3 SPOTS LEFT!! Hello Dedejacob here. I have not been on here in a year and to celebrate my return I am making a hunger games that I PROMISE to finish. These games are regular hunger games no twists except the fact that you can find supplies through out the arena.

Rules*Must Read*

1.As always no being disrespectful to ANYONE!

2. You will have $200 dollars of sponsers and +50 for each kill

3.No wikia contributers sorry make an account

4. You do not have to post advice(it is recommended) but please let me know that you are being active. If you are unactive your tribute has a higher chance of dying.

5.You may enter THREE TRIBUTES!

6. Have fun :D

Tribute Templete(please use)(hashtag mean required)






Backstory:#(does not have to be long)


Appearance(lunaii):#(i will make a lunaii if you want)

Weapon: (List 1 or 2)#

Strengths: (besides weapon) (List 2)#

Weaknesses: (List 2)#


Bloodbath Strategy:


Alliance: (can be filled out later)


District Gender Name Age Height Weapon User
capitol f Kiesha Orval 18 5'7 Long Knifes Keaghan-is-a-tribute
capitol m Landon Daitius 18 5'8 Crossbow, knife Keaghan-is-a-tribute
1 f Trinity Mace 17 5'2 knife,mace YourFavoriteSalmon
1 m Odin Amarth 18 6'1 Spear Ichanhasnofriends
2 f Maylee Arms 15 5'4 Crossbow Yoonie
2 m Petri Lindroos 17 5'11 Sword,knife Ichanhasnofriends
3 f Sofia Bulgar 16 5'7 Axe, Bow Yoonie
3 m Stellan Luck 16 5'5 throwing knifes, bow and arrow Smiling Tribute
4 f Mill Harper 13 4'10 throwing knifes, bow Lexis2658
4 m Mattew Harper 13 5'1 bow,throwing knifes Lexis2658
5 f Luna Devogne 18 5'6 bow and arrow WeirdTributes
5 m Keats Shepard 12 4'5 traps LeJabberJay
6 f Rosalina Rockwell 13 5'0 bow and arrow, rocks Yourfavoritesalmon
6 m Mors Voluntaria 16 5'6 Dagger throwing knife Mistfire333
7 f Eve Loop 14 5'2 blowgun, sword Weirdtributes
7 m Nate Grace 18 6'3 Bow and arrow, sword ChloeofsharonACNL
8 f Aislyn Latona 17 5'11 bow and arrow,sword Kyoni~Kara
8 m Burgundy Anthrocloth 16 6,0 Sword YourFavoriteSalmon
9 f Sienna Renea 17 5'9 blowgun,sickle Kyoni~Kara
9 m Rhye Haddix 17 6'1 Scythe, Long Knives Zeebem10
10 f Alexandria Maydon 18 5'5 slingshot Xbilliex
10 m Kalmah XXIV 17 6'2 trident, mace Ichanhasnofriends
11 f Lexi Greenway 14 4'10 bow, mace Lexis2658
11 m Randy Grassfelt 15 5'10 Ax, sword Justdancer30
12 f Leona Soleil 16 5'5 Sword, Shield PumPumPumpkin:3
12 m Soot Dustcloud 16 5'6 Sword, Knife Mistfire333
13 f Shyvana Feuer 18 5'8 Axe, Combat PumPumPumpkin:3
13 m Ferdinand Fortis 18 5'9 Axe ~poptart~

Tribute Gallery!

PumPumPumpkin:3 Leona Soleil Shyvana Feuer
~Poptart~ Ferdinand Fortis
Keaghan-is-a-tribute Kiesha Orval Landon Daitius
YourFavoriteSalmon Trinity Mace Rosalina Rockwell Burgundy Anthrocloth
Ichanhasnofriends Odin Amarth Petri Lindroos Kalmah XXIV
Yoonie Sofia Bulgar Maylee Arms
Smiling Tribute Stellan Luck
Lexis2658 Mill Harper Mattew Harper Lexi Greenway
WeirdTributes Luna Devogne Eve Loop
LeJabberJay Keats Shepard
Mistfire333 Mors Voluntaria Soot Dustcloud
ChloeofsharonACNL Nate Grace
Kyoni~Kara Aislyn Latona Sienna Renea
Zeebem10 Rhye Haddix
Justdancer30 Randy Grassfelt
Xbilliex Alexandria Maydon


