1. The only rule that I have is that you must either have the following tribute template or add more.

2. Blood and gore may vary

3. I will not do p.o.v for training but you can comment a training p.o.v in the comments which may get you a better score.

4. Advice is allowed after each day. advice will get your tribute farther in the games

5. You may have up to two tributes in these Hunger Games. However, more may be possible over the length it's taking to fill.

6. These Hunger Games are not very reliant on They may be if I need it to be but not often, This means two things. One, you need to make your tributes very well and creative if you want them to last far. Two, both of your tributes might die on the first day when another person's lasts until the last day. 

7. I have the right to deny any tribute that I find either too overpowered, too underpowered or too basic. If you give me a backstory with one sentence, expect it to be denied. Also, any tributes that are too mental or too cliche will not be added. However, don't think that making a tribute from District 1 a Career is cliche, but you must follow the template

8. Please, have fun and please comment and give advice after every day.

Tribute Template

Name: (first and last)

Age: (12 to 18)

District: (1 to 12)

Gender: (male or female)

Personality: (please be precise and explain)

Weapons: (1 to 3)

Backstory: (describe anything that happened in their life) (optional but if you want to see your tribute get far in the games. I would put one.

Appearance: (may post a pic if you want)

Strength: (choose one of them below)

Weakness: (choose one of them below)

Allies: (will they ally? yes or no) (if they will who will they ally with like certain districts or personalitys.)

Training session: (please make a training sesion for better score)

Strengths and Weaknesses

Speed: How fast they can run.

Agility: How quick and light they are on their feet.

Strength: How strong they are.

Intelligence: How smart they are.

Stealth: How quiet they can move.

Hand-to-Hand Combat: How well they fight.

Accuracy: How well they aim and hit the target.

Climbing: How they can climb trees or mountains.

Swimming: How they can swim or tread in water.

  • Please Note: You MUST choose only two of these for the Strength and two of these for the Weakness of your tribute. If you give me a tribute with more strengths or weaknesses, they'll just be given the first two strength or weakness you listed.
  • Also please note I will be adding my own tribute but will not win, its just so it takes up some space. but they still can be deadly, and then will for sure die

Name Age District Gender Training Score User (Creator) Sponser Cash Urgent needs
Andrea Marshall 17 1 Female 11 Prezziesnow9704:)! 425
Mark Dent 13 1 Male 8 (mine)
Bascule Du Fey 16 2 Female 10 Prezziesnow9704:)! 425
Mason Nance 18 2 Male 12 Jo34546564 425
Sombra Celesta 14 3 Female 9 Mistfire333 75
Sundar Thorn 14 3 Male 8 (mine)
Oceania Seacrest 16 4 Female 12 Xbilliex 250
Justin Malle 13 4 Male 3 Smilingtribute 200
Rosie Pickeet 12 5 Female 9 Blue-Ribbonz 425
Kayleb thorn 18 5 Male 4 (mine)
Violet Clareson 16 6 Female 10 EverAfterHighFreak 275
Leon Cavastorne 14 6 Male 8 Ninjamellark 230
Ebony Fall 15 7 Female 7 (mine)
Taron Grayson 17 7 Male 5 (mine)
Hannah Bladekiss 15 8 Female 11 Mistfire333 75
Banette Tsukomogami 15 8 Male 8 Mistfire333 75
Rebekah Ure 12-13 on 3rd day 9 Female 10 Blue-Ribbonz 425
Alex chock 14 9 Male 11 (mine)
Alexandria Maydon 18 10 Female 4 (game makers didint like the stunt) Xbilliex 250
Noel Pedersen 16 10 Male 8 BendoBobbo 275
Rachel Bask 12 11 Female 2 (mine)
Leo Ramos 18 11 Male 6 Jo34546564 380
Katarin Kinder 15


