When President Snow died.Finnick's and Annie's son started the Hunger Games back up again.But there is 6 tributes from each District. Also the arsenal of weapons have been extended and the arsenal includes:Daggers,Spears,Knifes,Mines,Swords,Axes,Curved Swords,Hammer,Machete,Blowgun,Bow,Crossbow,Throwing darts,Halberd,Flail,Mace,Harpoon,Trident,Nets and ETC. District 13 was restored as well. Now it is time to..Bring in the Tributes!

District 1 Tributes

Emerald (emmy) FiriaEdit

[1]Emmy FiriaAdded by Cupcakesrule17 years old

preferred weapon- knives of all sorts

strengths- great liar, smart, stealthy, leadership

weaknesses- too good of a liar, dyslexic

alliance- careers, PLEASE CAREER LEADER

personality- sarcastic, sweet, cocky, sexy

angle- SEXYY!! sweet and sarcastic too

token- emerald bracelet

backstory- Emeralds father worked for the capitol and was 3rd in line for president of panem. Her mom was a wealthy and famous model for the Capitol. Emmy was rich, and her parents were too. Her parents expected a perfect child. Emmy was smart, but FAR far from perfect. Her parents left her on the street when she was twelve, the day after her first reaping. Since then, every year, her parents made the capitol trigger the reaping for her name. For four years, people volunteered. But when she was seventeen, with good knive training and smarts, and leadership skills, no one volunteered


appearance- blond straight hair up to her breasts, small breasts, sly emerald green eyes, naturally pink lips, winning smile, skinny, 5'9"

Name: James Silver

Age 17

District: 1

Appearance: tall, silver eyes, brown hair, looks trusting

personality: ready to stab you in the back any chance he gets, cocky, seems perfect but, he's a traitor

Strengths: tricking people, knives, swords,

Weakness's: underestimates opponents, can't swim, can't shoot arrows

Interviews clothes: a silver tuxedo with jewels

chariot idea: a giant glittering gemstone with glitter cannons, the girls are all wearing fancy silk dress's and, the guys are wearing gold and silver tuxedos

Flash Skylar


Age: 18

District: 1

Appearance: Blond, looks stupid but actually not, cross-eyed

Personality: Mean, spiteful, loves killing

Strengths: Loves killing, good with all weapons but spear,

Weaknesses: Doesn't know much about plants, animals, can't climb

Interview angle and clothes: Sparkling suit, pure mean

Backstory: Started training at the academy since he was three, because he wanted to kill so badly, he actually killed three boys at the academy, and enjoyed giving the newbies scares that involved painful scars. His older sister and brother both won a game, so he's pressured to.

District 2 Tributes

Name: Kasey Lonta

District: 2

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Weapons: Knives

Strengths: Throwing knifes from a distance

Weaknesses: Careers

Apperence: She has dark skin light brown long hair, blue eyes and is about 4.10 and is described as BEAUTIFUL

Allies: Not careers

Name: Jako Monkor

Age: 14

District: 2

Gender: Male

Skills: He's fast and he knows how to fight

Weakness: Other careers

Weapons: Sword and whip (Mostly sword though)

Bloodbath Strategy: Find his allies grab a couple bags and run with them

Allies: Not careers

Sally Anderson

2 Female

Weapon: Yin yang sword

Weakness: climbing

Strength; Running Age: 18

Ivy WillikEdit

17 years old

[2]Ivy WillikAdded by Cupcakesrule

preferred weapon- bow and arrows

strengths- Bow and arrows, knives, steath, strategic, smart

weaknesses- hot headed, ad-hd, soft spot for twelve year olds

alliance- careers

appearance- pitch black hair, bright blue eyes, natural bright red lips, sharp chin, sly eyes, pale skin, curvy figure, small breasts, tall at 5 foot 9

personality- mean, vicious, sexy, smart alek

angle- sexy, daring

token- necklace with a black leather cord and the dictrict 2 seal as a charm

backstory- Ivy's parents were the mayor and his wife in district 2. When she was 9, ivy's parents got murdered. Since then, she lived on the streets with another girl, who was an orphan as well. Ivy was usually the leader of the pack. They hid from the peacekeepers for 3 reapings. When Ivy was fourteen, her friend got shot by the peacekeepers and made ivy go to the reapings. She was alone. She met a twelve year old girl on the streets when she was 17, 3 months before the reaping. Ivy loved her like a sister, which made her soft spot for twelve year olds. They went to the reaping. her friend (Metali Stakin) was called and Ivy volunteered.

