Hi it is dedejacob and i am making a hunger games.I am using cloveismywife's sponser table and rules :) Please join.This is a normal games.


1. You may enter up to two tributes. However, you may not be guaranteed the spot just because you post your tribute first. I want interesting, well-thought out tributes. Therefore, I want you to list three districts that your tribute could be from, and if there are better tributes in those districts, your tribute will not be accepted.

For example, say Wikia Contributor A submits this tribute:

john smith

district 1

good at all weapons

bad at nothing

training score: 12

I will put John Smith up there for the D1 male, but if someone else submits a better tribute, that person will get the spot.

Here is a template for what your tribute submission should contain:


Districts: (List three, in order of preference)






Appearance:lunaii or description or real life picture,but all will be lunaiis in the gallery. I will make them for you if you need :)

Weapon: (List 1 or 2)

Strengths: (besides weapon) (List 2)

Weaknesses: (List 2)

Fears: (List 1)

Bloodbath Strategy:


Alliance: (can be filled out later)

district gender name age height weapon user 1 m Josh Eagleye 17 5'11 sword or spear bluefire16
1 f Brooke Xena 16 5"8 Bow & Arrows, Knife hktlovesglimmer
2 m

Brick Bombard

17 6'2 morning star,or flail light stone123
2 f Mirror Gomez 14 5'4 throwing knifes,bow lily1997
3 m Compton Onaway 16 5'9 spear lightstone123
3 f Tori Kate 16 5"4 Throwing Knives, Wire, Smart. hktlovesglimmer
4 m Alexander Milde 15 5'8 trident,axe matia506
4 f Kristianna Skore 17 5'9 trident cloveismywife
5 m Andrew Wattz 16 5'5 spears Mr.clove14
5 f Emma Flunter 15 5'1 bow tybomarq
6 m Steve Fain 18 6'2 rock,axe,spear eleni12
6 f Abbey Mae Finn 14 5'7 bow distrit12 tributes
7 m Adron Phelan 17 5"9

all weapons

heavy rotation
7 f Sienna Frost 14 5"4 poison,thowing knifes heavy rotation
8 m Craig Phillips 16 5'9 Spear, Sword Lily!
8 f Jennika Henson 14 5'10" throwing knifes andy1854
9 m Scott Reynolds 14 5'4 axe spear mace matia506
9 f Katie Decker 17 5'6 slingshot,throwin axe,knife lily1997
10 m Robin Slide 16 6'5 swords viniciusdeassis1999
10 f Olla Lake 16 5'7 bow and arrows jsm13athome
11 m Thomas Creek 17 5'3 axe traps dragosf
11 f

Felicity Validus

16 5"10 knives moviepopcorn123
12 m Hudson Rylie 13 5'5 throwing knifes moviepopcorn123
12 f Zanna Vinland 15 5'9 knifes,snares district 12 tributes
13 m Battleaxe Ridge 14 5'6 axe FITAO
13 f Athena Poisonarrow 17 5'11 throwing knifes aquastar4infinity
capitol m Blueskin Clowndry 18 6"7 axe sword ashermizzou
capitol f Redd Teck 15 6"1 anything with electronics ashermizzou



District 1 Josh Eagleye

"Wake up sleepy head!"my mother calls for me to wake up.

"Its Reaping day dear."my mother politly quotes.She asks me if I am volunteering and I give her a dumb look.She knows the answer to that question!

"For the 100th time NOOOOO!"I yell waking up my baby sister(Ally) from her dream.She burst out cring and my mother scolds at me.I dont care,I am used to it.That baby cries about everything.Even spilled milk.She will drop a cup and say,"Joshy did it"with her fake innocent little girl voice.My mom makes me pancakes and puts some poptarts in the toaster for Ally.I devour the delicious pancakes even if they were a little over cooked.I hug my mother and even though that baby tortures me,I still love her.I pop a kiss on her forehead and head out to the reapings.

