The date is August 29th, the 1E era

The pale, oak door opened up into a small study and a tall Caucasian man entered. He sat at his desk and put down his briefcase and then he began searching for something inside. The man was frustrated and angry and he had no time to waste. His special attendant offered him a glass of fine brandy but he passed because he had no patience. The man finally pulled out a device called a tape recorder; Quite rare in this time period and valued at a high price. Tape recorders went stockpile a long time ago and currupted the businesses that funded them. However, During the Drought many were lost and now there are only three left in world. Anyways, The man pushed his finger down on the button and started speaking in an old-fashion monotone voice. His lips were cracked and dry. The way he spoke was horse and it resonated from the throat. "My name is Gregory Treffman," he said,"I am known as the prime minister of the country Ora." The man choked at that word. He couldn't get his words out. He paged his doctor who came over 3 corridors to see what was the matter. At that point the prime minister had already paused the device and was drinking a glass of water to wash his pills down. His body was now functioning perfectly fine. After a quick examine from the doctor and a quick cough from the president, he began recording again.

"I've been in this position for quite a while now; 15 years exactly and they're is no denying now I am losing my title. Once my election begins in 12 months I will have nothing to say to win my crowd over. My Citizens, My last testimony will be simple: I think you can judge upon whether my ideas are bright or poor. But in my opinion there always right. I wish there was some sort of way getting you all to agree with me but your all too stubborn to do that. So, I take this as a problem." He paused to think. "I have an idea. But I need cooperation. I am starting to gather ideas for a new project I have. You citizens are very necessary for this project to work. It's a great deal and a very great honor for you to be in my very new project." His thumb slipped on the pause button. Paused for further notice. The man smiled and watched the tape rollers move inside the device. The outdoors are quiet and sunny but his study is dark. There was only one shadow of light shining down on the floor of the study. it came from the naked eye of the top corner edge of the window. The president's gloomy and life taken eyes looked over to his attendant and the man didn't say anything. "What is it my minister?" The president turned around back to the window as if it was a reflex. He got out of his platen chair and examined the woodwork on the window. When he was done, he moved on to the purple stone glass and examined all the way up to the chipped corner. He moved onto the bookshelf and scanned through every page of every book. Done. He examined almost everything in the room and then asked his assistant for privacy. Once he was alone again he sat in his chair and took a moment to relax. He breath deeply and slowly put his hand over the tape recorder.

And slammed down the record button ... .. . .. ... This was the beginning.

The next day, Mr. President went to the communications tower to deliver the audio broadcast he had recorded. He went up to booth with a silent nod and slid the recorded tape through the glass. "Yes Minister, should have it broadcast live for tomorrow." The president nodded again and left. The whole room was silent when leaving and all that was left behind was the sound of his footsteps.

Districts with industries

  • D1 - Mining
  • D2 - Fresh water
  • D5 - Education
  • D6 - Flowers and decoration
  • D7 - Scientific studies
  • D9 - Construction
  • D11 - Medicine
  • D12 - Finances
  • D13 - Sanitizers
  • D18 - Online Networking
  • D19 - Industrial
  • D20 - Dairy
  • D24 - Marketing
  • D25 - Weaponary and Mortician
  • D33 - Transportation and packaging
  • D39 - Sports
  • D45 - Cleaning

I know this sounds weird but the tributes from these districts appear often in this series. The tributes in the other districts that have an unknown principle industry are ones that you can't submit a tribute for. Your only submitting tributes to these districts :D alright?

the careers in these games (yes, there are careers) are tributes from districts 2, 6, 12 and 25.


Tribute Submissions:
District Name Age Weapon/Skills Sex
D1 Jane Sybella 12

Hunga Munga,

Climbimg, Swimming and


D2 Brass Shine 18

Throwing Axes,


H2H combat, Speed and


D5 Makayla Lewis 18

Throwing Knives and


D6 Harris Jon 17

Mace/Sword, Strength, and

Bow and arrows.

D7 Mark Science 16

Knife/Axe, Strategizing,

Coherent and good listener.

D9 Rene Velmont 15 Knives and Cooking Skills Male
D11 James Honeysuckle 14

Running, Cleverness

and Brute Strength.

