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    Oh hello. In celebration of the release of Transformers: FoC, I'm doing a games with the characters. So uh yeah. Rules are like the others. You can only send stuff I condone. You can mentor up to three tributes. I thought I'd try that out. May the odds be ever in your favor, till all are one!

    Tribute Mentor
    Shockwave Coolcato



    Blast off




    Starscream CoolCato

    Bumblebee HKTlovesglimmer





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    July 29, 2012 by Dannoh403

    Well, the title is self explanitory. I guess i'm leaving. I'll still participate in games, or maybe write my own, but you won't see me on chat. I've really enjoyed chatting, and made some good friends, but i kinda have to leave. No one has caused this, nor will I tell anyone why. Good bye, until we see each pther again Dannoh403 (talk) 15:12, July 29, 2012 (UTC) This is Spartan-712, signing out.

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    So, my last games was a huge success, in my opinion. So I'm doing it again. However, this time I will have 24 tributes, making for a longer games. Sign up in the comments below. Please spread the word! And may the odds be ever in your favor, till all are one!

    Same as last time. You will give your tribute a bloodbath strategy. You will send them advice and food. I will make a list of items you can send. Once your tribute is dead YOU CANNOT SEND ANYMORE ITEMS. I'm going on vacation this Saturday, so these might have a delay, but check DAILY. As I will try to update them everyday.

    Tribute Mentor Strategy
    Skywarp Rue district11 Supplies and run
    Warpath FinnickForever Careers

    Drift Polinarose careers
    Blurr CatnipKatniss careers

    Brawn Brynn1999

    Huffer a…

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    I decided to retry my Transformer Hunger Games. Last time, I didn't get many tributes. However, If I don't get enough tributes, Only those will be mentored. So sign up!

    You can send your tribute gifts. Just comment with who you want. The tributes cannot transform. They don't bring in weapons either. There will be mutts. And a large arena with different environments. Tell your tribute how to make allainces, where to go, and who to kill. May the odds be ever in your favor, till all are one!

    Tribute mentor Bloodbath
    Bonecrusher rosemelrose Not given
    Souundwave Kewlben S,W, run
    Dreadwing Brynn1999 Career
    Brawl wolftheassassin53 Career
    Chromia Justafox W, S,Run
    Arcee ashtonmoiolover Not given
    Slipstream polinarose Career
    Thundercracker 2legit2quit Allian…

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    Well. I am doing a blog post games. I hope i'm doing this right. lol. Any ways, I'm a huge fan of The Transformers Saga, so I made a games. The Games will be the same, but with giant robots. (no transforming) I'll make up the robots in the games, and you'll get to be the mentor of your transformer. May the odds be in your favor, till all are one!

    Rules are the same. There will be mutts, the Transformers will not have their own weapon unless they get one at the cornicopia. The Transformers will NOT be able to transform as that would give them advantages. Rememeber that transformers don't eat, they refuel. So if you want to send food, call it energon. Edit: I'm having a TON of trouble getting tributes. If I can't get enough, then I'll have to…

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