I arrive at the finger stand.The finger zappers here are cruel.The man askes me for my finger.He jabs it in my finger taking 5 times as much blood as he should.I walk down to the boys section and stand with a bunch of boys I dont know.I was home trained.Our escort walks on stage."My name is Monique Cresante!"Her name sounded reminded me of a french pastry.Her voice was loud and squeeky."For the girls!"she dips her hand into a bowl."Megan Lyndia!"she yells."I volunteer!"another girl askes.She walks on stage.She could be my twin sister we look so alike...kinda.Her name is Brooke Xena!"Josh Eagleye"!!!!!! I slowly walk on stage and smile for the croud!No volunteers for the boys.I stare at my mother and the last thing I see before the train,is my little sister passed out on the floor with a paramedic helping her.On the train Brooke and I chat.She is nice and a good ally.

Mirror Gomez

"BUT MOM,DAD!You can leave for a business trip today please.Its reaping day,what is i get reaped!"

You wont sweetie!my mom says as she and my dad walk out the door.I am left responsible to take care of my little bro(shard)I make him cereal and I repeat some rules I tell him everytime I leave him home alone.:Remember no candy no cookies,no girls,dont open the door unless its me."He mimics me and i give a little chuckle! I give him a hug and say that I will be back in an hour.I step out the house and head to the reapings.I get my finger pricked and meet up with the other girls.An old man wals on stage,he has pink hair.He says hello like 3 times with a 5 minute spand betwwen them!He has short term memory lose.He rambls on and on and on for like 45 minutes and finally picks a girl card,"Jasmine Levange","I volunteer the girl behind me screams.He points at me ME!!!Come up dear.I didnt sign up for this.He asks me my name,"Mirror Gomez"Pretty he says while winking!The whole croud cheers except for the girl that was behind me! I volunteer a boy screams.He runs on stage and yells his name"Brick Bombard"He is a chubby kid with black hair who only wanted to end my spotlight!Nowone cheers.Our escort bores the crowd for another 30 minutes and he leads us to the train.Wait what about Shard!!!

Compton Onaway

"Sorry son no food in the fridge today."my dad said to me as soon as I woke up.I starve at least 3 nights a week because of the stupid peacekeepers raising prices for us! Eventually we will be eating shoes! I have lived through so much pain and suffering,that I am stonger and better than anyone that i know.I put on my shoes while craving to take a bite.I say goodbye to my 3 brothers,my 2 sisters,and my parents and head down to the reaping area.Nowone dares to look at me. They think that I am mean! Being better doesnt make you mean! I get my finger zapped and I head to the boys area.Our escort walks on stage,she looks ridiculous!She has long silver hair and orange skin. I mean really! She says her usual blabber and gets to the girls bowl to pick a name"Tori Kane" A girl with maroon he red hair and shiny blue eyes walks up.She looks worried! She reaches her had into the boys bowl"Comton Onaway"she yells over the many voices throughout the croud.When I walk on stage some people booo me.I look at them and say,"I AM BETTER THANALL OF YOU COMBINED AND I WILL PROVE IT BY WINNING THIS GAME!!!" Our escort looks at me in shock and we head for the train! I see all the food and race for it.I start stuffing it in my mouth! Tori says,"Are you going to save some for me? I look at her with a puzzled face.I yell at her"Of course not! I have starved without any good food for a long time sweet heart,so get out of my face!" Her face turns tomatoe red and she jumps at me.She pins me to the ground in seconds! I look at her and she gets off and takes a bunch of food to her room,giving me the finger as she walked away! Wow how imature!

