President Wikes walks out on the stage."Hello and happy hunger games, may the odds be ever in your favor." We have come upon another quell in our illustrious games so now I will read the pre decided twist to the games for this year"." To show that UGH". I don't waste a second I knock over some gross old woman with pink hair and I think she was knocked out, I'm through the crowd and I sprint as hard as I ca-OOFF i hit the dirt as I notice a pink rope tying my legs together as a peacekeeper walks up to me with this pink gun thing I'm grabbed by my legs and drug through the causeway that seperates the crowd into two groups and am picked up and put on the peacekeepers shoulder as I get to the top I am bodyslammed onto the middle of the stage. Vice-President Duke walks onto the stage and his eyes are filled with rage. He snatches my I.D. card out of my pocketand stands at the podium." THIS, THIS IS THE SCUM AND LOWLIFE THAT THREATENS PANEM AND WILL LEAD TO A THIRD REBELLION THIS, ARKER MORELLO GALLIVAN IS THE KEY TO THE DOOR THAT WHEN OPENED REVEALS DEATH SADDNESS AND MISERY". SADDNESS AND MISERY ARE SO CLOSE TO THE SAME THING WAS THERE A REASON TO SAY BOTH oF THEM.""SHUT YOUR MOUTH YOU INSOLATE SNOT-NOSED BRAT BRING HIM UP HERE. I watch in horror as they bring Byron to the stage and tie him up and lay him down next to me." Byron you were supposed to stay home". I couldn'nt I wanted to see that smug peice of crap die"." AND THEN WAHAT",I scream/whisper " YOU WOULD FOLLOW ME OUT THEY WOULD'VE CAUGHT YOU JUST LIKE THEY DID ME AND WE'D BOTH BE DEAD AND YOU WERE SO STUPID THAT YOU COULDNT JUST SHUT UP AND SLIP IT OUT YOU HAD TO BE THAT STUPID THAT YOU WENT AND GOT YOURSELF KILLED WITH YOUR FAT MOUTH". I'm not angry at Byron, and i'm not angry at myself i'm just angry,angry that now another family will starve because Byron made such a stupid mistake. I've completly tuned out the rest of the president's monolouge/rant when I notice them blindfolding Byron and then i only see white and then I feel myself being drug away somewhere I hear a hovercar.

Oh God what have I gotton myself into

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