1. The only rule that I have is that you must either have the following tribute template or add more. and 2 is the limit for tributes, NO RESERVATIONS.

2. Blood and gore may vary

3. I will not do p.o.v for training but you can comment a training p.o.v in the comments which may get you a better score.

4. Advice is allowed after each day. advice will get your tribute farther in the games

5. You may have up to two tributes in these Hunger Games. However, more may be possible over the length it's taking to fill.

6. These Hunger Games are not very reliant on They may be if I need it to be but not often, This means two things. One, you need to make your tributes very well and creative if you want them to last far. Two, both of your tributes might die on the first day when another person's lasts until the last day. 

7. I have the right to deny any tribute that I find either too overpowered, too underpowered or too basic. If you give me a backstory with one sentence, expect it to be denied. Also, any tributes that are too mental or too cliche will not be added. However, don't think that making a tribute from District 1 a Career is cliche, but you must follow the template

8. Please, have fun and please comment and give advice after every day.

*special twist*

The twist is, 12 tributes including the victor will be brought/Resurected back to these games from the 29th annual hunger games, you must vote in the comments any dead tribute you come back alive to play again, (there names) and yeah, if no one does I am just gonna allow you to make new tributes so depending on how many people vote is how many will be in , But also if you vote you also need to make a tribute.

Tribute Template

Name: (first and last)

Age: (12 to 18)

District: (1 to 12)

Gender: (male or female)

Personality: (please be precise and explain)

Weapons: (1 to 3)

Backstory: (describe anything that happened in their life) (optional but if you want to see your tribute get far in the games. I would put one.

Appearance: (may post a pic if you want)

Strength: (choose one of them below)

Weakness: (choose one of them below)

Allies: (will they ally? yes or no) (if they will who will they ally with like certain districts or personalitys.)

Training session: (please make a training sesion for better score)

Strengths and Weaknesses[1]

Speed: How fast they can run.

Agility: How quick and light they are on their feet.

Strength: How strong they are.

Intelligence: How smart they are.

Stealth: How quiet they can move.

Hand-to-Hand Combat: How well they fight.

Accuracy: How well they aim and hit the target.

Climbing: How they can climb trees or mountains.

Swimming: How they can swim or tread in water.

  • Please Note: You MUST choose only two of these for the Strength and two of these for the Weakness of your tribute. If you give me a tribute with more strengths or weaknesses, they'll just be given the first two strength or weakness you listed.


Name District Age Gender Training Score Sponser Cash User/Creator
Ash Finn 1 12 Male 11 200 Random
Andrea Marshall 1 17 Female 11 200 *Resurected*

Stone Rockgobbler

2 18 Male 11 200 YourFavoriteSalmon
Emily Fry 2 18 Female 10 0 Ichillyfry
Micro Soft 3 17 Male 8 200 Aspen7783
Bascule De Fey 3 16 Female 10 200 *Resurected*
Finch Thistle 4 16 Male 10 300 XPsycho
Oceania Seacrest 4 16 Female 11 200 Xbilliex
Finale Spectrus 5 14 Male 11 200 Mistfire333
Rosie Pickeet 5 12 Female 10 200 *Resurected*
Sombra Celesta 6 14 Male 11 200 *Resurected*
Violet Clareson 6 16 Female 6 200 *Resurected*
Shuppet Jorrvaskr 7 15 Male 12 200 Tehblakdeath
Katarin Kinder 7 15 Female 9 200 *Resurected*
Banette Tsukomogami 8 15 Male 10 200 *Resurected*

Zoey Halst

8 18 Female 9 100 YourFavoriteSalmon
Grane Fink 9 18 Male 3 200 Random
Rebekah Ure 9 13 Female 5 200 *Resurected*
Joey Lang 10 17 Male 8 200 Ichillyfry
Alexandria Maydon 10 18 Female 9 200 *Resurected*
Matty Woodrow 11 16 Male 7 25 Joecannon11
Hannah Bladekiss 11 15 Female 7 200 *Resurected*
Willie Fry 12 15 Male 6 50 *Resurected*
Charlie Fry 12 17 Female 5 *Revived* Ichillyfry

You get 200 dollars starting off and 50 every kill.


