Welcome back to another hunger games made by me.

We have a list of new features that will be used. Tamora won the last game, who will win this one?

New Features



Gamemakers (Only people I know IRL can do this.)

Better alliance system

Sending notes for advice. Anyone can do this, it doesn't have to be your own tribute but you can't say, jump off a cliff. Only helpful advice.

More to be informed.

No reapings.


Here is the format and you can reserve. Reserves last 12-24 hours.





Wanted alliances:


WOC(Weapon of Choice):


Training Area:

Training skill shown to Gamemakers:


Tribute Name

Skills and Weaknesses

Training Score

D1M: Samuel Robertson, 15

Strength, mental agility, hand-to-hand

combat, mace, anger issues.


D1F: Paisley Hembridge, 16

Throwing knives, agility, flexiblity, Knives,

too nice.


D2M: Joseph Jepsen, 18

Swimming, throwing things, upper-body

strength, sword or dagger, deppresion.


D2F: Finley Levine, 14

Intellegence, great aim, stealth, too nice,

bow and arrow.


D3M Tyler Gazm, 13

Running and Hiding, Weak. Blow Gun.


D3F Lacey Sewer, 12

Tying Shoe Laces.


D4M: Nicholas Davenport, 17

Trident, sword. Can get mad easely

Running fast, jump tree to tree and

hand to hand combat.


D4F Selena Wolfhart, 14

Archery, Swordmans, Leadership, Stealtthy,

Hot headed.


D5M Draco Adams, 18

Speed, Hand to Hand Combat.

Can't climb.


D5F Angelika Thrussel, 15

Clumsy, sword and mace.


D6M: Zac Bolven,12

Small, can climb high.


D6F: Lilly Maxenwood,

Can't kill young Tributes, Knife.


D7M Melik Zacberg, 16

Whip. Small


D7F Lassy Mellgoe, 12

Whip, Small.


D8M: Ivan Reid, 16

Hand to hand combat and swimming,

throwing knifes and wire, too small.


D8F Jilly Milly, 13

Too youngy.


D9M: Andy Pillars, 18

Run fast and hand to hand combat, Machete and

spear, can snap necks if angry.


D9F Nelly Welly, 12

Brutal, hand to hand.


D10M Caleb Yates, 17

Fast runner, long distance. Resource full

good with weapons. Can't swim.


D10F Jacque Frei, 18

Slow, sword.


D11M Caleb Groi, 14

Fast, knives.


D11F Unknown, 17



D12M Jason Stark, 16

Stealth spear, sword.


D12F Unknown, 14




Alliance 1: District 6 Alliance. Members: Zac and Lilly.

Alliance 2: Carrers. Members: Nicholas, Finley, Joseph and Ivan.

Alliance 3: District 1 Carrers. Samuel and Paisley. (I think I got this wrong.)


D1M: 1-7

D1F: 1-4

D2M: 1-5

D2F 1-9

D3M: 1-250

D3F: 1-275

D4M: 1-4

D4F: 1-3

D5M: 1-15

D5F: 1-17

D6M: 1-45

D6F: 1-15

D7M: 1-20

D7F: 1-20

D8M: 1-4

D8F: 1-45

D9M: 1-5

D9F: 1-3

D10M: 1-3

D10F: 1-25

D11M: 1-7

D12F: 1-40

The Games

Day 1:

Caleb(10)'s Pov: 30, 29, 28. Caleb from 11 is looking at me saying. "There is only room for one Caleb in this arena!". What an ideot! 15,14,13. That girl Nelly who knows that she has the same odds as me, same training score. She seems comp.... 0. I run for the knives and stab Nelly. Behind me Caleb(11) tries to throw a knife at me but he just recives a knife in the back. Jacque is dead... What a surprise. I run off to the forrest but someone is chasing me? Lassy... I run to the trees and throw a knife in her chest. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. 9 Dead or 10. Wait I forgot, wait it was 9. BOOM. I count my kills their was. BOOM, BOOM. "WILL THESE BOOMS STOP COMING!" I yell. Heh no one. BOOM. They stop.

