Hi these are the gladiator games,What is going to happen is that the tributes are reaped and then they are shipped of to an arena before training.There will be 4 arenas.The four tributes from each district will be divided.One tribute from each district will go to one of the four arenas.The tributes will fight.Only 8 come out alive.
















NAME age personality weapon allies skills weakness backstory extra user
1F Joo Yun-hui 13 She's a stuck up brat, and she's also a bit tempermental. Machette, throwing knives. careers She's good at throwing knives, and great at handling a machette. Has never. EVER. starved. AT ALL Yun-hui has been living in the lap of luxury since she was 1. hour. old. She's a spoiled brat that always gets her way, no matter what. She has a lot of maids that do everything for her, and she doesn't know her purpose except to sit there and get gigantic pedicures. Heavyrotation
1F Ruby Jackson 16 Can be really sweet, arrogent, sarcastic Bow and arrows Careers Running, stealth, most weapons, aim with a bow Hiding, climbing trees Ruby was always surrounded by boys. Wheather she was in career training, school, or just at the store, boys flirted with her. None of them had a chance. Ruby liked what seemed the only boy who didn't like her, Birch. She told him how she felt the day before the reaping. Birch asked her to be his girlfriend. Ruby declined and told him she was going to volonteer. Birch liked Ruby and he gave her the necklace she is wearing as a token. Pierulesnotyou
1M Jasper Cypress 18 : He is a very funny, humorous person. People find him very easy to get alog with and enjoy being with. He isnt good at getting personal though and prefers to joke about things rather than face out talk about them. Spear, Sword and Axe careers He is fast, very fast. He isnt your typical strength career but is more fast and tactical. He is a great climber. He is very skilled with weapons such as an axe and spear. He is very intelligent an strategic, when he joins the careers he plans to be the strategist rather than the leader. He is a great cliber of both trees and cliffs and could also keep pace with any chase he makes. He isnt the strongest career. He prefers strategy to brawn. He also is unable to swim, due to never wanting to learn. He prefers to use close range weapons due to his terrible accuracy. His worst weapon is a bow, and is closely followed by Throwing knives. better be beetee
1M Hwan Kwa-yoon 16 He's cheery and bright, and also the kind of boy that girls would fall for. Bow and arrows, sword. careers He's good at dancing and carrying heavy things. He can sometimes act like an annoying JERK. Kwa-yoon has good grades at school, but he's not that popular.He's practically a nobody at school. His parents are poor, so he works part-time at a local restaurant. The girls from his squadron go to the restaurant just to see him. After work at the restaurant, he goes to training for Careers. He was reaped, but no one volunteered for him. HeavyRotation
2F Emerald Cudon 17 Seductive, mean, harsh, evil, and a lot of bad things. But she could be sweet, loving caring with the people she loves Bow and Arrow Careers Swimming, lying, fast, seductive, getting what she wants, beauty, knives, and archery Not getting what she wants, starving, craves attention, bold headed, and jumps to conclusions She is really popular in D2. She is very sneak and getting what she wants. She met Gravin and it was love at first site. They were inseparable until she found out that Gravin Hates the Capitol and the Games. Once she found out she dumped him and hates his guts. She was going to tell everyone about Gravin hating the Games, so he can be punished and teased. Then she thought of something better. She was going to sabotage the reaping. She wants nothing more than to make sure Gravin dies a slow and painful death, and becoming victor. She paid a lot of money for making sure Gravin's little brother gets reaped. So Grain would volunteer nate777
2F Radiance Vixen 17 Ruthless, mean, quick, smart. Bow and Arrow careers smarts,plants,and making poison easily tempured Pound the alarm
2M Gravin Prepter 18 He is really nice, kind, caring, understanding, and protective Sword and brutal strength Yes, but not with Careers and not Emerald Fast, smart, strong, swimming, and climbing Protective, can be loud, starving, and protective His parents had him at the age of 18. Before he was born His father died in the Games. So he grew up father less. He had a step-dad but they weren't close. He has a half-brother he would do anything for. He met Emerald and things change, there was no sadness in his life. They dated for about 3 years until he told her about his hatred for the Games and Capitol. She broke up with him and now he knows she hates him. For the reaping Emerald volunteered, which was weird because she always said she would volunteer when she was 18 not 17. Then His brother was reaped, and he knew what was happening. It was a life threatening setup for him to go in the Games with Emerald, and he took it anyways for the sake of his brother’s life. still kinda loves emerald nate777
2M Ryan Sokitine 17 Really nice, likes to joke, falls in love with cute girls all the time, mean if you get him angry Hand to hand combat, spear Careers Running, hand to hand combat, most things with weapons, climbing trees, swimming Camoflage, stealth Ryan's parents always ignored him. They always liked his sister more because she was older. Ryan sometimes would get angry and they would hit him. He ran away when he was 11. When Ryan spoke to his sister she acted like he didn't know him. He attacked her and he was throw into a school for people who couldn't control themselves. Ryan trained for the games and volonteered. His parents never cared that he left. pierulesnotyou
3F Isa Guard 13 A shy girl who rarely smile. She likes being alone and dosen't say that much. Because of that people usually underestimate her. People think that she's a daydreamer but she's actually very observant. She has a good memory. bow and arrow,and knife in close combat Bow and arrow shooting, edible plants, traps, edible animals, climbing Can't svim, no trust, brute strength Her parents used to hit her a lot but one time went too far and she got an ugly wound on her chin. because of that she was moved to her older sister house to life there. Her sister didn't have job but she hunted in the forrest to get food and money. From that point Isa helped her hunt and eventually learned how to skin animals shoot with bow. Annamisasa
3F Lucinia Avery 18

