• DearBear123

    The 1st Famen Games

    September 5, 2012 by DearBear123

    The date is August 29th, the 1E era

    The pale, oak door opened up into a small study and a tall Caucasian man entered. He sat at his desk and put down his briefcase and then he began searching for something inside. The man was frustrated and angry and he had no time to waste. His special attendant offered him a glass of fine brandy but he passed because he had no patience. The man finally pulled out a device called a tape recorder; Quite rare in this time period and valued at a high price. Tape recorders went stockpile a long time ago and currupted the businesses that funded them. However, During the Drought many were lost and now there are only three left in world. Anyways, The man pushed his finger down on the button and sta…

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