Okay well I've decided that there will be no Chariot Rides cause those bore me. And Training might be cancelled idk yet. Edit: I'm just skipping the Reapings now. I'll start the actual games soon... or never do them. Ok well I've never done anything like this before so I'm gonna try to base this off of other people's blogs... The format will be a lot like Sparrow Hazelthorn's 36th games because I have no idea how to do it differently... although I may change it a bit :P

So the tributes lives will be decided through chance. Once I have all the tributes, I will write about the reaping, chariot rides, interviews, and training scores.

The winner was actually decided a couple days after I made this page, before I even had tributes for the district. I would get two die and a back gamman board, shake up the die, and roll them. If the blue die was even, it would be a boy's death, odd, a girls. If it landed on the left side, it would determine if it was from district 1-6 or 7-12. The last dice would give the district number. So, for example. Lets say I roll the blue and black dice onto the board from the center. The blue dice lands on the right side, and is 4 (even number). Then I check the black dice, which rolled a six. So the tribute would be a boy (blue is even) from district 7-12 (landed on right side) and from 12 (rolled a six). If it doesn't make sense... then... yeah.

Kk so you you can submit any number of tributes for districts 1-12.


  • Nathan Powers, Male Tribute, District 1
  • Sparkle Green, Female Tribute, District 1
  • Kakure Satsuki, Male Tribute, District 2
  • Serena Wolf, Female Tribute, District 2
  • Nano Didget, Male Tribute, District 3
  • Violetta Haels, Female Tribute, District 3
  • Tanner Tide, Male Tribute, District 4
  • Canny Lathon, Female Tribute, District 4
  • Cytosine Johnston, Male Tribute, District 5
  • Adenine, Female Tribute, District 5
  • Seymour Darsus, Male Tribute, District 6
  • Hase Reyda, Female Tribute, District 6
  • Finch Elder, Female Tribute, District 7
  • Cedar Hanate, Male Tribute, District 7
  • Mikey Gold, Male Tribute, District 8
  • Persephone Frost, Female Tribute, District 8
  • Stronton Melich, Male Tribute, District 9
  • Sedra Alsypse, Female Tribute, District 9
  • Zed Sypol, Male Tribute, District 10
  • Naktur Evran, Female Tribute, District 10
  • Otis Crank, Male Tribute, District 11
  • Pippa Hartstrong, Female Tribute, District 11
  • Nathaniel Jackson, Male Tribute, District 12
  • Anya Showers, Female Tribute, District 12

District Male Tribute Female Tribute User
1 Nathan Powers Sparkle Green Anon...
2 Kakeru Satsuki Serena Wolf Moon Beam
3 Nano Didget Violetta Hails Racmany
4 Tanner Tide Conny Lathon Team Peeta
5 Cytosine Johnston Adenine Brony12
6 Seymour Darsus Hase Reyda SerpentKing999
7 Cedar Hanate Finch Elder Sparrow Hazelthorn
8 Mikey Gold Persephone Frost Jabberjay78
9 Stronton Melich Sedra Alsypse Julian Espinoza
10 Zed Sypol Naktur Evran Fantasyfilm99
11 Otis Crank Pippa Hartstrong ScHaRyPeArL
12 Nathaniel Jackson Anya Showers Skybender101

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  6. TBA
  7. TBA
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  9. TBA
  10. TBA
  11. TBA
  12. TBA
  13. TBA
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  16. TBA
  17. TBA
  18. TBA
  19. TBA
  20. TBA
  21. TBA
  22. TBA
  23. TBA
  24. TBA

The Hunger Games

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Pre Games

The Reaping

District 1

Sparkle Green's POV

I knew it before Lania Robus, District 1's escort, even said it. The moment she picked up the slip, my name rung through my head, like gunshot. Sparkle Green, Sparkle Green. I composed myself, and got ready to walk up to the stage.

In reality, Lania cleared her throat and said, "And the female tribute for the 14th Hunger Games is Sparkle Green!" I was already halfway to the steps when she said my name. Mind reading does have its perks.