Luci is very calm, serious, and observant. Once she meets people though, she is cute and funny. She has a wonderful sense of humor, and can see the bright side of nearly everything.

Most talented with knives, great at making traps, and tying ropes. Preferrably districts 11, 13, 12. Luci is very observant and clever- much like Wiress in that way. She is quick and crafty, and loves to invent things. She is very likeable, and makes friends easily if she really wants to. She can be shy, and doesn't like to kill younger tributes. Luci grew up with her family supporting the Capitol 100 percent. She has always wanted to rebel, and just get away from her life. She yearns to live in the lesser districts, as they tend to support rebellion more. Luci is more simple than most in her district. She has always been well-known at school, but itsn't the loud, social bug, partier most of them are. Luci's parents expect her to be an avid killer in the arena, as she is extremely talented, and she is very beautiful. But only they know, as she hides her true potential. Luci plans on escaping District 3 if she returns, and starting a life as a rebel. Katelyn Dantia
3M Mickey Mcalister 17 Confident but not cocky, violent, but sweet and caring. He has twin younger siblings so he has a special feeling for young kids, 12 year olds. He would lke to be in an allince with them so he can remember his siblings. trident carrers or breakoff with district and/or another district fast and strong falls for girls too easily 2legit2quit
3M Dexter Bolts 13 Intelligent, Perky, Nervous Wire Made Into An Electric Trap Or Tazer And Stun Gun Sleuth Being Alone son of beetee zakel
4F Drina Vox 16 Calm, cool, relaxed throwing axe careers is an amazing swimmer bad at climbing down a mountain Drina was a cool, relaxed person. She never had any family problems, just always a simple, un-complicated life. She trained with her brother, and loved the outdoors, and most of all, the beach. She loved the crunching of seashells under her feet. She never felt stress, until her mother died of cancer. She thought her relaxed world was shattered, but she told herself she has to be strong for her dad, and her brother. She missed her mother, but remained strong, until she was reaped. Now she had to be even stronger. Nommyzombies
4F Quiley Glade 16 Elusive, seductive, bubbly, Trident, throwing knives Careers Very charasmatic Bad at navigation. pound the alarm
4M Wave Oceanus 13 ATTACK!...If necessary knife careers Fishing and knife fighting Very unable to adapt Dysfunctional family, never been loved tomgurl22
4M Skyler (sky) Fishter 18 Nice,calm,lethal bow and arrow Climb,hunting,knows allot about water and how to find it hates killing was part of a secret academy only some people get to go, Growing up he hated being a career cause he hates killing..unless it means saving his life district4isamazing
5F Sophie Lea 15 Sophie Is Extremely Smart And Clever, She Is Very Nice And Likes To Help People. bow and arrow careers speed,smart Swimming, Strength, Careers. Sophie Used To Live In District 3 But When Her Big Brother Died In One Of The Games And Her Dad Was Shot By A Peacekeeper They Decided To Move To District 5. She Is The Smartest Girl In Her School And She Hasnt Met A Lot Of People In District 5 Because They Moved There 2 Months Ago. Besides Her Dead Brother Sophie Has A A Younger Sister That She Trains Herself. HTKlovesglimmer
5F rose Jones 16 loony,crazy anything pointy her bro Is a really good fighter gets very excited whenever she see's something pink everyone in her family (mom, dad, and five siblings) all wear a different color. Her entire family is a LITTLE crazy. Her included. IluvGale
5M Sparks Jones 17 cruel anything that can hurt people. his sis is a really good fighter The color blue same as his sister IluvGale
5M Ian Vance 12 Cocky and sarcastic. Nice to none Throwing knives, spear None Great aim, very intellegent, plant knowledge, swimming, running long distance Climbing, hand to hand combat Ian's father was a victor and always pushed him to be a tribute too. He started training when he was 7. He skipped school a lot to train. Nobody liked him because Ian took after his father and was cold to everyone. Ian's father died when he was 11. He volinteered when he was 12. Pierulesnotyou
6F Rose Gratline 14 Sweet and helpful at first. She is evil and sadistic when you really get to know her. Doesn't trust anyone but her twin brother. Knives (mostly throwing knives), bow and arrows None unless her brother Camoflage, amazing aim, swimming, Climbing, plant knowledge Her dad left her mom when Rose was 6. Rose is the oldest of 3. Her twin brother is 7 minutes younger and her other brother is 9. When her mother died when she was 10, she took over as head of the family. They were moved to an orphinage and it turned her cold. She was never the same again. She is scared about what would happen if her and Mike died in the games. Pierulesnotyou