Female 11 Royaldoggie 275
Willie Fry 15 12 Male 5 Ichillyfry 230

Sponsers Each tribute's mentor (the creator) will get 200 dollars towards sponsers. after each day I will post a table of the death and how and then the alive ones with the location, what they need or death will come and what supplies they have. all you need to do in the comments to sponser is this

Ex: Sponser (name) (object X2 or how many your sending) (and how much it cost)  And then once you send it to them ill put it in there p.o.v and show it on the sponser table after each day. Also if you get a good training score that boosts your starting off money. (1-4) no money (5-8) 30 $ (8-12) 75 $ also getting a kill in the games gets you 70 dollars, surving a day gets you 20 and surviving the blood bath gets you 10. and being the last 5 gets you 150.


Sword (Any type): $225

Machete: $175

Knife (Around 4 inches in length): $100

Dagger (Anywhere from 6-9 inches in length): $125

Hatchet: $125

Axe: $175

Throwing Axes (3): $200

War-Axe (Double Sided): $250

Trident: $200

Spear: $175

Bow (With 12 Arrows): $200

6 Arrows: $75

Throwing Knives (6): $175 (once thrown they can still be used) Blowgun (With 12 Darts): $150

Poison (Your choice of type): $100

Sickle: $150

Scythe: $200

Club (Wood): $100

Whip: $100

Water Related :

Water (One-Quart, lasts around 2 days): $125

Empty Water Bottle (One-Quart): $50

Iodine: $75

Gallon of Water (Lasts around 5 days): $200


Hint: The more it costs, the longer it will feed your tribute.

Bread (1 Loaf, can feed for 1-2 days): $100

Basket of Bread (six loaves, can feed for 4-5 days): $200

Soup: $75

Beef Jerkey (8 Strips): $125

Dried Fruit: $150

Feast from the Capitol: $300

Basic Survival Gear:

Jacket: $75

Gloves: $25

Sleeping Bag: $150

Tent (Sleeps 2): $200

Flint/Charcoal: $50

Matches: $100

Wire (For traps, snares, etc): $75

Rope (For traps, snares, etc): $75

Empty Backpack: $25

Fishing Rod: $100

Net: $75


Gauze Roll: $50

Pain Killers: $50

First Aid Kit (Contains gauze roll, band-aids, multiple medications, pain killers, needle and thread, sterile cloth): $175

Antidote: $175

Quick Revive: $450 (this can revive a dead tribute any tribute you want but can only be bought once per person and is not usable after day 3, and must be bought at the end of the day of the death your favourite tribute)

Burn Cream: $150

Itch/Rach Cream: $100


Camoflauge Paint: $100

Flash-light: $75

Night-Vision Glasses: $125

Inflatable Raft (With 2 paddles): $150 (only way to get to island without getting eaten by muttations)

Life Jacket: $50 (in the even that the raft breaks somwhat near the island where there is no muttations)

NOTE: I have made  quite a few of my own tributes they will all die and will not have a p.o.v cause chances are one of you guys kill him. the only tribute I have that will have a p.o.v is Sundar Thorn but he will ALSO die, he is just gonna have a p.o.v and kill the other ones I made but he wont be killing you guys to make it fair.


Note: if it says lets say 425 dollars by your name. and then says it again beside your other tributes name, you dont add the two together you only have 425. im just putting how much you have in total beside all your tributes.


Blood Bath -

Oceania Seacrest -

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1....Boom! The sun glinted of the other tributes hair. it went from silence and fear to chaos, people were sprinting in all diffrent directions people were dieing. I was just standing here. I tried to move but I was ice cold. I jerked my head left and saw Leon Cavastorne running at me. I pannicked unable to move, Just as the knife whizzed by me I ducked, My heart skipped a beat, I looked around to see the knife just feet away from me, I grabbed the knife and hoped to god I will live. Just as Leon caught up and tried to tackle me I jabbed it in his gut and jerked up his weight brought me to the ground. I rolled him over took the knife and his bag with 3 other attached knives to it, I got up and ran towards the other weapons.