As I sat down next to our mentor, Carla Reign, she gave me a smile. I tapped into her mind, and her thoughts came out as "This one is going to make it"

I hope so.

Lania pulled out the male tribute's slip, and my blood went cold when I heard the name in my head: Nathan Powers. The boy who had bullied me all my life. The boy who didn't have a family. The boy who was deaf.The boy who, like me, was ill. The boy I loved.

When Lania finally announced his name, Nathan didn't move. Of course, he didn't know his name was drawn until another boy nudged him to go on stage.

I already knew what my strategy would be: To protect Nathan, even if he hated me. Or did he? As he walked up and sat by me, I felt him put his hand in mine. Maybe we could be allies, or more than that.

You know, unless he kills me.

District 2

Kakeru Satsuki's POV

A smile escaped my face when they announced the female tribute, Serena Wolf. The annoying, do-good happy girl wouldn't survive these games. Especially if I was reaped, which must happen. I don't need it the grain and oil, but I entered my name in the Tesserea twenty five times a year. And now that I'm 16, it has been entered 130 times. My chances of killing this girl were high.

It had always been my dream to be in the games, to kill the weak. ever since I was little I trained for it, even took drugs to make me more powerful. I was raised to be healthy, strong, and superior.

After Serena got onto the stage, she burst out in tears. I sighed, hopin gmore and more that I would be reaped.

"Ok, now onto our male tribute. Who is... Kakeru Satsuki!"

When our escort called my name, happiness flooded my body. I had been waiting my whole life to win these games.

I stepped onto the stage, with a huge grin, and sat next to Serena. I could tell my appearance freaked her out, but it didn't matter. The more she was afraid of me, the better chance other tributes would be afraid of me.

And this year, I was in it to win it.

District 3

Violetta Haels' POV

I played with the rope in my hand, trying to pass the time. The reaping was the one day of the year where I wasn't happy, which is what I was known for. And since the reapings took so long, I would just tie complex knots and try to undo them.

Our retarded escort, Luecedia Stone, was going on and on about how amazing and glorious Panem was. Her soft, velvety voice somehow made me want to believe it. That Panem was a beautiful nation. But it wasn't. I remember when I was three, the people who died from the capitol, the mutts they set at us, the blood that was shed over this district...

"And now, ladies and gentlemen, we must announce the tributes for the fourteenth Hunger Games! Hopefully, District 3 will win its first games! This year's games will be very electrifyng! You see what I did there? 'Cause we are the electronics district?"

No one laughed.

Luecedia cleared her throat and continued. "Now to announce the female tribute!" She reached her hand in and pulled out a single slip. Then, to my surprise, she said, "Ooh this slip feels weird." She reached for another one and pulled it out. "And our tribute is, Violetta Haels!"

No. No no no. This couldn't happen. She had someone else's slip! Why pick... me?

I knew that it didn't matter. I had been reaped, and I was going into the games. Slowly, gracefully, I walked up to the platform and sat in one of the two chairs. I still had the rope in my hand, but it was drenched in sweat.

I dozed off, drowning myself in self pity intil I heard crying. I looked up, and this boy a couple years younger than me was pushing a a lady off of him; Mrs. Didget, the District's main researcher. They all lived in a rich as a bitch mansion (quote from Racmany). The dad was an inventor, and their son, Nano, was a genius already done with school.

He would be hard to kill. We were both smart, but he was smarter. However, he wasn't athletic, which could make him easy to overpower...

What was wrong with me? I was already thinking of ways to kill a boy...

What could I turn into?

District 4

Tanner Tide's POV

This year I was going into the games. I wasn't sure if I wanted to or not, but I knew I had to be seen. I had to gain respect from my district. After my mother died, my dad pulled himself away from me because I reminded him to much of her. He fished all day and ignored me. At school, I had low grades and everyone ignored me there. If I won these games, I would hae respect and attention. That's all I needed. Even volunteering would give me attention.

So that was my plan.

