I decided to retry my Transformer Hunger Games. Last time, I didn't get many tributes. However, If I don't get enough tributes, Only those will be mentored. So sign up!


You can send your tribute gifts. Just comment with who you want. The tributes cannot transform. They don't bring in weapons either. There will be mutts. And a large arena with different environments. Tell your tribute how to make allainces, where to go, and who to kill. May the odds be ever in your favor, till all are one!


Tribute mentor Bloodbath
Bonecrusher rosemelrose Not given
Souundwave Kewlben S,W, run
Dreadwing Brynn1999 Career
Brawl wolftheassassin53 Career
Chromia Justafox W, S,Run
Arcee ashtonmoiolover Not given
Slipstream polinarose Career
Thundercracker 2legit2quit Alliance
Starscream Jacob Olmos Career
Evac theoneandonlydistrict3 Run
Blackout MaulDarth Not given
Hotshot Son of a trident Career
Lugnut WC "Da Careers" Not given
Ratchet Rue district 11 Career
Shockwave Mysims Career

Mentors, prepare to mentorify your tributes!

Tell your tribute what to do:

  1. Grab Weapons, supplies, and fight
  2. Grab Weapons, supplies and run
  3. Grab supplies and run
  4. Grab weapons and fight/run
  5. Run

How to make allainces: Tell me if you want to be a lone wolf or make allainances.

Where to go in the arena:

  1. Cornicopia.
  2. Forest
  3. Large Town. (uninhabited)
  4. Volcanic fields
  5. Hill region

Good luck. And Remember, just because your tribute is an autobot, DOES NOT mean he can't partner with a decepticon.

The games!

Day 1

The tributes rose out into the arena. They were all positioned in a circle around a giant field. In the middle, sat the cornicopia. The alliances had been made during training. The countdown ended, and the gong rang. The tributes sprang into action. Evac, Chromia, Thundercracker and Soundwave ran off with supplies and weapons. Bonecrusher and Dreadwing were locked in a fistfight. Dreadwing noticed two blades next to him. He dropped down picked up the blades, and stabbed Bonecruher in the face. Arcee charged the careers. Big mistake, Hot Shot had picked up a huge sword. Arcee hardly dodged the first strike. The next one hit her shoulder and she stumbled onto the ground. Shockwave snapped her neck from behind. Lugnut was running fast towards the lava fields; the careers decided to let him go. Blackout ran towards the forest. Ratchet threw a knife at him, but missed.

Aftermath: Evac, Chromia, Thundercracker, and Soundwave have formed an alliance, and are comfortable in the large town.

The careers have a ton of weapons and supplies. Completley fine.

Bonecrusher and Arcee are dead. Notice that their mentors did not tell them what to do.

Lugnut and Blackout were very close, both with weapons.

Day 2

The career alliance was kind of shaky. They had tons of weapons, and more than enough spears. "Why exactly did your mentor send us all spears, hot shot?" inquired Starscream. "Well, since we are so well off, lets send out some parties to hunt down tributes." Said Shockwave. "Excuse me, but I'm in charge here, and I make the calls" said Hot Shot. Shockwave stared with pure hate at the Autobot. He drew his sword, as did Hot Shot. Slipstream stood up. "Lets not start fighting ourselves." Shockwave paid her no mind. He charged Hotshot, who wasn't expecting the attack. He grabbed HotShot by the head and dragged him over to the cornicopia.

"Shockwave! What are you doing?" Shouted Ratchet. Shockwave slammed HotShot's face against the cornicopia, hard. The Careers screamed. "Stop!" they shouted, but it was too late. Shockwave slammed HotShots's head against the cornicopia so hard, they could hardly hear his cannon.

"I'm in charge." Said Shockwave. The careers nodded in unison.

Meanwhile, in the forest

Blackout walked past the boundries of the forest, spear in hand. He came upon lugnut, and drew his kinfe. A few seconds later, Blackout had lugnut in a headlock, a kinfe closed against his throat. "Stop! Why not have an alliance! We could charge the careers! You and me! We're not much dif- Hurk!" Lugnut was stopped short as Blackout drew his knife across his throat. The cannon sounded.


Lugnut and Hot Shot are dead.

Blackout looted lugnut, and is doing fine.

Evac was voted the leader of the alliance. They are moving towards the hills.