District 3 Tributes

Newle Harvestmoon

Age: 12

District: 3


Appearance: Golden-brown hair down to shoulders, big blue eyes that are so round and sad it hurts to look at them, small, long nose

Personality: Sad, lonely, frightened of everything, smart, sharp

Strengths: good with electricity, good with knives, a good hider and can walk quietly

Weaknesses: Scared of everything, doesn't want to kill, not good with survival skills

Interview clothes: silver striped dress that flashes when she says "Games"

Backstory: Lost 5 siblings to the Games, became completely freaked at everything. Got electrocuted at the factory she works at and can't speak

Raden Harvestmoon (brother of Newle)

Age: 17

District: 3


Appearance: Black hair, eyes wild and without a hint of kindness in them, tall

Personality: has a temper, mad at everything, smart

Srengths: not afraid to kill, good with knives and spears, fast, knows which plants are safe to eat

Weaknesses: can't walk quietly, inclined to do something rash, not good in natural environments, not a good hider

Interview clothes: Suit that looks like the inner workings of a computer

Backstory: Same as Newle's, but instead of getting frightened at everything he got mad at everything. Secretly started training for the Games when his oldest sister, Jessantha, was reaped. Planned to volunteer at eighteen, but volunteered a year early to protect his sister

These 2 are allianced only with each other

District 4 Tributes

Name: Stane

Age: 17

Appearance/Physical Description: Male, 5foot 11inches, short brown hair, muscular,

District: 4

Personality: Fun but serious when called for.

Strenghts: Swimming, endurance, finding food, using weapons, survive extreme temperatures(cold and hot).

Weaknesses: Climbing, saving people, and hand to hand combat.

Interview clothes: Black suit with red tie.

Tribute Parade costume: Netting on torso and fatigue pants and gold arm bands

District 4 Male


Personality Outgoing, Brutal

Appearance 6'1 Short Red hair KlaverAdded by RZN2Weapons Spears, Daggers

Strengths . Throwing, Strength, Aim

Weakness Agility, Speed, Swimming, Climbing

Background , Trained for games.......Has 4 Brothers all elligble for games

Token Straw Made Bracelet

Allies Careers

Reaped or Volunteered.... Volunteered Interview Strategy... Confident and Very Anxious to get out the and support district

Bloodbath Strategy..... Meet up with careers and KiLL

District 5 Tributes

Cassia SlyaraEdit

[3]<img src="" width="100" height="100" class="thumbimage" />Cassia SlyaraAdded by Cupcakesrulepreferred weapon- stealth, bow and arrow

15 years old

strengths- fast, quiet, agile, smart, stealthy, edible fruits and plants

weaknesses- small, bony, insonmiac (literally CANT sleep)

alliance- no one

appearance- blond curly hair to her diaphram, pale skin, sharp chin, sly grey eyes, bright pink lips (natural), small (5 foot 5)

personality- smart, intellegent, VERY quiet

angle- smart and sweet

token- none

backstory- Cassia had always been an orphan. Her mother died of childbirth, and her father died when her mother was pregnant. She went to an orphaninge in the most dreary part of town when she was 12. Nobody liked her. everyone hated her, so she ran away when she was thirteen and peacekeepers (actually, citizens in costume) took her and put her in district 5's secret training center. The head (mr. statinsk) adopted her when she was 14, because she was the smartest kid in the class. at the reaping, Mr. Statinsk's 12 year old daughter gets reaped (Britta Statinsk) gets reaped, and cassia volunteered

District 6 Tributes

District 7 Tributes

Name.. Zaine Tisch

District 7 Male

Age 15

Personality Quiet, Frendly, Flirty

Appearance 5'5 Green hair, Weapons Throwing Knives, Traps [4]ZaineAdded by RZN2Strengths Speed, Climbing, Swimming

Weakness Agility, Making Allies, Sick alot

Background , Lives with his uncle who has cancer and dediactes these games to him

Token Picture of uncle

Allies District 7 PArtner, and District 8 Male

Reaped or Voluenteered.. Reaped Interview Strategy... \Slip Under radar with no enemys

Bloodbath Strategy..... Grab near pack and run

Name.. Skyy Fletcher

District 7 Female

Age 17

Personality Outgoing, Frendly, Flirty Appearance 5'5 Light Pink Long Hair

Weapons , Throwing Knives, Spears [5]SkyyAdded by RZN2Strengths Speed, Aim, Swimming Weakness, Agility, Climbing