Sword (Any type): $225

Machete: $175

Knife (Around 4 inches in length): $100

Dagger (Anywhere from 6-9 inches in length): $125

Hatchet: $125

Axe: $175

Throwing Axes (3): $200

War-Axe (Double Sided): $250

Trident: $200

Spear: $175

Bow (With 12 Arrows): $200

6 Arrows: $75

Throwing Knives (6): $175 (once thrown they can still be used) Blowgun (With 12 Darts): $150

Poison (Your choice of type): $100

Sickle: $150

Scythe: $200

Club (Wood): $100

Whip: $100

Water Related :[4]

Water (One-Quart, lasts around 2 days): $125

Empty Water Bottle (One-Quart): $50

Iodine: $75

Gallon of Water (Lasts around 5 days): $200


Hint: The more it costs, the longer it will feed your tribute.

Bread (1 Loaf, can feed for 1-2 days): $100

Basket of Bread (six loaves, can feed for 4-5 days): $200

Soup: $75

Beef Jerkey (8 Strips): $125

Dried Fruit: $150

Feast from the Capitol: $300

Basic Survival Gear:[6]

Jacket: $75

Gloves: $25

Sleeping Bag: $150

Tent (Sleeps 2): $200

Flint/Charcoal: $50

Matches: $100

Wire (For traps, snares, etc): $75

Rope (For traps, snares, etc): $75

Empty Backpack: $25

Fishing Rod: $100

Net: $75


Gauze Roll: $50

Pain Killers: $50

First Aid Kit (Contains gauze roll, band-aids, multiple medications, pain killers, needle and thread, sterile cloth): $175

Antidote: $175

Quick Revive: $200 (this can revive a dead tribute any tribute you want but can only be bought once per person and is not usable after day 3, and must be bought at the end of the day of the death your favourite tribute)

Burn Cream: $150

Itch/Rach Cream: $100


Camoflauge Paint: $100

Flash-light: $75

Night-Vision Glasses: $125

Inflatable Raft (With 2 paddles): $150 (only way to get to island without getting eaten by muttations)

Life Jacket: $50 (in the even that the raft breaks somwhat near the island where there is no muttations)

Let The 30th Annual Hunger Games Begin!

Gamemaker's/Ceaser's P.O.V -

"Alot of strong tributes this year" Ceaser says,

"Yes I would imagine so, we did bring in 12 dead tributes to come and play again, Oceania last years victor must be thrilled to play again" The head gamemaker snorted ignorantly,

"Willie Fry last years district 12 tribute's got a lot of family playing these games this year, sister from 12 and 2, what are the chances of that, hope this year is a good game!" Ceaser applauded.

"I'd better get going, don't wanna be late for the bloodbath!" The gamemaker was arrogant.

^ I just wanted to this...

BloodBath - (there wont be lots of povs, prob like 4 like last time,)

Oceania Seacrest -

Her I am. Once again standing on this medal plate getting ready to kill, I glance as Alexandria, how could they do this to her, she was pale and white, she isint well being back alive again I guess.. 10...9...8...7...6....5..4...3...2..1..

Finch Thistle -

Oceania Seacrest...We went to school together...She said we can be allies. I hope thats true, 5..4..3..2..1..The cannon hurt my ears, having them cut, made my hearing increase. Of course the Trident is the furthest in the mouth possible, I'm sprinting now, I grab a tribute's face and I slam my knee into there throat, they puke blood up on me, and their dead, I run and grab the trident, I turn but something pulls me back, Oceania wants the trident too, I point to some spears and she settles for those and grabs the spears and lots of supplies and we go to join Alexandria but it seemed she was pretty angry and the capitol, she killed two people, the first she slamed her butchers knife in there throat, and then she decapitated one, I was shocked, I turned around and whipped my trident in someone's back, I ran and picked it up...

Willie Fry -

I'm with my family, Emily remained with the careers but she said she would try to keep us safe, Rebekah and Rosie decided to join us along the way, I was running with them, I see rosie decapitate someone with her claws, then rebekah choking a tribute,

Andrea Marshall -

After the blood bath cleared, me and the Careers, looked at the arena, it was a giant island surounded in lakes with more islands, it was beautiful but confusing.

(ill post more on day 2)

End of Day One/BloodBath!..