Behind our escort were four chairs. Two were empty, one had a girl, maybe sixteen or so, named Mags. Beside her was a big burly man with curly black hair. Lutan.

After a while, our escort announced the female tribute, Conny Lathon. She was obsessed with pleasing her family. It got pretty irritating after a while, but she was pretty.

She walked up and then said into the mic, "Mom, Dad, I'll make you proud, I promise."

She then walked gracefully into the chair and sat down, grinning.

"And for the male tribute, James Iroson!"

The boy, James, grinned as he walked onto the stage. He kindof looked like a pig, with his pinkish skin and desperate need to go on a diet. But then ruined his glory.

"I volunteer!" I yell.

The boy gives me the evil eye and plops back into his seat. I grin wildly and then take my spot in the second chair.

"Give it up for the fourteenth Hunger Games Tributes!" She yells.

The aplause makes me smile.

District 5

Adenine's POV

The Reaping. The worst day of the year. The people I'd lost. It was just horrible.

I sat in my section in front of the Justice Building, sitting quietly, whih wa sunusual for me. My best friend Gracie sat next to me. I knew she had aplied for Tesserae for her whole family. Every year, I feared I would lose her, and if I did, it would be horrible. The whole time, I reassured her, teling her everything would be okay. The amount of Tesserea she had taken was a lot, and if she was reaped, I know I'd volunteer.

And of course, Gracie was reaped.

I didn't hesitate when I volunteered. Gracie cried as I told her good-bye, knowing it could be my last. I walked up to the stage, feeling one tear leave my right eye. As I got on stage, I looked around. Many girls my age were crying, boys looked at me sadly. I knew I was popular, but I didn't expect this much attention.

Our escort announced the male tribute, Cytosine, who had a major crush on me. I felt guilty for telling him subtlety that I didn't like him like that, and ever since then he had seemed depressed. As he walked onto the stage, he caught my eye. I turned away, not being able to take it.

Then, I looked at the District. A small city with tall, metal buildings and a lush forest surrounding it. A pure blue sky, and snow white clouds. It seemed like a paradise, but it was horrible. They performed experiments on all kids when they were born, killed anyone who broke one of many rules. Even if it was a hellhole, I'd miss it.

And I knew I would have small chance of winning. I would get sponsors for sure, (not to sound stuck-up, but I was attractive.) I wasn't fast or strong, but I was smart.

And I knew I had one person who would protect me. And I would protect him, as a friend.


District 6

Seymour's POV

I didn't care when I got reaped.

I didn't have anything to live for anymore. My family is gone. They were all I cared about. And now they were gone...

Of course I would try. I had to, of course. But it didn't really matter, anyway. If I died, no one would care. They might miss my foxyness though...

I meant that literally. I have a fox tail and fox ears.

I sighed. Slowly, I climbed out of my chair and walked up to the front stage. As I walked, my tail flicked nervously, causing the audience to laugh. I glared and then sat down next to the female tribute, Hase Reyda.

"Hi," I said kindly.

She smiled back, "I hope you do good in the games!"

I was surprised by her kindness, but I told her that maybe we could ally.

She said she'd think about it, but when she looked back out, I caught a look of contempt in her pale eyes. Suddenly I was very scared of her.

I rushed of the feeling. Hase was a nice girl, right?

Boy was I wrong.

​District 7

Finch's POV

I sat in the small clearing of District 7. Girls my age sat next to me, all looking nervous. I knew I shouldn't be, since I had only been submitted once. But there was still a chance...

I shook my head. I wasn't being sucked into these games.

Our escort, the beautiful Tatiana, looked up at the stage and smiled. "Hello people of District 7!" She said excitedly, "It's time for the reaping! Who's ready to die?"

No responce.

"Hm... ok! Well, I'm going to make the male tribute!" She stuffed her hand into the wooden bowl, an odd expression on her perfectly tan face. Then, as if she'd been pricked by a needle, she pulled out a slip.

"The tribute is... Cedar Hanate! Oh that poor boy..."