Background- Lived life in d7 like anyother normal girl

Token; Golden Ring

Allies-D7 male

Reaped or Voluenteered... Reaped Interview Strategy... Very humble yet in Revealing Dress

Bloodbath Strategy..... Meet Up with d7 male and Run

District 8 Tributes

Name: Coco Joansi

Age:(12-18) 14

Appearance/Physical Description: She has dark skin and dark hair and is preety she has blue eyes

District: 8

Personality: She's nice but doesnt take risks

Strenghts:(Atleast 2) Fast, Smart

Weaknesses:(Atleast 3) Weak, Climbing, Not adventerous

Interview clothes: A nice dress but is made of different textures and colors (Like a quilt dress)

Tribute Parade costume:(Decide with whoever is in your Tributes District) A preety cheeta designed dress

Name: Nick Kobarg

Age:(12-18) 16

Appearance/Physical Description: He has short curly hair and is the most poular guy in school

District: 8

Personality: He's nice but hates when people flirt with his hot girlfriend Coco

Strenghts:(Atleast 2) He is good with his bow and arrow, and strong

Weaknesses:(Atleast 3) Swimming, quick thinking, bugs

Interview clothes: A nice tux but is made of different textures and colors (Like a quilt tux)

Tribute Parade costume:(Decide with whoever is in your Tributes District) A cheeta designed tux

District : 8 Male [6]FlicksAdded by RZN2Age : 17

Personality : Quiet, Deceving, Michevous

Appearance : 5'8, Short White Hair, Different Colored Eyes

Weapons , Spears, Traps...

Strengths , Speed, Agility,

Weakness Climbing, Swimming, Making Allies, Seeing in the dark

Background , He has a good life...lives with parents and has plenty of friends but plenty of rivals....

Token Arrowhead Necklace

Allies District Partner and D7 male

Reaped or Voluenteered.. Voluenteered for brother...who is 12 Interview Strategy... Pretty Confident But yet so humble.....

Bloodbath Strategy..... Grab a pack and weapon THAT ARE NEAR and RUN!!!

Name.. Roxy Clover

District 8 Female

Age 17

Personality Outgoing, Brutal <img src="" width="100" height="100" class="thumbimage" />RoxyAdded by RZN2Appearance 5'3 Medium White Hair

Weapons Slingshot, Throwing Knives

Strengths . Aim, Speed, Agility

Weakness Strenght Swimming Climbing

Background ,Shot animals with slingshot her whole life

Token homemade slingshot rock on necklace

Allies D8 male

Reaped or Volunteered.... Reaped

Interview Strategy... Slip under radar so no one knows how dangerous she is

Bloodbath Strategy.....Get D8 male and a pack and RUN!!!!

District 9 Tributes

Name: Jenna Blue

Age 13

District 9

Appearance: blue eyes, blond hair, looks very sweet

personality: she is just plain evil, she gets mad very easily

Strengths: weapons, tricking people, getting what she wants, swimming

Weakness's: temper, arrogant, demanding, not used to fending for herself

Interviews clothes: a dark blue silk dress, with blue sequin gloves, and glitter in her hair

District 10 Tributes

District 11 Tributes

Name: Maria Sunshire

Appearance: average height, blue eyes, smiles a lot, golden hair

Age 15

District: 11

personality: very nice and kind, good leader, happy

Strengths: very fast, accuracy, spears

Weakness's: afraid of snakes, swimming, afraid of being alone

Interviews clothes: a golden silk dress with matching heels, her nails are covered with jewels

Charriot Idea: a moving mini meadow with flowers and the girls are wearing flower dress's and the guys are wearing tuxedos that look like they're made of grass

District 12 Tributes

Name: Jane Socha

District: 12 Gender: Female

Age: 12

Weapon: Spear and knunchucks

Strength: Hiding, fast, small, fast reflexes

Weaknesses: (Atleast two) Climbing, Mutts

Fears: Blood

Appearence: She is known as the preety girl in District 12, she has long dar hair and white skin with grey eyes.