Kristianna Skore

I wake up and see the outfit my mother picked me to wear. A pink peagant dress.I thought I told my mother NO MORE PEAGANT STUFF!My mom always wanted me to be a peagant girl! I always came in last because when i should have been practicing, I was at the acadamy training for the hunger games! Even though I came in last, I am still pretty dang hot! I have so many guys at schools begging for me. This makes other girls jealous.I put on my favorite outfit and walk downstair.My mother looks at me and says you are really serious on giving up peagetry arent you. I have been for like 50 years mother.I reply."You havent even been alive for that long."my mother comments back.I give her the look and step outside with my toast covered in nutella mmmmm!So tasty.I head to the reapings when I am done.On my way there,some boys start to stare at me.I get my finger zapped by a peacekeeper and I walk to the girls section.Our escort walks on stage and picks a girl name"Kristianna Skore"I look and wait for a girl to volunteer!Well with me out the picture they could get the boys who dig me!Like 57 boys yell "I volunteer!!!" I am sure why! Our escort points to a boy with blonde hair and red eyes!"ALexander Milde"he says confidently to the croud!We walk to the train.Next stop the capitol!

Andrew Wattz

"Wake up son!"my mother tells me 6:30 in the morning.I pull the covers over my head and I ask for 5 more minutes and my step dad punches me in the rib and janks me outta bed with force."DONT SAS YOUR MOM!"he screams at me.My mom calms him down and I walk downstairs for breakfast.My mom won the games 10 years ago, so we always had tons of food.I eat pancakes and waffles and toast,and some nice orange juice.My dad looks at me and askes me if i am going to volunteer today."NO!"I yell back.He stares and me with his angry faceand starts to go on and on about how my other won and how i have to volunteer to continue in the family tradition.He says everything he says every reaping morning.He looks at me and says,"If u dont volunteer...I will break you in half and kick you out of my house! I stand up and run out the door without saying goodbye.I get my finger zapped and I walk to the boys section.Our escort walks on stage and picks a girl paper"Emma Flunter"A girl with bright red hair and bright blue eyes walks on stage."Wait werent you the first place medalst in the capitols gymnastic competition"our escort asks to her.She says yes in response."I volunteer!"I shout before someone else does.He signals me to come on stage."Andrew Wattz"I sayinto the mic!"Wait didnt your mom win the hunger games.I reply yes and I walk towards the train.When I enter the train,I see my mom sitting at the mom is my mentor :).

Steve Fain

The aroma of beer and cigars wakes me up in the morning,every morning.Ever since my parents died in a fire,I was suck with my grandpa! He drinks and smokes all day long and i cant take it.I walk downstairs for breakfast after getting changed and Grandpa gives me toast!I never eat his food.I give the food to his dog Scruffy.I usually trick him into giving me 5 bucks for lunch at the Cafe! He is as drunk as ever and gives me a ten instead.I head to the cafe and buy myself some coffee and 3 dounuts.After breakfast I head to the reaping area.My finger gets pricked and our escort walks on stage!She goes on and on about how "awesome" the capitol is ! She stickes her hand into the girls"Abby Finn" she announces.A girl very tan with blonde hair walks on stage.What a pretty girl! She looks at our escort and says!"I go by Abby Mae not Abby Finn for your info!"The croud chuckles and our escort is annoyed! "Steve Fain did i get your name right cus YOUR REAPED"she yells!I step on stage and walk off to the train praying that i would win!

Sienna Frost

"It is reaping day Charlene!"My parents abandoned me when I was young but at least I still had my ghost friends to talk to!I find a salamander and cook it Andy eat it for my breakfast.I get some water from a well and I walk to the reapings.As I walk by,kids run in fear of me.I get to the finger pricking area and the peacekeeper looks at me and starts to shiver in fear.He grabs my hand and pricks my finger as fast as he can. Peacekeepers in district 7 are weak and they fear me because of my power to talk to ghosts.When I get to the reaping area,our escort walks on stage and picks a girl,name "Sienna Frost" I step on stage pleading my ghost friends will help me "ADron Phelan"a normal looking boy,walks on stage and we we go to the Capitol.


