Hello Panem I decided to make a hunger i need tributes please submit your tributes in the comments below I WILL LOOK AT YOUR PAGE IF YOU WANT ME TOO.Please give me an image of your tribute.I like lunaii if you send me an image that is not lunaii i will change it into lunaii.Please hurry and enter in tributes.Sorry if your tribute dies
.sorry for grammer errors :p Please dont be mean if i do bad povs im only 13 and my worst subject is writing



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Example of a lunaii










district name age weapon weakness skills extra allies
d1g Aurora Gold 14 Sword over confident can slash up a man i n seconds careers
d1b James Will 12 spear or slingshot scaredd of daark gets too close to allies spear or slingshot aim camoflauge hiding token a locket with pic of family careers
d2g Star Evening 14 sword and knifes thinks she is all that great with a sword careers
d2b Juan Flint 18 Sword,Spear,Throwing Knives,Smart,Strong,Fast isnt a good tree climber Sword,Spear,Throwing Knives,Smart,Strong,Fast careers
d3g Jennifer Davario 14 ranged hates killing can us any ranged weapons careers
d3b Zap Cowen 13 wire brains Not strong or very tall Smart, fast and Agile
d4g Aqua Waves 14 tridents rope net climbing

trident net and rope tieing

token mini plastic trident careers
d4b Surf Waves 16 Tridents,Tieing nets,rope-tieing over protective over aqua Tridents,Tieing nets,rope-tieing token mini plastic trident careers
d5g Raine Winters 15 bow and arrow gullible bow and arrow Richard
d5b Richard Morter 15 Knives over protective of Raine Knives In love with Raine Raine
d6g Starships Luni 18 twirling baton knife She always think she's the boss. She could maneuver a twirling baton to hit people in the critical spots, and she's pretty good with knives. blade
d6b Blade Emmett 15 twirling baton sword sword he could maneuver a twirling baton to hit people in the critical spots, and he's pretty good with swords. loves starships starship
d7g Holly Bark 12 axe kudo,moves slow when hungery axe has fast reflects loves kudo kudo
d7b Kudo Pine 15 axe Holly and the dark axe tying knots loves holly holly
d8g Brianna Hunt 13 martial arts she doughts herself She's very skilled in the martial arts, and she's a good runner
d8b Blake Everpose 15 none hes weak and foolish belives he has no talents
d9g Cirena Staford 13 mace,throwing knives she cant swim mace knives likes Xavier Timinathi xavier baren
d9b Xavier Calice 13 sickle not so strong fast agile likes cirena cirena Timinathi baren
d10g Allianna Whittle 16 throwing knives Not the strongest, quite bad at making huge decisions Very, very fast, agile and cunning, also has a very good sense of character and wither someone is trustworthy or not, really good aim district partner nicknames allie
d10b Azlo Turns 14 axe whip sling shot Gets Confuesd Easily - Smaller - To Nice Attractive - Stealthy - Trustable district partner
d11g Lena Bow 17 Katana Friendship, love, trust, ect. Climbing, swimming, and best at hand-to-hand combat and sword fighting. She has a strange obsession with flowers. Whenever she trusts someone she gives a flower to them. Flowers keep her sane. And she is very kind hearted
d11b Alex Donaque 12 Sword, okay with a bow and arrow Being called names, his sister being bullied. Thinking of times where he was suicidal His ability to judge character, strong and easily able to get away from pursuers careers
d12g Timinathi Talia 16 mace bow and arrow knives cant climb mace bow and arrow knives likes baren baren xavier cirena
d12b Baren Carver 17 sword axe slow runner strong likes Timinathi Timinathi xavier cirena

Happy Hunger Games.Good luck to all the tributes.