The Sky/Fallen Tributes (not in order of death)
Name District Death Cause/Killer
Grane Fink 9 Kneed in throat Finch Thistle

Joey Lang

10 Trident in back Finch Thistle
Micro Soft 3 Decapitated with claws Rosie Pickeet
Ash Finn 1 Choked to death Rebekah Ure
Katarin Kinder 7 Decapitated with Butchers knife Alexandria Maydon
Shuppet Jorrvaskr 7 Throat cut with butchers knife Alexandria Maydon
Violet Clareson 6 Beat to death fighting over weapon Andrea Marshall
Sombra Celesta 3 Leg cut off, bled out, Stone Rockgobbler
Charlie Fry (First death) 12 Choked, then neck slit with claws Rebekah Ure & Rosie Pickeet
Bannete Tsukmogami 8 Arrow shot in eye Willie Fry
Oceania Seacrest 4 Machete in face Stone Rockgobbler
Andrea Marshall 1 Stolen Machete in neck Zoey Halst,
Hannah Bladekiss 11 arrow in face Finale Spectrus
Stone Rockgobbler 2 arrow in back Zoey and Finale
Alexandria Maydon 10 Stabbed in back from 3 foot long beak Bird Muttations
Rebekah Ure 9 knife in gut Emily Fry
Bascule De Fey 3 betrayed with arrow in mouth out neck Emily Fry

Charlie Fry

(Second Death)

12 spear in back Rosie Pickeet
Willie Fry 12 Spear in stomach Rosie Pickeet
Rosie Pickeet 5 Drowned Emily Fry
Matty Woodrow 11 Spear in eye Emily Fry
Finale Spectrus 5 NightLock poisened him Nightlock
Emily Fry 2 Knocked out, then shot in temple with arrow, Zoey Halst

Day Two

Zoey Halst -

I never expected to be with others, but they seemed to want me, maybe it's cause i'm good with an axe. Finch is good with his trident, Oceania and Finch always fight over who should get it, Finch always uses the fact that Oceania had one last year as his argument, Oceania usually shuts up or mutters that she is better with it, I watched last year's games, they were really good games, a capitol favourite, Alexandria is just annoying, she is always complaining how she is so angry thats why she killed those 2 tributes, then she starts crying cause she gave into the captiols games, if it were my way I would put a axe in that pretty face of hers, I was holding my pink thread tight, I really should not be with these people, Finch is fine I guess, We set up camp by the crystal clear river,

Stone Rockgobbler -

It seems as if Andrea and Emily have been competing for my attention, it gets pretty annoying, Andrea keeps complainin how Bascule keeps getting lost, We were walking for a while trying to find Bascule, suddenly, we heard a girl screaming, Andrea acted as if she knew the voice, Bascule came runnning out of the tree's and Sombra behind her trying to kill her, I ran up and jammed my machete in her shoulder she screamed in pain, I loved the rush, I did it in the other, and then I cut her left leg off, and watched her cry on the ground, she bled everywhere, mockingjays were mimicking her screams, please stop no please! The voice sounded just like sombra but it was not her it was jabberjays, "Muttattions!!" Andrea screamed... We all ran for cover, so they dont drive us crazy or skewer our eyes out or something, BOOM....Sombra must of bled out now,

Rosie Pickeet-

We were all at the unpurified lake, willie and charlie don't seem to trust me nor rebekah..."Ill keep watch for the night" I ask

"Pfft so you can kill us in the middle of the night?" Willie boasted

I roll my eyes and go and whisper to Rebekah, it's dark now, any second the fallen will show in the sky, I was eavesdropping,

"We can't trust them Charlie, there too controling one of us will end up dead!" Wille was almost firm with his voice, 

"Just hold up on killing them...for now." Charlie whispered, I almost screamed when I heard that, I got a little closer, Willie and Charlie switched roles, Charlie was keeping watch now, and Willie had fallen asleep, I was 2 feet from behind Charlie now, I controled my breathing then held my breath, I walked over, Rebekah had realised what I was doing, but she decided to help, she ran over quite and covered Charlies mouth, and started choking her, I acted fast before she broke free and screamed, I slit her throat with my claws, I made sure to cut her vocal cords too, so when we let go, she only sounded like she was breathing out loudly. We let her gasp for air, till she had none, BOOM...Willie had only opened his eyes to the sound of the cannon till the sky lit up with Charlies picture and the other tributes that died today, "Quick let's go!" I almost shouted, Rebekah grabbed all she could from the supplies and we ran off, we heard Willie in the back screaming.