Personality: She is a nice person who throws up when she sees blood

Backstory: She owns a small farm and her sister died by a crazy cow

Reaction when reaped: Histerical crying

Private session: She throws a knife and it hits the forcefield and it comes back straight at her and then she dodges it just in time and then she does that a couple more time and with more than one knife and then she knocked out all the dummeris with her numchucks

Strategy for bloodbath/games: Ally up and then get some knives quick and grab a back and then just get the heck out of there

Token: Her sisters old doll keychain

Name: Nick Lovizio

District: District 12

Gender: Male

Age: 12

Weapon: Bow and arrow and knives

Strength: Hiding and fast (VERY fast)

Weaknesses: small

Appearence: Tan, Small, Skinny, Big arms

Personality: Very nice but very aggressive and has good stategys

Backstory: Comes from a poor family that has to hunt to get there food but his older brother (Age: 15) hunts and taught him how to hunt and they hunt together for there sick older brother/guardian (Age: 23) and themselves

Private session: He shoots a bow and arrow in the air but then throws a knife at it and cuts it in half for the rest of the training he keeps throwing knifes and shooting bows and arrows and he gets them in the center all of the time

Strategy for bloodbath/game: Grabs a bow and arrow and 2 backpacks then runs in the woods far far away about a mile away from a lake and hides in a small SMALL cave.

Token: His dead dads old district 12 pin

District 13 Tributes


The Arena is shaped like a Square,The Cornucopia is in the middle.North of the Cornucopia is a big lake that has been frozen over.East of the Cornucopia is a forest,covered with snow.South is a frozen bunch of mountains and West is a frozen plain.

Tribute Parade

Emmy(1) POV:

Wow im finally at the Capitol..Look at all my adoring fans! BOOM! Wow I love these glitter cannons..Everyone loves us..I start waving..I feel so giddy..My hair is down in curly waves and my dress is so beautiful. I am so sexy..All the sponsors have there eyes on me..I love this place!

Jako(2) POV:

Me and my district partners are wearing solid gold roman outfits..We look so cool..Okay mean face on!Glare at the cameras! Ive got ro show how strong I am. Its tough considering I havent got giant muscles.. I just keep glaring at the cameras..Thats the only way im going to make it through this.

Newle(3) POV:

Woah..This suit is so shiny and robotic..I was told that I had to click the red button..About now..So lets click it.WOAH! Its a full laser show off my body! The crowd is going wild! Hah!Im aceing this! I throw my arms in the air and the crowd cheers more..This is so awesome.

Stane(4) POV:

I look rediculous..Just smile and wave..I may be ripped but I still look rediculous..Okay im being grimaced at..This is not worth it...I start giving hand motions to the crowd. Im not ammused with their grimacing.

Cassia(5) POV:

Okay im wearing a solar panel type suit..I look so weird..Im not getting any sponsors I know it. But were nearly at the end of this so I just smile and wave.

Zaine(7) POV:

As we go I blow kisses to the crowd..Im so hot..The women love me! I keep blowing kisses,winking and waving.My district partners are mostly doing the same. This is so awesome.

Coco(8) POV:

I wave..I look so hot..I think were almost at the end..Thank goodness! I feel queasy from all this rumbling under the chariot..Oh well..Nick keeps me steady..Hes so cute..and strong.

Jenna(9) POV:

I smile and wave sweetly but when im in the arena..Everyone is so dead..I stamp on my district partners foot when im sure no ones looking at me and he nearly falls off the chariot I see sponsors laughing and pretend to help him steady.

Maria(11) POV:

Im in a dress of daisies..My favourite flower! I laugh giddily and wave to the sponsors..I feel 10 feet tall!My district partners are too shy to show off so I steal the spot light! yeah!.

Jane(12) POV:

I smile and wave at everyone.Occasionally blowing kisses.This place is just so big and shiny..But im only going to be here a few days..Im so scared..But I must look ready.


Day one:

James(1) POV: I listen to the stuff about survival and yawn..When shes done it straight to the knives..I pick up 3 and throw them all in one impaling 3 different dummies right in the chest each time.

Kasey(2) POV: I throw a few knives as well but the bad thing is im not as skilled as James and miss the bullseye by a few inches on my third kinife.I sigh in frustration..Im such an easy target!

Raden(3) POV: I grab a spear and throw it..Straight in the bullseye! I grab another and throw it..Straight in the bullseye again..I throw one more..Completely off..I guess it was just luck.

Klaver(4) POV: I throw a few spears hitting the bullseye each time.I then throw a few daggers hitting 2 bullseyes then one just inches off.Oh no!

Cassia(5) POV: I just match the edible foods to their facts on this computer..I also match some maths and science facts and answers and match lots of clothing types..I think im really smart..Thanks teachers.

Day two:

Skyy(7) POV: I grab a dagger and throw it through a dummies head then thrust a spear through a few dummies then start sparring with the dagger teacher.I beat him easily.