6F Sally Silver 16 Quiet, harsh sword speed Plants everdeen7000
6M Mike Gratline 14 Really nice and friendly, is always helpful, very trusting, exact opposite of Rose Hand to hand combat, sword Maybe anyone Climbing, running, camoflage, strength Swimming, too trusting His father left when he was 6. Mike is the middle child. His twin sister is 7 minutes older and his younger brother is 9. Mike's mother died when he was 10. He was so sad he never argued with Rose about who should be in charge. They were moved into an orphinage and Mike noticed his sister change. Now he was the nicest in the family. Mike could never imagine life without Rose. Now his worst fear is becoming true Pierulesnotyou
6M Reggie Miller 14 funny blowgun Anyone Fast and long range weapons ( blowgun ) not very stong 2legit2quit
7F Emma Pincell 12 Sweet, adorable, innocent, shy, understanding, loving, etc Brains Yes Climbing, knowledge of plants and trees, poison plants, fast, hiding, and smart Lack of knowledge for weapons, swimming, not big, not strong, and can get scared when alone Emma's family consist of her older sister, and mother. Her father had died in a tree fall accident a few years ago. Since then things went downhill, money wise. When her older sister, Ella, got a boyfriend, Bran, things started to lighten up. He helps put food on the table and knows the pain of losing a parent, because his mom died. When thing started to lighten up Ella became very sick and died a month before the reaping. So when Emma was reaped there was nothing but the wind to take her place as tribute. They are very poor and still rely on Bran's help to put food on the table. Nate777
7F Megumi Nanisano 12 She's very bright and cute. She also is a girl that boys would fall in love with. Bow and arrow, axe. takuri She's very good at using an axe, and using a bow and arrow Always TOO concerned about her siblings, especailly Takuri. Megumi has a lot of siblings, four each. Her siblings are Takuri, age 14, Haruka, age 8, Ryoko, age 6, and Toyata, age 3. Her parents had a lot of debts in money since they loaned a lot, and they ran away, looking for the "Takogawa" Treasure somewhere. Ever since they disappeared, Megumi had to drop out of school and be the housewife of the house. She's been taking the kids to school, and after school Megumi and Ryoko would go hunting in the woods beyond the fence and trade whatever they had at the market, while Haruka took care of Toyata while Takuri slept. She was reaped. Heavyrotaiton
7M Takuri Nanisano 16 He's normally cheery, but he's been dreary since he worked at the factory. axe megumi Strong, always has a positive attitude. He falls asleep most of the time because of factory work. Takuri has 4 siblings, both aged 12, 8, 6, and 3. His parents had a lot of debts in money since they loaned a lot, and they ran away, looking for the "Takogawa" Treasure somewhere. Ever since they disappeared, he's had to work a lot of part time jobs, but only night-shifts. So he's falling asleep at school and his grades are falling. He eventually got kicked out of school, but he still works at the factory. He volunteered for Megumi. HeavyRotation
7M Bran Quager 18 Sweet, funny, and protective Any type of Axe yes, of course with Emma and anyone who doesn't put Emma in danger Axe fighting, axe throwing, axe anything. Strong, fast, smart, climbing, and knowledge of plants and trees Swimming, can be too protective, can be loud, and hiding Only has his father and Ella's family to look after. He met Ella's family when they were starving. He helped them put food on the table and he fell in love with Ella and her family. He would do anything to protect them. When Ella died he swore to make sure her mother and sister would never hungry and be hurt. He vowed on his life to protect her. So when Emma was reaped, he volunteered to bring District 7 a victor...... Emma Pincell. Will give his life for Ella's family Nate777
8F Demi Campbell 14 She is very selfish, she believes everything belonogs to her, She is kind of bratty and self-centered, she loves to be by herself and make songs about what is happening, She was abandoned at the age of 8 and has been living in an abandoned building since, she finds ways to get food in the woods, she built her own blowgun and kills animals blowgun NO She works alone, she is fast,climbing, blowgun, stealth, she keeps calm with her songs, ruthless She works alone, strength, making friends, swimming ( she can but it takes her a long time ) 2legit2quit
8F Madison Madson 16 Sweet, Charming. Poison, speed Weapons, fighting. Likes Olive because he's strong & smart, though Olive can't say the same. Madison can't really attack people, but she can kill them in other ways. Everdeen7000
8M Navy Wonders 16 He is confident but caring. He can lose him temper, and then it isnt good. He has a kind loving side that may be hard to find/ get out of him. Close range ( sword, axe, spear) Careers/ big allience Attractive, muscular, fast, Smart nose bleeds, and falls for girls 2legit2quit
