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    1. No cussing
    2. Total of 5 characters each
    3. No reservations
    4. Have fun
    5. You can give your tributes advice.









    Training Strategy:

    Interview Angle:

    Private session strategy:

    Bloodbath strategy:

    Games strategy:

    Alliance: (Anti Careers, Careers or loner)

    District Male Female Weapons Alliance












    The arena is a cornucopia in an underground cave with waterfalls and lots of jagged rocks and holes in the sides letting sunlight in, outside of this small underground is a giant vast jungle of various plants and flora. In this jungle there are: Pterodactyls, Tyrannosaurus rex's, Stegosaurus's and all the other dinosaurs you could think off, so watch out as you are the prey.

    You gain $20 for each day y…

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  • Deches

    A tooth shaped cornucopia piece in a small island with all the weapons and good supplies on it, several rings with long distances of water between them, water is all that can be seen, the water is littered with lots of fish but many dangers show up after the bloodbath.

    North-North East-East= A jungle with tons of springs and a giant waterfall.

    South-South East= A small swamp full of prehistoric crocodiles and dinosaurs.

    West-South West-North West= A giant volcano and rocky area, lots of threats up in there.

    BTW 5 tributes per person

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    The new arena is an underwater atlantis themed arena.All tributes will be wearing oxygen masks. Anyway.The cornucopia is a small cave with multiple holes/exits.North there is a big amount of old ruins of buildings and in there is a bunch of stingrays. South there is a lot of coral fields and in there there is tonnes of mini-fish with sharp teeth and jelly fish. East there is a underwater type mountain that at the top just reaches the surface.There is a few sharks in this area. West is a big plain of coral life yet again with tonnes of giant turtles.

    Disclaimer:Story in my first HG 300th Hunger games.

    Lion Scrapes/18/Swimmer/Mace/Daydreamer who likes pretty girls.

    Silver Moon/12/Spear/Good trickster/Terrible swimmer.

    Trace Anderson/13/Machete/S…

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    300th Hunger Games

    August 24, 2012 by Deches


    When President Snow died.Finnick's and Annie's son started the Hunger Games back up again.But there is 6 tributes from each District. Also the arsenal of weapons have been extended and the arsenal includes:Daggers,Spears,Knifes,Mines,Swords,Axes,Curved Swords,Hammer,Machete,Blowgun,Bow,Crossbow,Throwing darts,Halberd,Flail,Mace,Harpoon,Trident,Nets and ETC. District 13 was restored as well. Now it is time to..Bring in the Tributes!

    [1]Emmy FiriaAdded by Cupcakesrule17 years old

    preferred weapon- knives of all sorts

    strengths- great liar, smart, stealthy, leadership

    weaknesses- too good of a liar, dyslexic

    alliance- careers, PLEASE CAREER LEADER

    personality- sarcastic, sweet, cocky, sexy

    angle- SEXYY!! sweet and sarcastic too

    token- emerald b…

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