Hello, welcome to my first Hunger Games. There is more info to come.



Tributes can only come here if they particapate in the bloodbath (Most likely Careers.)


A Normal-Cold climate area. May be populated with Mutts.


A Very Cold climate area. Not populated at all.


Warm climate area. Populated with Mutts.


Tribute Format:






What they do in Training:

Do they want to particapate in the Bloodbath(Cornucopia):

Where they want to go in the arena:

Alliance(Careers etc.):

The Tributes Score

D1 M: Ky Mezmeration, 17

Skills: Spear, Sword, Axe, Knife


D1 F: Austina Milz, 13

Skills: Strengh, Swords


D2 M: Jack Malie, 18

Skills: Axes


D2 F: Lilly Myson

Skills: Spear, Swords and Survival skills.


D3 M: Elias Caldeu, 14

Skills: Able to craft weapons out of wood


D3 F: Cassandra Belladonna

Skills: Throwin g knifes, agility, cunning, stealth


D4 M: Waverly Mare ,17 Skills: Sword, Knives, Spear (sometimes)


D4 F: Lassu Gilen

Skills: Survival skills.


D5 M: Wilson Duil, 12

Skills: Able to find food anywhere at anytime. Knives.


D5 F: Amalfi Crescent, 16

Skills: Strong, hand to hand combat, knives


D6 M: Tristian Kiop,13

Skills: Knifes, Climbling


D6 F: Tamora Summers, 18

Skills: Knife, axe, stealth, intellegence.

D7 M: Bob Jeffery, 16

Skills: Knives, Bow and Arrows, Survival Skills.


D7 F: Allisa Laythis, 16

Skills: Throwing Axes.


D8 M: Joseph Anederson

Skills: Hand-to-hand combat, poison dart gun, mace.


D8 F: Luna Snare, 15

Skills: Hiding, Blowgun, Killing


D9 M: Caleb Yasus, 13

Skills: Very good at long distance, knifes.


D9 F: Miya Rye, 14

Skills: Sickle/Scythe,Camoflauge, Plant Knowledge.


D10 M: Malecai Gariama, 18

Skills: Spear, Axe, Throwing Knives


D10 F: Kaitie Nelsen, 15

Skills: Axe, intellegence, nuclear bombs, bow and arrow.


D11 M: Mac Woodth, 12

Skills: Nothing.


D11 F: Mae Rinst, 15

Skills: intelligence,knives,blowgun,plant identification,fast,not afraid of getting killed.


D12 M: Jake Odair, 16

Skills: knife, trident, sword, traps, bow + arrows abilies: basic survival skills, extremly smart, swimming, climing, can make weapons.


D12 F: Tobi Odiar, 14 11

Skills: knife, trident, traps, bow + arrows , basic survival skills, extremly smart, swimming, climing, can make weapons and lethal with a knife


Will be done when both tributes are selected.

District 1: "Welcome district 1 to another reaping. So lets do the boys, Ky Mezmeration." The escort yelled. Ky was going to vounlenteer anyway. "Now the girls." But the escort gets cut off by someone saying "I VOUNLENTEER." It was Austina Milz. Both tributes shake hands feeling happy 'cause they know each other is good and possably one of them is going to win.

District 2: "Welcome all, now we shall pick a tribute!" Said the Escort. "I VOLEENTEER." Many Girls and Boys yell until two people walk up. Whats your name young lady. "Austina." "My name is Jack." They both walk to the justice building.

District 3: "What a nice day in district 3." The escort says. The crowed was not please as it was reaping day. "Elias Caldeu." He walks on stage with fright. "Now for the female, Cassandra Belladonna." Everyone stairs at her as she walks up. "Here is our tributes." The two shake hands and walk into the justice building.

District 4: "Hello Fishing district, it's time to select, I don't like the smell so lets get this over with. The Escort says." Our tributes are Waverly and Lassu."

District: 5: "Welcome to this years reaping and we will select two tributes." Yelled the escort. "It looks like i'm going to be late for arriving at the capitol so here are this years tributes. "Wilson Duin and Amalfi Crescent." They both get pushed into the train without going to the justace building to say goodbyes.

District 6: "Tamora Summers get up here yoi fine lady and you to Tristian Kiop." They both shake hands and leave.

District 7: Welcome to this years reaping and I will be pick out the names of the most coragus people in District 7. "Bob Jeffory get on up here, and can Allisa Lay...What ever."

District 8: Here are the names of this years tributes. "Joseph Anderson and Luna Snare."