8M Olive Odessey 16 Kind of mean & bossy Weapons, killing. careers Weapons, killing. Madison Spends him time in the house of one of the victors, Mariano Sanchez. Mariano teaches him everything he needs to know to survive in the Games. Hates Madison. everdeen7000
9F Sienna Goldsmith 15 Sweet,Loving,But Sometimes get a little angry sword Sneaks around to get everyone as her allie Charms the boys so they fall in love with her so they wont kill her,climbing, Swimming,JabberJays,losing a freind Sienna Was oncebeaten by her creul mother and father. She somehow escaped into an orphanage in 9. she was adopded by a sweet family.She Survived the horrid first 5 reaping years but then she broke down in tears when her name was reaped. Her old family visited her and the las words they said were "We Still Love You" seisieo
9F Aletta Harvard 17 Very cruel and ruthless. Snappy, arrogant at times, at the biggest flirt back in 9. She is boy-crazy, and she's gotten more boyfriends than countable. She loves making other girls jealous, and loves their priceless reaction after their boyfriends flirt with her. She's very seductive, and inside is very damaged because of her past- which is why she is the way she is. Bow and arrows, spear, mace. Preferrably Careers if they accept her- Otherwise the Capitol or high up districts. Nobody weak. She never misses her target with her bow. She is clever and agile. Not a great swimmer although she can swim, not getting her way. Aletta's father was a Peacekeeper, so she grew up wishing she were in the Capitol. Aletta would fit in with them well, and she used to be very soft, kind, gentle, bubbly, and happy. But in a tragic field-fire, her father died trying to save other citizens. Her mother later commited suicide, leaving Aletta alone and distraught. For two years she hated everything and cared about nothing, but she developed her arrogent, bitter attitude after she got her first boyfriend who made her that way, and since then she can't help but love boys. On the tour, the Capitol loves Aletta because of how perfectly she fits in with them. Aletta mistakes seeing her father, and wonders if she is related to him since her father is straight from the Capitol. katelyn dantia
9M Keeta Starr 12 Hates killing, refuses to kill, only survive spear Excellent swimmer,spear fighting : no idea about about plants normal life tomgurl22
9M Nicohlas Bawett 13 Shy, Quiet, and Kind Spear and Throwing axes. Anyone that will accept him, definately not the careers. Plant knowledge, healing, hunting, very smart, can sense when people are near, and is very good at telling if people are lying. Also good at hiding and swimming. Can make his own weapons. He's kinda socially akward. Afraid of heights. Nicohlas was origonally from district 5, but when his mother died giving birth to him, his father always blamed Nicohlas for it. Nicohlas started hating his father, who resorted to achohal and started to beat Nicohlas, so he ran away to district 9. During the time period at which he ran away, he learned a bunch about living in the wilderness. He was starving, so he built his own spears and axes. He learned to hunt and he knew about plants. He now lives in an orphanage in district 9. hungergamescatchingfiremockingjay
10F Bonnibelle Leneria 15 Shy nice sweet awkward throwing axe Anyone hiding climbing -attacking Weapon-anything I can figure out siesieo
10F Myristal Haze 14 Alluring, seems innocent at first and her beauty makes people fall for her, and then she turns aggressive. Halberd Any male tribute that falls for her. charm,lying gets too aggressive and mean at times pound the alarm
10M Gunner Pann 15 Bloodthristy ( 3 brothers have been in games and have all been killed by the D 1 male) He is sort of crazy and messed up in the mind, He is very sarcastic, and very good at lying, He is oddly very smart Sword or knives maybe He is smart, fast, and is strong for his small posture, He is vengful so he will never give up, and he can camoflauge but he doesnt like too. He is crazy and wants to kill all d 1 males no mateer what to avenge his brothers 2legit2quit
10M Gabriel "Gabe" DiPablo 13 He is very caring and wise for his young age, He loves to talk and be with older kids to feel cooler. He Has had 2 sisters and a brother go into the games and get killed. For this he is very vengful and is ruthless when it comes to killing. He is very violent and will do anything to get home to his mother who has already lost 3 of her 4 children to the hunger games. Sword, knives He is small and fast. He is kind of strong but he can be overpowered. If he developes a relationship he will protection them at all costs and treat them like family. He can climb and can swim if needed to Is very interested in girls, he will do anything for someone^(could be strength and weakness) Not the strongest. 2legit2quit
11F May Morningleafs


