Mkai. So this is based off this British TV Show. You can read about it there.

How it'll work

Each round we'll choose a Saboteur. This person will not reveal their identity to any of the other Unfortunates. The Saboteur will PM this account when it's on chat with their strategy towards the challenge. The challenge will then be written. After that, all Unfortunates will pm this account with who they're voting for and why. The person with the most votes will be Trapped and eliminated from the game. In the final 2, the Unfortunates who are trapped will vote for who they want to win. This person will be the winner.

You can only comment who you're voting for if you cannot get onto chat for any reason at all.

You MUST comment what you think about each floor.

DO NOT tell anyone who you're voting for/if you're the Saboteur.

The Unfortunates

Place User/Unfortunate Floor
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1


10th Lily VOTED

So hi. Yeah Keapwhore did the same thing for his weakest link but we don't care bc we're cool like that mk.

  • Liza was taken out of the Tower by default.

Red means the Unfortunate was voted Saboteur for the floor and is there for eliminated.

Green means the Unfortunate was the Saboteur and was not voted out.

Yellow means the Saboteur was detected and voted out, or the team passed the challenge.

Blue means the Unfortunate is still in or safe for a round.

Floor 10

Name of Floor: Body Shock.

Description/How to play Floor: This is the Tower Lab. To pass this challenge, Unfortunates must assemble a body from body parts scattered around the room. Easy, eh? Ha!! Well, it would be if the lab didn't keep having power cuts! If this happens, they must beware, as someone might release the Botherers. They must deal with the Botherers and complete the body in time or they will fail!"


The Unfortunates stand in a neat line going across the border of the room. There's 10 of them. They look straight ahead, not wanting to attract any attention to themselves. The Voice eminates from above and tells them what Body Shock is all about. Each one has a face of fear stuck on their face. The Voice, however, speaks to one Unfortunate through their whisper clip.

"Do no react. You, are the Saboteur. It is your job to ensure your team fails this challenge. You can do this by releasing the Botherers from their cage during each powercut. Make sure your teammates do not see you move; try to stay in the same place. Good luck..."

The Unfortunates wait for the infamous words; "Your time begins....NOW."

At once, each Unfortunate rushes to collect body parts to put on the body. Mia and Jade quickly find the arms and lock them into place, Liza and Claudia look for the legs, Keap grabs the heart and stuffs it where it's meant to go, and finally, Emma grabs the head and locks it on. A gong sounds and the lights go off. A few screams can be heard here and there.

"Now's your chance! Release the Botherers!"

Slowly, footsteps walk around the room coming from the side that Jade, KEAP, Annie and Emma were on. Slowly, a rusty sounding handle was turned, and the small, quick foosteps rushed past, brushing against some. Slowly, louder thumps come towards the body. The lights flash on and Jade screams and runs from the Botherers. The body is now stripped of it's parts and the Unfortunates must start again.

The process happens twice more.

Its the final segment of light, and the Unfortunates quickly try to assemble the body.


Liza turns and smiles right in Keap's face, "Oops."

The body is complete, apart from the heart. Lily runs and is about to place it when...


The Voice eminates once more, "Your time is up! You have failed...miserably!"

You must now vote for who you think the Saboteur was and why.

User Voting For Why Votes against
KEAP Liza "She blinked too much and showed too many teeth" 2
Jade Keap "He was acting too bossy and suspicious" 2
Mia Lily "She was too slow at the end" 0
Erlend Lily "She was going to put the heart in, but failed on purpose" 0
Lily Keap "He yelled at Liza" 3
Justin Annie "She didn't do anything to stop the Botherers" 0
Emma Liza "Because she threw the challenge" 0
Claudia Lily "Because she failed to get the heart in" 0
Liza Jade "Because, ya know, I don't think there was really a reason for her to scream unless she just so happens to be afraid of the dark. Yes, maybe the Botherers might of been scary as of it being dark but it's Jade. She isn't scared often, ya know c:" 2
Annie Jade "She screamed like a maniac" 1

(note in this, we wanted to get it moving, so Annie/Mia/Claudia's votes and reasons were determined by random generators.)

Lily you will NOT be leaving this're TRAPPED!

The Saboteur was in fact...Emma.

Floor 9

Name of Floor: Black Widow

Description/How to play Floor: “The Unfortunates are surrounded by white spider’s eggs. They must use the Vacuumigators to suck up all the eggs. But, they have to be careful 'cause amongst the eggs are Black Widow spiders. You don’t wanna be sucking none of them up. If they do, more spider’s eggs will be released! They have 90 seconds to suck up all the eggs. If there’s even 1 left, the Unfortunates will fail!”


