DEBO'S GAME : where you get a second chance

Note: This is my first game & I'm not good at spellings and grammar :P

So, as we all know Panem has its games "The Hunger Games". Once, Capitol tortured the kids from other districts. They killed so many kids every year. But time has changed now, Capitol don't kills kids, they give them a second chance to fight, win and live. There are thousand of kids who strave to death in Panem, every year. Among all those dead kids, two names from every districts are chosen (for the games). These lucky one's brains are transplanted in a mutts body. All the mutts have same physical power, but they play with their brain. From these 22 lucky dead kids, one wins and gets to live again but now with a lot of money and happiness.

This is a USER GAME.

Anyone who wants to play tell about their skills, weakness, characteristics, how you died and why do you want to live again (on the comment section). You don't have to tell about your appearence as all you will live in mutts' body.

And please play

Anyone can join this game :D



Traning Scores

Dead or Alive
D1 boy - Luke (Luke1998) 11 Killed by wolves
D1 girl - QuinnQuinn 8 Killed by KEAP's wolf
D2 boy - Rene (2A1G) 9 Killed by wolves
D2 girl - Moon Beam (Haybernathy) 6 Killed by Jordi
D3 boy - Daniel Lu (KEAP) 9

Killed by Raven

But now living as a wolf

D3 girl - Annie (Iluvgale) 7 Killed by Quinn
D4 boy - Raven (Ravenclaw Eagles14!!!!!) 10 Killed by UnicornBarf
D4 girl - Leslie (~ilovepeeta~) 8 Killed by Annie
D5 boy- Ben (Kwankwan44) 9 Killed by Annie
D5 girl - Milly (Milly N. Hodgins) 6 Killed by wolves
D6 boy - Mika (Mikalmt) 7 Killed by wolves
D6 girl - Snowdrop Crystal (Super.cute.kitten) 8 Killed by Annie
D7 boy - Jordi (BlackMage9) 11 Killed by Ben
D7 girl - Janelle (Everdeen) 7 Killed by Annie
D8 boy - Logan (ThatHotDude145) 9 Winner
D8 girl - Barbie (BarbieKlaus1029) 8 Killed by Annie
D9 boy - Dannie Everdeen (Silentstabb) 8 Killed by Quinn
D9 girl - Dawn (Puffles_Rule) 7 Killed by Quinn
D10 boy - Rose (Rose_Hathaway)not a boy 9 Killed by Annie
D10 girl - Anon.... 8 Killed by wolves
D11 boy - UnicornBarf 7 Killed by Jordi
D11 girl - Jill (Iheartpeeta) 6 Killed by Raven
Capitol boy - Morningdust -- Killed by Annie
Capitol girl - Alex (The_severus_snape) -- Killed by Annie


Ally on the last day? its not happening.

The Interview


Day 1

D2 girl - Moon Beam (Haybernathy)

The game will start in moments. I'm waiting in my Tube. I close my eyes and concentrate. The Tube is going up. I'm in the Arena. I've run away from the Bloodbath. I've to survive. The game starts. I try to run away in the wood. There's the D3 boy KEAP, running in front of me. A arrow comes and make him fall. The D4 boy Raven who is standing with a bow in his hand said "One gone" and a canon goes off. I ran faster but someone stabs a knife at my back. I fall. The pain is too much. This is the end.......

D5 girl - Milly (Milly N. Hodgins)

Lucky that I'm still alive. The girl from D2 Moon, got killed by D7 boy in front of my eyes. It was right to run away in the woods. Someone is coming behind me. It's the D6 boy, Mika. I ran faster. I'm not gonna believe annyone here. "Wait" Mika says, "Please wait for me". Both of us stop running. He is about 30 feet away me. "Why?" I ask "so that, you can kill me?" He comes forward, "Let us make an alliance. please?" I have to survive the games and he has a backpack with him, I thought. "Okay" I say. He comes toward me and says "Come on, start running now. We have to survive the games."

D10 girl - Anon....

All my three allies are killed by the careers. D3 girl Annie, with her blowgun killed all of them along with the D6 and D7 girls Snowdrop and Everdeen. 5 victims of Annie, in the first day. Who knew a girl with a 7 can do this, I think. I keep walking through the forest. A sound comes to my ears. There's a river a little away, I guess. Yes, it is. I drink as much water as I can, and keep walking. The night arrives. I cant walk anymore. I'll climb a tree and sleep there. I try to get up a tree, but something grabs my leg. I try to move my leg, but I cant. It pulls me down. It's the D9 boy, one of the careers. I'm gonna die. "Hi," he said. I'm too scared to speak.................