Matty Woodrow -

I was headed towards where the hovercraft had picked up Charlie, I saw her face in the sky, I know thats where Willie will be, with Rebekah and Rosie, at least I'm pretty sure. It was dark, I could hear muttations screaming, I heard birds, alot of them, uh...those are pretty big birds...They were birds half the size of me..with 3 foot long beaks, I recognise them...They were in several other games, they stab there beaks through your gut, or your throat, one landed infront of me, I pulled out my sword, it charged at me but I stabbed it in the throat, what I did not realise, was that one was above, it grabbed me and brought me into the air, and dropped me about 20 feet in the air, I mananged to stab it before it dropped me, it died, shortly afterwards, I was grunting in pain crawling towards were the hovercraft was, I was determined to find Willie, from the distance I heard a voice, "What the hell was all that noise" A famalier voice from the distance was getting closer, I was afraid who ever it was...They would kill me. "Matty!" The voice came clear enough to notice it was Willie, 

"Do you have a first aid?" I asked,

"No Rebekah and Rosie killed Charlie, and took everything," Willie had tears still streaming down his face.

"oh.." I was in lots of pain

"Her lets get you to my only possesion left my sleeping bad, and well my bow." Willie dragged me back to camp...

End of Day Two..

Day Four

*Revived with Revive kit* Charlie Fry -

I instantly shot upwards gasping for air, feeling my neck expecting to still be choking on my own blood, but no my neck is fine, and I was breathing well, I stood up, I regained my balance which seemed I forgot how to balance, who would pay so much just to have the captiol revive me and send me back into the games? The last thing I remeber was choking at the hands of...Rosie and Rebekah! Oh my! I hope Willie is okay, maybe he killed the two idiouts, they think they can kill me hah, "Willie!" I called out careless of the fact that there could be others around me, I was still thinking, I woke up as if I left of where I died? I felt as if I was choking. Did Willie and the others wake as if they were dying then realising they are alive? Beep Boop Beep Boop I looked up as and saw the sun reflecting of of a silver bowl looking thing, but it was long maybe 5 feet long in length, a parachute with it, could this be a sponser? I was unsure having never watched most of the past years of games, to scared of reality, I un screwed the top still glinting the sun's rays, I bet the sun is fake, just the gamemaker's hologram, it could be dark out in the real world, but now right now its bright, inside lay a silver bow with golden decorations plated on it and then plated on the handle in gold said Sponser to Charlie Fry, I picked it up and hung it on my back and picked up the arrows they were mahogany arrows, with peacock tail feathers for the ends, did they really need mahogany arrows? What foolish people, I bent  a arrow and tested its flexability, I looked in the silver case once more and saw a slip of paper, I read it Don't die again...Enjoy the Bow and Arrow's, Don't die again, it said once more, I assumed it was my mentor,

Willie Fry -

I was still torn over my sisters death, and matty's ankle was swelling up bad, anymore and his blood could clot, then he my die, I glanced at my bow, unused I think.."Hey willie! A sponser over here its medical supplies!" Matty was yelling in pain and excitement, I ran over and quickly got to work, I gave him medicine for the swelling, I relocated the ankle, now that I have medicine to keep the pain down I can do it, I gave him pain killers, and after relocating it I bandaged it up. He was able to stand now, without much pain thanks to the strong pain killers, but he could not walk very fast, the bushed seemed to be moving very fast, my heart was pounding, I grabbed my bow and waited for whatever it was...But not a tribute a little rabbit coming out of the bushes, I looked in awe, its cute, blood oozed from its side when I realised Bannete jumped out and killed it, I pulled back and arrow and got ready, I shot and it went through it eye and out the back of his head, the arrow unusuable though as it snapped on outcoming of his head...BOOM...The bushes were rataling once more, I groaned in fear, but it was not foe, it was Charlie! I ran over and held her close, "H-how?" Unable to finnish the sentence she explained what the capitol have done for her,