D12 Starburst Infinity 17

Good Accuracy and

Survival Skills.

D13 Vanessa Birkmaier 24

Analyzing Maps and


D18 Anais LaBeau 16

Bow and arrows, Fast

and Persuasive

D19 RESERVED ------ --- ----------
D20 Jade Kerisoo 16

Knife/Bow and arrows,

Speed and intelligence

D24 David Market 24


Persuading, Running and


D25 Xamie Alivander 17 Mace/Sword/Survival Female
D33 Kano Nadal 23 Physical Strength Male
D39 Wade Dwayne 18 Fast/Acrobatic skills Male
D45 Jack Gaurds 25

Camoflage, Hunting



Instructions: Alrighty. So how this is gonna work is one tribute for each district; boy or girl (idc) and your going to post a comment down below filling all this out for your tribute :-):











Appearence (Now, either fill this out as a description or include a real life picture. DO NOT give me a lunaii cause i hate those)

k thanks ;-)

Oh ya one more thing!!!!! IMPORTANT!!!!!!! READ!!!!!! -------> age range: 12-25 :)

Introduction to the Games

The Famen Games is similar to the Hunger games world except the country Colnel (instead of penem) lies in the ruins of what used to be known as Europe.

I will do a series of these games until the 20th which will be the last one and the most bloody and exciting one

There are 45 districts, and yes, each one of them have a principle industry except im not using all of them for your tribute to submit in but for the next Famen Games i will be sure to mix it up a little ;-)

Not all the districts are competing in the games and don't ask why cause i'm saving that for when I write ;-)

The Famen games and number of tributes in the games are very different compared to the way the Hunger games works.

I will send the details soon of these games.

I hope you enjoy :D

1 - Tryouts

2 - Autographs + Bets

3 - Race to the Finish

In this chapter of the story all tributes will be going through a humungeous maze filled with different obstacles to clarify whom are the best in the group.

There are 135 tributes in total and only 50 can make it; the tributes who do not pass this race get highly poisonous liquid injected through their bloodstream - instantly killing them (don't worry because all of your tributes make it to the games - i just wanna create the whole story behind the games)

4 - The Games

Today is the day the event will be taking place. The Famen Games, Our 1st Annual Year! A world wide broadcast into a nuclear bomb testing facility arena made up of 546 different houses and 34 different streets. 15,000 m2 in area. Tributes will have one week to kill each other off or a nuclear bomb will deploy destroying the entire arena including the tributes who are left.

Each Tribute will be sorted in one of three classes. First class tributes will be from the ages of 18 - 25, they will be starting from the southern region of the arena - same as their cornucopia; Second class tributes will be from the ages of 14 - 17, they will be starting at the middle of the arena - along with a tent for the cornucopia; and Third Class tributes will be from the ages of 12 and 13, they will begin at the northern region of the arena with no cornucopia.

Districts will vary in the number of competetors they have from one to three. For example, some of you may only have one tribute for your district.

Now that were done with the rules for now - May I present to you the tributes in the 1st Famen Games:

D1 - Unnamed Male and Jane Sybella.

D2 - Unnamed Male, Unnamed Male and Brass Shine.

D3 - Unnamed Male and Unnamed Female.

D5 - Maykayla Lewis and Unnamed Male.

D6 - Unnamed Male, Unnamed Male and Harris Jon.

D7 - Mark Science and Unnamed Male.

D8 - Unnamed Female, Unnamed Female and Unnamed Female.

D9 - Rene Velmont.

D11 - James Honeysuckle.

D12 - Unnamed Male, Unnamed Female and Starburst Infinity.

D13 - Venessa Birkmaier and Unnamed Male.

D15 - Unnamed female, Unnamed Male.

D16 - Unnamed Male.

D18 - Unnamed Female and Unnamed Female.

D20 - Jade Kerisoo, Unnamed Male and Unnamed Male.

D23 - Unnamed Male.

D25 - Unnamed Male, Unnamed Male and Xamie Alivander

D27 - Unnamed Female

D29 - Unnamed Male, Unnamed Female and Unnamed Female.

D31 - Unnamed Male

D33 - Kano Nadal

D35 - Unnamed Male

D39 - Wade Dwayne

D45 - Jack Gaurds

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