Nick(8) POV: I grab a bow and arrow and hit a little bit off the bullseye..I try again..Im just off the bullseye again..One more time..BULLSEYE!

Jenna(9) POV: I start sparring with the sword teacher..I do very well..But when he says I lost I scream the place down then slug him..Breaking his nose.I get stopped by a young man who escorts me to a safe cushioned room which I have a knife..I hate this place.

Day three:

Maria(11) POV: Ive learnt how to use a bow pretty good..Well..Okay..I test my skills..One Bullseye out of 8 tries..Good enough.

Nick(12) POV: All I do is shoot a few dummies with the bow and arrows..Thats all..It felt pretty cool..So I think im going to do okay.

Trainning scores:Emmy:10 James:10 Flash:11 Kasey:9 Jako:10 Sally:8 Ivy:10 Newle:8 Raden:9 Stane:10 Klaver:9 Cassia:8 Zaine:9 Sky:8 Coco:7 Nick:8 Flicks:9 Roxy:8 Jenna:8 Maria:7 Jane:8 Nick:8


Loki Flickerman:So lets see if you really is a gem..Lets bring on Emerald!

Emmy walks on in a almost fully see through gold dress with a amethyst tiara.

Emmy:Thanks Loki Im so happy to be here.

Loki:Are you prepared.

Emmy:Am I prepared?Yes.And I wish the best of luck to everyone else.


Loki:Lets bring on James!

James walks on in his jewl tuxedo.

James:Hello Capitol!Hello Loki!

Loki:Well James?How are you finding the Capitol?

James:Its fantastic..It has 13 floors!

Loki:Hahaha!What a card folks!So Ja-


Loki:Lets bring on Flash!

Flash storms on in a sparkling suit and slams himself into his chair.

Flash:Hello Capitol scumbags!Ready to watch me die?

Loki:I wouldnt call us scu-

Flash:Save it Flickerman!Now..Im as ready as everyone else..And if you bet on me dieing..You fell out of the dumb tree.

Buzz.. Flash dismisses his self.

Loki:Lets bring on Kasey!

Kasey walks on in a beautiful pink dress.

Kasey:Hello Loki..You look so well dressed like always.

Loki:Why thanks Kasey..I heard you and Jako arent with the careers this year..

Kasey:No we are not.We rather each others company.

Loki:I wish you the best of luck.


Loki:Lets bring on Jako!

Jako walks on in a black suit with a red tie and white shirt.

Jako:Hello everyone!Loki!Hey!How you doing?

Loki:Jako you know I have to interview right?

Jako:Oh really!Well my day has been great I have trained my butt off all these three days..And I had every hair that wasnt on my head plucked from my body.



Loki:Lets bring on Sally!

Sally walks on with a beautiful yellow dress.

Loki:So Sally?Do you have anything to say.

Sally shakes her head and walks off.


Loki:Lets bring on Ivy!

Ivy walks on in a flowing red dress

Ivy:Hello Loki.You are looking as handsome as ever.

Loki does his collar:Why thank you Ivy.

Great laugh from the audience.

Ivy laughs too


Rest of interviews will be brought later in time when I finish the games.


Emmy(1) POV: I am looking around and I see a set of knives in the centre..Imma get them.And a big green backpack.I see the District 6 male looking at them..Im going to have to race him there..GO! I start running and just reach there before him.I turn wielding one of the knives.I swing at his neck but he manages to get out of the way and I slash open his shoulder.He screams in pain before grabbing me.I slash at his wrist then barge him..I see his hand is still on my arm.I brush it off and watch him die.I grab the backpack and James(1) Slams a crate over the D8 males head then grabs a bunch of knives and a spear.

Sally(2) POV:Ive reached my sword!I see a shadow behind me and I turn screaming as Stane(4) brings an axe down upon me..The last thing I see is blood..and it all goes dark.

Raden(3) POV: I look around before running and see Flash get hit by an arrow from that Nick kid.I gasp..A career was just killed by an outsider! I see Newle being aimed at by Nick.I rush infront of him and get hit straight in my chest.I cry out falling to the ground. Newle throws his knife at Nick slashing open Nicks shoulder.Nick cries out before getting finished off by Flash from a sword.Oh no..He didnt kill Flash he just injured him.I pass Newle my backpack and a case of knives and tell her to run..It then just all goes black.

Stane(4) POV: I am choking the D6 female.I see her pull out a dagger and she plunges it into my waist.I cry out before giving her head a sharp jerk breaking her neck. I get my axe ready and throw it at one of D5 males.He screams as it rips open his ribs..I then stamp on his skull cracking it.