The careers are doing fine, more or less.

Mentors, send gifts to your tributes! And even more, Advice! They need that more.

Day 3

The careers were eating from their food supply in silence. Finally, Ratchet spoke up, I was thinking, maybe i could take a few others out today, and make sure the capitol gets their 'entertainment'." "Alright," agreed Shockwave, "Dreadwing! Take Ratchet, Slipstream, and Brawl out hunting." The four packed up and left immediately. As they were leaving Shockwave called out, "And don't come back till a tribute is dead!"

The "Omega Supreme Team" as they were called, walked through the forest. Soundwave was noticing how many times Evac would glance at Chromia, or Vice Versa. It was all he could do not to burst out laughing. "Do you guys hear that?" whispered Thundercracker. All of a sudden, a spear wizzed out of the jungle and hit Evac in the stomach. Then, the Careers attacked.

Thundercrakcer was locked in combat with Slipstream. Soundwave was protecting Evac from Dreadwing. Chromia was punching Brawl in the face. They were outgunned. (or should I say outknifed/sworded). Thundercracker had been pinned by Slipstream. As she drew back her blade for the killing blow, a knife stabbed her in the face.

Ratchet threw aside her body as the cannon sounded. Evac had some strength left in him. He threw his sword and decapitated Brawl. Another cannon sounded. "Traitor!" Dreadwing spat at Ratchet. Chromia punched him in the stomach. He knew he had to run, so he did, back to the cornicopia.

Ratchet started looking in his pack. "I have some medicine for your friend here. If you want it." Chromia took in the severity of the wound. It was bad. Evac had already lost a lot of energon.(blood, for you people who don't know). Ratchet got to work. He had treated stuff like this before. It wouldn't be easy. As the sun set that night, Evac had been patched up, and The Omega Supreme Team welcomed their new member.


Blackout is still alone. He could use a little water.

The careers numbers are thinning. They need absolutely nothing.

The Omega Supreme Team is doing great. But Soundwave keeps catching Evac and Chromia glancing at each other, he is obviously trying not to crack up. This is nothing but a deathmatch.

Evac is a little sore though. Some good old cut medicine and some bandages would really help.

Day 4

Today started normally. Blackout hadn't seen another tribute in days. He was tired of the lava fields, and just knew they were dangerous. He decided to head into the hill region.

Ratchet was finishing up working on Evac. It turns out the wound was much deeper than he thought. Luckily, Evac's mentor sent him some medicine. "You owe your mentor one, Evac", Said Ratchet, "And me too." Evac stood up and stretched. "Alright," He said," I think we should go to the hills, I don't know why, but I think something bad is going to happen if we stay here."

The alliance was walking through the hills when they saw it, a giant thing falling from the sky over the town. The careers saw it too. "What is it Shockwave?" Asked Dreadwing. Shockwave pulled out bionoculars and looked towards the distance. He spotted it, and almost fainted. "It's a nuke" He announced. "WHAT?" Screamed Dreadwing," WHO ALLOWS A NUKE IN THE HUNGER FREAKING GAMES?!" Starscream was suprised at Dreadwing, " Chill out, it's aimed at the large town." And that it was. The Omega Supreme team was pretty far away, but ran anyways. Blackout didn't notice the bomb. But what every tribute noticed was the huge explosion of the town.

Everyone was safe. "I think the capitol wants death," Said Shockwave, creeping up on Starscream,"Who am I to dissapoint?" All of a sudden, the careers heard growling, Insecticion Mutts! They started shooting spikes at the careers through their palms. "I'm reminded of a movie I recently saw." Starscream said, "But I can't remember the name." A spike hit Shockwave in the shoulder. Another hit Starscream in the face. He fell, but didn't die Shockwave stumbled over to Hot Shot's body, he grabbed his body and used it as a shield. He was so busy looking at the surrounding Insecticons he didn't notice the one on top of the cornicopia. The mutt fired. Shockwave fell. The mutts fled. Another cannon fired.

The Omega Supreme team was putting distance between themselves and the town. As they walked, Ratchet would not shut up about Radioactive poison and Nulcear Rusting. Soundwave was going out of his head. The Tributes walked into a small wooded clearing with a nice little pool. And they took in everything, including Blackout. And his spear.