Careers-Odin Amarth, Petri Lindroos, Eve Loop

Anti-careers-Trinity Mace, Stellan Luck, Lexi Greenway, Ferdinand Fortis

The Harpers- Mill Harper, Matthew Harper

The underdogs- Sofia Bulgar, Aislyn Latona

District 9- Rhye Haddix, Sienna Renea


Kind of similar to the 74th hunger games arena. A large forest surrounding the cornucopia, but there are many underground passage ways and caves. There is a lake east of the cornucopia, but besides that underground lakes are the only way to find water and there are quite a few of them.There are huge mountains to the west. If a tribute can get there, there is a cabin with alot of food and water up somewhere in the mountains.

Current Location

Careers- At the cornucopia

Anti Careers-In a big cave fairly close to the mountain. The tunnels of the cave are very deep and it is like a maze down there.

The Harpers- The Mills are close to the border of the arena in the forest. Many caves are nearby

The underdogs- Out of sight in a cave

District 9- In a cave next to the mountain

Keats- somewhere deep in a cave.

Rosalina- Wandering the forest looking for shelter

Burgundy- The lake

Alexandria- Set up camp by the tree she recieved her sponsor

Kalmah- Climbing up the mountain

Soot-In a cave deep underground

Shyvana-  About a mile away from the cornucopia. On the edge of the forest

The Games Begin!!!!!

Day 1 "Six"

Sienna Renea(9)

30,29,28,27...Wow, I never wanted this. I don't want this. Two weeks ago I was sitting on my couch relaxing and now I am here. I am standing on a platform waiting for a gong that will signal the death of another 23 kids. Why should we be forced to kill other people, I just don't get it. Oh my gosh the countdown is at 15. I see a blowgun just sitting in the field waiting for me. Ok Sienna, you got this. I look to my right and see my district partner Rhye(9). I wish him good luck and I get ready to charge.

Burgundy Anthrocloth(8)

Look at that beauty, I giant sword ready for me to take it and kill all of these fools. 5,4,3,2,1...GONG!!! I sprint off of my platform and race as fast as I can to the cornucopia. When I grab my sword. It is so gorgeous. All of a sudden someone grabs the sword with all their might and tries to get it from me. Odin(1) is struggling to hang on as I thrash the sword around. Odin lets go and grabs a spear nearby and leaves the cornucopia looking for easier targets. I hear a familiar scream coming from my right. I look over and see Rnady(11) tackle Aislyn(8) to the floor. "Aislyn!!!" I scream as I kick Randy in the ribs as hard as I could. Randy looks up at me and I send my sword through his head. BOOM! "I do not usually help people like this. You got lucky." I tell Aislyn as she runs off into the woods. Now that she is safe, where is my next victum.

Maylee Arms(2)

This place does not have a crossbow, how ridiculous! I grab a bow and some arrows instead. I send an arrow flying into Nate's(7) leg. As he stumbles to the floor, Odin(1) comes over and sends his spear right through his chest. BOOM! Ha what a fool. Odin hands me his arrows and I start to hunt. Leona(12) gets slingshotted by Alexandria(10)BOOM! Wow it is rare that a lower class district gets a kill at the cornucopia. I shoot an arrow towards Alexandria, but she is aleady sprinting away into the woods. A sharp and hard objects hits me in the side of the head. Rosalina(6) charges at me with a giant rock in her hand. I aim an arrow at her, but I can't concentrate. I feel dizzy and I start to see two of everything. I try to shoot my arrow, but based off of what I saw, it went flying in the wrong direction.I turn around and run screaming for the other careers,but I fall to the floor. Rosalina crashes the rock into my skull. "Thanks for the bow." she whispers as she runs away. Petri(2) comes running towards me. "It is going to be ok." he keeps telling me, but I know it is all over."Kill six." I whisper and everything goes white. BOOM!