  • Aurora Gold(ms.district1)
  • JAMES WILL(jww)
  • Star Evening(meatballover)
  • Juan Flint(Juani3336274)
  • Jennifer Davario(Jenniferdavario)
  • Zap Cowen(mysims)
  • Aqua Waves(ms.finnickodair)
  • Surf Waves(ms.finnickodair)
  • Raine Winters(ms.finnickodair)
  • Richard Morter(ms.finnickodair)
  • Starships Luni(Heavy rotaition)
  • Blade Emmett(Heavy Rotation)
  • Holly Bark(heavy rotation)
  • Kudo Pine(heavy rotation)
  • Brianna Hunt(heavy rotation)
  • Blake Everpose(heavy rotation)
  • Cirena Staford (Rainfacestar)
  • Xavier Calice(rainfacestar)
  • Alliana Whittle(mysims)
  • Azlo Turns(the hungery games)
  • Lena Bow(Hungerisnottwilight)
  • Alex Donaque(mysims)
  • Timinthia Talia(Rainfacestar)
  • Baren Carver(rainfacestar)

The Reapings District 1 James Will

Another reaping day already.I cant belive it.I walk up to the stands and they prick my finger.Our escort walks on stage and he shows us a video.This is my first year so i am interested in the video,but i see that everyone else older than me look as bored as ever.She finally stops talking and she reaches her hand into the girls bowl.

"Aurora Gold"

I hear some boys screaming,"NNNNOOOO!"She was the pretty girl at our school.

Our escort reaches into the boys bowl and what will she say,"James Will"I smile and scream,"Yes"but really my heart sinks to depths unknown.

            Juan Flint district 2

I wake up in the morning and remember what i said last night

"My life is awful.I have 1 friend and thats it.Everyone else hates me with all their heart."

At the acadamy "life is awful" for me.Every morning I go to school with 5 dollars for lunch and i come home later at night with no money and an empty stomach.When i actually get lunch i sit at the corner of the benches and some jock will push me off and take my food.Girls dont even look at me,well except for 1 girl.Star Evening.One day i was sitting at an empty table after acadamy and she comes along and i learn shes the best friend i could ever have.She doesnt talk about me around her friends.I dont want her to be as unpopular as me.

I get dressed and walk to the reapings.Were all standing waiting staring.Our escort says boys first.Kinda shocking.She reaches in and pulls out a card.Juan Flint.I glance at Star I see a look of fear in her eyes.She mouthes the word im sorry then yells I volunteer.Everyone gasps.She stands on stage and starts to tell the kids how amazing I am.I start to cry.For once in my life i feel popular.

            District 3 Jennifer Davario

Another normal day I wake up,get dressed,eat a bowl of cereal,and lay back in bed.Thats when i realized ITS REAPING DAY OMG IM GOING TO BE LATE.I scurry through my closet and find my best outfit.I quickly put it on.I dont even have time to do my hair and makeup.I quickly burst out of my house yelling bye Mom.I get to the reapings and i realize im the only person with messy hair.How embarizing.Before i know she already has the females card in her hand.She pulled out my name.I walk on stage looking horrible.Very emparising Our escort looks at me with hatred. "HAVE SOME PRIDE JENNifer"Super embarising.I see my mom and she starts yelling Jennifer Davario why did you forget to eat your vegetables I put by your cereal.I yell at her I got reaped.Right then and there she faints.EMBARISING.Our escort calls up the boy Zap Cowlen He walks up without saying a word and we wonder into the justice building.Our escort scolds at us saying were the worst tributes ever and that she wants us to die first.Great out of all the people my escort hates me.

              Aqua Waves District 4

"WAKE UUUUUUUUPPPPPP!"I wake up with Surf(my big bro)on top of me trying to wake me up. Im awake I yell.He says ok in a soft voice and he walks away.I get ready for the reapings.I have some toast and I walk with Surf to the reap arena(as we call it)What if we both get picked.I say.Then Surf says"Then ill win easier"I know hes just messing with me.I'm the strongest in the family.Its time to split up I say and we walk to our half of the reap arena.I see a new escort.For 30 minutes she goes on and on about her life.Our old escort would skip the speeches and video and get right to the reapings.I wonder what happened to him.She is done talking.and she picks up a card off the floor"Aqua Waves"What WHat WHAt WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I walk up stage and i see Surf running up.This is ridiculous your the worst escort ever you follow none of the rules.Then she yells what is your name"sURF WAVES my bro replies.Our new and dumb escort yells our male tribute is Surf Waves."I hope you die in a hole Surf replies.We walk off into the jusice building.At least one of us will die.It will not be me!

