6 SPOTS LEFT!!!!!!! HIIIIII Iit is dedejacob and i decided to do a quell :)

This is a normal quell but that there are going to be 6 tributes from each district.YOU ARE ALLOWED 6 TRIBUTES :)

Tribute template: (stolen from cloveismywife)


Districts: (List three, in order of preference)






Appearance: (If you make a lunaii, I will use it, but I have to reformat it so all the pictures are the same size. Sorry, I'm OCD about that stuff) (Also, if you submit a picture that isn't a lunaii, I will make a lunaii out of that picture) (You can just give a description and I will make the lunaii)

Weapon: (List 1 or 2)

Strengths: (besides weapon) (List 2)

Weaknesses: (List 2)

Fears: (List 1)


1.No getting mad if your tribute dies

2.Please post advice for your tribute or it will die


4.Have fun

Wikia Contributor A submits this first:

jeanne lady

district 1

good at all weapons


training score 11

Just because someone else submits a tribute, doesn't mean you should either. As long as you put time and creativity into your tribute, they be drafted

Also You will have 1000 dollars in sponser money to help your tribute out.DISTRICT 1 FEMAEL IS OVER HERE ===============================================================>

The tributes
district gender name age height weapon user 1 f :Kristina Lewis 18 5'9 knife Ducky35
1 f Jules Vanity 17 5'8 Chained Beartrap, Sword Nommyzombies
1 f May Watson 15 5'5 Axe, Throwing Knives TJ812
1 m Dylan Kane 17 6'0 sword trident TJ812
1 m Mario Weeks 17 5'11 Sword, sometimes knives Cato's son
1 m Bkake Monror 18 6'0 spear Xx Kaitlyn xX
2 f Adele Yellowknife 17 5'6 Knife, Blowgun poptart
2 f Kiki Roc 12 5'0 bow and arrows and sword kikeverdeenreed523
2 f Zoey Carter 16 5'7 axe, Knives tj812
2 m Matt Hadley 16 5'6 Spear, Sword tj812
2 m Blake Hatch 17 6'0 swords, knivies tails8
2 m Raven Mockingjay 16 5'4 sword Raven HG
3 f Ava Microft 15 5'5 electronics, or knife The outsider
3 f Isabella Electrode 18 5'8 spear sword prezziesnow9704:)
3 f Emerald Infinity 17 5'7 throwing knife, axe prezziesnow9704:)
3 m Frisc Lecour 15 5"2 Blowgun, Mace poptart
3 m Calculum Infinity 12 4'8 snares,axe prezziesnow9704:)
3 m Sparks Fly 16 5'5 machette axe prezziesnow9704:)
4 f Almary Wintes 17 5'6 daggers,blowgun zokab96
4 f Amber Agate 17 5'9 bow , spear Xx frozenfire xX
4 f Sarah Smith 18 5'6 bow and throwing knifes tails818
4 m Jettson Watorbutom 17 5'11 sword and knifes hungergamesfanatic21
4 m Jag Aqua 15 5'7 trident, net Theman77
4 m Cody Freshwator 18 6'4 bow, throwing knifes hungergamesfanatic21
5 f Marisa Engell 13 5'4 knife blowgun cloveismywife
5 f Dysterin Braine 15 5'5 knifes Xx kaitlyn xX
5 f Kat Lai 14 5'0 blowgun Xx frozenfire xX
5 m Veto Magnate 13 5'4 nunchucks TBWPT
5 m Sasha Erudite 15 5'5 sword poptart
5 m Nicholas Carter 16 5'7 sword, bow and arrows Fiske Cahill
6 f Sherley Shairstart 13 4'11 Blowgun or Bow/Arrow hungergamesfanatic21
6 f Swift Mage 12 5'0 Mace TBWPT
6 f

