arWelcome to dedejacobs first sponser games.If u dont know how this works then iw ill tell you.I make the tributes and you guys sponser them(give advice and give sponser gifts etc)


1.) You can sponser 4 tributes

2.)dont be mean to me or other users

3.)Do not advertise on my games please -_-

4.) stay active

The tributes District age sponserer
Lea Spring 1 17 shimmerfire
Manny Bower 1 18 ashermizzou
Stella Cardinas 2 13 shimmerfire
Dominic Allioli 2 16 ashermizzou
Electra Bzurt 3 12 annamisasa
Stormo Elect 3 17 flowers101
Aquamarine Blizzard 4 16 Ms.finnickodair
Andy Power 4 15 Ms.finnickodair

Lorraine Bunker

5 14 finnickistheawesomeone
Ronnie West 5 13 finnickistheawesomeone
Arianna Ivory 6 16 annamisasa
Quince Garner 6 14 htklovesglimmer
Autumm Avery 7 12 arielchinook
Charles Lourker 7 18 arielchinook
Trina Parker 8 16 tybomarq
Rex Parker 8 13 tybomarq
Jade Sanjay 9 18 mysims
Kevin Ceenaway 9 17 mysims
Mia Lily 10 12 Redturtle433
Tark Lavange 10 14 htklovesglimmer
Persephone Hart 11 12 katniss Jane mellark
Ark Jasper 11 17 flower101
Aayla Airiana 12 14 Xx-frozen fire-xX
Richard Wang 12 15 NZ man123
Jamie Deir 13 16 katniss Jane mellark
Donny Sateny 13 12 htklovesglimmer
Angel Scinie capitol 14 Redturtle433
Jake Kidd capitol 16 ashermizzou

The tribute images



Sword 100

mace 150

throwing knifes(5) 100

bow 75

quiver of arrows(10) 50

sickle 150

machette 200

dagger 50

knifes(3) 75

Katana 250

spear 100

trident 200

blowgun 100

(10)darts 50

Food and drinks

3 apples 50

soup 75

water(gallon) 25

Chicken 100

steak 100

Full course meal 500

dried fruit 50

Supplies and medicane

cut cream 100

burn cream 100

istant relief(3) 100

neosporin 100

bandage(3) 25

canteen 25

rope 50

antivenom 100

string 25

box 25

net 25

backpack 50

poison 50

balloon 10

whistle 20

match 50

sweater 25

blanket 50

tent 200

User tribute 1 2 3
shimmerfire Lea Spring 0 Stella Cardinas 400
ashermizzou Manny Bower 0 Dominic Allioli 500 Jake Kidd 500
Ms.finnickodair Aquamarine Blizzard 0 Andy Power 0
annamisasa Electra Bzurt 0 Arianna Ivory 0
flower101 Stormo Elect 0 Ark Jasper 0
finnickistheawesomeone Lorraine Bunker 0 Ronnie West 0
htklovesglimmer Quince Garner 0 Tark Lavange 0 Donny Sateny 0
Arielncook Autumm Avery 325 Charles Lourker 0
mysims Jade Sanjay 0 Kevin Ceenaway 0
tybomarq Trina Parker 0 Rex Parker 0
Redturtle433 Mia Lily 0 Angel Scinie 0
katniss Jane mellark Persephone Hart 0 Jamie Deir 0
Xx-frozen fire-xX Aayla Airiana 0
NZ man123 Richard Wang 0

Tribute and Health


Lea Spring 0
Manny Bower 0
Stella Cardinas 100 15knifes,Food,Water,canteen,tent,
Dominic Allioli 95 Manny Bower,Lea Spring,Aqua Blizzard,Andy Power,Jack Kidd Mace,food,water,alot of other stuff
Elektra Bzurt 0
Stormo Elect 0
Aqua Blizzard 0
Andy Power 0
Louraine Bunker 0
Ronnie West 0
Arianna Ivory 0
Quince Garner 0
Autumm Avery 100 Charles Louker,Quince Garner Axe,food,water,matches,instant relief
Trina Parker 0
Rex Parker 0

Jade Sanjay 0

Kevin Keenaway 0
Mia Lily 0
Tark Lavange 0
Persaphone Hart 0
Ark Jasper 0
Aayla Airiannah 0
Richard Wang 0
Jamie Dier 0
Donny Sateny 0
Jack Kidd 0
Angel Scinie 0

Charles Lourker 0

In need of

The arena is a small forest around the cornucopia.But at the edge of the forest.There is a vast ocean filled with sharks and electric eels.5% healthy fish.Sorry bout charles on the chart

Bloodbath Day 1 I will Kill you stella!!!