              Richard morter district 5

I wake up at 3 am and i get ready and head to the reaping.I love being in the front row.Im the first one there.Neext my secret crush arives RAINE.We chat till the sun rises.Our esort walks out on stage early with a piece of paper.Omg she is practicing her lines lol.Finally its 8 and she goes threw the normal speech.I hear Raine yelling NNNOOOO.I turn around and see her being carried by a peace keeper to the stage.I was to bust dozing off i didnt hear her name get called.I am about to volenteer when i hear my escort"Richard Morter"well that was easy.

           Starships Luni district 6 

I am the leader of a special rebelious troop and we had to pose pone our most important meeting for the stupid reapings.I wear my most horrible dress and walk out my house for the reapings.I know I wont get picked.I see this nerdy kid with a awful hat walking at me."whats your name beautiful.I'm Blade,the sharpest knife in the droor.Dumbest pun ever."Im starships go away."He says fine and he walks away.I am in the third row and I see Blade staring at me drooling.I suddenly hear my name'Starships Luni"I turn to my escort I am in the games I walk on stage and i see Blade yelling"I volunteer"We head into the justice buildung and we ally I have an ally.For now.

            Kudo Pine district 7

I wake up and I go check on my girlfriend Holly next door.Shes not home.I quickly run to the reaping yelling her name and what i see is unberable.I see Holly fighting wth a peacekeeper.I run on stage and I ask what is going on.Holly looks at me and says Im in the games look at your watch.9:30.I was late for my girlfriends death sentence great.The peacekeeper says you are going in the games as well."WHY"Holly tells me that my name was picked before I got here.Great I have to compete with the love of my life.NO I will protect her.She will win.I SWEAR.

               Brianna Hunt district 8

Omg Yesturday I won my karate class contest on who is the best fighter.I hope my luck continues today at the reapings.I get on my bike and ride to my doom.Just Kidding.If i do get reaped I will FINALLY win for ditrict 8 after so many deaths.I arrive just in the nick of time.Our escort starts to talk and one screams shut up and get on with it.Everyone started to chuckle.Not me.She reachesher hand in a bowl.Bri Hunter.My bestie(I a girl named Bri hunter her best friend)is in the games so I decide to walk on stage and I say I m Bri Hunter but I would prefer to be called BRIANNA HUNT.She says ok and then says "Blake Everpose"O MY GOD I am competing with the worst fight er in karate.Too easy just too easy

       Cirena Straford district 9

UUUUUHHHH.Another morning away from my bffs Timithia and Baren.My dad and my boyfriends mom both got a job in district 9,so we had to move away.Life has been horrible ever since.Me and Xavier walk to the reapings.I am scared because both of us had to use tessera to buy houses.I sure hope my district 11 friend are doing better then we are.We arrive at the reapings and they prick my finger and i scream.I hate shot or any needles at all.BLAH BLAH BLAH video all the way from the capitol Blah blah blah.Here comes the interesting part."Cirena Straford"Right then and there I here I volunteer O NO.ITS XAVIER VOLENTEERING.I hope my distrrict 12 friend are doing ok.

      Azlo Turns disrict 10

I wake up and yawn and I realize it is the one and only reaping day.I feed my animals before I leave I may not come home.I find a note from my mom that says"I left to my new job.....your dad was klled by an angry donkey.The donkey kicked him in the ribs and broke his ribs I m so sorry ill see you after the reapings :) love MOM"I start to tear up and I leave a letter on the table saying"just in case i dont see you again Azlo.Before I leave i go to my farm shed and I stab the donkey that killed my father with my knife.I head to the reapings and I see our escorts"special" video from the capital.She reaches her hand in the girls bowl and pulls out a name"Allianna Whittle.I see this stunning girl with huge cheekbones.I think I have a crush."Azlo Turns"Actually IM quite happy I am ging to get to know this hottie even more.I shake her hand and I start to blush.She blushes back.I feel like fainting

          Lena Bow district 11

I wake an orphanage.My parents kicked me out of their house when I was very young.A year later my whole family died in a riot from peacekeepers.THANK YOU PEACEKEEPERS.The reaping day is my favorite day ever.I get to kids suffer after all Ive gone through.Our escort reaches her hand in the bowl...who will it be ...Lena Bow.......REALLY!!!!!!!!I walk on stage with stomping feet.Alex Donaque.At least he will suffer.I will make him suffer.

