the Capitol. There were thirteen districts, until thirteen was obliterated.

"After Panem was populated, a punishment was issued for the districts; every year they would send two children to fight to the death. All was well until Katniss Everdeen appeared. She won the 74th Hunger Games with her district partner, Peeta Mellark. We were able to try to kill them off the next year by the 75th Hunger Games, but apparently District Thirteen was still alive. Somehow, a few tributes escaped, but the remainders were taken in by us to protect them. After the war, we captured Katniss and Peeta. They were executed.

"Now, we have restarted the games. After finding out about a hidden district, fourteen, they were punished into going into the games as well as district thirteen. We had to compete as well as part of the agreement. This year's twist, as always, will be kept a secret until all the tributes are reaped."



I'm trying a different format than last games so I don't have to open up 23 tabs everytime I write. Tell me your thoughts!

Name Age Weapon User
1F Cynthia Sparkla 13 Bow YourFavoriteSalmon
2F Sydney Zaelia 15 Bow Blissfully Mine
3F Seraphina Oaks 15 Sword Pippycat
4F Alexandrite Bohamia 14 Trident Marinalacrosse
4M Tom Loleris 16 Throwing Knife Tehblakdeath
5M Pompey Watson 18 Knife Hybrid Shadow
8M Favian Thread 16 Twin Swords Pippycat
9F Cheyanne Violanta 12 Bow Joey/AWC
10F Joelenne Aspynn 16 Tomahawk Pippycat
13F Artemis Moonsliver 13 Bow Marinalacrosse
13M Luxray Meganium 18 Morning Star Tehblakdeath
14M Luxio Sertralium 14 Glaive Tehblakdeath
CF Miyako Sada 17 Bow Marinalacrosse


Possibilities / Requests

1F - Cynthia Sparkla - Younger alliance

2F - Sydney Zaelia - Nice, small alliance

3F - Seraphina Oaks - Anti-Careers, nice tributes

4F - Alexandrite Bohamia - Anti-Careers

4M - Tom Loleris - Careers

5M - Pompey Wattson - Anti-Careers or small alliance

8M - Favian Thread - Nice tributes, Anti-Careers

9F - Cheyanne Violanta - 12 year olds or district partner

10F - Joelenne Aspynn - Girls alliance, Anti-Careers

13F - Artemis Moonsliver - Careers

13M - Luxray Meganium - Careers; Small group {with Luxio (14)}

14M - Luxio Sertralium - Anyone he sees as a true friend; Career; Anti-Career; Loner {with Luxray (13)}

CF - Miyako Sada - Anti-Careers or small alliance


Will be done before tribute interviews start.


<poll> Should I write the Reapings in first or third person? First Third </poll>

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