Detria Glace

14 5'5 Throwing knifes, blowguns annamisasa
6 m Kent Mitchell 13 5'3 spear epicnezzemily
6 m Drake Mordan 15 6'2 sword and spear Theman77
6 m Asper Dell 16 5'9 Axe and Blowgun TBWPT
7 f Aleyen Woods 13 5'2 Axe, Bow and Arrow RossinSA
7 f Virginia Jasmin 17 5'8 axes VDA1999
7 f Eclair Gloss 16 5'5 swords axedfox
7 m Carver Ainsley 17 5'8 axes,hand to hand combat HKTlovesglimmer
7 m Truffle Gloss 16 5'5 axes axedfox
7 m Carlos Millos 16 5'7 knife Cato,s son
8 f Kara Mainsly 12 4'11 throwing knives, dagger matia506
8 f Emily Tailor 14 5'1 throwing knifes, darts penguinlover:)
8 f Sai Kathma 15 5'3 Club, Sword Poptart
8 m Theo Clair 15 5'6 throwing knifes ninja toast
8 m Eli Dawn 18 6'3 bowie knife Theman77
8 m John Madrick 17 5'4 machete club Theman77
9 f Abigale Trintan 14 5'6 throwing knifes Clovejohanna
9 f Azylia Brake 13 5'1 axe Xx kaitlyn xX
9 f Yuna Besaid 15 5'3 Spears, awl annamisasa
9 m Lucas Rayden 17 5'7 bow, knifes Zokab96
9 m Ryder Blask 16 5'8 sword, fists Captainsv
9 m Tyler Clifton 16 5'6 knife bow Leapkit
10 f Reba Malandra 17 5,7 bow,dagger ninja toast
10 f Raven Adley 15 5'4 throwing knifes,stealth HKTlovesglimmer
10 f Ariella Mayer 15 5'5 Throwing knives, blowgun Hyta1000
10 m Osprey Pionus 17 5'8 Throwing Knives and Blowgun TBWPT
10 m Caden Hinter 15 5'9 whip knife Thena.airice14
10 m Charlois Matthews 16 6'1 swords wikia contributer A
11 f tatum riley 16 5'6 bow and arrow Xx Kaitlyn xX
11 F Daisy Fields 16 5'8 slingshot,bow HKTlovesglimmer
11 f Jackie Devilin 16 6'1 bow, blowgun Theman77
11 m Isaac Presko 16 5'6 Spear,Machete

Raven HG

11 m Michael Wheatflaugther 13 5'4 blowguns hungergamesfanatic21
11 m Charles Nikky 14 5'6 knifes Cato's son
12 f Gracia Reeve 15 5'6 throwing knifes epicnezzemily
12 f Kayleigh Reed 12 5"1 axes and throwing knives kikeverdeenreed523
12 f Savannah Storm 14 5'3 snares wire ninja toast
12 m Coaltin Miners 16 5'4 Spear or an Axe (only throwing) hungergamesfanatic21
12 m Andy Jernova 13 5'3 throwing knifes andy1854
12 m Bruce Foster 14 5'5 axe, sword Mysims
13 f Katie Aubree 15 5'6 throwing knifes, dagger HKTlovesglimmer
13 f Katrin Calix 14 5'6 explosives, wire Xx frozenfire xX
13 f Delilah Lexus 15 5,5 dagger explosives ninja frost
13 m Braydon Reed 16 5'10 scythe VDA1999
13 m Alan DeGenari 17 5'9 knifes,spear Theman77
13 m Kallum Briget 15 5'5 wire Thena.airice14
c f Paulina Fortuna 18 5,6 Spear, Axe cloveismywife
c f Sophia Roseman 14 5'5 blowgun, darts HKTlovesglimmer
c f Shervert Wonkalandia 18 6'3 blowgun thehungergamesfanaitc21
c m Ari Malonet 12 4'5 spear axe hyta100
c m Julian Leopoldo 13 5'0 axe poptart
c m Domino Opaque 18 5'11 sword knifes Angrybirds12




Ok so 6 tributes are reaped from each district and now here comes the twist... will decide 3 tributes from the reaping poll who will be safe from harm,but the other 3 will have too fight a peacekeeper in the glass box.The tributes will each have the weapon of their choice.And they will fight the peacekeeper.No limit on how many dies.When the peacekeeper is dead the remaining tributes will move on to the next stage.The peacekeeper will have a shotgun that takes 5 seconds to reload.(just saying some districts all will die and some none will die and in some districts some will die and some will survive)