Lorraine Bunker(day 1 on plate)

I cant believe that I am in these games.I hear the countdown start.Before I know it 5...4....3....2....1!!!!!I run for the cornucopia and i get a blowgun with 5 darts.I turn around and Stella throws a knife at me.I dodge it by leaning back.I shoot a dart at her.It hits her in the shoulder.I run for my life out toward the woods.On my way out there I meet up with donny and I steal his pack without him knowing.I find a big tree with vines on the sides.I climb the vines and I decide to camp there.

Dominic Allioli(day 1 at cornucopia)

I found a mace Finally!!!!! I run out the cornucopia and look for Jack and Manny.Where could they be.The girl from the capitol runs by me and i hit her it the hip with the mace.causing her to fall down.I am about to finish her off when a kife enters her skull.STELLA!!!!!!! I run away a fast as i can.That girl hates me.Heaven knows why?

Autumm Avery(day 1 in the cornucopia)

I see the Quince kid hiding in the cornucopia.I touch his shoulder.We agree to ally.I look for charles.He scares me and yells,"The girl from two is weak at the moment...kill her"I see her slay the 11 boy...Ark i think it is.I run at her with my axe and swing at her.She does this insane move and pins me too the floor,,"What you going to do now 12 year old!I struggle to get her off.But i cant!I look at charles and scream NOW! He pickes her up and throws her at a tree.How much can this girl take.Charles runs at her and hits her head with a rock.Just then I realize she isnt by the tree.I feel a knife enter my back.I scream.Charles yells,"I will kill you Stella!"He carries my almost dead body to the woods.If I dont get some instant relief I am doomed.

Rex Parker(day 1 woods)

Me and Trina after finishing off the boy from 5.We run for our lives.He was supposed to be in the career alliance and the careers are prob looking for us.

Lea Spring(After bloodbath)

The careers consist of Me,Manny,Dominic,Aqua,Andy,and Jack.We discuss who we killed and some other things when.The girl from 6's head pops out a bush.I shoot an arrow at her.Her cannon signals and the other boysgive me a high fives.Aqua looks jealous.BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!BOOM! I see the faces in the sky and I am not supprised.

28th Angel Scinie-Knife in the head by Stella

27rd Ark Jasper-Knived in the stomach by Stella

26nd Ronnie West-Beaten to death by Rex and Trina

25st Persaphone Hart-Stabbed by Andy's trident

24th Mia Lily-shashed head by Dominic's mace

23th Kevin Keenaway-Knife in heart by stella

22th Donny Sateny-sharp rock in eye by Aquas slingshot

21th Arianna Ivory-Arrow in neck by Lea

20th Stormo Elekt-Speared by Manny

Make sure to post more advice for tributes!!!!!

Day 2 Better not play with fire!!!!

Charles Lourker day 2 in forest

BEEP!!!BEEP!!!BEEP!!! I wake up to see 3 sponser gifts with notes.Quince stumbles to his first.He opens it and looks inside.I realize that 1 is for me and 1 is for Autumn.I look inside and find some instant relief for autumm.I give it to her.Feeewww she is safe.I give her her stuff and I read my note.He tells me that me and autumm are going to burn the forest and......we need to kill quince.I look at quince and get 1 of 3 knifes.He is reading his note.He looks up terrified.He gets his stuff and runs away.I run after him but he gets away.Autumn looks a me.,"Are you ready to burn this forest I got matches."We wonder through the forest and start to light things on fire.I hear a rustling in a bush.I throw 1 of our matches in there.The bush bursts in flames.A girl screams at the top of her voice.Her canon blows.I look at her carcus to see who she is.I cant tell.I hear autumn scream,"get out the forest.The flames are spreading fast.We race to the ornucopia.Uhhh O the careers are there.I throuw a match into the cornucopia and it bursts in flames.The careers yell and run out.They race to the forest we didnt burn...yet at least.

Aayla Airiannah day 2 up in a tree.

Me and Jamie make a good team.We have already made a big camp and stuff.Jamie made a bunch of traps and I made a nice little fort in a tree.We could win if we tried...or i could win...or 1 of us could win.I hear a beeping,i got a letter from my mentor and some instant relief.But jamie didnt get anything and she needs help or she may die.I get my arrows and poison them.Life is good.