Now, only nine Unfortunates stand in a straight, uniform line, each looking around, figuring out the challenge. Again, The Voice informs them about the challenge. Some grimace at the thought of spider eggs, others smile. Again, one Unfortunate gets the message.

"Do not react. YOU are the Saboteur. It is your job to ensure your team fails this challenge. You can do this by sucking up a Black Widow. This will cause more eggs to fail. Good luck."

The gong sounds and the nine get to work. Mia grins and sighs, "This is easy!"

Keap, who's frantically sucking up the eggs turns to her direction, "Too easy."

The Saboteur keeps their head down low, and quietly sucks up a Black Widow. Whatever amount the Unfortunates had collected, double that fell down. Justin stopped his feet, "OH NO!!!!"

Silently, the Unfortunates suck up the eggs again.

"Sixty Seconds."

Soon, all of the eggs were collected, and Annie and Jade high-fived. Keap bounces, without knowing, him and the Saboteur collect up Black Widows. More eggs fall down and the Unfortunates moan.

"Thirty Seconds."

Frantically, they scream and shout, a few of them, like Liza and Claudia stay silent, focusing on collecting the eggs. At the end of the thirty seconds, there is not a single pearl white egg on the floor.

"Your time is up! You...have passed."

The team passed, which means the Saboteur is automatically trapped in the room. But who do you think the Saboteur was and why?

User Voting For Why Votes Against
KEAP Annie #yolorite 1
Jade (Lauren did this one k) Mia She was too cocky ;) 0
Mia Justin Because he was a sarcastic bitch 1
Erlend Liza She didn't react 1
Justin Liza Because she's a hoe JK c; 3
Emma Justin He was sarcastic 0
Claudia Justin Just 'cuz 0
Liza Erlend "fact that you don't see him at all and it is what he would do c:" 2
Annie Keap "He voted for me" 1

You have voted for Justin.

The Saboteur was in fact...Claudia.

Claudia, as you failed to sabotage the task, you will not be leaving this room. You're....TRAPPED.

Floor 8

Name of Floor: Mutternot's Tales

Description/How to play Floor: "A place for everything and everything in its place. Miss Mutternot is not happy. The Tower Library is completely confuddled. Unfortunates must carefully put the books back in their rightful place. But, the Tower is prone to power cuts and someone is trying to upset the librarian. One of them cannot be trusted."


Only eight remain of the once ten. Tensions have risen and each Unfortunate plays to their own strengths. Some remain quiet and look straight ahead whilst awaiting The Voice's commands, others evaulate the room and each other, analysing for the face of the next Saboteur.

The room remains silent after The Voice has explained the challenge. The Unfortunates stand stiffly, daring not to move or do anything that could be counted strange, in the fear of being thought of as the Saboteur, and being trapped on Floor Eight.

"Let the challenge begin......................NOW!"

At once, the eight Unfortunates get to work stacking the books in the correct places, communicating with each other.

"Erlend! Get the book over there!" Liza says, stacking about three books on her own.

"Jade pass me that one if you can," Annie says, working with Keap and Jade.

Erlend passes Rainie the discarded book and throws a few at Mia and Justin, "Put these in! Quick!"

Emma rushes around and places the final few books in when the lights go out. The Unfortunates stand still like statues. The Saboteur creeps slowly around, knocking books off the line, throwing them to the sides, before slipping silently back into their place. The Libarian screams as the lights come back on, and a look of shock melts onto the face of each Unfortunate.

"Come on!" Justin yells, encouraging his fellow Unfortunates. In less than no time, the books are once again stacked. The lights flicker before shutting off. The Saboteur throws more books this time, and they hide more, hoping to seal the fate of a different Unfortunate. The Libarian screams and the lights click back on. All of the books are back before the time is up...but one.

"Where's the final book?" Annie yells, searching high and low.

"I don't know!" Liza and Emma yell back in sync.

Mia, Erlend and Jade scream commands at each other, hoping to find the book.

Keap remains silent and searches along with Annie. Justin stays very quiet  by the Libarian, searching at his own place. The gong sounds and the veredict has been sealed.

"Your time is up! You have failed miserably."

Who do you think the Saboteur was and why?