Jules Vanity

I wake up in my house alone with no friends or relatives to help me,but I dont care My mother died a couple years ago and left me.So what i took her jewlery and i am able to live.I put on my expensive cloths i got from the gold gems in the coller of my mothers wedding dress and I eat some breakfast and head out to the reapings.A few girls see me and give me dirty looks and scurry off.I never made friends. You dont need friends to survive but to survive you need fans and because of my appearence getting fans wont be a problem.At the reapings I walk up too a girl and I decide to have a little fun. I grab the back of her hair and yank on it. She looks back at me and pounces at me.Awwww you missed too....."Just then she takes her fist across my face and she runs.Coward!At the reapings our escort comes out on stage and she looks thrilled about the quell.She explains the 84 tributes and then she mentions a peacekeeper battle. Very peacful! She reaches her hand into the girls bowl and pulls out 3 names "Kristianna Lewis,Jules Vanity,and May Watson!"Kristianna is that twerp I faught earlier!"Blake Monor,Mario Weeks, and Dylan Kane"3 blonde boys walk on stage.Our escort says"Now who will fight the peacekeeper"She reaches her hand in the bowl and pulls out 3 names!

Kristianna Lewis

"Ok our first tribute safe is....."Mario Weeks!!!"Mario walks to the train."Next up is May Watson!"May walks to the train happy as a bunny!And Finally...."Dylan Kane!"Dylan sheds a couple of tears and steps into the train!Wow so Me Kristianna and Blake are fighting the peacekeeper!We are leaded to a glass box and the peacekeeper is standing in the middle.We are all given the item of our choice.I get a knife.3...2...1...BONG! The peacekeeper shoots at me and i dodge and slash his leg.Blood pours out of his leg and I am proud of my attack! Jules tries a fancy attack but she fails and the peacekeeper bashes her back with hit shotgun and she falls to the floor.This diva was being a jerk to me earlier so it is time to get her back.I throw her at the peacekeeper and in astonishment he shoots his shotgun right at her BOOM!!!! Haha that is what she gets.Blake throws his spear threw Jules and into the peacekeeper while he is off guard and we hear another GONG!!! We made it!

District 2

Adele Yellowknife

I wake up in a cold bed in the attic and wonder what the hell is wrong with my life.My parents would humiliate me,so I ropped out of acadamy and started training with an elderly woman who won a while ago.I loved her so much.She was the nice mother i never had...but 2 weeks before the reaping she died on a horrible flu and it was the worst thing that ever happened too me. I wouldnt stop cring and then my parents and siblings actually seemed nice and considerate when they saw me.I told them the whole story.My parents were so mad and my siblings shocked.My parents whipped my for 3 hours that night while my siblings just laugh.I head to the reapings before they whip me again.Just because 2 of my siblings are victors, doestn mean i have too be exactly like them too win.At the reapings our escort walks on stage and says the quell.WOW 84!!!!! My brother won to 48 people This will prove that i am better then him. I wait for the names of the girls "Kiki Roc!","Zoey Cater,and I VOLUNTEER I SCREAM!" I walk up on stage and see my parents angry faces in the audience.I see them mouthing "U will die!"You cant win"Now for the boys "Raven Mockingjay" "Matt Lewis" a blonde kid that looks like Cato walks on stage, and finally "Blake Hatch" And now lets see who will fight the peaceeeper! First person safe is "Raven Mockingjay!" Next safe is...."Zoey Cater" and finally the last person safe is......"Adele Yellowknife" YESSSSSSS! I stay outsid eto watch the battle unlike the other 2 who ran into the train hoping to get to the dinner table first. I watch as the 3 step into the glass case where the peacekeeper is.3...2...1 GONG!!!! All of a sudden a bullet fires and hits Kiki in the shoulder, but she lives.Out of anger i guess Matt runs in a circle and slashes the peacekeeper's head off in one slash.Woooooow!He is good.I hear a scream in the audience when i turn around i see one of the bullets went through one of the air holes and hit my dad in the chest.That is what he gets.