Cassia(5) POV:I see my district partner die.I knock an arrow and shoot at Stane..Crack shot to the neck..He crys out and throws an axe at me I narrowly dodge it..He rips out the arrow starts to stumble towards me then falls,dead.I then get his backpack and run to the forest area.

Zaine(7) POV:I start swinging at the D6 male with a knife.I nick open his neck 5 times before he falls,dead. I a havent got time to get a backpack before a knife whizzes past my face,I turn seeing Emmy pulling out another knife.I start running.3 others whiz past my head.All I have is 2 small knives!

Rest of Day one

Coco(8) POV: I camp out in the woods and eat some strips of beef jerky.Drink some of my water and camp in a low down tree.I sob myself to sleep..Nick is dead..

Jenna(9) POV:Im running from the careers there going to get me!AGH!Theres a sharp pain in my leg forcing me to the ground.Emmy comes over my body and laughs.Bringing a knife down through my head.

Maria(11) POV:I stand over the two bodies of a D10 male and D10 female.They were killed by..Me..I feel like crying but I must stay strong.and I will win!

Jane(12) POV:I climb up a tree,its my only chance.I slowly.Climb up to the top..Im too weak for this.I get to the top branch..And crawl out on it."WASPS!" I scream in pain as they sting me then fall off the branch."IM HIGH UP!NOOO!" I land and hear a crack.I can feel the wasps stinging..Im alive but not for long..I give in and everything goes black.

38th:D6 Male Killed by Emmy. Shoulder and hand wound,bled out.

37th:D8 Male Killed by James. Crate slammed over head.

36th:D4 Male who didnt make the careers Killed by James Although not seen when James gets the spear he thrusts it through this guys abdomen.

35th:Sally Killed by Stane Head slashed open by Stane because she didnt make it into the careers.

34th: D10 male Killed by Nick. Strangled to death.

33rd: Nick Killed by Flash,assist from Newle Newle threw a knife into his shoulder giving Flash the chance to cut him down with a sword.

32nd: Raden Killed by Nick Arrow to the heart while protecting Newle.

31st:D6 female Killed by Stane Neck snapped

30th:D5 male Killed by Stane Ribs cut open then head cracked open.

29th:Stane Killed by Cassia Arrow to neck.Died 5 seconds after trying to kill Cassia.

28th:D6 male Killed by Zaine Neck slashed open 5 times.

27th:Jenna Killed by Emmy. Hit in leg by dagger,then when on floor stabbed in the head.

26th:D13 female. Killed by James. Although never seen. James slashed open her neck with a sickle then slash open her gut and left thigh and stabbed her 3 more times in the gut.

25th:D10 male Maria kills him when jumping on him from a high branch of a tree.Never seen kill.

24th:D10 Female. Maria killed her when she was gravely injured from the bloodbath with the D10 males hatchet.

23rd:Jane Killed by Tracker Jackers and a fall. Jane manages to get to the top of a tree where she is stung by a few "Wasps" She screams and falls off the branch making her too weak to defend herself from the Tracker Jackers.

Day 2:

James(1) POV: ..Damnit..Stane was killed.I thought he was going to survive but oh well. I hear a loud cracking and falling noise. I turn "AVALANCHE!" I scoop up my sword and start running.We reach a rocky type cliff which isn't too slippery.All of us climb up it but Flash..He really cant climb! I reach for him I nearly got hi-"ARGHHH!" I hear him screaming for ages before we finally hear a BOOM! To signify his death."Who brought food?" Ivy shows us her big red backpack..That will keep us alive for a few days.

Ivy(2) POV: Im the smartest one here..I actually thought of getting a backpack instead of a weapon..What good are we if were just starved?Wait..They are going to eat my food..They aren't looking..I must run! I grab the knives that Emmy brought with her and run.Ive got food!

Newle(3) POV:Radens been killed..What good am I now? Wait..Im hungry..I better eat something..I root around in my backpack and find some cashews.Yum.And some blackberries. I then climb down from this tree..I slip on some of the snow and scream.I land on a blunt rock and pass out.

Klaver(4) POV:I turn seeing Ivy running off with our food"GUYS!" James and Emmy turn and gasp.James throws a dagger at her.Missing her by a few inches.We gasp...None of us have any real survival skills..She also had the tent..We dig up Flashes body and use his clothes as extras.