User Voting For Why Votes Against
KEAP Justin Because he was quiet
Jade Justin Because at the end he was searching really slowly and he was hanging around the librarian
Mia Justin Because he was a silent bitch 1
Erlend Justin Because he was looking at by my arse 1
Justin Mia Because idk but I think it was her 4
Liza Erlend Because he was too slow handing me my books c:

Due to the majority voting for Justin, he is trapped and we do not need Emma's and Annie's votes.

I can now reveal the Saboteur was in fact.....Liza.

Floor 7

Name of Floor: Split Ends

Description/How to play Floor: "There once was a girl, approach if you dare, never combed it or cut it. Now she's trapped by her hair! Split Ends is her name and the poor thing's in knots. Unfortunates must gently untie 3 bows from her tangled plaits without disturbing her. If she screams 3 times, it's all over! Beware! Someone will be out to upset her!"


Seven Unfortunates remain. Instead of standing in a straight like across the room, they stand in a huddle bunch by the window. In the centre, a gothic girl with red hair that drapes around the whole room. In three bunches are three different coloured bows; red, yellow and blue. The Voice speaks explains to the Unfortunates the standard gameplay, and then influences the Saboteur to do the wrong thing.

"If Split Ends screams only once, you will fail this challenge!"

Split Ends looks at each Unfortunate before grooming her hair.

"Let the challenge begin.....NOW!"

Each tribute huddles around the first bunch. The Saboteur recieves an extra piece of info, "The yellow bow will make her scream."

Annie looks at her fellow Unfortunates, "So...which one?"

Mia evaulates the bows, ""

A few other Unfortunates nod in agreement. Jade speaks up, "What about yellow? Its closer to her, so it won't hurt as much?"

Keap nods in agreement this time, "Yeah, do yellow."

After a small discussion, yellow was overruled by blue. Liza walks slowly up to the bow, and pulls it out slowly. Split Ends sighs in relief. One passed.

"Do NOT let them get all three. This time, its the blue bow."

Again, the Unfortunates huddle around the next bunch, thinking about which one.

"Maybe blue again?" Erlend asks, "It was good last time, so it can't be bad this time, right?"

Keap, Annie and Jade nod in agreement, Liza, Mia and Emma disagree, but, four against one, right? Liza pulls the ribbon, causing Split Ends to scream.

"Unfortunates! You have failed....miserably!"

Who do you think the Saboteur was and why?

(Crap update ik ;-;)

User Voting For Why Votes Against
KEAP Jade (I forgot but I think he said Jade so Jade it is) #yolorite 2
Jade KEAP Because 4
Mia Jade Because she was like yay yellow
Erlend Jade Cause she said that dey shoudla pulled yellow c:
Emma Jade Cuz I can
Liza KEAP 'Cuz like, for once, I can vote for him with no reason necessary c:

Due to the amount of votes, Jade, you're Trapped!

The Saboteur was in fact....Keap.

Floor 6

Name of Floor: Septic Sewers

Description/How to play Floor: "Ahh, the Septic Sewers! To pass this challenge, Unfortunates must plug up the toxic gas escaping from the drain. It's causing a right old stink! When the drain is complete, they will be sucked back up the pipes. Whilst waiting in the dark, someone will be sneaking about! They must plug up the drain before the time runs out or they will fail!"


The six remaining unfortunates stand in a row in a dark sided room. "Hello unfortunates" the voice chirps to the alarmed unfortunates. The voice continues on to tell them how to play, then there is a minute of silence whilst the voice gives the saboteur advice.

"Do not react. YOU are the Saboteur. It is your job to ensure your team fails this challenge. You can do this by hiding the plugs. This will delay their progress. Good luck"

The gong sounds and everyone grabs a plug.

"Get out of my way you dumb whore" Keap  shouts at Erlend and jams a plug into the drain.

The black out comes and the voice speaks to the saboteur. "Do NOT let them win this, hide the plugs!"

Thumps are heard as the saboteur flings the plugs around.

"WHERE IS THE LAST ONE" Annie screams.

Everyone frantically runs around, and Liza finds the plug just after the gong sounds.

"Your time is up! You have failed, miserably..."

You must now vote for who you think the Saboteur was and why?

User Voting Why Votes Against
KEAP Erlend He's a dumb whore
Mia Erlend Bc 1
Erlend 2
Emma Liza She didn't get the plug in on time
Liza 1
Annie Mia Because you didn't mention her

Liza was trapped by default.

The Saboteur was in fact...Mia.

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