District 9: Caleb Yasus, likes the reaping but he doesn't want to be reaped. He looks around smiling at everyone. He think the escorts voice is funny. "Now, lets select our tributes." The Escort said while stairing at someone. "Hey you know that boy over there the one who always laughs at me, whats his name?" Whispers the Escort. "I'm not suppose to say but if you want to reap him then go ahead it's Caleb Yasus." Replys the Mayor. "Our boy tribute, Caleb Yasus." He stairs terrified, hes only 13. "Now for the girl, Miya Rye" Said the escort. Caleb wouldn't shake Miya's hand he was too scared of how he was going to die in the arena.

District 10: (Sorry didnt have time.)

District 11: (Sorry didn't have time.)

District 12: "Welcome, welcome to this years reaping." Said the Escort. "Ladys first." The escort said following a little chuckel, "Tobi Odair." Jake his brother breaks up in tears. "Boys now." The Escort said. "Jake Odair." They both shake hands but get no goodbyes.


Tribute Deaths
24th Luna Snare
23rd Jack Malie
22nd Austina Milz
21st Lassu Gilen
20st Wilson Duin
19th Tristian Kiop
18th Malecai Gariama
17th Allisa Laythis
16th Caleb Yasus
15th Cassandra Belladonna
14th Mae Rinst

13th Elias Caldeu

12th Mac Woodth
11th Tobi Odair

10th Miya Rye

9th Ky Mezmeration

8th Kaitie Nelsen
7th Joseph Anederson
6th Lilly Myson
5th Waverly Mare
4th Tamora Summers
3rd Bob Jeffery
2nd Jake Odair
1st Amafi Cresent

Day 1

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Lilly(2) throws the first knife she sees and it hits Luna(6)BOOM! Jack(2) gets in a scarp with Bob(7), Jack was unlucky and died BOOM! Bob runs and grabs a weapon from the corn and Austina(1) trys to stab him with a knife and misses, ends her own life BOOM! He runs off but Lassu(4) chases him. Everyone starts fighting each other then a BOOM! It was no one at the corn. It distracted Wilson(5) then the careers kill him BOOM! Tristian(6) trys to evade but he is killed by Amafi(5) BOOM! The careers, Malecai, Tobi and Jake remain at Corn. Malecai joins the careers and trys to take over Tobi and Jake but they kill him BOOM! They both got away leaving the careers at the cornucopia. Everyone else evaded the Cornucopia. During the night a BOOM! Goes off, it was Allisa(7), she must have died of the cold climate.

Day 2

Caleb(9) apporches Miya(9) they both run off on seeing each other. Caleb(9) runs from the Rain Forest into the Cornucopia he is able to disarm and wound Ky(1). Ky kills Caleb BOOM! Miya runs into the Field. The tundra is empty. Cassandra(3) encounters a small snake mutt, it bites her. She falls to the ground screaming for help.Mac(11) and Mae(11) encounter the screaming girl. They just walk away BOOM! Some more mutts coem and bite Mae, Mac runs away screaming and Mae falls to the ground BOOM! At the field giant mutts chase the tributes, none die but then in the center of field the mutts get closer. Elias(3) gets wounded by the mutts then a BOOM! Everyone in the FIeld is forced to run to the cornucopia. On the way they kill each other, Bob kills Mac BOOM! Tobi trips and falls to the mutts BOOM! When they reach the cornucopia the mutts disapper but the Careers uses this as an advatage and kills Miya(9) BOOM, but then Ky is killed by Bob BOOM! Everyone but the Careers scatters around the arena.

Day 2 Odds:

Jake: 1-7

Waverly: 1-4

Amafi: 1-9

Kaitie: 1-19

Tamora: 1-22

Bob: 1-3

Lilly: 1-5

Joseph: 1-12

Day 3

The tributes most hiding with Waverly(4) and Lilly(2) are at the Cornucopia about to leave to find other tributes. Bob, Joseph(8) and Amafi are in the Tundra. Tamora(6) and Kaitie(10) are in the Field. Jake is in the rain forest by himself. Waverly and Lilly head to the Field. They come across Kaitie, BOOM! Tamora watched the whole thing and ran to the Tundra knowing the Careers would not go there. The Careers don't see her evade. She makes her way slowly to the she sees Joseph and takes him out BOOM! She got alot more supplys, she also sees Bob but she thinks attack him will get her killed. The Careers don't like the field and head to the rain forest, they reached it before night.


