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    March 7, 2012 by Debopama

    Note: This is my first game & I'm not good at spellings and grammar :P

    So, as we all know Panem has its games "The Hunger Games". Once, Capitol tortured the kids from other districts. They killed so many kids every year. But time has changed now, Capitol don't kills kids, they give them a second chance to fight, win and live. There are thousand of kids who strave to death in Panem, every year. Among all those dead kids, two names from every districts are chosen (for the games). These lucky one's brains are transplanted in a mutts body. All the mutts have same physical power, but they play with their brain. From these 22 lucky dead kids, one wins and gets to live again but now with a lot of money and happiness.

    This is a USER GAME.

    Anyone who …

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