Dane et Ole

aka Dani and Oli

  • I live in Britain
  • My occupation is Restaurant Owners
  • Dane et Ole

    Mkai. So this is based off this British TV Show. You can read about it there.

    Each round we'll choose a Saboteur. This person will not reveal their identity to any of the other Unfortunates. The Saboteur will PM this account when it's on chat with their strategy towards the challenge. The challenge will then be written. After that, all Unfortunates will pm this account with who they're voting for and why. The person with the most votes will be Trapped and eliminated from the game. In the final 2, the Unfortunates who are trapped will vote for who they want to win. This person will be the winner.

    You can only comment who you're voting for if you cannot get onto chat for any reason at all.

    You MUST comment what you think about each floor.

    DO NOT…

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