            Timinthia Talia district 12

Another reaping day.I hope my friends in district 9 are doing ok Cirena and Xavier.They had to leave.I hope I SEE THEM SOON.I head to the reapings with Baren my boyfriend.Our escort EffieII,walked on stage and said the usual.She reaches her hand in the bowl and pulls out my name.I walk on stag eand pray thet Baren doesnt volunteer."I VOLUNTEER"he screams.We enter the justice building and look on the tv to see the other tributes."District 8 Brianna Hunt,Blake Everpose,District 9,CIRENA STRAFORD,XAVIER CALICE,I wanted to see them soon and now I will in the arena.

                              MUTTS(i do not own these images)(The images are owned by minecraft

Mutt 1 Zombie...A zombie will roam in the night looking for people to attack.EASY

MUTT 2 Skelaton archer....usually travel with zombies.Shoots arrows at its enemies.MEDIUM

Mutt 3 Creeper....A creature that will run up to you and explode.Hard

Mutt 4 Blaze...A mutt that will rise in the sky and shoot 3 fireballs at tributes.Hard

Mutt 5 Ghast....A floating block of air that fires explosive fireballs at enemies.Hard

Mutt 6 Golum...An iron enemy that will wack you in the air and hit you till you die.Will bribe you with flowers.

  • Mutt 1 Zombie
  • Mutt 2 skelaton archer
  • Mutt 3 Creeper
  • Mutt 4 Blaze
  • Mutt 5 Ghast
  • Mutt 6 Golum

                   Chariot Costumes 

1:Aurora is wearing a stunning jewel encrusted gown and James is wearing a matching one in tuxedo form

2:Star and juan are wearing red and black armor

3:Jennifer is weating a dress made of fake wire and Zao is wearing a matching in tux form

4:Aqua and surf both are wearing a cloak with water currents on it.They also have streams of water coming out of the chariot

5:Raine is wearing blinding yellow dress matching richards tux

6:Starships and Blade are in big car uniforms

7:You guessed they are both dressed up like Trees

8:They are both wearing jester costumes

9:Both are in farmer uniforms.Wait their is grain coming out the farmer uniforms

10:Both are in DONKEY? outfits Azlo doesnt look happy

11:Both are wearing gowns made to look like a meadow.