Alexandria Maydon -

I ran leaping over bodys trying to get a weapon, I ran to the mouth. and grabbed a shiny butchers knife I turned around and saw who knows what district but he was male. My first instinct came to mind i swung it at his neck and his head came clean off. My eyes widend..I just killed someone.....I gave in to the capitols silly games. I kneeled down and cried for seconds till other tributes came after me. I sprinted towards Oceania hoping for a allie considering we are so alike.

Hannah Bladekiss -

I was set. Set with Chained sickles ready to fight, I ran out into the open and tried to get away from the commotion, wheww a arrow whizzed by and knicked my ear, I did not feel it but I could feel the warm blood touching my skin, I turned around ducking on another incoming arrow. the boy was Willie Fry from 12 I ran up and slashed at his feet with the sickle, he tripped and screamed in pain. instead of using the sickle I jumped on his throat with one foot, blood pooled from his mouth.

Rosie Pickeet -

I was happy I made it this far I had 2 spears ones I had picked up from a dead tribute. I could see the careers forming the boy from 5 surprisingly and both tributes from one and the male from 2. I was not afraid. Justin Malle from 4 was sprinting after me with a sword. I smirked and ran at him and jerked my spear into his throat and threw his body to the side of me. Everyone stopped in awe of how im only 12 and have incredible skill. I looked down and punctured his throat with my nails and watched him choke I squeezed till his throat exploded everywhere, and he was dead. I turned around and tripped over someones foot. I looked up and it was Rebekah from 9 beside her was rachel from 11 they were both 12 she helped me up and told me we were allies and I nodded and moved foward.

Fallen Tributes

Name District Reason Killer/reason of death
Leon Cavastorne 6 Killed with own knife Oceania Seacrest
Willie Fry 12 Injured with sickle then stomped in neck Hannah Bladekiss
Justin Malle 4 killed with spear in throat then choked Rosie Pickeet
Leo ramos 11 Head chopped off Alexandria Maydon
Taron Grayson 7 Assassinated from tree with knife Sundar Thorn
Ebony Fall 7 Betrayed by allie only seconds into game with sword Taron Grayson
Violet Clareson 6 Shot in chest by Willie Fry before he died. Willie Fry
Alex Chock 9 Neck broken Leo Ramos
Mason Nance 2 Neck slit with own knife Kayleb thorn
Kayleb thorn 5 Shot in eye with crossbow Andrea Marshall
Rachel Bask 11 Giant lizard muttation ate head Muttation
Rosie Pickeet 5 Fell in Acidic pond Acidic Pond in muttation zone
Bascule De Fey 2 Trident thrown in back of neck Oceania Seacrest
Noel Pederson 10 Spear thrown in chest Mason Nance
Bannette tsukomogami 8 throat cut with chained sickle Hannah Bladekiss
Katarin Kinder 12 Bled out from gash in stomach Mason Nance served the gash at bloodbath.
Sundar Thorn 3 Neck broken Mason Nance
Mason Nance 2 Trident thrown in face Oceania Seacrest
Andrea Marshall 1 Died from poisen Pear that she ate Poisen Pear
Alexandria Maydon 10 poisen dagger thrown at her, then died from poisen Sombra Celesta
Rebekah Ure 9 Accidently killed by Oceania's spear. Oceania Seacrest
Hannah Bladekiss 8 killed with sith and trident, Oceania Seacrest
Sombra Celsta 3 Killed with own Dagger before Hannah Died Oceania Seacrest



Day 2 (nothing happend after the blood bath)

Sombra Celesta -

I have been following Oceania and her group ever since the blood bath, I have no intentions to kill them but to just be allies with them, but if I walk out Sundar is just gonna whip a knife at me. Here I am with a dagger and a vial of poisen to dip it in and no food or water not even a sleeping bag. I was slowly creeping in the bushes around them. After hours we were at the shore of the lake, in the distance the island, rumord by others that the careers are there. I have not only followed them but just about everyone in the games besides the careers since I have no way to get there unless I want to be eaten alive by muttations in the water, I over heard gamemakers saying that there are giant squids that where they would usually spit ink, actually has huge flexiball teeth that eat you. They must of had a raft. I was so focused on the careers that I have not realised that I stood up. I panicked an squated again but made a hug crack on a twig. "Damn" I i palmed my forehead, I stood up and saw Sundar with a knife ready to throw, and Oceania with her trident, then Alexandria shying behind them. "I want to join you guys!" I pleaded

"How can we trust you!" Sundar spit.

