Transformer Games

Well. I am doing a blog post games. I hope i'm doing this right. lol. Any ways, I'm a huge fan of The Transformers Saga, so I made a games. The Games will be the same, but with giant robots. (no transforming) I'll make up the robots in the games, and you'll get to be the mentor of your transformer. May the odds be in your favor, till all are one!

Rules are the same. There will be mutts, the Transformers will not have their own weapon unless they get one at the cornicopia. The Transformers will NOT be able to transform as that would give them advantages. Rememeber that transformers don't eat, they refuel. So if you want to send food, call it energon. Edit: I'm having a TON of trouble getting tributes. If I can't get enough, then I'll have to cancel. So if you would all kindly help me out a little with spreading links wherever possible, that'd be great.


Tribute Mentor


Starscream cloveismywife
Bonecrusher FinnickMellark
Ironhide Chrystalbeast 96
Soundwave jsm13athome
Skywarp GrayNinja73
Chromia Galina 54
Dreadwing Wikia Contributor
StarCatcher Justafox
These are empty
because i couldn't
think of anymore
tributes XD

These games are cancelled.

Tributes were not found. I don't think that I'll be trying again for awhile. I'd like to thank everyone for the input, and apologize for everything. But howabout trying out Cloveismywife's Mentor Games 3! Atleast Clove knows how to get tributes. Dannoh403 02:10, May 20, 2012 (UTC)

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