Although she is young her mental age is much above. She is very responsable. She normally friendly and happy but can be very serious and alert when needed. She loves to climb and climbing is the only thing that she can do to awake the 14 years old girl hiding inside of her. A machete and a sling. Machete figthing and sling shooting. Climbing and edible plants. Can survive under most conditions, Hiding Hand to hand combat plus it is almost impossible for her to kil tributes under 12 years because she has siblings about the same age. She has two younger siblings and her father is dead. Doing to the fact that there were only one parent she grew into an adult even though she was only 14. After school she worked in the most overgrowed orchards. She would climb in and use a machete to cut through branches and other plant-stuff if there was too much weed/branches in the way. She wasn't paid that well but it was enough plus she learned how to use a machete Annamisasa
11F Lauren Hill 12 shy and quiet Knives(non-throwing) and spears Districts 10 and 11 Plant identifaction, Climbing and Camoflage Swimming and Hand to hand combat Rueflower
11M Alex Secrea 17 Quiet, but caring. Like Thresh. Machete, Sickle, Knives, Or Spear. Lauren and May. Plants, Hiding, Hunting, Healing, Climbing, Swimming, Running, and Lying. Cares for May and Lauren from his district, they are like little sisters to him. He has 5 younger siblings, all girls, all under the age of 9. His family was very poor, so when he turned 12 he had his name in the reaping 38 times. By the age of 17 he had his name in there 93 times. When he was old enough he started to work in the orchards, he has always been strong so he carried up to 300 pounds of fruit a day. He longs to be back home for his sisters. hungergamescatchingfiremockingjay
11M Stewart Wilson 14 Cocky and persistant Sword No one Plant identifaction and hand to hand combat Swimming and trusting people rueflower
12F Eileen Shade 18 She dosen't talk that much and no one really know that much about her. She is a person that normally thinks about her own survival first. She rarely smiles. She is best alone and don't do good social.She dosen't talk that much and no one really know that much about her. Pretty much everyone thinks she creepy and mysterious so people are rather intemidated by her. She is a person that normally thinks about her own survival first and is very coldhearted. She rarely smiles or shows any emotions. She is best alone and don't do good social. She dosen't trust anyone because of her rough life and can be rather unforgiving knifes for throwing and close combat Trap-making, Knife throwing, edible plants and animals, survival skills, climbing, sprinting Social, making people like her, thrust, svimming Eileens parents abused her the ten first years of her life. After the goverment found out she was moved to live with her mother sister but she was crazy and could not really take care of child. Eileen was starving when she finally realised that if she wanted food she would have to get in from the woods. In the start she would only eat fruit (that she knew was not posionous) from the trees but after praticing for a year she got good with the throwing knifes. One day when she got home her aunt stood with a knife screamt that she should leave. Eileen knew this would go away eventually but decided that it was to dangerous to stay. At night she snuck in and took what she needed for a camp and then left. She chosed a place where she had never seen any game and made camp. Against the odds she manage to survive at her camp and she would only leave her forrest when it was reaping day. Annamisasa
12F Natasha Grey 15 She usually very serious and coldhearted. However there is some people that can make her smile and she is very protective towards them she might even sacrefice her own life. She analyses everything and feels best when knows whats going on. She dosen't like to small unless she really likes the person she is talking to) talk and would rather get to the point fast. Throwing knife edible plants/animals, sneaking, stealing, being unoticed when she wants to be unoticed. She will probaly not socialies herself and the only way she get an alliance is if any ask her. Also there probaly be one person in whole arena that likes and can't kill probaly someone young and friendly like her brother. Brute strength. She lived in the seam with her father and 4 year old brother Horace. They never had enough money and her father's legs was ambutated because of a mine accident. Because of that her father could not work and they starved. Until one day when she was 10 years old she had ventured into the hob to trade she saw a stand with dead wild turkeys. She walked passed it and without anyone noticed she took a turkey leg and put it in her back. She felt bad stealing but Horace was always crying for food and she could not let him starve to death. After a while she stole more stuff. Only food and only from people who could afford it. She never took more than unoticeable. She kept her feelings on the inside. She became coldhearted towards everybody but Horace and her father. Ones she stole a knife. She began to practice knifethrowing with it and eventually tried to hunt in the woods. It went well and then she hunted instead of stealing. After that she started opening up towards others than her close family. The last object she stole was a book about edible plants/animals. She stole it 6 months before the reaping annamisasa
12M Peter Saited 13 Loud, Funny, and Sarcastic. Slingshot. anyone Animals, hiding, swimming, climbing, and lying. Knows nothing about plants, being hungry, and is very loud. His mother is a nurse and his father is a miner. He is an only child. He is one of the richer district 12 people and always had enough to eat. He only had 2 votes in at the reaping. hungergamescatchingfiremockingjay
12M Reece Descade 15 Annoying, Loud and abnoxious. : Blowgun.