Day 2

D11 girl - Jill (Iheartpeeta)

I open my eyes. The first thing I see is the cloudless blue sky. It remembers me of the harversting days in our district. A siren starts to blow. The anchor says "Good morning, tributes. We have an announcement. The tributes from Capitol are joining the games." "What the f," I shout. "I know. They probably did this to save them from the Bloodbath," said UnicornBarf from my next tree. Indeed they did, I thought.

D7 boy - Jordi (BlackMage9)

Walking in the forest to find other tributes and kill them, with Luke and Raven. Luke's in the lead. "Stop" Luke said in a small voice, "Thers's someone over there." He indicates towards a tree. We walk over there. I can see that D11 girl on the tree. Her eyes meets mine. They seem to prove I'm a monster. But it's the Hunger Games, I've to be a monster. She starts to jump from the tree. "Raven, use your bow." I shout. Raven run forward. The arrow gets out of his bow and make the D11 girl fall. "Good shot" Luke shouted. Raven turns back. Something jumps at his back. Its the D11 boy. We ran forward. I put my knife on his back. But its late. 3 canons goes off. Raven's gone.

D3 girl - Annie (Iluvgale)

Quinn keeps asking me to keep walking. I'm too tired now. Need to sleep. "Stop" Quinn whispers. "What?" I ask. She points me towards the river. There's someone on the banks. I dont know her. "Who is she? I haven't seen her before" Quinn whispers. "Capitol," I say. "Use the blowgun" she says. "The guy'll be near" I whisper. He's there behind a tree. "Kill them," I ask Quinn. "You do it, you're better at this," she awnsers. I dont argue. But I hate this feeling of being a monster. A monster with the blowgun.

Day 3

D5 boy- Ben (Kwankwan44)

Both my new allies, Anon and Dannie are sleeping inside the cave. I'm sitting in the front to look for any other tributes. Anon was so scared when we came to her. But, Quinn'd have killed us if we'd stayed with them. What's this? "Wake up, there's a flood in the forest." I shout. I woke them up. We ran out of the cave. The water is like 15 feet high. We ran for our lives. The water hits us. I swim towards the up. It's taking us toward the Cornucopia. "Swim on the opposite dirrection," I shout. But the water is flowing too hard.

D3 boy - Daniel Lu (KEAP) - The Ultimate Bloodbath

I open my eyes. There's too light here. I try to see but its too bright. I'm feeling different. Oh God, I'm standing on four legs. Something is taking me forward. I can see now. I'm not alone. There's other wolfs with me. "I think we are entering the aren,." someone said. "Which day it is?" another voice. "Probably the Capitol have to end the Games now. It must be being boring for the audience." another voice. All of us are entering the arena together. All the alive tributes are standing wet. The ground is also wet. "Get in action," another wolf shouted. I'm not getting in action. I wanna live few more minutes. I run toward the side. I run very far. All are getting in figth. A wolf attacks D10 girl. 3 wolves attack the D5 girl and D6 boy. A girl with a blowgun and D7 and D5 boys with their knives are trying to kill the wolves. 3 canon goes off. D5 boy throws a knife toward a wolf but the wolf runs and the knife kills the D7 boy. The D2 boy is attaked by a wolf and the wolf rips off his head. The blowgun girl already killed 3 wolves and Quinn killed 2 wolves. The D1 boy killed a wolf but is now attacked by another one. More canons goes off. Only 1 wolf is alive now. It runs and attacks the D8 boy. The D5 boy stabs a knife on the blowgun girl but she kills him. Quinn takes the blowgun from her and kills the D9 boy and girl.

D8 boy - Logan (ThatHotDude145)

I cant move my body. The wounds are too deep. I'll die in moments. All bodies are lying dead around me. I can see Annie and Quinn infront of me. "Goodbye," Quinn says to Annie holding her blowgun towards her. "Please dont, we are friends, we are allies," Annie says. "No, we aren't," Quinn shouts back. She kills Annie. One canon goes off. "Hmm, now I should recheck about your death guys," Quinn said in a voice as like the deads are listining to her. She is getting to every deadbody and stabbing her knife on it. She'll come to me after some moments. I'll be died. Suddenly, a wolf runs towards. There's a collar on its shoulder. It says "D3 boy" He ripped off Quinns arms, legs and head. Another canon goes off. That's it.


Here comes the confusion. Logan was a lot of wounds on his body. So, he cant move. KEAP is in his wolf form. Logan is the last alive tribute. KEAP is the last alive mutt. Now, I dont know how this works. So, I'm saying both are winners. If anyone has any objections post that as a commant.


'D8 boy - Logan (ThatHotDude145) AND D3 boy - Daniel Lu (KEAP)'

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