"Please!" I stepped foward, Sundar acted quickly and threw the smallest knife he had right in my ankle I screeched in pain and ran half limping away, in the background I heard sundar yell at them to run the other direction. I was bleeding bad but I had nothing to aid it. I need a first aid kit fast or I'm afraid I could die.

Andrea Marshall - 

My alliance had no problems. except that district 5 boy Kayleb is getting on my nerves. He won't stop asking for food. The whole alliance agreed to not feed him till he dies. Just in case we need his help we don't wanna kill him to quick. I was walking back to the camp with freshly picked pears from a tree. A few had moldy coloured splotches but I would not worry, I walked into camp. Mason was around a fire we had made, (who cares we are on a island we are the only ones with a raft?) Mark was with him and kayleb with his ripped clothing sitting by a tree sweating, dehydrated. I sat down next to the pile of food and counted the pears as I put them in the pile taking a bite of one then placing it next to me, I was minding my own buissness, but of course someone screamed I turned around at Kayleb had somehow grabbed Masons knife. I aimed my crossbow while Mark just sat back in shock BOOM Kayleb had slit Mason's throat. I shot my cross bow and the arrow went through his eye and out the back of his head, BOOM I yelled in annoyance "How could this happen there is only two of us now, what a joke!" I spit. but no it was not a spit at the end of that sentence, I threw up every where, the puke had blood in it and moldy splotches....The pears were poision....Every few seconds blood would dribble out of the side of my mouth or my nose. The pear was destroying my insides...And then I realised of all things we had. First Aid Kit was not one of them.

Rebekah Ure -

Rosie, Rachel and I were completley lost. We had no idea where we were. somewhere in the jungle still but we keep hearing loud growls. After walking for hours we seemed to have walked in to some dark scary jungle. Dark coloured birds flew around everywhere, We heard a loud thump. Something that looked like a Green scaley Lizard landed infront of us. It was not lizard though it was the size of a lion... It did not hesitate it grabbed Rachel by the neck and litterly swallowed her head whole. BOOM Rosie screamed and ran off I stood there in shock. I turned around and saw a pond. I ran for it. the Lizard did not seem to follow it just jumped into a tree and laid there. Me and Rosie were at the pond now. "Maybe it is drinkable!" I screamed still shocked that Rachel died. Rosie went first she grabbed a big handfull of water in her hands but no she did not drinks she stood up quickly and screamed in pain. She was balling now. her hands were steaming her hands were burning "THE POND IS ACIDIC!" I screamed but it was to late Rosie's hands were burnt to bone. She passed out but fell in the pond. Her body sank in the pond then turned red with blood BOOM I stood there shocked. My whole alliance dead in seconds. I sat down and cried,

Sundar Thorn -

"Where do you think she went?" Oceania asked me.

"Not far with a knife in her ankle" I chuckled nervously. Alexandria frowned and looked into the lake. "I can't kill anymore people" Alexandria said then looked into the sky as if it had never happend. Oceania and I ignored it. "Alexandria has been acting diffrent since the bloodbath just let her be for a while." Oceania whispered to me. I nodded and pulled out my backpack and gave each of us a slice of bread. "Eat up" I said then frowning realising our food is running out. "We should build a raft," I say. "Why dont we!" Alexandria almost screamed. She sprung up and ran all over getting wood and filling a cup with treesap to keep it together, she was not acting normal who willingly builds a raft? When chances are if we get to the island we are all gonna die. unless those 4 cannons today were the careers?