District 3

Frisc Lecour

The tributes being reaped are....Frisc Lecour, Emerald Infinity,and Sparks Fly.Crap I am fighting this peacekeeper. I see the peacekeeper holding one of the fully automatic shotguns our neighbor makes. I step in the box with the other 2 kids. I wait for the gong with a mace in my hand. Emerald and Sparks both have axes. 3....2...1 GONG!! I run in for the kill and swing my mace at the peacekeeper. He dodges and fires the gun. No recoil. I fall too the floor hoping that i can still survive. I start too fade away and the last thing I hear is a gunshot and the screams of the other two tributes. Boom Boom Boom!

District 4

Amber Agate

I grip Almary's hand and hope we both are safe. We have bonded the past few weeks.We became best friends. I see the 3 slips of paper and see one of them has? a capitol A on it. One of us is going in there. I grip Almary's hand tighter and hear the 3 names, Cody Freshwator, Sarah Smith, and Almary Wintes. I slowly release her hand and step off too the side. I watch as Almary runs at the peacekeeper with her dagger. Right as the peacekeeper is about too shoot her, Sarah shoots an arrow into the peacekeeper's shoulder. He screams and shoots her instead. Boom! Almary thinks fast and jabs the dagger into the peacekeepers neck. He screams and falls. Boom! Almary runs out with Cody. We head too the train. I am so happy Almary is alive, but one of us may have too die. Or both...

District 5

Marisa Engell

"Hahahahah!" I say quietly too myself as I set up a prank on my sister.I used tarp I made too make it look like she was in a dorm on a train.She wakes up and says,"What the heck happened too my room."I make a little chuckle and tell her that we were reaped and that she passed out when her name was called.My little sister bursts out crying.My mom runs in the room wacks me with a wooden spoon and comforts my sister.I cant believe she fell for that.She is only 9 so how could she be reaped. I leave without saying goodbye too my momma and on the way too the reapings I see a girl with weird Pink Hair."Whats your name punk!" I say with a cruel voice."Kat Lai"She says in a raspy voice.You disgust me.With that stupid hair" She starts too tear up but stops.She is used too it I guess. I leave thinking she isnt worth my time and all of a sudden a cute guy Martin walks up and kisses her. What does he think he is doing kiss that geek.He should be kissing me. Out of jealousy i punch her in the face and storm off I arrive at the reapings and wait for our escort. Our escort walks on stage and ignores us and goes too the bowls. District 5 hasnt gotten a victor in 39 years. Ok for the ladies."Dysterin Braine" A girl with blonde and blue hair walks up."Jeremy... I VOLUNTEER!!!" I scream without thinking. Jeremy is the only person who understands me and i cant let her die.Jeremy runs and hugs me and she steps back in her row."Kat Lai" HAHAHAHAHHA!!! That girl will die in 5 seconds.Now for the boys. "Veto Magnate" ,'Nicolaus Carter" and "Sasha Erudite!" Wait wait wait isnt Sasha a girls name.He he! Now the people going into the box are..."Kat Sasha and Nicolaus!" I walk off too the train and stare and wait so I can see Kat's death.

Kat Lai

I enter the box and see a peacekeeper standing in the middle.I look directly at Sasha and we decide to team up. Gong!!!! I run too him and we stick together.Nicolaus runs at the peacekeeper and kicks him in the leg.He stumbles and shoots up at Nicolaus.Nick dodges, but the bullets reflect off glass and nail him in the back BOOM! I run at him with Sasha and he pins the peacekeeper too the floor while I grab the gun from his hand. I scream 'FIRE!" Sasha jumps up as the bullets blow the peacekeepers body to bits.I cheer and run out the glass box and district 5 is going crazy.Everyone is except for Marisa. I proved that brat I am strong.

District 6

Swift Mage

Uhhh! Peacekeepers hate me bacause I murdered some kid. Big deal they murder 27 each year or more.? The three tributes are, Swift Mage,Sh*t, Drake Morgan, and? Sherley Shairstart! We all step in the big glass box and await the Gong of death. I? start too daze off until I hear a gunshot.I hear Shirly screaming into tears. One bullet hits my leg. I scream. Out of anger and hatred over the capitol and start too swing my mace at him. He starts shooting everywhere. BOOM!BOOM! I start to bash his head in for killing my partners. He drops dead. I won this battle. Our escorts says i can leave. But i just sit there and bash the peacekeeper some more. I get up and drop my mace on him and walk out whispering too his ghost"Go too hell."