Cassia(5) POV: I find Newle has passed out and tend to her wounds the best I can. But then I see Ivy running towards me.I squeal throwing a knife in her direction.BOOM! I take the knives and backpack off her body.I go up in a tree and watch over Newle.I used some of Ivies clothes to cover her for warmth.

Sky(7) POV: Im with Zaine now..Were in a cave.I can see he is hurt from the bloodbath.His cheek has been slit and his arm has several cuts in it. Im cuddling in to him scared. I then hear a soft growling noise..I turn my head and 5 wolves are mid leap at us"AGH!" I have time to draw my spear when they pounce on us..I see Zaine throw one off himself he then gets up and slashes one off me"Get u-ARGHH!" He gets pounced on again.I start crawling away.The wolves are focused on him."PLEASE!Sky!SAVE ME!"I have to help him! I throw a spear into a wolf and charge in slashing at the wolves. Good hes alive.

Coco(8) POV: Im lying in the tree when a great pain embeds itself in my side.I fall out and cry out in pain.Roxy comes over to me.Knife out.I reach for a weapon.I grab the sword I got from the bloodbath and get up slowly. I swing my sword at Roxy.She gasps and staggers backwards. She throws the knife at me. I scream the knife skimming my shoulder.I charge swinging.She blocks 2 blows with her daggers before I slash her legs knocking her onto her knees.I see her grab a piece of string.The snare I set! She pulls it"NO!" A wire comes down(Very thin string) as I turn and everything goes black.BOOM!

Maria(11) POV: I hear the scream miles away! I rush to it and gasp seeing the beheaded girl...I also see a backpack on the tree branch..Whoever killed her wasnt the brightest person. I take the backpack and advoid looking at her..I see a blood trail and follow it..A girl..Roxy I think is slumped against a tree.Shes alive so I grab the knife I have from Coco's pack. I have to get past her I try climbing around her but she spots me and starts to get up. I scream and start running. I then hear BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!BOOM! and way more cannons then ever. I fall over a root and turn"NO".I see a wire come down.She screams as it hits her. BOOM!

Nick(12) POV: I am hiding by the lake..In a small tree..I cant see anyone..All I hear is cannons everywhere..I cant stand the cannons no longer and put my hands over my ears..I didnt hear the wasps either"ARGHH!""NOO!" I scream running to the lake.I run onto it,fall and crack the ice falling in head first.I gasp grabbing on to the ice.ITS SO COLD! I try getting out only to slip backwards smashing my head against ice!"AGHH!" I struggle for a few moments and look for an air pocket.I see one.I start swimming to it only to be taken away by a swarm of barracudas I try breaking free but feel them tear at my flesh.It all goes black.

22nd:Flash Killed by Avalanche. Because he cant climb he cant get to safety.He gets destroyed by an avalanche.

21st:Ivy Killed by Cassia.Knife to the chest.

20th:Coco Killed by Roxy. After getting slashed to the ground by Coco.Roxy grabs the string and activates the trap which makes a wire come down and behead Coco.

19th:Roxy Killed by wire.While chasing Maria she accidently activated the wire snare and got beheaded.

18th-11th Random tributes

12th:Nick L Killed by Mutts..Stung by Tracker Jackers,cracks into lake and hits head..Gets ripped apart by barracudas.

Day 3:

Emmy(1) POV: James suggested we should go looking for food since we went hungry last night."FOUND FOOD!" I rush to James.He has found some berries..Probably the only ones in this weather."Are you sure theyr'e safe?" He shrugs and we agree to test them on Klaver.We give a few to Klaver and tell him to dig in.He grins and throws them in his mouth."Mmm they a-" He falls headfirst down in the snow. BOOM! "We cant eat these."

Jako(2) POV: Me and Kasey are hidden in the forest.We have got food that could last us weeks.We have agreed to leave it in the trees why we go looking for more..Kasey is a vegetarian.We go out and get some berries..Look good.But I hear Kasey mutter..Light.Nightlock..Or something.I throw them away and we dont find any veggie food so we walk back to our tree.I hear muttering in the tree and look up.Is that..CASSIA AND NEWLE ARE TAKING OUR BACKPACKS! I warn Kasey and she throws a knife that lands in one of our backpacks.We see them climbing to another tree! Me and Kasey start climbing after them. I see a knife coming towards us and throw my arm up in defence. I look at Kasey who screams..Its in her leg.I grab her arm..Shes gonna fall if I let go.I pull her up and she throws a knife up but misses due to the pain in her leg.I start climbing but I cant reach them in time.I curse and try getting into the next tree..I grab onto the branch and jump.I hear a snap and im falling to my death."AGHH!" I see Kasey make a grab for me.She grabs my arm and im now just hanging there.I grab onto a branch and tell her to get Newle.As soon as she lets go I hear the branch starting to snap.I quickly try to grab onto another branch but I fall again.and I hear BOOM!I see Kasey hanging in the midst of branches and leaves and vines."KASEY!" It all goes black after that.BOOM!