Zoey Halst -

I was fooling around with the mice then ran around my feet as Oceania led us as if she owned us, last games she was loyal and nice, this game she thinks she owns them, I picked up a mouse and stroked its small body, it jumped away and scattered away with it's little friends, I had been walking with the others for days, I heard people talking in the distance, sounded like one of the careers but I said nothing, "I see the victor girl! She is mine!" The voice was owned by Stone Rockgobbler, Oceania's eyes went wide, I pulled out an axe, but Emily grabbed my in a neck hold as Stone swung his machete at Oceania's legs and she fell to the ground crying, Alexandria was staring with no emotion just big beady eyes, I had no need for emotion considering I never did like this alliance, I did not even attempt to break free from the hold, Stone finnished her off by swinging the machete into her face with it inches into her forehead, BOOM, Finch broke free from Andrea's hold but he did not fight he ran with Alexandria following them, I also tried to break free but Emily was to strong, they were bringing me to there camp, who knows why they dont just kill me now, I could see there camp now, but it required getting in the raft to get there, we sat there for several minuites as Stone paddled the boat, my hands were free now, they must know I would not jump out of the raft, I see Stone's Machete strapped to his waist, but even if I grabbed it I can't kill all 3 maybe one, but then they will kill me, because I can't jump, i looked into the water and saw a sponser float to the surface, I opened it with them not looking, it was a camo kit, I instantly had an idea, once we get close enough to the island, ill grab his machete kill who I can and once I do, that will give me time to get out and run to shore, camoflouge myself and hide, we were close now, I acted, I grabbed his machete and swung to the left of me, blood pooled everywhere not having time to see who it was I jumped and ran for my life, BOOM..I quickly hid behind a tree, and opened the kit, the most expensive cream you can get was in her, its white but once you rub it on skin, it turns into colors around, you, how does it know? the way the sun reflects of of things and hits the cream, it asorbs it and turns into the source of the reflection, I smeared it all over my face, and any showing skin, I then added some more paint, that hardened to look like tree bark, I then sat against a tree, and painted my clothing like sand, and smeared sand everywhere, I looked exactly like a tree, and my bottomn half like sand, and I had a good sight on there camp, once the hovercraft grabbed the dead tribute, I Realised I had killed Andrea, I looked at my hands, I still had Stone's Machete, he had no weapon, except for the ones he does not know how to use!

Alexandria Maydon-

Finch and I had hid, we were wondering what the most recent cannon was, Finch said he will take Oceania's spot of being leader of the pack, I was angry, the capitol brings her back, and then she dies? I guess ill give into the game, I want to get out of here....

End of Day Four...

Day Six...

Finale Spectrus -

Crossbow in hand, I have been hunting for quite some time now, I was on the island the careers have been on for days, but they don't suspect that I'm here. Now that I know Zoey is around almost invisible, I can take much chances, I need to stay within my boundries, but I know sooner or later we will cross paths, oh of course, my face quickly went pale as Hannah Bladekiss was right before me, she was bloody, missing an ear, but she looked determined, she lunged forward with nothing but a sword, I dodged with the metal on my cross bow, and pulled the trigger, and it just missed her face, I cursed, and I grabbed another arrow and lodged it into place, she swung again, but I slammed her sword and the wait through her to the ground, I looked at her once pretty face, and shot an arrow into it, BOOM..Some one knew that something was going on over here, cause I heard running, it was not several feet, but only a pair that belonged to Zoey, she scared me of all people, I dont really know why, "I don't want to kill you..but maybe can we be allies?" Zoey seemed to be surprised saying that her self, I nodded and we walked towards my camp,

Bascule De Fey -

The careers did not seem to trust me for some reason, they held me back at camp everytime they have left, Not today they are planning to search for Zoey again, They were gathering up for the search party, I walked over, and geared up, "Where do you think your going?" Emily who took charge asked,

"I'm coming!" I yelled, She just looked at me in disgust in turned her head, after walking, we knew we were close, the heat was melting her makeup and we just had to follow the trail, a figure in the distance was running away, it was not zoey? It was Finale, Stone was already on his trail, who then jumped and tackled finale, something was not right...I was right from beside Stone the ground began to move, it was zoey disguised as sand, she grabbed stone, and had him in a hold, but she did not kill him, Finale got up and punched him in the face, he then grabbed his crossbow and shot one in his back, but Stone was strong, he was still fighting for his life paralyzed, Zoey, stomped on the arrow and it went through all the way, BOOM They both got up and ran for there life, but Emily had no interest in following she ran to Stone and was almost crying,

Alexandria Maydon -

Finch and I suspected the bird muttations are back again, it was getting dark, the sky lit up with the dead tributes names, Hannah and Stone, I was surprised, Stone's face glimmerd in the moones light, with kept cutting in and out, birds were flying in front of the light, they were coming towards us, Finch was already spearing birds with the spears, while using the trident to defend close ones, I grabbed a butchers knife which came in no use, but it was too late, a bird came and were becking at me, I managed to cut on of the heads, of but one came, and got me in the back, the last thing I remember is my vision being blurred by more birds, and the warm blood trickling down my back and stomach...I hope Finch is alright by himself...There is over 20 birds...BOOM