THE GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 1 bloodbath "BOOM"

Abby Mae

I say goodbye to my stylist and I step into the tube.I hear an electronical voice boom from a loudspeaker behind my head."All are in the tubes."Just then the tubes rise to the arena.I look around.The arena has like 5 different sections.I see a big lake surrounding the cornucopia .A huge wood area,a big rocky mountain that has many caves in it,i also see a huge mountain.I also see a desert with a bunch of cacti,and finally i see a swamp.I also see a nice turquoise backpack.That will be mine 60...59....58....57....56....55....54....53!

Robin Slide

52...51....50...49...I look for my allies from 10 and 9.I see Katie about 3 pedastels to my right and Scott is across the cornucopia.I cant find Olla.We see the careers eyeing me.The pair from 4 blow each other a kiss as the countdown continues.48....47....46....45.....44....43.....42....41....40

Kristianna Skore

Me and Alexander really kinda fell in love during training,but I gotta keep my head in the game and not go all gaga.I have to win and no one will stand in my way 39 38 37 36 35 34 33 32 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2....

Josh Eagleye

2.......................................1.......................GONG!!!!!! I run for the cornucopia hoping to find a spear and get a few kills.No spear as far as i see,so i grab a sword and look around for someone to kill.Ahh ha that idiot boy from 8 has my spear.And I want it back.I run right at him with my sword and swing it at him.His head rolls on the floor.I wonder who is next.

Katie Decker

"RUNNNNNNN!"I hear Olla scream at the top of her lungs.The two lunitics from the capitol are lunging at us with knifes.I run off with my alliance and we get in a cave.The two pass us and Robin and Olla charge out and throw 1 knife eachBOOM! I peek out the cave afraid to fight them.Blueskin is laying against a large rock with a knife in his forhead.Scott walks up to his body and pushes it off a cliff into a batch of sharp rocks.Goodbye freakazoid!

Abbey Mae Finn

Andrew where are you! I yell over the screams of terrified tributes.I see him battleing against the boy from 2 and the girl from 5 is helping him.Brick sends his sword into Andrews stomach!"NOOOOOOO!"I scream! He escapes before i could kill him.I run up to him but the 5 girl runs up to him and KISSES HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! Out of anger i shoot an arrow into her back.BOOM!.I run away from andrew screaming "How could you do this to me!"Once I am far away from the cornucopia I hear his cannon boom and i realize...i still love him.Its my fault he is dead.

Mirror Gomez

The careers got 2 kills so far and that is pathetic.Shame on us.We see a puff of smoke rise into the air and we race for it At the fire we see Jennika,Tori,and Felicity all in a bunch to keep warm.Me and Kristianna and Alexander charge into the camp and start to attack.BOOM! Kristianna and Alexander kill off Jennika and i finish off Felicity.Tori runs away into a dark cave.She wont survive the night if she doesnt get some food from her mentor.

Day 2 "EARTHQUAKE!" Tori Kane

Tori Kane

.....So cold in this cave.....just too cold! I start to feel my arm fall asleep.So hungery! And thirsty.There are icicles dangling from the ceiling of the cave it is so cold.The ground starts to rumble.EARTHQUAKE! THE icicles start to crack and fall.I try my best to avoid them and get out, but i fail when one icicle hits me on top of the head BOOM!

Thomas Creek

I hear a boom and realize that danger is coming when the ground starts to shake.I see a huge alliance runnning away.Katie, Olla,Scott,and Robin! I shoot an arrow at them and it places in Katies foot.She stumbles to the floor alive.Not for long.

Scott Reynolds

I hear a gasp behind me and i see Katie being tossed around by the earthquake. I run too her and try to help her up when i see an arrow lodged in her foot. I see a boy with long silver hair running.With a bow in hand.I take Katies slingshot and shoot a bunch of rocks at him.One hits his neck. He stumbles too the floor screaming when i full out my spear and throw it into his eye.I run and grab the spear and hear a BOOM! Good he is dead.BOOM! Wait I turn around too see nothing where Katie was laying.I look off the side of the cliff and see her dead body laying on the floor way down there.I feel tears enter my eyes and realize. Olla and Robin ran off, without me.

