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Welcome to the 1st Annual Hunger Games.

[Will start this weekend due to me having a show on these weekdays]


There was just something unreal and eerie about her. Her face, somewhat luminous, had a pale tone to it. The eyes were a piercingly sharp shade of gray. Eyebrows were arched over the curve before dispersing onto the bridge of her danity nose. Plump, the lips had the strangest curl to them. This enchanting face was framed wavy, white-colored curls, each falling to her hips. Overall, she was truly an unearthly beauty. She stood up on her high heels, and spoke into the speaker.

"Welcome. I haven't formely introduced myself to you all. I am Slyvia, your new president. I think it's about time we got our revenge for what these districts have caused us."


  • You can enter two tributes each. (Please try to do one from a different district)
  • Make a lunaii so I have an idea what your tribute looks like.
  • No swearing.
  • No raging if your character dies.
  • You must fill in the tribute template in as much detail.
  • First come, first serve.
  • The Capital and District 13 are involved (District 12 was re-built)
  • 2 tributes per district.



Tribute Template

  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Date of Birth (Not the year, just their birthday):
  • Gender:
  • Age:
  • District:
  • Personality (Detailed):
  • Backstory:
  • Height:
  • Appearance (Include Lunaii):
  • Reaping (Reaped or Volunteered, thoughts at this time):
  • Weapon(s):
  • Strengths:
  • Weaknesses:
  • Main fear:
  • Bloodbath Stratergy:
  • Alliance (Not who, just if you would have an alliance or stay solo):
  • Training Strategy: (how they will behave in training)

Tributes (Accepted)

Name Age Gender District User
Adirus Flur 18 Male Capitol The Boy With The Pickachu Tattoo
Syenne Moonstone 13 Female Capitol Royaldoggie
Garnet Goldsmyth 18 Male 1 Cruiser One
Sparkle Stone 16 Female 1 569822
Salem West 14 Male 2 HawkWD
Scarlett Rose 15 Female 2 Royaldoggie
Ciel Phantomhive 14 Male 3 Tehblakdeath
Karla Flake 16 Female 3 Nightlock Kryptonite
Aqua Mer 15 Male 4 Jwl2000
Kokoro Hitogoroshi  14 Female 4 Mistfire333
Spark Vail 14 Male 5 ~glitterday~
Lia Skyward 17 Female 5 Annamisasa
Finale Spectrus 14 Male 6 Mistfire333
Satart Miles 15 Female 6 Blissfully Mine
Chip Ridgeway 15 Male 7 Cruiser One
Lily Starsight 14 Female 7 YourFavouriteSalmon
Sed Pudge 18 Male 8 KronosTheTitanKing
Nyxie Twila 15 Female 8 Yui Nii-san
Finn Torres 16 Male 9 Crtha 2.0
Laurel Cinders 15 Female 9 Royaldoggie
Clint Patriot 18 Male 10 Tsteen
Helena Krisp 18 Female 10 Nightlock Kryptonite
Woody Berch 17 Male 11 569822
Eileen Shade 17 Female 11 Annamisasa
Maximus Tertius Augustus 17 Male 12 SPQR Vitrix
Autumn Myers 17 Female 12 ~glitterday~
Allen Green 12 Male 13 YourFavoriteSalmon
Raven Banks 18 Female 13 Zannabanna

Tribute Gallery

The Capitol



Prep team






Capitol - Adirus Flur - P.O.V

District 4 - Kokoro Hitogoroshi - P.O.V

District 8 - Sed Pudge - P.O.V

District 11 -

District 12 - Autumn Myers - P.O.V

Chariot Rides

District 1 -

District 3 -

District 5 -

District 9 -

District 13 -

Training Center

District 2 -

District 6 -

District 7 - 

District 10 -

Training Scores






Victor Tour  

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