Bascule De Fey -

I was panicking I have no food or anything I have litterly nothing. I'm dehydrated and can't get to the lake. Sundar and his group are there. I was sopposed to allie with the careers but I could not find them. I bet they are at the island, I was hiding in bushes looking at the Cornicoupia no one was there and damn there was still lots of supplies I sprinted towards them and grabbed a hammer, knife and throwing axes, 5 to be exact I grapped a sleepiing bag and 2 food packs water purifier, and a water bottle WITH water! I put it all in a black backback with 5 throwing knives in them and a first aid pack. I then saw a raft. I grabbed it tied it to my back and made my way for the lake hoping Oceania and them had moved on.

Bannete tsukomogami -

All I had was food and a first aid pack with needles in them. I was dehydrated and needed water fast, I was in some dead jungle with nothing but dead trees and mocking jays.

Noel Pederson -

I'm on the island, with a raft I made and ditched earlier. I have been spying on the careers eversince I have got here, Andrea was sick and dying fast and Mason was just watching not knowing what to do, he is hungry i can tell but he is to scared to touch the food in case it all poisen but it's only the pears, if they participated in the plant training they would know that those 'pears' were poisen there is night lock all over the island

Katarin Kinder -

I'm nearly dead, at the blood bath I got a deadly gash in the stomach, im slowly hanging on but not for long. I have nothing but a knife and water, the water does not help makes me wanna throw it all up. its to warm and I have no way of getting it to cool down considering this is the hottest i have ever been. it must be +40 out here or something. the water actually burns my thoat its to hot. It was dark now. And the sky was glowing and the anthem played. 4 people today the boy from 5 the 2 twelve year olds rosie and rachel I think? And Mason from 2 thats surprising wonder who got him or what?

End of Day Two...

(remeber to sponser and give advice to me and your tributes,)

by the way Alexandira got her sponser first aid she just did not get a pov today.

'Day 'five  

Nothing happend day 3 and 4

Bascule De Fey - I was near the lake. But of course Alexandria, Oceania and Sundar are still there they even set up camp using blankets from the cornicoupia for tents. they had a pile of sticks for fire's if need be i guess. and a food pile. How am I sopposed to join the Careers now? I stood in the trees in silence just spacing out.  It was still dark, the sun just barley making the sky orange, but it was morning. This is the coldest it's been its actually really cold out. but I dont mind I like it. Sundar and Alexandria were sleeping. Oceania laying against the tent keeping watch. There was a half made raft metres away from me that in no way could float. Looks as if they gave up on it. I slowly crept behind the tent. Oceania just around the corner. I held my breath the only thing you could hear was Oceania breathing. I walked over ready to slit her throat but of course I fell.

Oceania Seacrest - Thump I turned around and saw Bascule fall then get up and try running towards the trees. I got up and threw my trident with such power BOOM eyes shut in fear I slowley opened them and saw my trident laying in the back of her neck. Alexandria and Sundar were behind me jaws dropped to the ground. "You could of died!" Alexandria was shocked. I walked over tugged my trident out and wiped of the blood with my jacket. The hovercraft flew over and picked up her limp helpless body. "Go to bed Oceania I'll take watch" Alexandria was firm. I nodded and went and joined Sundar I felt lonley and cuddled up with him. He acted and and snuggled back, our foreheads touching. He wraped his one arm around me holding me close.

Mason Nance - Andrea was dieing fast. She puked up blood every few min. The sky was orange now, sun just barley peaking over the hills. I kept hearing twigs snapping in the bushes but I ignored it, its been 3 days sice our alliance was destroyed by Kayleb good thing he is dead, I turned around and saw Noel from district 10 ready to fight. I pulled out my sword, Andrea was sleeping. I was ready to fight also. he came at me with a dagger and I hit his hand with such power. his dagger flew out of his bloody but still attached hand. I dropped the sword and whipped a spear in his chest. BOOM Andrea woke up "Who did you just kill?"

