Whether intended or not, Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games mirror American society all too well.

Region against region?  Please tell me that the countryside isn’t being robbed and bled to subsidize an ever increasingly dysfunctional group of urban centers.  Tell me the urban centers will not use a region or use it UP until it collapses or dies, then move on to using the next region.  And the urban centers blame the "racist" countryside for saying “enough!”

Young people dueling to the death for entertainment?  Don’t we already have this?  First person shooter video games online.  Gangsta Rap being the hottest “music” genre in our culture. Movies from the Terminator series and Predator series to the Hunger Games.  The result (or the symptom)?  The massacre of innocents in Newtown, Connecticut, only a couple of miles from Danbury, where in a past age, the Danbury Baptists petitioned President Jefferson for religious freedom.  Youtube videos of urban teens clubbing another teen to death with two by fours merely because the victim was an honor student who was actually going somewhere with his life—Didn’t this happen in Chicago, the alleged role model for the rest of us?  Weren’t the existing gun control laws in Chicago supposed to prevent all unnecessary deaths like this?  Maybe we need more restrictive gun control or gun confiscation laws (Constitution—WHAT CONSTITUTION???).  Yep, that’ll fix it…

Lawless, unaccountable totalitarian regime controlling the countryside from a corrupt central capital?  Self evident.  Nuf sed.

An Urban Coalition using the biomass of other minorities for votes they lack and voices amplified to achieve the ends of another tiny but well moneyed, well connected minority which owns the financial sector, the entertainment industry, education and the propaganda ministry (oops, I mean the news media…)?  And the bought-off coalition re-elects Democrats every time, this with the forced tax revenues of the countryside.  One party rule?  Cloward and Piven could not have planned it better.  No, wait—THEY DID. 

[See David Horowitz’ books “New Leviathan” and “Radicals” as well as David Mamet’s “The Secret Knowledge” for how this works.  They, Mark Levin, and many others have awakened and rejected the Crony Capitalism funded Marxism that drives this perverse arrangement.] 

The bottom line?  A society that systematically sacrifices its young people has no future.  The first arrow should have gone between the eyes of the “It” clown who presides over the games.  The systematic hunt should have been for the perverse Machiavellian sociopaths who set up and run the whole thing.

Hunger games?  It isn’t just a movie or novel series.  Our children are the gladiators with bows and arrows.  We ARE the hunger games. 

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