Plants, animals, climbing, and escaping. Swimming, being loud, and making friends. His parents were both exacuted for stealing when he was little, so he lives in an orphanage. He is always hungry and never has enough to eat. hungergamescatchingfiremockingjay
13F Addriana Marsk 16 Strict, ,unthurstfull and unforgiving, once you have done something bad she will never forget it, coldhearted however she has a certain desire to protect people and she is very loyal to her friends. She shows no emotions. Blowgun and a whip Blowgun shooting and whipping, dealing with pain, edible plants and animals, running Thurst, forgiving, leaving someone she considers "innocent and not guilty" (that would most likely only be 12-year-old) or an allies behind and save herself. She was in a group of rebels in d13 and the group send her to d11 when she was only 14 (that was where she learned about edible plants). She helped out for another group of rebels but broke her leg and was send home. The leg healed completely to weeks before the reaping. At the day of the reaping a 12-year-old girl was reaped. When the escort asked if there where any volunteers, the girl and Adrianna got eyecontact and then the words 'I volunteer!" just flew out her mouth before she really though. She knew her somehow and her eyes seemed so familiar. When she said goodbye to her loved ones she realized that the girl mother had been in the group of the rebels she was in but had been totured to dead to get information about the group.... Annamisasa
13F Suki Sakura 17 Coreagous, Brave, Sympathetic Anything He Can Snipe With her sis Sniping Her Connection To Her Brother, Haru Sakura His Sister And Him Were Living Together Zakel
13M Haru Sakura 15 Forgiving, Honorable, Anything He Can Snipe With his sis Sniping His Connection To His Sister His Sister And Him Were Living Together Zakel
13M Bob Taple 17 Quiet, Shy. knife knife Speed, Climbing. Everdeen7000
C F Marceline (Marcey) Waikiki 17 sexual/outgoing/go-get-it/FLIRTS A LOT knife -guys flirting not afraid to kill falling easily for boys Marceline always had someone flirting with her and always had a boy falling for her.She would be getting so use to it that's what her personality became. She hates boys that are always bugging. Her. siesieo
C F Carol Alter 16 Happy, nice bow and arrow Faking, weapons. Someone finding out her strategy. Expert with weapons but doesn't let it show. Lives with her 21-year-old brother Josh. Used to live in District 1 untill the Capitol killed her parents, so she & Josh ran away to District 8. Everdeen7000
C m Ray Brown 17 Brutal, rude machette Weapons, Proxy-Connection: keep-alive Cache-Control plants Secretly trains for the Hunger Games. One day at school found out Carol's strategy. Will kill her during the bloodbath Everdeen7000
C M Joshua Smith 16 : Outgoing, Helpful, Caring, Happy. Spears, Small Sword, Knife. careers Strong, Fast, Climbing, Showing Off. Size, Swimming, Blood. Josh Has Always Lived An Easy Life. Enjoyed Hanging Out With Friends And Had Buffets For Dinner Every Night. But When His Father Lost His Job For Hitting A Peacekeeper They Went Poor. Josh Became The Main Provider For The Family By Getting A Small Job Just Until His Father Got A New Job. Now Josh Has Learned To Appreciate All The Small Things In Life. HTKlovesglimmer