District 7

Virginia Jasmin

A leaf blows through my window and brushles the back of my neck waking me from my deep sleep. The only reason why I wake up so early is the fact that today is reapings and not to include the fact that I might be fighting a peacekeeper. I look at my axe shaped alarm clock and see the time. 5:45 AM! Dang i am up early. I creep downstairs trying not to wake my snoring father. I climb a ladder on our Oak in the backyard and relax in my tree house. The only place I feel safe. I run my fingers through my dreamcatcher on the wall and pray for the best. I walk back inside and watch some TV. Of course they are airing previous hunger games. I remember this season. The boy from our district placed 3rd. But what does it matter, he is still dead. My dad walks in and comforts me."Dont worry. You wont get reaped." His soothing breath calms me. I have some toast with some spices we saved for this day. 7:30 and time too go. I hug my father and head too the reapings. Not far. From the stage you could see mt dads house.At the reapings I meet up with one of my backup friends Eclair Gloss with her brother Truffle. Our escort is the weirdest girl ever. She fangirls over Effie. She walks on stage in heels and a big pink afro.Hmm I wonder. After that stupid video she says"I just love that!" Ok creepy. Ok for the ladies."Virginia Jasmin. Nooo this cant be.Daddy Promised."Aleyen Woods"."Eclair Gloss" "I volunteer!" Truffle screams a little too early."Carver Ainsley."and "Carlos Millos. She announces that Truffle, Eclair, and Carver are fighting the peacekeeper." I sigh in relief. I head for the train.I look at my self and see my daddy stab himself in the head.I burst out crying.How could this happen. My life is the worst. What is worth winning for.Wait I will win.For Daddy."Look what you did!You got tears all over the new rug!"the escort yells at me.O gosh.

Truffle Gloss

Eclair and I walk in the glass box holding hands. The peacekeeper looks tough and mercelous here. 3...2....1 GONG! I dart and sweep the peacekeepers leg.BOOM! Someone died.Who? I see a fist ram into the peacekeepers arm. Before I check if it was Eclair or not.Another smoke of bullets rise. I hear the peacekeeper screaming.I swing my axe in his direction. His arm rolls over and settles by me foot."EWWWW!" I scream. I throw my axe in the mist and hope it hits him.BOOM! I look and the door opens.Few the peacekeeper is dead.I look in the mist and look for Eclair. All i see is a living Carver with bloody nuckles and a peacekeeper with no arms, punch marks, and an axe in his head. Wait ECLAIR! I scream. I find her dead body on the floor."No,NOOO!" I scream. Another peacekeeper walks in to pull me out. I give what was Eclair a kiss on the forhead and wander too the train with tear stained eyes. Eclair is rooting me on in the clouds.

District 8

Theo Clair

I wonder about the commotion going on in my former home district 13. This is the first year since the year that 4 victors emerged. District 8 has been very victorious in these past games. Whitney, Theodore Welch, and also Jonah Thompson! I hope that i can win this year if i get reaped. Esther walks up too me. She is deaf so she uses sign launguage to communicate. She shows me the symbols for. "Good morning! Good luck today. Last year was her last year in the reapings so now I am the only family memeber in the reaping poll. I wave goodbye too my adopted mother and head too the reapings. I hear the words Twist....Quell....Peacekeeper...battle! Based off of what i heard. This will be a hard quell too win. I look for my sign assistant. She comes running in late and explains the quell. O god the peacekeepers are after me. If they see me I am dead. For sure. She signs me the 3 girls reaped. Emily Tailor is a beautiful girl with platinum blonde hair. Kara Mainsly is a weak looking girl with red hair put up in a ponytail, and Sai Kathma is an asian girl with lighter brown hair. She must be super smart. I suddenly hear my name. I start to panic, but I step on stage. I see Esther looking at the stage. She couldnt hear my name. When she sees me on stage she burst out bawling. John Madrick and Eli Dawn come up on stage. Eli looks like a giant. Basketball? Ok lets pray that i dont get picked. O no....