Jake: 1-7

Waverly: 1-3

Amafi: 1-8

Tamora: 1-8

Bob 1-3

Lilly: 1-4

Day 4

Everyone stay where they are. Bob finds a rabbit, he kills it with a weapon, he has a Spear, Sword, Throwing Knives and an Axe. Tamora has an Axe as well. Bob has so many suppliys, Jake evades the Rain Forest as he sees the Careers, he reaches the Tundra knowing the Careers wouldn't go there. They discuss about going to Tundra. In the end they stay put, until they are forced into the Tundra by Mutts. Suddenly a voice is heard all over the arena. "Congraulations all on making it so far." said the Man "Tomorrow at dawn, we shall have a feast, everyone needs something to survive or thrive. Every thing with help. You can't take another tributes bag, have fun and may the odds be ever in your favor."

Odds are the same.

Tamora and Bob are on the West side of the Tundra, Amafi, Jake, Waverly and Lilly are on the east. The Cornucopia is near the East side of the tundra. (Note: If you are reading along still you may tell me what your tribute does at the feast if no reply then there Cornucopia details will decide if they are going or not.)

Day 5

The day of the feast, everyone waits for the table. As soon as the table apears Waverly, Jake and Lilly run out at the same time. Waverly ignores Jake, Waverly reached the table first grabs his pack and runs away Lilly atemps to kill Jake with a speat she misses, Jake makes it to the table and runs away second. Lilly runs away. Bob throws a spear. BOOM! Bob runs next gets a pack and runs. Tamora goes next, safely gets away, Amafi goes next. Later on the day Bob goes out hunting, he finds a water source. Waverly doesn't know who is dead yet. Jake is preparing for battle, Amafi sits in a tree, trying to work out who is still in the arena, Tamora finds a nice pond. What is in the tributes bags?

Jake: Medical suppilys and a nice trident.

Waverly: Body Armor.

Amafi: Food, Traps, Knives.

Tamora: Food, Traps, Knives.

Bob: Body Armor.


Jake: 1-6

Waverly: 1-4

Amafi: 1-8

Tamora: 1-8

Bob: 1-3

Day 6

Not much happend. Jake, Waverly and Bob are in the field knowing they can take on the mutts. Tamora and Amafi are in the Rain Forest.

Day 7

The gamemakers haven't seen action all day, so they set out mutts. First it hits the field ripping Waverly apart. BOOM! Jake just got away, Bob and Jake had a truce for today. They headed to the Tundra. The mutts apporched the Rain Forest. Tamora at her pond counts her supillys as the Mutts come behind her. BOOM! They mutts can't reach Amafi. The two broke up the alliance. Bob and Jake lost there supplys.


Amafi: 1-5

Bob: 1-4

Jake: 1-5

Who will win post in the coments who you support.

Day 8

Today Bob went on a walk, to find his supplys but he triped and fell into a deep pit. He broke his leg. He whined all day until the gamemakers sent out Mutts to finish him off BOOM! Both of te finalist was getting ready for the final 2 fight. Show your support. In the comments


Amafi: 1-4

Jake: 1-3

Day 9(The Victor)

Amafi came across a pit with weapons in it, she thinks it may have been the reason Bob died. She sees an axe and a bow and with 6 arrows. She has a few goes. She doesn't like them so she picks up the axe and some food from the top of the pit. Jake starts to practise with his weapons. Then he climbs in a tree waiting for Amafi to come. Amafi expects him to come so she waits in a tree aswell. Then..."Atention Tributes, you must head to the Cornucopia by Dawn or you will be killed, if both of you are still in the out areas of the arena we will send the mutts, they can climb trees." Amafi knows no one is at the cornucopia. So she heads there. Jake does the same actions as Amafi. Around Midnight Jake reaches the cornucopia, waiting for Amafi to walk in there so he can kill her. Amafi reaches the cornucopia, she sees Jake but Jake doesn't see her. "Atention Tributes, both are at the cornucopia. You have 2 minutes to walk into the cornucopia area. Jake and Amafi counts in there head when Jake reaches 38, Amafi reaches 32. They both walk in. Amafi makes the first move and throws an axe at Jake, misses. Jake throws a knife. Missing. Both pull out a knife. Amafi runs and throws it while dodging Jakes knife. Jake starts to run out of weapons. Until he sees a knife on the ground but if he picks it up Amafi throws one last knife. It hits him in the arm. He screams. Amafi stabs him by Mercy. BOOM!

"This years Victor from District 5, Amafi Cresent."

Thank you all for Particapating in my hunger games the second will be up tomorrow.

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