Selena(4)'s Pov: Wow the 12 Girl really wanted to get away. Tip 1. Don't run off your pads before the game starts. 5,4,3,2,1 I grab a weapon looking for a tribute to kill. I don't know what to do I stand and hesitate. I watch Caleb Murder person after Person. I must recruit him into the Careers. The 11 Girl runs for me. An easy kill with a trident. I meet up with the Careers later. (The Booms) Wow 11 booms I say out loud to the other Careers. Hmm. Lets discuss our threats Nick suggest. They keep talking about Caleb, Ivan, Melik and Lassy since they were killing everyone. Jumping out of the trees with his Whips. Melik we easily take then out. BOOM. BOOM.



Jacque-Lassy and Melik


Melly-Lassy and Caleb(10)










Day 2:

Selena(4)'s Pov:

BOOM! BOOM! Suddenly Joe yells NO! He is stabbing the 12 boy over and over again."You killed Finley, my best friend." He says while stabbing the dead boy."It will be ok!" Sam exclaims to Joe. Joe turns and stabs Sam. BOOM! Me and Nick run away. BOOM!







Nothing Happens until Day 5.

Day 5:

Caleb(10)'s Pov: BOOM! Wow, only 6 more to kill I don't know how 3 Careers died in 5 minutes. Mutts? Oh well I say opening my cracker packet. "Pstttt." I think I hear someone say. I look down from my tree and see Ivan. "Do you want to team?" Can't trust him. No but i'll kill you if you come up. The District 5 Female comes up. Angel, I think. Ivan easily kills her.BOOM! "How about now." Ivan says. "Still a no. Go and die from a Career or something." I yell back at him dropping a knife. It was a miss. "I am not to dumb." He says while taking cover behind logs running away from me. The shows up and another Career is dead.

Selena(4)'s Pov: Mutts! I yell. BOOM! I run watching my dead district partner be ripped apart.

Ceaser Flickerman: Attention all tributes we are having a feast tomorrow we want to end this game so we can break the record for the shortest game. That is 9 days. (You may choose what a tribute gets be sane with what you choose.)

Tributes react to the Feast.

Caleb: No surpirse, we have been in this arena 5 days, I think maybe 6? Oh well it may break the recored for the shortest game.

Ivan: My list of people to kill at the feast: Caleb, Selena and Joesph. Andy doesn't seem like a threat.

Joseph: I must kill everyone here at the feast!

Andy: Of course I am not going it is suicide. I have not had to do anything this game and it will stay that way until the final 2.

Selena: I must be cautious.




Day 6:

Ivan's Pov: Wow, Selena is easy to see. She looks weak. Joseph is aggro waiting to kill someone. Caleb or Andy didn't show up. I expected Caleb. It takes about 2 minutes for someone to run. Selena was psrinting then Joseph jumped about and is trying to attack her. In the end Joseph is lying on the ground badly wounded. BOOM! There goes Selena. I run out. I throw a knife at Joseph he screams. He curses me! I walk out with everyone's packs.

Caleb's Pov: BOOM! Woah wait the feast! I rush down tlo find Joseph coughing up blood and all the packs gone. "Is Ivan dead?" I question to Joseph. "No, get him for me."*Cough*"He has everyones feast pack. "Avenge me, he went to the east." Joseph Replys. I rush for him. BOOM!




Joseph-Selena and Ivan.

Day 9:

Ivan's: Pov, they sent mutts not a problem.

Caleb's Pov: You would think they would send hard mutts to kill.

Day 15:

  • More Mutt fails.*

Gamemakers: Tomorrow, we must unleash the Final 3. We used it last game and it worked.

Ceaser Flickerman: You have 5 Hours to get to the cornucopia or you will explode and die.

Ivan's Pov: Good thing I was right next to the cornucopia where Caleb would not expec...BOOM!

Caleb's Pov: It's time to kill Ivan he doesn't know I am right next to him making un ovious that I know where he is. BOOM! I won! I won wait there is Andy. I turn around. BOOM! Finally he is dead.

This years winner of the 2nd Hunger Games Caleb Yates from District 10.

User: Caleb Yates has won! This is proof for any games in the Victor Games he enters in the future!

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