Ferdinand Fortis(13)

"This is a good place to start camp." Luna(5) proclaims. Trinity(1),Stellan(3),Luna(5),Lexi(11), and I all escaped from the cornucopia in one piece. Unfortunatly we lost Leona(12) at the bloodbath, but that is ok because not all of us can survive this hell. We all huddle together to keep warm in this nice cave. It goes down pretty deep, but we are staying at the surface. Only Luna, Trinity and I have weapons. Trinity has her mace, Luna has her knife, and I have my axe. It is alot heavier than the one I have back at home....Oh wait my mother didn't want me there because she cares about her job more than me. I am another one of her tricks. Another puppet in a magic show. Stellan, Lexi , and Trinity are setting up camp while Luna and I guard the enterance of the cave.I  hear something rushing through the wind and I scream for Luna to watch out. A knife flys past me and stabs her in the stomach. She falls to the floor. I get my axe ready and see Landon(C) in a bush aiming his other knife at me. He chucks the knife, not at me, but at Lexi(11) who is helping the ingured Luna(5). I hear Lexi scream but I dont turn around. I charge at Landon and throw my axe with all the strength I have BOOM! Landon's head comes clean off of his body with an axe right in his forhead. I claim my axe and rush over to my team mates. Lexi only got hit in the arm, she will be ok, but Luna is bleeding really bad. Trinity is soothing her. We all croud around her and start to tear up. Luna looks at us with er beautiful eyes and says."Guys calm down, it is my time to go. I will be rooting you guys on in heaven. Win this please...BOOM! Wow what a sweet girl. why did she have to die. Why did she have to go through this. Why.

Alexandria Maydon(10)

I can't believe I did that. "I killed her" I say to myself over and over again. I hate myself so much. I hate everything. Just then a sponser comes down from the sky. It is just a loaf a bread, but there is also a note."I am the mother of Jillian Raels." I remember her. She got reaped two years ago and tried to run away, but she was shot down by peacekeepers. The same fate happened to the boy also."Win this please for my daughter." The note makes me cry. Now I realize i can't take the easy way out of this. I have to try. I have to win.

Mors Voluntaria(6)

It is the end of night one and only six cannons have gone off. Not many people have died which isn't good for us tributes. I am in an alliance with Kiesha(C) and Sofia(3).We set up our camp 10 minutes away from the lake, but we can't go there till the careers leave the cornucopia. The anthem starts playing and the capitol symbol appears in the sky followed by the tributes Landon(C), Maylee(2),Luna(5),Nate(7),Randy(11), and finally Leona(12). The anthem stops playing and everyone calms down. Kiesha doesn't talk for the rest of the night because of Landon(C). I think they were friends, but I don't want to ask. After a couple hours, I wake up Sofia for her watch and I go to sleep. Day 1 survived. How many more days till I win or I die.

Day 2 "I will kill you. I swear!"

Mill Harper(4)

All Matthew and I have are two knifes. One for me and one for him. I can see a giant mountain in the distance, talk about the second bloodbath. I am sure there is a trick to the mountain. I know the capitol loves to keep their citizens on their toes while they watch me die."Mill come on!" Matthew says with a strict voice. I snap out of my day dream and realize I have beem standing in the open. I hurry up to Matthew not saying a word. I spot a lizard on the floor near where I want to set up camp. I throw my knife. I imagine a cannon going off, but it is just an animal. Just an animal. Aren't we animals I mean we are stuck in here to kill people. What if we all are just creatures. Not of importance to the rest of the world. I am sure if Matthew or I died we would be cried about for two minutes. I constantly tell my self the same thing over and over again"We are all creatures. We do not matter." I snap out of it when Matthew puts his hand on my shoulder. and says nervously" Mill you are twitching...are yiu alright. Please do not tell me you are thinking about dad." SHUT UP! I scream to him."YOU RETARD, YOU KNOW HOW THAT WORD MAKES ME FEEL. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT IT HURTS ME WHEN YOU SAY THAT!" Matthew looks at me startled and says,"Mill you just screamed so loud. Someone must have heard you. Come one lets go." I refuse to leave. Matthew tells me to be careful and that he will be back soon. So he just leaves me. Wow even my own brother is an animal.

