aka Jacob

  • I was born on January 27
  • My occupation is school (hell)
  • I am male
  • Dedejacob

    3 SPOTS LEFT!! Hello Dedejacob here. I have not been on here in a year and to celebrate my return I am making a hunger games that I PROMISE to finish. These games are regular hunger games no twists except the fact that you can find supplies through out the arena.

    1.As always no being disrespectful to ANYONE!

    2. You will have $200 dollars of sponsers and +50 for each kill

    3.No wikia contributers sorry make an account

    4. You do not have to post advice(it is recommended) but please let me know that you are being active. If you are unactive your tribute has a higher chance of dying.

    5.You may enter THREE TRIBUTES!

    6. Have fun :D






    Backstory:#(does not have to be long)


    Appearance(lunaii):#(i will make a l…

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  • Dedejacob

    Hi it is dedejacob. I am sort of back and sorry as soon as school started I got really busy and kind of left. Sorry about that and sorry members of the 83rd hunger games i probably wont be doing another games for a while because i never really stay committied to them :/ BUT I am going to make ALL NEW TRIBUTESS!!! And i wil be entering more games and stuff.I will not be on everyday like I used too be, but I am back! If you want me to make a new games just let me know if i get enough people wanting me too, i might do it. To all of my friends on here, WE HAVE SOME CATCHING UP TO DO LOL!

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  • Dedejacob

    Canceled sorry

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  • Dedejacob

    Wassup. Yes it is summer for me in a week and i will be coming back to the wiki. My writing skills have improved and i miss this place. I am glad to be coming back. Cant wait to see all of my old friends and the new ones that await my return. :D Thank you and i will be making a new hunger games for you guys and I wont cancel this one. Sorry i had a state move and i had to go to a new school so it was hard for me to keep on task with this. :D thank you and i hope i see you all soon DEDEJACOB'S RETURN YEAHHHHHHHHHH

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  • Dedejacob

    The adventure games

    December 2, 2012 by Dedejacob

    ALL SPOTS OPEN PLEASE JOIN!!! Hurry! District 13 and capitol will aslo be competing. And there will be 2 males and 2 females from each district.

    All the tributes will be placed in an arena with a cornucopia and various landmarks. Scattered throughout the world there are hidden creates,chests,etc! Many traps and challenges will be found. Good luck!

    1. You have from today (December 1) until December 8 to submit tributes. You may submit as many tributes as you want, but I will take a maximum of four per user.

    2. I will not be putting any tributes in the table until december 8th. It does not matter if you submit your tribute first or last. I will be handpicking the tributes based on the ones submitted over the one week period. Make them interesti…

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