"Wait!" Shouted Evac, "Blackout will you join us? I'm pretty sure we out number the careers." Blackout mulled it over. "Sure," he said. The Omega Supreme Team was growing, now it was them and the Careers. As Blackout walked in back he thought to himself, "These guys just made a big mistake" As he made sure his knife was still sharp.


Shockwave died today. (Are you happy Son of a Trident? Shockwave is dead.)

The Careers are now lead by Dreadwing. They all want advice from their mentors. Starscream needs an eyepatch. And some painkillers.

The Omega Supreme Team is fine, Evac needs some painkillers, and they're all low on water.

Blackout plans to betray the Omega Supreme team. He could use a new weapon, or some food.

Day 5

The day started at the career base. A parachute decended from the sky. Dreadwing took it. He held up a sword. "Sweet," he said. He took out an eyepatch and painkillers. "Looks like my mentor is looking out for ya, Starscream." Starscream gratefully swallowed the painkillers, and positioned the eyepatch. "Thank you," he said to the sky.

The Omega Supreme Team walked through the ruins of the town. They scavenged the houses, looking for food. Ratchet had decided that the radiation had calmed down enough. Blackout had a spear in one hand, and a knife in the other. He prepared himself. He could only take down two. He was about to attack, when an intercom piped up: "Attetion Tributes! A new rule has been made. TWO tributes can win, IF they come from the same alliance." Soundwave looked at Evac and Chromia. They looked dumbfounded. Thundercracker and Ratchet looked around, they could win, along with one of their friends. Their joy was interupted by Blackout

He stabbed Soundwave in the stomach with his spear, and threw his knife into Ratchet's face. His cannon Sounded. Soundwave fell down. Thundercracker lept at Blackout, who tried to run away. They chased each other into a building. Soundwave lay dying. Evac and Chromia worked to help him. "E...E...Evac," he managed," You and Chromia need to win. You have to. We both know why. Kill the careers. I think you two will be very happy together. Just, win. Wiiiiii" Soundwave's cannon sounded. Tears stung Chromia's eyes. Evac hung his head.

Another cannon sounded. Thundercracker stormed out of the building. Hate was in his eyes, and half of one of his swords was broken. He saw Soundwave lying dead. He stumbled over to the body, "Soundwave? No." At first Evac thought he would cry. (Yes, transformers can cry) Thundercracker stood up, and silently walked back to Blackout's corpse.

Evac and Chromia watched as Thundercracker yelled at the top of his lungs. He stabbed his broken sword into Blackout's face. He walked towards the Cornicopia. "Where are you going?'" shouted chromia. He paused,"I'm getting you two out of this arena." He ran off to the Cornicopia.


Today, Ratchet, Soundwave and Blackout died.

Evac and Chromia made a camp in a destroyed building.

Thundercracker is running towards the cornicopia, aiming to kill the careers.

All of the tributes need some water and food, as the careers have ran out.

Thundercracker needs advice, something to deter him.

Day 6

The careers thought over the rule change. Then they realized, there was only two tributes left in the alliance. Dreadwing recieved a note from his mentor, along with two glasses of water. He gave one to Starscream. "Ration it, We don't know how long we'll be in here." He read the note to himself. He paused as he read the last sentence. "Starscream, grab a weapon." he instructed. Dreadwing took his sword; Starscream chose a staff with blades at either end. "Watch the hills, My mentor says that a tribute is coming." Dreadwing whispered.

Evac and Chromia had a small breakfast. They were still mourning their two friends. "Soundwave was right." Chromia said, breaking the silence. "About us both winning?" asked Evac. Chromia nodded. As selfish as it seemed, Evac knew it was true. But he couldn't get cocky. The ground 20 feet behind the two erupted. A driller Mutt flew out. It grabbed each of them with it's tentacles and placed them on its back. The driller turned its "Head" and spoke, "I would suggest you hold on." The driller sped at huge speed towards the cornicopia.

A few minutes later, the driller arrived at the cornicopia. The creature threw Evac and Chromia off itself and slitered away. "Now I've seen everything," Evac said. He Noticed that Thundercracker had arrived aswell. The two careers charged at Thundercracker. They were about to attack when the cornicopia exploded. From each of the arena's regions something drove out. Starscream recognized them as construction vehicles. "Run!" Starscream yelped, "Run away from here!" An invisible wall had risen, there was no escape. The construction vehicles met at the spot of the cornicopia. They began to change, some became arms, some legs. Dreadwing was horrified. "Something tells me this is the last day of the games" Thundercracker muttered. The Transformation finished. Devastator rose up and attacked the 5 remaining tributes.

