So, my last games was a huge success, in my opinion. So I'm doing it again. However, this time I will have 24 tributes, making for a longer games. Sign up in the comments below. Please spread the word! And may the odds be ever in your favor, till all are one!


Same as last time. You will give your tribute a bloodbath strategy. You will send them advice and food. I will make a list of items you can send. Once your tribute is dead YOU CANNOT SEND ANYMORE ITEMS. I'm going on vacation this Saturday, so these might have a delay, but check DAILY. As I will try to update them everyday.


Tribute Mentor Strategy
Skywarp Rue district11 Supplies and run
Warpath FinnickForever Careers
Drift Polinarose careers
Blurr CatnipKatniss careers
Brawn Brynn1999
Huffer asfbn

stay alone

Barricade Hoopsgirl supplies, weapon.
Jazz pendilumna Grab leftovers
Jetfire Sandj33753 kill as much as possible
Bumblebee bobloblaw1978 careers
Acid Storm
Thundercracker (G1) 2legit2quit careers
Wheeljack Katniss@prinsisterhood run
Silverstrength FITAO run
Icepick agreeklike i steven


Whirl Mysims Careers
Ironhide Jake Olmos Careers
Mirage AshtonMoiolover supplies, run

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