Elektra Bzurt day 2 cornucopia area

Wow the careers ran off.I decide to make the ash of the cornucopia my base for the night.I relax and set up camp."Stupid careers"I yell out loud.,"NOW!!!"All the careers pop out of a bush and run at me.Weapons in hand.I pull out my sling shot and I shoot the boy from 4 down Boom!!! The gorl from 4 isnt happy.I grab the trident from andy and i start to battle them.Aqua runs at me and shoots me in the stomach with her slingshot and i fall.Aqua runs to finish me off,but I trip her and she lands on my trident Boom.Jack Kidd looks at me and sends his katana into my eye,Boom!!!

Richard Wang day 2 forest

Omg!!! I see someone my partner or ally says to me,Tark.It is the girl Jamie from 13.She throws a sword at me.I dodge.Now she is armless.Tark shoves his sword into her heart and she falls to the floor.Before she dies she screams,"Aayla boys 10 and 12 killed me.Good lu......Boom!!! O great the maniac from my district is after me.

19th Jade Sanjay burned to death

18th Andy Power Rock in stomach by elektra

17th Aquamarine Blizzard Trident in chest

16th Elektra Bzurt Trident in stomach

15th Jamie Dier sword in heart from Tark

CONGRATULATIONS TOP 14 Lea Spring,Manny Bower,Stella Cardinas,Dominic Allioli,Lorranie Bunker.Quince Garner,Charles Louker,Autumn Avery,Trina Parker,Rex Parker,Tark Lavange,Richard Wang,Aayla Airianna,Jack Kidd



Day 3 Feast of Blood

Tark Lavange

The feast just started and all tributes have to go or they will die of some way.I dont want to take that risk so I grab my stuff and try to wake up Richard.He wont wake!! WAKE UP!!!! I scream.He still doesnt wake.I see a swarm of bees coming.I say goodbye to Richard and I run off to the cornucopia.I turn around and the 1000 bees dont wake him up either.They just put him too sleep! BOOM!!!

Jack Kid

The careers hear about the feast and we run to it at full speed.We were slow.All of the tributes are here already.Wow we missed out.Big Time.

Rex Parker

Me and trina wait for someone to pick up our bag.The boy from 6 grabs the bag and runs, but the pair from 7 walk up to him and he falls BOOM!!!!!!Then the boy from 10 grabs the bag and drinks some water.BOOM!!! It was poisonous!

Lorraine Bunker

The girl from 1 and 2 got ARMOR what the hay hay! I grab my bag.A knife and a peice of bread...ok I guess.I pull out the knife and throw it at the girl from 12 BOOM!!!!!!! I feel a sharp pain enter my back.Stella stands over me and she says,"You thought u would get away well too badBOOM!!!!!!!

Stella Cardinas

I killed girl from 5.Careers are next.Manny sees me and charges at me.Fool.I throw a knife into his skull boom!The careers run off.What cowards!



Trina Parker

Ahhhhh!!! I hear Rex scream.I get up instantly and scope the area for him.I finally see him running from Lea.She has armor? I aim my knife and throw it into the opening where her eye is. BOOM! Rex looks back confused.He thanks me and we walk off weapons in hand looking for other tributes.

Dominic Allioli

The twins just killed Lea and we are not happy about it! I see them running away from there old camp.Me and Jack sneak up behind them and I sendmy mace into Trina's head!Boom!Rex yells and turns around.He stabs Jack in the stomach with his trident BOOM! I send my mace at Rex.He dodges and runs off into the mist!

Autumn Avery

We wonder through the woods and look for other tributes.Just then Stella pops out of nowhere and throws 3 knifes at us.I dodge and throw my axe at her.It hits her right in the arm and she scurries off."Well that was close Charles...Charles"Boom! I dodged the knifes,but he wasnt so lucky.I run in her direction with charles knifes.


At the cornucopia the girl from 2 andthe girl from 7 are fighting,as the boys from 2 and 8 fight.Dominics mace knocks Rex's trident out of his hand.He sends the mace into his chest!BOOM! Dominic is helping Autumn and fighting along side her.Stella pulls out her last 2 knifes and throws them at the 2kids BOOM! 1 of them is dead...CONGRATULATIONS TO THE PAIR FROM 2 FOR WINNING THE THE SPONSER GAMES!!!

And for the top 4 tributes Rex,Autumn,Stella,and dominic...THEIR USERS CAN USE THEIR TRIBUTES THEY SPONSER IN OTHER PEOPLES GAMES!!!! Just not mine:)

thanks for playing,

sincerely dedejacob

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