The three tributes are...ELI DAWN, KARA MAINSLY AND THEO CLAIR.

Eli Dawn

I step in the glass with a partially deaf guy and a weak girl. Gong! The peacekeeper shoots at Theo and just sits there shooting at him. Theo keeps on dodging and he shoots one dart at the peacekeepers knee.He turns too Kara. She screams and I decide too help her. I pounce on the peacekeepers back and try too strangle him too death.I dig my elbow into his spine and he lunges forward. Kara runs and Theo shoots a final dart into the back of the peacekeeper's neck. WOW! He is a threat.

District 9

Yuna Besaid.

Calm down Yuna Calm down! I was judt reaped for the peacekeeper battle with Ryder Blask and Tyler Cliffton.We all step in the box.I am gonna die,Im gonna die!? I grab my sword and hope that i can kill or even survive. 5...4....3...2...1...GONG! Our escort is really sarcastic so once the GONG sounds she starts counting-1....-2...-3...etc. I swing at the peacekeeper first. While Ryder side sweps him. He decides too shoot at Tyler, but tyler dives too the floor and the gun out the peacekeepers hand. Ryder starts punching the peacekeeper and before he stabbs him I jab my sword in his back. BOOM! We all exit. Ryder looks at me."You stole my kill! You better hope I dont find you in the arena!" Already an enemy who is the strongest boy in the district.

District 10

Reba Malandra

I look at Ariella and our mentor and think way too much makeup.Our escort informs us that all the girls are going in the box. The three boys jump around and head too saftey while we enter the box. I pick up a bow and wait for the gong....GONG! I dodge the first fire he sends at us. I look too my right and see the other girls survived also. Raven throws a knife and it hits him in the leg. While I load my arrow he shoots at her. she ducks but Ariella was standing behind her and she couldnt dodge. BOOM! I let go of my arrow as he turns too me and it hits him in the stomach. He vomits on the floor. Some of it touches my foot. I shake the vomit off my foot and Raven and I walk too the train. I will avenge Ariella

District 11

Michael Wheatflaugther

Uhhh my life is the worst! Yesturday the only person who loved me died. My grandma. I get out of my bead and make myself an egg omelet. My grandma made those the best. I never learned the secret ingrediant. I finish my lunch and head for the reapings and on my way one fo the bullies walks up too me."I heard your grammy died yesturday! I am sorry for your lose...wait no I am not! I am glad that you will be left at your trash heap of a home too rot like the little parasite that you are." I run away as fast as i can. People dont understand that words actually hurt people sometimes. I see our escort come on stage from like a couple blocks away. GOD I AM LATE! I run for my life and make it just in the nick of time. If you are late too the reapings you get your name put in the bowl 3x as much as normal. I hear our escort talking forever. Blah Blah Blah! OMG. so borring. "Tatum Riley, Jackie Devillin,and Daisy Feilds. Now for the boys."Issac Presko", Charles Nikky and I Volunteer! I scream out loud. I walk on stage and our escort asks me my name."Michael Wheatflaugther" Now she shuffles the names very poorly and draws 4 names...

The 3 tributes are Tatum Riley, Issac Presko, and Charles Nikky!

Charles Nikky

The box inside is cold and cruel. You can feel the hatred in the air as the peacekeeper steps inside.10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2...5 4 3 ..6 7 4 8.. GONG!!! What the hell is wrong with the person counting down the clock. BOOM! I see Issac's dead body lying on the ground. O no. I throw 3/4 knifes at the peacekeeper. He screams in pain and fires at the Tatum.She screams and tries too escape the blow but she cant. BOOM! I race for cover. He scans the box but doesnt see me. I throw my last knife...BOOM! The sad part of the boom is that the knife misses and that cannon was signaling the 20 bullets inside my skull.