Mirror Gomez

The careers find our way to a valley with no cliffs to fall off of. I see swarms of tributes racing down over here.I see Brooke Xena and Josh making out behind me.I split them up so they are ready to fight.I see Athena.Redd,Battleaxe,and Adron,and Steve running toward us.I equip my knifes ready to fight when all of a sudden lava start to ride out the crust in the valley.Everyone starts running for their lives.I hear about 5 or 6 booms and run off alone.No more careers now it is all about me.

Steve Fain

I just witnessed the most deadly lava flow ever just now.Many people burned to death.I remember pushing Battleaxe into a pool of lava.I hear the anthem play and i look up in the sky too see Josh from 1,Brooke from 1,Tori from 3,Adron from 7,Katie from 9, Thomas from 11,Athena and finally Battleaxe from 13.Alot of deaths today.I can win this.

Day 3 "Dont leave me!"Kristianna Skore

Hudson Rylie

I wake up with a slight burn on my leg.One of the lava pools spewed a hot black charcoal and it hit me in the leg.I am in serious pain and i wait to see if I have burn cream.No!Well I can live through this.Just then the pair from 4 pop outta no where and so does the boy from 2.Alexander and Kristianna spot me lying under a tree.Of course they charge at me.All of a sudden Mirror run up behind them and she screams "DITCHERS!" Kristianna and Alexander run at her.Feeewww they left me.All of a sudden Brick comes from behind the tree!"Forget me."He slits my throut and walks away with blood on his knife.BOOM!

Steve Fain

I see the girl running from the pair from 4 and her district partner.Mirror turns around and throws a knife at Alexander.It hits him in the stomach.He stumbles too the floor."Dont leave me!"but his canon blows anyway.I hear another cannon in the distance and a crane comes down and picks me up.WTF!

TWIST:All the tributes are being transfered to the cornucopia and they will have another bloodbath so post advice to help them out


Zanna Vinland

I just got picked up yesturday by a big hovercraft and was taken off?? I havent really been paying attention to who died but i think i won....I hear the lady tell me to climb down the ladder.Guess not well not yet.I climb down the ladder and arrive at another starting plate.Wow this suuucks!Another bloodbath,But wait where are the weapons!NO WEAPONS.All of a sudden a big dome crashes around us and the loud speaker plays."Attention tributes,you will be locked in this dome for 2 hours.For every kill you get(if you win) you get 100,000 dollars!At the end of the hour whoever is left survives the hunger games and gets there money reward.Lets say one tribute got 3 kills and you kill them,You get there money,so if you are the only 1 left you get 1,000,000 dollars.Good Luck"I look around and see fire in Compton's eyes.O god!!!Stay away from him.

Brick Bombard

3.....2.....1.....GONGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of a sudden I jump at the person next to me.I pummble them in the face until i hear a cannon.I cant tell who it is really but it is a boy that i know.I hear his named called out loud over the speaker."STEVE FAIN"Wow 100,000 extra dollars.Wow I am good.All of a sudden Mirror tackles me too the ground.She is trying to use her nails to cut at me.I cant beat this chick."KRISTIANNA!!!!!" I scream.She comes running,but it is too late.Due to blood lose I die right there.Sorry! I look up and my last words are."Kristianna I have always loved you....BOOM!"BRICK BOMBARD"

Robin Slide

2 deaths in 5 minutes.Olla and I was planning on ditching each other so we dont die but if we are the final 2 we can win.Maybe Scott can as well...I see Zanna tackling Scott.I run too does Olla.Zanna has him in a head lock.I pry Zanna off him and he headbutts her chest.She coughs up blood and slumps out of my grasp.BOOM! ZANNA VINLAND"Scott looks at us.Thanks he says with a nice smile. I turn my back.I walk away."You ditched us just consider this friendly help!"BOOM! SCOTT REYONDS" I turn around as fast as ever and see his corpse with a dent in the temple and not close nearby Abby wiping off her hand of his blood.