12:Both in coal miners outfits with dust on their face

                    Training scores

aurora gold:10

james will:9

star evening:9

juan flint:9

jennifer davario:4

zap cowlen:3

aqua waves:9

surf waves:10

raine winters:7

richard morter:8

starships luni:7

blade emmett:5

holly bark:5

kudo pine:6

brianna hunt:10

blake everpose:2

cirena stradford:6

xavier calice:7

azlo turns:8

alliana whittle:9

lena bow:8

alex donaque:5

Timinathi Talia:7

baron carver:6


                                       GOOD LUCK IN THE GAMES

                                         Death Chart 

24th Jennifer Davario KILLED BY Brianna Hunt

23rd Alex Donaque KILLED BY Aurora Gold

22nd Blake Everpose KILLED BY Star Evening

21st Holly Bark KILLED BY Juan Flint

20th Kudo Pine KILLED BY Star Evening

19th Raine Winters KILLED BY Zap Cowlen

18th Zap Cowlen KILLED BY Richard Morter

17th Timinathi Talia KILLED BY James Will

16th James Will KILLED BY Alliana Whittle

15th Richard Morter KILLED BY Ghast

14th Lena Bow KILLED BY Xavier Calice

13th Juan Flint KILLED BY Aurora Gold

12th Star Evening KILLED BY Aurora Gold

11th Xavier Calice KILLED BY Starships Luni

10th Allie Whittle KILLED BY Aurora Gold

9th Baren Carver KILLED BY Aurora Gold

8th Aqua Waves KILLED BY Creeper

7th Surf Waves KILLED BY Creeper

6th Blade Emmett KILLED BY Mutts

5th Starships Luni KILLED BY Cirena Straford





              Day 1 cornucopia Jennifer Davario

60,59,58,57....I am so nervous.56,55,54,53....I just want to jump off my plate and explode,52,51,50,49,48,but im not going to,47,46,45,44,43,or should i and get it over with,42,41,40,39,38,NO,37,36,36,35,34,33,maybe,32,31,30,29,28,Never,27,26,25,24,23,22,21,I wont win,20,19,18,17,I hope I can win,16,15,14,13,12,11,I WILL WIN,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Gong!!!! I race for the cornucopia hoping to find a ranged weapon.I find a bow and arrow and I smile with glee,but then I see the girl from 8 charging at me.I remember that she got a ten and I race for the woods.I feel a sharp pain in my left leg.I fall over any hope she spares me.The district 8 girl pulls the knife out of my foot and sticks it in my heart.I am the first to die.How embarising.BOOM

              Day 1 cornucopia Star Evening 

I hear a cannon blow and i search for Juan.I see Aurora stabbing the boy from 11 BOOMJames is looking for a spear.I finally find Juan holding two swords.He smiles at me and tosses me a sword and we get to work.I see the boy from 8 running in circles and i run up and slit his throat.BOOMI see Juan chasing the girl from 7 into the cornucopiaBOOMhe killed her. I look behind me and I see that the boy from 7 is raged.He tackles Juan and starts to strangle him.I throw my sword at him BOOMI run into the cornucopia and grab a backpack filled with water bottle,but know water.I throw it at the girl from 9 face.She looks frightened and she has nothing but the backpack so i let her go.I find another bag with 10 knifes,2apples,and a bottle of water.SCORE.I tell Juan and we find the other careers and decide its time to leave.

             Day 1 cornucopia Zap cowlen

I find a sickle and I look for some easy prey.I see the boy from 5,girl from 5,boy from 10 and the careers.I swing at the district 10 boy I think his name is azloBOOMI see Azlo running for the woods.I didnt kill Azlo I killed Raine.I feel an incredible sharp spear enter my back.The person who stabbed me was Richard Morter. "I will avenge Raine"He says.He stabs me in both my shoulders and both my legs. "you shall suffer" he says.He gets up and walks away.I try to stangle my self to end the suffering,but I cant.I have to wait till I die.BOOMMy cannon blows but im not dead yet.I close my eyes and let the darkness carry me away.

           Day 1 woods Baren Carver

Me,Cirena,Xavier,and Timinathi run off to the woods and we come across a huge cave.We decide to make this camp.We all sit down and relax.Thats when we hear 6 voices behind us"Looks like we have some uninvvited guest".Its the voice of Aurora.I hear Cirena scream,"RUNN!!!!"We all race out of the cave and I hear Timinathi scream at the top of her lungs"BareN!"I turn around and race toward her and see her with a big wound on her back.From a slingshot.I ask her what happened.She tells me it was James from district 1.Cirena and Xavier come running back for us and I tell them what happened.I realize that we cant save her.I give her a kiss and I let nature take its course.Timinathi say"I love you"BOOM"I Love you too."

           Day 2 cornucipia Starships Luni

I sit in the cornucopia and stare at the morning sun as it rises.It reminds me of home.I miss district 6 and my rebelious group.If I die the group will fall. "I finally found you"I see Blade running at me.O godness,not him.I was hoping the careers would get him. "So what did you get at the cornucopia."Blade askes.I got a blowgun and 3 darts I reply. "I got a box of crackers and 2 bottles of water."Blade says.Wow,I cant belive he got so much stuff.He may be better then I thought.

