Welcome to the 37th Hunger Games! Now before you go off submitting a tribute, there's one thing you must follow:

All the tributes must be based on yourself.

For example, if you know how to shoot a bow and arrow, the character can choot a bow and arrow. If you have blonde hair, your character has blonde hair. If you wouldn't be a career, your character wouldn't be a career. Names, of course, don't need to be your real name. The most important thing you must follow is the strategy. Your strategy needs to be one you'd actually do. If your strategy is to kill off all tributes you find, then you would have to be able to do this in real life.

And this is why these Games will be special. The tributes of these games will be realistic. Your real life fears will be played upon, there won't be a bunch of badass guys snapping necks of random tibutes.

Because you wouldn't do that to someone, would you? EVen if it meant life or death, you wouldn't kill someone in cold blood?

But then again, people do do drastic things in the face of death...

So that's what these games will be. Real kids with real lives, real fears, real strengths, real weaknesses. I want the tribute applications to be full of truth, don't make yourself a fast runner when you can't run a 7 minute mile.










Lunaii: (Optional, I'll make one if you don't want to).

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