Newle(3) POV:I cant believe they couldnt get us..They are careers..I see Cassia eating some nuts.I then see a knife slam into her head knocking her off the tree branch.BOOM!I look down and see Emmy and James there.James gets a knife out and passes it to Emmy who throws it at me.I swing to the next branch leaving the food.I look back."I cant leave it behind!" I then see a dagger go past my hand and continue climbing away.

Zaine(7) POV: I lay here..I cant move without getting serious pains in my body.I just lay here.Then I hear a boom!I gasp.Flicks walks in holding her head in his hand.And his spear in another.I gasp and try getting up. He throws his spear and the last thing I see is blood.BOOM!

Flicks(8) POV:I stand..I killed them both.I walk away I have won this thing..I heard that the Careers have no food.I start walking off when Maria runs into me. She screams and starts to get up.I bring my spear down and she rolls out of the way and kicks me in the face.I turn and she is already running.I throw my spear at her and it just misses her. I run after her and pull out my harpoon. I aim and fire.It hits her in the back and she cries out.I bring the rope back in and she looks at me..Fear in her eyes I slash open her neck with my dagger then rip my harpoon out.Put my weapons away and walk off.

11th: Klaver.Killed by Nightlock.The careers made him test them.

10th:Kasey.Killed by Stupidity. She thought she could make it but..She was too heavy and was too stupid to stop trying to climb and broke through the branches falling into vines and leaves..Being hanged by vines and leaves.

9th: Jako.Killed by Stupidity. He tried climbing but he fell to his death because he was too stupid too think before he acted.

8th: Cassia. Killed by Emmy. Knife through her head.

7th: Sky. Killed by Flicks. Flicks wire snared her(Earlier reference)

6th: Zaine. Killed by Flicks. Speared.

5th:Maria. Killed by Flicks.Harpooned then neck slit.

Day four:

James(1) POV: Me and Emmy are running..There are wolves everywhere!Oh my god!I cant keep going for long.Im too hungry."Im sorry Emmy!" I trip her up and she screams as the wolves jump on her..BOOM!3 are still chasing me..One of them look kind of like Klaver.Ive reached the cornucopia! I see Newle and Flicks climbing straight up.I jump and weakly pull myself up..All I have left is my knife.I look at Flicks and he has his spear out.He tries thrusting it into me. I go to the side and try slashing at his neck.He ducks then punches me across the face.Breaking my nose. I fall to the side.

Newle(3) POV: I turn seeing Flicks grabbing my throat.I gasp as he throws me down onto the roof of the cornucopia. My dagger goes halfway across the cornucopia.I reach for it as he chokes me..Cant breathe..Cant reach...I see James pull Flicks into the air and smash him down."ARGH!" He then throws him onto the edge of the cornucopia.I see him grab Flick's spear and start to walk towards him. I see him kick Flicks off the edge till he's hanging on his hands then he sticks the spear into his left hand. Then kick his right hand. Knocking Flicks to his death."ARGHHH!" BOOM! I grab my knife and look at James.He has a evil look in his eyes but I can tell hes weak from not eating in 2 days.I throw my knife at him and it hits his shoulder and he stumbles backwards and falls off the edge."ARGHHHHH!NO!GET THE WOLVES OFF!" After a few minutes I hear a cannon.BOOM!

I hear Gladius Templesmith in his hovercraft."Here is the victor of the 300th Annual Hunger Games!Newle Harvestmoon!" I see a hovercraft come and pick me up.The Victor parade is going to be hard.

4th:Emmy.Killed by James.Tripped by James during the Chase.

3rd:Flicks.Killed by James.Knocked off the cornucopia after a few hits.

2nd:James.Killed by Newle. Dagger to shoulder,knocking him off the cornucopia.

Tribute Sheet Template



Appearance/Physical Description:



Strenghts:(Atleast 2)

Weaknesses:(Atleast 3)

Interview clothes:

Tribute Parade costume:(Decide with whoever is in your Tributes District)

Add in anything else you want.

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