       day 2 woods Azlo Turns

"I cant belive it.That stupid boy from 3 almost killed me ME."I yell,"Well at least im safe now,"I hear footsteps walking toward me. "Azlo is that you"Ihear a girl voice and its ALLIANAS.I have found my ally.We sit down on a rock and we talk about random things.We eventually stop chatting and we share items we got from the cornucopia. "I got a slingshot and 3 sharp rocks."she says.I got....1 knife ad that is it. I am better at slingshots and she is better at knifes so we trade weapons.Now no one can stop me.Just then we hear someone yell"Look I see two tributes over their.He was pointing at us .We get ready for battle.I see James Will running at me and Allie.I shoot 1 rock but he deflects it with his sword.He hits me in the stomach with the back of his sword. It knocked the wind out of me.Luckily it didnt kill me.I look at Allie and she is mad.She chases James out into the woods.I can no longer see her or JamesBOOMone of them is dead.I close my eyes and wait for James to come finish me off,but its not James who came back.Allie killed James.I stand up and Allie runs strait into my arms. "I thought you were dead."she says.I have one powerful ally.Maybe we can win.

      Day 2 Aurora Gold

OMG!James is dead.Its only day 2 and we already lost a career.All of the other careers are arguing on what we should do next, "QUIET"I scream"I make the decisions around here not you twarps."They stare at me in horror."I tell them that we are staying at the camp till we have too leave.It is Stars turn to be on watch,so I lay down and go to sleep.The next morning I wake up and eat some of the soup I got at the cornucopia.Wait a second.where is everyone.They arent in base.Did they died.NO they ditched me.I start to plan my revenge attack.First I need to find out where their new base is.Second sneak in at night and steal supplies.Third kill them all.Very slowly.

       Day 3 Lena Bow 

I wake up to hear the voice of ceaser flickermam,"The mutts have been released into the wild".O great,mutts.I got nothing at the cornucopia and they expect me to fight against mutts.I0f I win I will kill them all.THEM ALL.TTHHEEMMM AALLLL!I start to loose me temper,but I see a stone golum walking up to me.I start to run but I see he has a rose in his hand.I slowly walk up to him.Suddenly his eyes turn red and he wacks me with his stone arms.I rise about 50 feet in the air and I can see the whole arena.I catch a glance of the boy from 5 running from a zombie.When I look up,I see this big square thingy with tentucles.It shoots a fireball straight at Richard it hits the ground in front of him and explodes.BOOMouch.I start to fall to the ground.I hit the ground.I am still alive?I try to stand up when I realise that monster broke my legs.The pain is torturous.."I am sorry for being such a jerk to everyone."I sit there and wait for the worst.

            Day 3 Xavier Calice

Me and Cirena are wondering the woods looking for a new camp while Baren watches our base.We come across the girl from 11 laying on the floor.I realize that she is in intense pain.She looks at me and tells me to kill her.I take my sickle and shove the point into her heart.She whispers to me,"Thank you"BOOMI see Baren running at us yelling ,"Run"I see a zombie and a skelaton archer running at us.We race toward the cornucopia.I turn around to check on cirena and I see her wrestling a skelaton.Baren has fainted in the corner.I see a zombie stand over Cirena.I am about to slash it,but I see an arrow fly straight threw its face.Thats my girl.Cirena and I pick up Baren and we take him to the cornucopia.When we get there we see both from 6 staring at us with their batons in their hands.I walk up to them and I ask them if we all could become an alliance.They say yes.We have a bigger alliance now all because of me.

            day 3 Aqua Waves 

We just ditched Aurora and i know that she is as mad as ever.I walk up to Surf,"I am scared" "She wont get you I swear."We find a camp under a big birch tree.Star said,'Aqua it is your turn to be on watch." "NO!"Surf yells,"I will be on watch."I say thank you and go to sleep.BOOMI wake up and look for surf.BOOMI find Surf lying in a bush with a big gash on his back.I put my hand over his nose.He is breathing.But who died.I pick up surf.He has lost some weight.I run back to camp and I find Star and Juan Laying on the floor holding hands.Both with big knife indents in there chest.Not only that they are burned.Very bad.I turn around and see Aurora running with our stuff.She is also being chased by a blaze.I dont hear a cannon.She is still alive.:(