Finch Thistle -

I had not gone to see Alexandria's fate, as there were more then 30 birds in the area, the capitol must not paticularly like us and may want to speed up the games, The gamemakers must really hate me, now whenever I through a spear in a bird the bird and the spear dissolved in the air, I dare not throw my trident as its my only prize weapon, around 10 birds left when the capitol must think I have had enough, the last 10 birds or so flew into the air, then seemed to dissolve into flames into the distance, I was left with no spears no allies just a trident, I was afraid for what may come next,

Day Nine

Zoey Halst -

We finnaly got off the island, and we are in search for Alexandria and Finch, hoping that cannon last night was not one of them, Finch was sheltered in a tree half dead, at our arrival he jumped up and threw his trident at me he missed, and I quickly pulled out an axe which I had stolen back from the careers, He jumped down and attempted to punch me but he missed, "Why are you doing this?" I ask

"To win this!" he grabbed his trident and threw it at me but i reflected it with an axe and threw it at him, it landed between his eyes, BOOM..I could tell Alexandria must be dead, if he was not with her

Emily Fry -

It was time to go meet up with Willie and Charlie, I plan to assassinate Bascule, not later but now, I armed myself with my bow, Bascule was sitting by the fire minding her own buissness, I pulled the string back, and just before I shot she knew what was going on but it was too late, the arrow had lodged into her mouth and came out of the other side, BOOM, I grabbed the raft and food, expecting to be back here with them soon, but of course Rebekah was on the island, rosie was not with her, I was not gonna hesitate, I reached for another arrow, but there were none, I grabbed my knife, and charged she grabbed my throat but forgot then I had a perfect shot at her gut, I slammed it into her stomach and started running knowing Rosie will be near, BOOM...

Rosie Pickeet -

I was standing above Rebekah's body, the hovercraft lifting her up I held her hand till out of arms reach, I ran back to there camp, grabbed some left over weapons and hid in the tent waiting to strike once they get back, but they did not come back till the next morning....

Day Ten..

Willie Fry -

Charlie Emily and I have just gotten to camp, Emily was worried over Rosie's appearance, but I remained calm, I had been gathering wood for a fire, Emily hunting just in our feild of camp, and charlie around the un lit fire, BOOM I whipped around and saw Rosie with some spears from our unused weapon pile, and one through my sisters chest, I had no time for emotion just anger, I loaded my bow, and missed, I grabbed another, I shot but only for the arrow to be hit by her incoming spear directing the arrow into my neck and then the spear just in my abdomen, tears dribbled down my face, arrow in neck and spear in body I fell, and everything went black just after my cannon sounded, BOOM.

Emily Fry -

Well great both siblings dead, this plan gone to hell, I went and grabbed the spear in Willie having no arrows, I had not had much practice in throwing, so I stuck to slashing at her, she was out of spears, when I had given her a deadly gash in the thigh, but she remained active, I stalled her to the lake, and grabbed her head, and jerked it into the water, she was struggling for air, but I was going drown her for sure, BOOM her limp body floated away from shore, but shortly being picked up from the hovercraft, I looked around for Matty realising he had ran away, but only to show up after the fight, tempted to kill him, I pick up and spear, he was with a sword, but once he slashed I ducked and stabbed his foot, he fell, and I finnished him off in the eye, BOOM

End of Day Ten

Day Thirteen (Finale)

Zoey Halst -

Finale and I would have to split up soon, Being to afraid to betray eachother, Emily was somewhere near us, she thinks she can win, I'll show her, There she was, battle wounds, and nothing but a single spear. She thinks she can take both of us, I grabbed my axe, and threw it at her, she dodged as if it was no problem, I had realised that was my only axe, but it was too late, not for me but Finale's last breath faded on the ground, but it was not Emily who killed him, he must of ate Nightlock, he did not consult me first? BOOM just me and emily, I grabbed Finale's Crossbow, it had one last arrow, Emily swipped her spear, at me which resulted in me knocking her out with a hit to the crossbow to her head, I just realised, I had win, well at least, after I the arrow goes into Emily's passed out body, I loaded, and BOOM the arrow pericing her temple, 

Ladies and Gentlemen I present you the Thirtieth Annual Hunger Games Victor! Zoey Halst!

Congratulations YourFavoriteSalmon

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