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    The 175th Hunger Games

    December 12, 2012 by DekuSword

    Welcome to the 175 Hunger Games! Otherwise known as the 7th Quarter Quell.                                                            

    The twist is that when there is 15,10 and 5 tributes remain, a hazard will happen. vote for it.Your choices are freeze,bomb,heat,tracker jacker, mutt,asleep,or poison


    ~Post up to three tributes

    ~If you post more, I will not take any

    ~Don't spam

    ~Don't nag if your tribute dosen't get chosen or if they die

    District 1 Girl:

    District 1 Boy:

    District 2 Girl:Blair  Demetria

    District 2 Boy:

    District 3 Girl:

    District 3 Boy:

    District 4 Girl:  Natalie Kelly

    District 4 Boy: 

    District 5 Girl:

    District 5 Boy:

    District 6 Girl:

    District 6 Boy:

    District 7 Girl: Luna Fern

    District 7 Boy:Blaise Cooper

    District 8 Girl:

    District 8 Boy:


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  • DekuSword

    175th annual Hunger Games

    December 12, 2012 by DekuSword


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