          day 4 Cirena Straford

O my God!I could just shoot Blade right in the face .He is the most annoying boy i have ever meet.He wakes up in the morning and starts singing,"Starships were ment to fly.Hands up and touch the sky.Lets do this one more time."What boy sing a NICKI MANAJ SONG!I stand up and scream SHUT THE HECK UP.YOU..YOU..YOU,IDIOTIC LOVER BOY.What have I done.He looks at me with those big eyes and he starts to sob.I feel aweful.Starships looks at me and yells,"What did you do to him."I see Blade running away. ,"Fine if you want to hurt my friend i will just have to do the same."I feel so awful that I toned her out.I hear a sna.I turn around and see the unbearable.Xavier has a big dent in his skull.I shoot an arrow at Starships.,but I miss.She runs off into the woodsBOOMI turn around and see Xavier being taken away by a crane.Before I know it he is gone.I blow a kiss at him. "What did I miss."Baren says "Your awake."I say I tell him the story and I lay down and try to take a nap,but something is missing in my soul.

       Day 4 Brianna Hunt 

"All tributes report to the cornucopia or else."Ceaser says.Great if i walk to the cornucopia i will get there in 15 minutes.If I run i will get there just in time.I guess its time to go.I race toward the cornucopia.I get there in 4 minutes.I already see 2 other people there Cirena and Baren.I see both from 10 sneaking up from behind.I want to yell look out when I see Aurora stab Allie in the backBOOMAzlo looks mad.Aurora runs away from him and throws a knife at Baren BOOMBoth Cirena and Azlo are chasing Aurora.Cirena trips over and Azlo starts to swing the knife he got out of Allies back at Aurora.I thought he was weak I guess not.He is swinging that knife like a maniac.Its time.I run at them.

     Day 4 Surf Waves

"Aqua leave me and go to the cornucopia."I say "NNNNOOOOOO"Aqua yells,"If we die we die together" I close my eyes and wait for the worst.I hear a sssssssss.I look up and see a swarm of creepers walking at us.There are so many explosions I dont even hear my cannon.Our cannon.'Boom'Boom

      Day 4 Starships Luni

"Blade!Blade were are you!"I scream.I am racing after him.I hear him scream and I see him about to get swarmed by mutts.He looks at me and he smiles.The mutts cave in on himBOOMOne zombie throws his helmet at me.I put it on and race toward the cornucopia.O n my way there I realize that I dropped my baton.Dang it!I have no chance.I can see the corucopia.It is beautiful.I see Cirena and I run at her.She sees me and fires an arrow.I am not so lucky this time.BOOM

         An Announcement to our tributes.3 of you will win but one will die.
           Day 4 Cirena Straford

OMG 3 of uss are going to win.That gamekeeper is probably being strangled or whipped right now.:D.I just killed Starships and I am super happy.I hear Azlo yell,"AAAAAHHHHH Look at all of these mutts."In a blink of an eye we all race toward the cornucopia,.Aurora gets to the top first.Then Brianna,Then Azlo.And finallly I make it.I see Azlo flirting with brianna.I thought he liked Allie.Aurora is watching them.None of them know im up here.Azlo looks like he is about to kiss Brianna.I was wrong.He is about to kiss her then he pulls out a knife and sticks it in her chest.BOOMShe falls off the cornucopia and gets mauled by mutts.Aurora starts to clap and she gives Azlo a pat on the back.We won.I am going Home.

    Congradulations to Cirena Straford,Azlo Turns,and Aurora Gold.

After Games Azlo grows up in the victors village living with his mother.He gets married and has 3 kids.He didnt want to marry but the capitol made him.He starts a secret clan that goes against the games.The leaders are him and Cirena.He lives a good life and he will always honor the time he spent with Allie.

Cirena donates a bunch of money to Timithia,Baren,and Xaviers family.They all are now rich.Every Saturday she goes to district 12 to have dinner with Baren and Timithias family.On sunday she has dinner with Xaviers family.She likes to wander the streets of district 9 and 12 and help people in need.She starts a clan that opposes the games with Azlo.

Aurora becomes the most richest girl in district 1.She lets her family move to the neighboring house in the victors village and she gets married to another victor.They watch the games every year.And they love it.They will do whatever it takes to keep the hunger games.

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