District 12

The three tributes are...Bruce Foster, Kayleigh Reed, and Coaltin Miners c:

Bruce Foster

I look down at the floor as I step in the glass box. This peacekeeper I am fighting is my dad's best friend and a close friend of mine. He had his memory wiped. It will be hard too see him die. 3...2....1..GONG!! I sprint at him with my axe and swing right away. Coaltin attacks but misses. Kayleigh is crying in the backround.He aims at Kayleigh I tackle him too the floor. She looks at me with tears in her eyes. She is smiling. Coaltin lost his weapon when the peacekeeper shoots. Kayleigh throws a knife in the peacekeeper's and former friend's calf. He screams. Gosh make it stop. Coaltin starts punching him and I decide the best thing too do is end his misery. I behead him with my axe. Kayleigh throws up at the sight. I made it.

District 13

The three tributes are... Kallum Briget, Delilah Lexus, and Alan DeGenari

Delilah Lexus

I look too my right and see Kallum. His green fringe is epic. I give him the"want to ally look" He agrees as soon as the 1 sounds.GONG! I dodge the first shot he makes at me. Kallum runs at him but retreats. I have got this! I jab my dagger into the peacekeepers nack,but he has a neck guard on. He shoots right at Alan. He falls BOOM! I get raged that I snap his neck with that brace holding it in place. He coughs up blood on the floor and his cannon fires. Kallum and I have won this battle and I have an ally sweet.


The tributes reaped are Paulina Fortuna, Shervert Wonkalandia, and Domino Opaque!

Paulina Fortuna

I quickly hug my fellow tributes before the event happens.I step in with the other 2. Right as the gong sounds the peacekeeper pulls out a machine gun and suprises all of us. He fires everywhere. This isnt right. Why would they go hard on the capitol. Unless there is a twist. Thats it.  They want us dead for some reason. For an advantage? Or for sacrafice. I hear the others cannons and Before I figure the twist out, a bullet enters my stomach. I fall BOOM!


district 1
Kristianna Lewis Blake Monor Jewels Vanity(RIP)
district 2 Kiki Roc Blake Hatch Matt Lewis
district 3 Emerald Infinity(RIP) Sparks Fly(RIP) Frisc Leour(RIP)
district 4 Sarah Smith(Rip) Almary Whites Cody Freshwator
district 5 Kat Lai Nicolaus Carter(RIP) Sasha Erudite
district 6 Swift Mage Sherly Shairstart(RIP) Drake Mordan(RIP)
district 7 Truffle Gloss Eclair Gloss(RIP) Carver Ainsley
district 8 Eli Dawn Kara Mainsly Theo Clair
district 9 Yuna Besaid Tyler Cliffton Ryder Blask
district 10 Raven Adley Reba Malandra Ariella Mayer(RIP)
district 11 Charles Nikky(RIP) Tatum Riley(RIP) Issac Presko(RIP)
district 12 Coaltin Miners Bruce Foster Kayleigh Reed
district 13 Delilah Lexus Alan DeGanari(RIP) Kallum Briget
capitol Shervert Wonkalandia(RIP) Paulina Fortuna(RIP) Domino Opaque(RIP)


Ok all the tributes that died are being resurected and turned into peacekeepers for the hunger games. They will be armed with shotguns and all of them will ally. So there are careers and peacekeeper groups. Haha


The games are starting next weekend, so you can decide Alliances, advice, plans, etc. In the comments! Make sure you stay active...Or else BOOM!


Peacekeepers: Jewels Vanity, Emerald Infinity, Sparks Fly, Frisc Leour, Sarah Smith, Nicolaus Carter, Sherly Shairstart, Drake Morgan, Eclair Gloss, Ariella Mayer, Charles NIkky, Tatum Riley, Issac Presko, Alan DeGanari, Shervert Wonkalandia, Paulina Fortuna, Domino Opaque

Careers: Sophia Roseman, Raven Mockingjay, Mario Weeks, Adele Yellowknife, Kristianna Lewis, Kiki Roc, Blake Hatch, Matt Lewis, Blake Monor, Zoey Cater, Dylan Kane, May Watson, Amber Agate, Almary Wintes, Jag Aqua, Jettson Watorbutom, Cody Freshwator

Day 1 May blood be shed!