Sofia Bulgar(3)

"We are too close to the cornucopia, we have to leave and soon." I say to Keisha and Mors."We will be fine" Mors tells me calmly. After about an hours Mors tells us that he is going deeper into the woods to look for food. Keisha stays with me while Mors hunts."So were you and Landon friends" I ask. She looks at me confused and says,We weren't friend but I have known him since Elementary school. We were in the same class for 8 years in a row. Gosh we used to hate each other. He was always the trouble maker and I was the good girl." Than why are you sad? I ask."Because even though we were enemies, we still affected each others lives and it is hard to see someone who had a great impact in your life." Wow I say shocked of how thoughtful Keisha still is. You would expect her to party but no.BOOM! Keisha and I grab our weapons immediatly and prepare for the worst. We wait for about 10 minutes until a shadow comes out of the woods. "Mors!" Keisha says in joy."Nope." Burgundy Antrocloth comes walking out of the trees with a evil look on his face."Hello and goodbye ladies." He charges at us. "RUN!" Kiesha screams. I start running when I realize that Kiesha isn't running with me. I turn around and see the horror. Kiesha lying on the floor in a pool of blood.BOOM! Just as Burgundy comes walking at me, I hear the sound of careers screaming. "Hey 8 were coming for you." Burgundy looks at me and mouths the words,"I will kill you I swear." He turns around and runs. I sprint for about 30 minutes throughout the woods until I find a cave. I run inside and start to bawl. Now I am alone. What am I going to do. Wait I know, Kill that district 8 boy. I hear a slight voice come from behind me. I turn around to see a girl. Aislyn, I forget what district she is from but it works for me. Aislyn and I set up camp deeper into the cave. There is alot of water down here. I hope I dont loose Aislyn like my old team.

Keats Shepard(5)

It is really dark down here. The only lights are the small ceiling lights that barly work.There is a underwater lake back at my base. I am looking for a really sharp rock or a pickaxe that I could use as a weapon. I need to find something to defend myself with and then I will head to the surface. All of a sudden I hear a rumbling hoice and a giant boulder crashes down behind me. Well this is just great. Now i can't get back to my camp. I have to get out of here soon.

Stellan Luck(3)

Ever since Luna's death, the group has been very protective of each other. We made a grave for Luna and think about her all the time. We all have become great friends, I do not know what I am going to do if anyone dies. On the positive note we all have knifes now from Landon. At least I have a chance now.Hey Stellan can you watch the enterance for a while I need to get some rest." Ferdinand says.. I go and stand watch and I see someone standing in the distance. I put my hand on the knife in my pocket. I whisper to the others,"I saw something." Lexi grabs her knife and backs into the cave ready to fight. Trinity and Ferdinand are doing the same. As soon as i take a step back and axe comes flying in our direction. The axe slices my upper arm. Blood is pouring out of my arm.Trinity runs out and grabs and pulls me inside the cave. Everyone is looking to see if I am alright. "Guys.."I try to say, but the pain is to great that I cant get words out. A woman with bright red hair is running towards the cave. Shyvana. I try to warn them, but it is too late  I close my eyes ,so I dont have to see the horror. I hear the wind rushing against the axe and the axe slicing through flesh. BOOM! I do not open my eyes. I just accept my fate. I hear the sounds of knifes flying and fists hitting. BOOM! God what is happening. I hear footsteps running away.I tense up waiting for the axe to strike me. When nothing happens, I decide to open my eyes. I open my eyes to see blood stained grass and blood in puddles in the cave. I also see the two dead bodies. Shyvana and.........Trinity. Tears fill my eyes. I loved Trin me and her became great friends. Why did she have to go. I try to stand up but I can't my body is in so much pain. I just lay here and hope somone will help me.

Rhye Haddix(9)

Sienna I think we need to start to climb this mountain. We can get to higher ground and it will be safer up there.I tell Sienna. Alright.Sienna proclaims. We decide to travel up the mountain at dawn. The anthem starts to play in the sky. Keisha, Trinity, Mors, and Shyvana. So that means that there are 18 tributes left. Wow thats a pretty big number. Sienna we need to start climbing now, I tell her. We have to be the first people on the mountain. Alright Sienna says sarcasticly. We start our journey up this giant mountain. I wonder what we will find up here.

Death Chart
Rank Name District Cause of death
28 Randy Grassfelt 11 Stabbed by Burgundy(8)
27 Nate Grace 7 Stabbed by Odin(1)
26 Leona Soleil 12 Shot by Alexandria(10)
25 Maylee Arms 2 Head crushed by Rosalina(6)
24 Landon Daitius Capitol Beheaded by Ferdinand(13)
23 Luna Devonge 5 Stabbed by Landon(C)
22 Mor Voluntaria 6 Stabbed by Burgundy(8)
21 Kiesha Orval Capitol Stabbed by Burgundy(8)
20 Trinity Mace 1 Beheaded by Shyvana(13)
19 Shyvana Feur 13 Stabbed by Lexi(11)

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