THE ARENAS Make sur you give your tribute some advice.It may save their lives!

Each arena will have 3 weapons in the middle of the arena.THAT IS ALL.The tributes will be wearing a normal arena outfit,but there will not be a number to represent the district.The tributes have no idea who is from what district.

arena 1-A simple colluseum

arena 2-a huge platform floating in the air with trees and one river down the middle

arena 3-a small ghost town

arena 4-a huge stone maze

Arena 1 tributes //////Arena 2 tributes/////////arena 3 tributes////

1 jasper cypress /////1 Joo Yun-hui//////////1 Hwan Kwa-yoon ////Ruby Jackson

2 radiance vixen //////2 Emerald Cudon//////2 Ryan Sokitine///Gravin Prepter

3 dexter bolts //////////3 Lucinia Avery//////////3 Mickey Mcalister/////Isa Guard

4 drina vox //////////////4 Quiley Glade/////////4 Wave Oceanus/////Skyler Fister

5 spark jones ///////////5 rose Jones///////////5 Sophie Lea//////Ian Vince

6 reggie miller //////////6 Mike Gratline//////////6 Rose Gratline////Sally Silver

7 Bran Quager /////////7 Takuri Nanisano//////7 Megumi Nanisano/////Emma Pincell

8 Navy wonders////////// 8 Olive Odessey////8 Madison Madson/////Demi Campell

9 sienna goldsmith //////9 Nicolaus Bawett////9 Keeta Starr//////Alletta Harvard

10 Bonnibelle Leneria //10 Gabriel DiPablo///10Gunner Pann//////Myristal Haze

11 lauren hill //////////////11 Alex Secrea///////11 Stewart Wilson/////May Morningleafs

12 natasha grey ////////////12 Eileen Shade////////12 Reece Descade////Peter Saited

13 suki sakura ////////////////13 Haru Sakura////////13 Adrianna Marsk///Bob Taple

c marceline waikiki /////////////c Ray Brown////////c Carol Alter////////Joshua Smith



Saki Sakura(before the arena)

"NNNOOOO HARU"I scream once I see my brother get onto a different train then me.What is the point of the 4 arena thing.I wave goodbye to district 13 and get on the train.Our presidents face pops up on the TV."As you all know the tributes will be shipped off to 4 arenas.So i will show you wo is in each arena.In no piticular order here they are."The anthem plays and i see a symbol the means arena 1.I see a nerdy boy,i see a picture of me,and a bunch of other people.I also see a boy with completly blue skin and a girl with cat ears.One of them is the capitol i guess.I Iaugh at my jokeand the nextthing i know.We arrived at the hovercraft.My smile drops completly.I leave the train atep into the hovercraft.Some people are already in it.I close my eyes when I see the needle.I see 2 girls with bright hair laughing at me for closing my eyes.I hate them.I hope they arent careers.

Jasper Cypress(in the arena)

Wow!The arena is a big colloseum.I lookup in the sky and i see a floating platform.What the heck is that.10,9,8,7...O the countdown is already starting.That was fast.6,5,4,3,2,1 GONG! I race for the cornucopia.I see a single creat in the middle.I get there first and I open the create.I find 3 spears.I grab one and i throw it.BOOM! I look to see who i killed.I killed Navy.Radience runs up to me with a spear and she tried to stab me.i am a career!"I scream because i know she is a career also."Why do you think i am killing you"She is a traitor.I feel a sharp pain in my back.I fall to the floor.I close my eyes for the last time.BOOM!|

Bonnibelle Leneria(At the "cornucopia")

RUNNNN!!!!I hear Sienna Goldsmith scream.I run off into the tunnels with her.All the careers got the weapons.Radience has 2 and Drina has 1.Jasper is dead.We move all the way through the tunnels till we get to the boundaries.We start to relax.i decide to peak out the tunnel to see if the careers where coming.I check.I see nothing by the create at the center.In the tunnel in front of us i see Marcie running.Next i see Drina and Radience.I get out of their sight and motion to sienna to be quiet.BOOM!!They got her.I hear Radience and Drina laughing around the corner.I hold my breath,so they wont hear me.Next I start to hear rummbling.I the back collom of the colloseum is collapsing.We have to move.I yell,"Sienna lets go!HURRY!"I run out of the tunnel forgetting about Drina and Radience.They werent there.They must have fled.BOOM!! I look for Sienna when I hear the boom.I see that the wall behind me collapsed.....on top of her.I will win this for you Sienna.I run into a different tunnel and i see a figure.It is Natasha.We decide to ally.I will not let this ally end like my last.