Kristianna Skore

"Mirror you are dead."I scream as she runs from me.I pounce on her back and start to shove my elbow in her back."You dont know how long I have wanted too do this"I say too her.She starts to kick and punch at me.I send my fist into her cheekbone.She kicks me in the knee.I hollar in pain.I use my non-ingured leg and kick her in her leg.She jumps at me.Our heads collide and we stumble to the ground."Stupid padgent girl! You were never a real threat."She says the way Clove did to Katniss at the feast.I rage in anger."I HATE YOU SOOOO MUCH.I jump on her back and snap her neck."BOOM!" mirror Gomez!She is dead.I will never look at a mirror the same way ever again!

Abby Mae Finn

15 minutes left! I can win this.When all of a sudden i hear the gamemakers voice!"Lets make this interesting!"What could that mean.All of a sudden the ceiling starts to fall.The big light that lit up the dome went out when it landed on Compton's head.BOOM! Compton Onaway!"I feel inpacts on the ground and hear Olla screaming"My foot is caught Help Robin!" I guess he doesnt hear her over the commonsion.I feel a sharp rock hit my shoulder.OWW! I see through the dust.I hear Olla coughing from all the smoke.I hear her gasping for fresh air.BOOM! Olla Lake.I hear Robin screaming for Olla.He obviously didnt hear her cannon.I hear him whispering to her dead body."I am so sorry i couldn't help you.I will see you in heaven."Everything clears up 10...9...8....7....6...5....4...3...2.BOOM! Robin Slide....1...OMFG!!! did i actually win this thing. I look around for anyone else.I see Kristianna shocked.Wow!"Ok congratulaitons to Abby Mae Finn and Kristianna Skore! We will give you both 500,000 dollars as your prise for surviving.


Kristianna grows up rich and starts her own Padgent company to start and host padgent shows.She married to a nice man who remindes her of Alexander.She gets a puppy and names her Lexi.She becomes the 2nd richest winner of the hunger games.She lives a life of luxury and her mirror in her bathroom is cracked to remember her ongoing anger at Mirror Gomez.She loves and is greatful for her life.

Abby becomes a famous actor of panem and she is featured in many movies.She got married to a profecional football player from the capitol.She has 2 daughters and 1 son.Out of all the movies she was in,her favorite was a reanactment of one of the most famous games in history.The 74th...She dyed her hair brown and got the role of Katniss.She was the main face on all the magazines in the capitol.She becomes the next superstar.

Death Chart Killed by
28th Craig Phillips Josh Eagleye
27th Blueskin Clowndry Scott,Robin ,and Olla
26th Emma Flautner Abby Mae Finn
25th Andrew Wattz Brick Bombard
24th Jennika Henson Kristinna and Alexander
23rd Felicity Validus Mirror Gomez
22nd Tori Kane Icicles in cave
21st Katie Decker Earthquake
20th Thomas Creek Scott Reynolds
19th Redd Teck LAVA
18th Adron Phelan LAVA
17th Josh Eagleye LAVA
16th Brooke Xena LAVA
15th Battleaxe Mason LAVA
14th Athena Poisonarrow LAVA
13th Hudson Rylie Brick Bombard
12th Alexander Milde Mirror Gmez
11thSienna Frost

Lack of water

10th Steve Fain Brick Bombard
9th Brick Bombard Mirror Gomez
8th Zanna Vinland Scott Reylond
7th Scott Reylond Abby Mae Finn
6th Mirror Gomez Kristianna Skore
5th Compton Onaway Smushed flat
4th Olla Lake Chocked in dust
3rd Robin Slide Sufficated in dust
2nd VICTOR Kristianna Skore congrats :)
1ST VICTOR Abby Mae Finn congrats :)

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