"Noel from 10 thought he could beat me ha!" I boasted, Andrea coughed up more blood and fell asleep again and so did I.

Alexandria Maydon - The sun was high in the sky, we suspected it was noon. All morning Oceania and Sundar have been weird they cuddled last night now they are in some romance, caught them kiss a few times to. right now behind me they were holding hands. "Are we ready to go to the island?" I asked holding up Bascule's canoe/raft that she had. They both nodded then kissed again. I set it in the water and hopped in, Sundar and Oceania doing the same. We all paddled toward the island hoping the careers are all dead or almost dead.

Sombra Celesta - Ding Dong Ding Dong...I looked up and saw a sponser. I quickly opened it thinking it was medicine but no of course not. They were 6 throwing knives. How am I sopposed to use these when im bleeding on the ground un able to walk and to weak to do anything. I was bleeding out and there is no way i'm gonna get through this.

Hannah Bladekiss - I was walking through a dead burnt jungle, for days. I know someone is here also cause he obv talks to himself considering the mocking jays mock rythems that you cant make out but can tell their words. A searing pain went in my back, I have no idea what went in me but it was a needle with liquid in it. I turned around and and sliced whoever's throat it was with my sickle, it was bannete from 8. BOOM I was very tired from whatever was in that needle. I quickly realise that it was Nightlock juice, but when inserted in veins and not eaten, takes a longer time to kill someone and you need an antidote, it also causes a searing pain till death. I was freaking out then I passed out.

End of Day Five...

Night-Day Seven

Rebekah Ure -

I was back in the jungle now not the acidic pond area filled with muttations. It's night. The sky glows with the fallen tributes three dead Banette from 8 Bascule from 2 and Noel from 10. eight of us left I think, I've been walking for hours, till I heard someone crying in the bushes, It was Sombra from District Three, her ankle was bleeding bad, I walked in and she readied a knife, "Don't! I can help you!" I yelled.

I showed her my first aid kit and she nodded, I walked over and applied some medication in a needle, I then made her take pain killers wiped the blood off with a sterile cloth and put some medication cream on the cut and used needle and thread that wer disovlable to stitch it up. Then applied Gauze rolls to cover it up. "How did you do that?" Sombra was amazed.

"I learnt fast in training" I replied almost boredly,

"C-can we be allies?" I asked, Sombra nodded.

Katarin Kinder -

I guess this is when I die, I look into the sky and see my the 3 tributes appear, the last thing I see and hear is my picture in the sky and my cannon then everything goes black....BOOM

Oceania Seacrest -

We were on the Island now, we can hear Andrea and Mason talking in the distance and we were ready to fight. Sundar was in a tree just above Mason, and Alexandria stayed at the boat. and I was positioned behind Andrea about 15 metres behind. I nodded at Sundar, he leaped from his tree but Mason must of heard he caught Sundar and slammed his face into the ground. He grapped his neck and squeezed then snap....BOOM....I stood there unable to move again. I watched as the last breath left from Sundar's body. I Yelled in anger and threw my Trident at Mason it landed directly in his face. BOOM...I was furious. I looked around to find Andrea when another cannon sounded BOOM...I looked over and saw the hovercraft pick up Mason then move over and pick up a girl with blonde glinty hair, it was Andrea, but how did she die? "What happend!" Alexandria was running to me screaming. "S-Sundar is is Mason. I killed him. And Andrea just died?" I was confused half crying,

"No it was this.." Alexandria was at there food pile picking up a half eaten pear. "These are poisen she must of ate it it burns your insides." She explained.

I nodded..."Lets get off this island" I commanded. She nodded and we walked to our canoe and paddled back.

Hannah Bladekiss -

I was dieing. I had just woke up from when I passed out days ago I think, The fallen tributes showed in the sky. Andrea from 1 Mason from 2 Sundar from 3, and Katarin from 12, surprised a district 12 made it this far, I was able to walk, but slowly, I was at the cornicopuia now. I sat in the mouth behind a giant crate and cried hoping I get through this...