Reggie Miller(In a long tunnel)

"Hello I have an announcment."I hear Ceasers voice over the loud speaker."There has been a big change only FIVE will die."I now have an even bigger chance of surviving :D.One more dead tribute an i live.BOOM!!!!!"YES!" I scream.When the hover craft picks me up I look to see who was killed.I see Natasha, Radience, Drina, bran ,Suki , Bonnielle,Lauren,and Dexter!I guess Sparks died.Bummer he has a sister in another arena.Next stop training then the arena.

14th Navy Wonders(D8)

13th Jasper Cypress(D1)

12th Marcie waikai(CA)

11th Seinna Goldsmith(D9)

10th Sparks Jones(D5)

Arena 2

Ray Brown(On starting plate)

I know i will get to that box at the center.The careers are all girls in this arena.Easy!Gong!!! I race for the box.I am the first one there.I open it and find 1 machette,1 bow with 5 arrows,and a slingshot with 5 sharp rocks.I grab the machette and run off.I feel a sharp rock enter ny back.I want to scream in pain but I keep running.I araive at the edge of the stream.I can see all the other 3 arenas from here.Suddenly Mike jumps from a tree and tackles me too the ground.I am stuck.He starts to stangle me.I let out a soft voice "Ally"He stops choking me.I feel so relieved,when a sharp rock hits me in the temple.I am in so much pain that i release my grip on the machette.I hear a soft female voice,"Give me the machette and i will let you live"I see Mike toss themachette to a group of girl.The careers.Joo Jun pulls the rock out my temple and back and gives her slingshot to quigly.They walk away.I look at mike and i tell him that I have to leave.I close my eyes and wait to die.BOOM!!!

Emerald Cudon(Wondering through forest)

The careers and I are looking for some tributes to kill.It has been 30 minutes and 1 tribute is dead.Wow!We finally come across a tribute.Eileen.She is standing by the edge of the platform.I see Quigley run at her.She screams at the top of her lungs.Quigley pushes Eileen off the edge og the arena.We watch as she falls into arena 3.BOOM!!!!Just then a branch comes and hits Quigly in the back.I grab her arm so she wont fall and we start to run away from the edge.I see Alex holding the branch.He sees the machette.He swings the branch like crazy.I fire an arrow at him,but he hits the arrow with his branch.Wow?He will make a good opponent in the games.We start to run away.I see Joo jun accidently let go of the machette.Quigley dives for it.Poor her.Alex stabs her with the stick ad he takes the sling and the machette.BOOM!!!

Lucinia Avery(By the middle)

Only 2 left!Hopfully not me.I see a rumbling in the bushes and I see a boy running out of the forest.He is Gabe.Alex pops out of nowhere with a bloody branch and starts to rip him apart with it.He scares me.BOOM!!Gabes cannon blowed but he wont stop slashhng his carcus.He finally stops and all that is left is a bloody mess.He looks my way and starts to me.I jump out and run for my life.I see some other tribute as i run.I come across a nice cave and i hide.I check if he is fallowing me.Boom!!!! I see a pink mess on the floor near by.I guess alex found rose.

14.Ray Brown(C)

13.Eileen Shade(12)

12.Quigly Glade(4)

11.Gabe DiPablo (10)

10.Rose Jones(5)

Arena 3 Rose Gratile

What the!?A girl just fell from the sky.I look up and see a floating platform.6..5..4...3..2..1....7/8..6/8..5/8...4/8..3/8...2/8..1/8...GONG!!! I race toward the box at the middle of the ghost town.I open it and find......nothing? Without hesitation I run out in one direction without looking back.I see a small house quite far from the box and i race inside.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Reece is sitting right there.He stands up and starts to run at me. I run upstairs in the house and i find a little chest. If there is a weapon i am safe but if anything else i am doomed.I open the chest........1 knife.I aim my knife at reece when he gets up. If i miss i am doomed. I throw it........................................BOOM!!!!!!!! I got the first kill of the arena.Scary.

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