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  • Daniel17

    I don't know how to make a tribute table OR a death chart, can someone help me? The reason I want one is 'cause I'm making a Battle Royale. (which I'm sure no one will join)

    --An Endless Dream of Darkness

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  • Daniel17

     So I was looking at the posts for the past few months, and I realized most of them were Wiki Games. However, most people just slapped their Usernames onto a comment and got in. In these, you have to make a tribute based off yourself, there will be no "Weapons" requirement here, as I will choose them randomly. No "ERMAHGERD YU KILLZ ME OVF BEKAWZ U H8 ME NUUUUU!! Your death will be chosen randomly, but these things up your ranking.

    • Making a realistic tribute. You can't say. "HELLAH YEAHZ I HAZ SUPAHPOWAHZ!"
    • Creating a unique name for your tribute. DON'T USE YOUR REAL NAME!
    • Not being a narcissist.

         The tributes will not be posted 'till all spots are filled.




    Friends: (on the Wiki)



    Reaped or Volunteered:

    And w…

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  • Daniel17

    Real Life Pictures?

    March 5, 2013 by Daniel17

    How do you get the real- life pictures?

    --An Endless Dream of Darkness 01:41, March 5, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Daniel17

    The Honorary Games

    March 4, 2013 by Daniel17

    So basically, I was browsing some of the old games on here, and they were great. I decided to make a tribute to them... Yeah. First, while this one isn't old, I decided to get the Arena, plus the "powers" too, from the Sponsio Games. (Ryan) Except some of the powers are switched. D1 is still Athena, 2 is still Ares, 3 is Hephaestus, 4 is Poseidon, 5 is now Zeus, (Power, in a literal form.) 6 is still Hermes, 7 is Pan, the god of forests, 8 is now represented by The Fates, meaning they can see the future. 9 is still Apollo, 10 is still Artemis, 11 is now Demeter, 12 is Hestia, 13 is Hades, and The Capitol is Hera. I will not reveal the powers. (Ryan, NO.) I then read the 47th Games. (JayJay) and took the reaction thing from those. I made it…

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  • Daniel17

    The Seeker Games

    November 16, 2012 by Daniel17

    This will be based off of Sword of Truth.

    There was no need for reapings -Rahl chose people he hates.


    I run for a dagger, but a D'Haran grabs me. Suddenly, a rebel stabs him in the back with a knife.


    He then runs away. I notice Denna getting her heart stopped by Cara's agiel.


    A D'Haran general slashes my legs off. The last thing I see is him raising the axe.


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