End of Day Seven...

Day Nine

Hannah Bladekiss -

Beep Boop Beep Boop, I looked up and saw a metal crate, I jumped so high with excitment but fell at the searing pain. I opened it and it was an ANITDOTE! Oh My God I'm saved I open it and injected in the spot the NightLock entered. I instantly felt beter. The strength regenerated through my body. The pain stopped. I got up, I'm going to finish these games...

Alexandria Maydon -

We arived at the jungle again, we were walking endlesly, we were just outside the dead jungle, we knew Rebekah and Sombra were here and Oceania wanted to finnish these games. I don't want them to if it meant no one else dieing I would live here forever, but that is not how it works.

Sombra Celesta -

Rebekah and I had set up camp, we did not have much but we had one tent and some food, we each had a weapon, "Over here I see them!" A unfamiliar voice from behind me, I turned around and grabbed A dagger and dipped it in poisen, It was Alexandria and Oceania, I threw the knife and it went across Alexandria's leg. She screamed in pain. I laughed "Loser you though you could come in and mess with us?" I laughed more. Oceania was trying to drag Alexandira away, she was balling her eyes out, "Don't event try. the poisen kills her in 2 minuites. it reaches her heart in that time. Alexandria's chest went silent. BOOM...Oceania screamed. she held onto the body and the hovercraft came. "No this is all the capitol's fault you let her die you sent us in this bloody arena to die," Oceania was crying harder. We need you to step away from the deceased body. the speakers from the hovercraft yelled at her, she got up. held 3 fingers to her mouth then lifted her arm to the sky. The hovercraft lifted the body away. Oceania ran away. Not for long though. Rebekah was wide eyed, she watched the whole thing, "You should of shown mercy!" Rebekah started crying, this was to much for a now 13 year old.

End of Day Nine....

Day Ten Finale

Oceania Seacrest -

I'm going to kill her, I'm going to kill her, I'm going to kill her, thats all I could think about, I was watching them from a tree, they were already calm as if I had ran away not coming back, but they are wrong cause im her and ready I'll show the capitol just cause my friends the ones I loves are dead does not mean that I can't win cause it will happen. I was ready Trident in hand. I jumped down and chuckled "I'm back and now your going to die and I will laugh after!" I was already laughing. "Come on then ha" Sombra chuckled, I threw my trident at her but she ducked, instead it was in Rebekah's chest....BOOM...I started crying, "No I di-did not mean for h-her to die!" I was balling again. "How could you guys be so cruel lets KIDS die!" I yelled into the sky. Sombra had be by the neck ready to kill me, I stomped on her foot twisted her arm and grabbed her dagger, but I did not hesitate I forcefully swung it into her stomach then out and in her chest, then I turned around and stabbed her once more but in the neck, oh heck why not in the the eye, I tugged it out, and jabbed it in her eye. BOOM...I did it, I killed her, I was happy..but then.. I realised one of the strongest players in the arena..Hannah..

Hannah Bladekiss -

It's dark Three people in the sky, poor Rebekah from 9, Sombra surpisingly from three, and Alexandria from 10. Just two left! Oceania and I....I know exactly where she is. She is only standing metres away from me looking at me, I swung a sith at her, she dodged with her trident. I swung at her leg and blood squirted on my face, although she was crying in pain she was still standing..

Oceania Seacrest -

I was fed up with this, I dodged her sith again but it rickashaded of my trident and swung back around and got caught in her neck. She fell to the ground. I smashed my trident into her face more then once about 7 times before I realised the cannon has gone BOOM..."I j-just won!" I litterly started limping but dancing. "Hah take that captiol I can still win even if you kill my loved ones!" I laughed but was serious at the same time. Ladies and Gentlement I present the 29th annual hunger games Victor, Oceania Seacrest! the speakers boomed....


Congrats Xbilliex/Oceania Seacrest you just won my Hunger Games!

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