Evac held a small sword, as did thundercracker and Dreadwing. Chromia had nothing but knifes. Starscream held his bladed staff. The Devastator activated his vortex grinder in his mouth. All the tributes started getting sucked into his ravor lined mouth. The tributes stabbed their weapons into the ground and held on. Chromia's knifes slipped, and she was flying. She managed to grab hold of Evac's foot and saved herself. Thundercracker was not so lucky. His sword broke in half. The tributes averted their eyes, but still heard his final screams, along with the sound of metal slicing metal. The vortex grinder shut off. The tributes stood up, weapons ready. The Mutt began to try and stop on the tributes. Starscream broke his staff in two, and threw one end at Devastator. The blade went straight in the monster's eye.

Devastator roared in pain, and smacked Starscream all the way to the invisible wall. Dreadwing had lost his partner. He realized what to do. Evac and chromia had split up. "Good," he thought to himself, " it'll be destracted." He dashed up to under the beast. He jumped as high as possible, and stabbed Devastator in the chest. He managed to slowly climb up the creature and onto his head. The Mutt consetrated on him, but he couldn't reach him. Dreadwing Stabbed Devastator in the brain. The Creature screamed as it fell. Dreadwing fell, and an arm of Devastator landed on him. The crashing of the other objects would've deaffened the cannon. Would've. Evac and Chromia were ecstatic. They had won the Hunger Games! No speakers sounded. No Hovercraft came. "Evac, do you think they changed the rules?" asked Chromia. Then they heard Starscream by the wall; he was alive, but in pain. Evac walked slowly to the crumpled Decepticon. When Dreadwing threw his spear. He had climbed out of the rubble and scaveged it from the cornicopia. It hit Evac square it the back, he died instantly. Chromia ran to his body. She found his blade, and intented to win. But Dreadwing was too quick. She tried to dodge, but couldn't. He struck her square on the shoulder and she fell.

"Now, join your sister, and your 'friends'," Dreadwing taunted, "And join your little Boyfriend too. AHahaha!" He swung the blade and killed her instantly. He dashed over to Starscream. The Speakers sounded," Congratulations to the victors of the First Transformer Hunger Games! Dreadwing and Starscream!"

Dreadwing urged Starscream to his feet. "Cmon buddy, get up, We won!" he said. Starscream was bad. The impact had broken his spine, skull, ribs, basically everything. There was probably a lot of internal damage. But his Spark was still beating, and it would continue to. The two victors were taken in hovercrafts, away from the arena.

The Victor Crowning

Dreadwing and Starscream sat in chairs being interviewed. Starscream had been completely fixed up. He had recieved a new eye, yet chose to wear an eyepatch till he got used to it. Dreadwing had been praised for his cleverness at killing the Devastator Mutt. The Capitol was a little angry that he had figured out their trick, but they still seemed please at the action. "What do you plan to do now" the interviewer asked the two. Dreadwing spoke up first," Not fight for my life." Starscream agreed.

President Optimus Prime put the crowns on each of their heads. Much to their distaste. They felt stupid. But who cares, they were alive.

The tributes gladly took part in the large banquet that followed. They talked about how excited they would be to return home.


Tribute Day Killed by Mentor
Bonecrusher 1 Dreadwing Rosemelrose
Arcee 1 Shockwave ashtonmoiolover
Hot Shot 2 Shockwave Son of a trident
Lugnut 2 Blackout WC "Da Careers"
Slipstream 3 Ratchet Polinarose
Brawl 3 Evac wolftheassassin53
Shockwave 4 Insecticon mutt Mysims
Ratchet 5 Blackout Rue district 11
Soundwave 5 Blackout Kewlben
Blackout 5 Thundercracker Mauldarth
Thundercracker 6 Devastator 2legit2quit
Evac 6 Dreadwing theoneandonlydistrict3
Chromia 6 Dreadwing Justafox
Dreadwing Victor! Brynn1999
Starscream Victor! Jacob Olmos

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