I swiveled my head to see a boy with dirty blonde hair, light blue eyes, and a splash of freckles get up calmy and walk to the stage. I had no idea how he did it, act so cool. Like it didn't matter that there was a 1 in 24 chance he would be dead withing the next week. I also remembered the famous accident where his parents died, which must've been why Tatiana was so emotional.

"I'm sorry," she said, holding her hand out and brushing a tear off of her face, "HIs like is just so sad!" Tatiana gave him another pitifull look (which he returned with a roll of his eyes), and then took the microphone again.

"And our female tribute is..." She made a soft grunt as she grabbed a slip. "Lisa Altor! Oh, but I like that girl, she's so pretty!" She threw the slip back in and pulled out a different one.

"Finch Elder!"

I felt a wave a heat. The one and only thought I could think was: What. The. F***.

Anger passed through me, and I stood up. I held my head high as I walked towards the stage, giving Tatiana a dirty look and sitting next to Cedar.

My life sucks.

District 8

District 9

District 10

District 11

District 12

The Arena


The Arena is a large icy wasteland with rivers running through it and a small craggy bay on one side. IN the middle, the Cornucopia has has hand warmers that will be helpful for the night, fire propellants, wood, and multiple grenades. There are also some tents, ropes, whips, sleeping bags, and for a change, poisoned food. A single axe rests at the top.

Snow is always falling...

There are no trees, but crevices cover the arena and there are some cave entrances hidden inside them. There is a mountain in the center, and a deep pit at the top. A flat icy area surrounds the mountain, and if too much weight is on it, the icy area will crack and you will fall into the frozen lake below it. At the bay, the water is freezing and would be immediate death from hypothermia if you took a dip. There is an island in the middle, and a cave entrance can be seen from the shore. However, it is too far away to swim to.

Day and Night

During the day, the sunlight makes it almost impossible to see with the ice reflecting the sun, and it is very hot. The ice will begin to melt, and you will be heard if you walk. The frozen lake will also be more susceptible to breaking. However, water will be easily gained. On the fifth day (If therer is one) the ice will disappear, and it will become rocky terrain with some edible plants. Once night time falls, the temperature drops below 20º, and a fire is mandatory for survival. All the rivers will freeze up, and a path to the single island in the middle of the bay will open.


Throughout the arena, mutts that resemble bears and wolves will hunt tributes down and tear them apart. Also, some fish caught will be poisonous and/or rabid. At the lake, miniscule krill-like creatures will hoard and devour anything that breaks through the ice.


Moodbugs are specially programmed to induce a change of habits inside the person it bites. They are about 1/4 inch long and cannot bite people through fabrics, so clothing has to cover all parts of the human body in order to guarantee protection. If bitten, the effects will remain for about thirteen hours if bit by only one of those creatures. The effect is magnified if bitten by more moodbugs, but this is unlikely, since moodbugs stay away from the victim once he/she is affected (unless they bite at around two seconds of the first bite). The effect of the moodbugs' bite starts at about six minutes after the bite takes place. The mutts will cause a lot of broken alliances. In the games.


It's monster, that is invisible unless you look at it, when you look at it coz you see what you fear most. You are frozen on the spot and then it will turn into a black hound which is a mixture of the people you hate, then its vicious claws slashes you, and then you become one yourself.


You first off see a shadow Then a bird-wolf forms It smells like rotting flesh, and it has red eyes and black fur/feathers Then it turns into vapor and blinds and suffocates you Then you reliese it is eating you from inside out You suffer pain as your bones, your skin and everything about you is eaten. In the end, nothing is left and the monster hunts around for more flesh


It is an abomination of a creature, possessing large 3 clawed arms that give it incredible strength, a bulged, hunched back, and a raptor-like mouth full of razor sharp teeth. It's outside is almost indestructible, but it has a vulnerable inside. It was once an alien, however it absorbed too much DNA from the surrounding creatures and became Orga. It can unhinge and stretch it's mouth to unbelievable sizes, large enough to swallow a tribute whole. It will only try to swallow them if they are incapacitated at close range. It is also fairly smart. There is only one.

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