Drake Mordan(pre games)

My stylis makes me dress in a pull peacekeeper outfit, and he tells me about the arena. Sorta. He says that there will be 2 cornucopias. 1 for peacekeepers and 1 for tributes. Apperantly if a tribute touches the gun they get shot with a spear from a hovercraft. The sound booms for me too enter the "tube" and I do. I raise my head up too the sun and hope that i can win. The plate rises. My stylist gives me a thumbs-up! I look too my right and see Abigale starting at me frightened. She didnt expect me too comeback did she. I can barly hear the countdown over the commotion of the tributes. 10...9....8...7..6...5...4...3...2...1..0 GONG! My mind suddenly starts too hurt. Before I know it killing plans are transfered too my mine. I look at Jules and see her eyes turn red. I finally realize, the capitol is giving us the anger to kill.

Ava Microft

I grab a pack and throw it open. I grab the knife inside, zip the bag up, and start too run.I see the boy from 10 Charlios I think taking a sword to the kidney. Mario Weeks pulls out his sword and looks at me. I charge off running for my life. I hear a BOOM! as I see 3 bullets crash into Kara Mainsly's skull. Tatum Riley shows up in front of me and shoots her pistol at my head. I go all matrix on her. I throw the knife at her head. I look as the knife enters the small breathing section of the mask. It gets lodged in there and I know it is over for her. She starts too gag for air. She gets too weak too pull it out. I run while i have the chance. As I am running I hear her cannon. I close my eyes and jump into a field of wheat. I see a small hut surrounded by water. I see the water is poisoned by its green texture. I see a chest in the hut. I run and jump. I grasp too the edge of the hut and trow my show off when it touches the water. I am able to climb up. I look in the chest. A bunch of wire, some water, iodine, and a pair of walking boots. I am good for now

Kiki Roc

Most of the tributes are running. The careers gang up and chase off tributes Raven gets Abigale while I take out Daisy Fields. I look over the horizon and see the peacekeepers charging at us. With bullets flying we have no reason too escape. I see darts and knifes flying at them. I hear a couple of Booms and we run off into the jungle. We lose them but we lost some of our own. Blake Monor, Dylan Kane, Zoey Cater and Almary Wintes are missing. Amber starts too get upset over Almary. We will see who died tonight. When we find a big backpack under some leaves. I open it and find everything we lost. They are filled with what we need. We also find some wipes for Amber who is crying like a lunatic

CalCulum Infinity

It is only Isabella and me left at the cornucopia. We grab the remaining stuff there and head off when  Sasha pops out and swings his sword at us. I run for Isabelle. She is the fighter.I pull out an axe and throw it over my head. I guess he dodges. I fell a numb feeling in my side. Isabelle starts too cry. I snap out of my daydreaming and see a gash on my side. I cant feel it, but it looks bad. Everything starts too fade. I whisper the words"Win!" as my life ends right there.BOOM!

Sai Kathma(night)

The anthem plays and I see who died today. Dylan, Blake Almary Sarah Tatum and some others i dont care about, but alot of careers and peacekeepers died today. Sweet!. I set up camp in a tree and drink the small portion of water i had. I hear footsteps walking toward me. I sit as still as I can. I look down when I smell smoke. I see the evil face of Zoey looking up at me with matches. She set the tree on fire. I plan too jump down, but she is armed and I am not. The tree cracks and I fall into the flames at the base of the tree. I try too get up but i know it is over. I look up and quietly cough out a goodbye too my family and I fell the flames hit my heart. It stops...BOOM!

place name day killed by killed from
56 Charlois Matthews 1 Mario Weeks sword in kidney
55 Kara Mainsly 1 Tatum Riley Shot in head
54 Tatum Riley 1  Ava Microft Sufficated
53 Abigale Trident 1 Raven MockingJay sword in head
52 Daisy Fields 1 Kiki Roc Arrow in heart
51 Dylan Kane 1 Drake Mordan Shot in chest
50 Almary Wintes 1 Chrales Nikky Head bashed by back of gun
49 Blake Monor 1 Sparks Fly sniped in head
48 Ariella Mayer 1 Adele yellowknife Dart in neck
47 Sarah Smith 1 Matt Lewis Spear in head
46 Calacum Infinity 1 Sasha Erudite Sword in side
45 Sai Kathma 1 Zoey Cater Burned alive

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