1. The only rule that I have is that you must either have the following tribute template or add more. and 2 is the limit for tributes, NO RESERVATIONS.

2. Blood and gore may vary

3. I will not do p.o.v for training but you can comment a training p.o.v in the comments which may get you a better score.

4. Advice is allowed after each day. advice will get your tribute farther in the games

5. You may have up to two tributes in these Hunger Games. However, more may be possible over the length it's taking to fill.

6. These Hunger Games are not very reliant on They may be if I need it to be but not often, This means two things. One, you need to make your tributes very well and creative if you want them to last far. Two, both of your tributes might die on the first day when another person's lasts until the last day. 

7. I have the right to deny any tribute that I find either too overpowered, too underpowered or too basic. If you give me a backstory with one sentence, expect it to be denied. Also, any tributes that are too mental or too cliche will not be added. However, don't think that making a tribute from District 1 a Career is cliche, but you must follow the template

8. Please, have fun and please comment and give advice after every day.

Tribute Template

Name: (first and last)

Age: (12 to 18)

District: (1 to 12)

Gender: (male or female)

Personality: (please be precise and explain)

Weapons: (1 to 3)

Backstory: (describe anything that happened in their life) (optional but if you want to see your tribute get far in the games. I would put one.

Appearance: (may post a pic if you want)

Strength: (choose one of them below)

Weakness: (choose one of them below)

Allies: (will they ally? yes or no) (if they will who will they ally with like certain districts or personalitys.)

Training session: (please make a training sesion for better score)

Strengths and Weaknesses

Speed: How fast they can run.

Agility: How quick and light they are on their feet.

Strength: How strong they are.

Intelligence: How smart they are.

Stealth: How quiet they can move.

Hand-to-Hand Combat: How well they fight.

Accuracy: How well they aim and hit the target.

Climbing: How they can climb trees or mountains.

Swimming: How they can swim or tread in water.

  • Please Note: You MUST choose only two of these for the Strength and two of these for the Weakness of your tribute. If you give me a tribute with more strengths or weaknesses, they'll just be given the first two strength or weakness you listed.
  • Please Note : There will be no Sponsers this year, sort of a special twist I guess, but leaving advice for your tribute will leave a mark on them, meaning what you say, Chances are I will do for them, *READ THIS*


This years Tributes!
Name Gender District Age User Training Score
Fredrick Jurn Male 1 15 DezmondD02 *pending*
Emerald Walker Female 1 17 Nhtomahawks22 *pending*
Ryker Ashlar Styx Male 2 18 KatnissEverdeenFan *pending
Daisy Lucrian Female 2 15 YourFavouriteSalmon *pending*
Eero Haynseworth Male 3 15 DezmondD02 *pending*
Ember Tantum Female 3 15 KatnissEverdeenFan *pending*
Blade Spectrus Male 4 14 Tehblakdeath *pending*
Anne Thistle Female 4 16 Dezmond02 *pending*
Grymm Shynx Male 5 14 EverAfterHighFreak *pending*
Cady Heron Female 5 16 Ichillyfry *pending*
Buck Rockwell Male 6 16 YourFavouriteSalmon *pending*
Charm Shynx Female 6


EverAfterHighFreak *pending*
Dent Ferd Male 7 12 DezmondD02 *pending*
Ditzy Doo Female 7 14 EverAfterHighFreak *pending*
Patch Reilly


8 17 Bobsind *pending*
Clementine Everett Female 8 12 Ichillyfry *pending*
Eugene "Ugly" Tuxedo Male 9 18 YourFavouriteSalmon *pending*
Larenna Rourke Female 9 17 HarrisonStoner *pending*
Joel Burns Male 10 13 HarrisonStoner *pending*
Charlie Lynx Female 10 12 Blue-Ribbonz *pending*
Haiden Reden Male 11 DezmondD02 *pending
Meonala Krischa Female 11 15 Blue-Ribbonz *pending*
 October West Male 12 16 Bobsind *pending*
Katrina Simmons Female 12 18 Xbilliex *pending*

Important update - There will be training session p.o.vs but from the gamermakers prespective.

District One - *Renan Grun - HeadGamemaker's pov*

"Fredrick Jurn, District One.." Blunty had I called for his name. A young but firm boy walked in, he of all people looked as if he had not cared about the hunger games, he did not seem happy nor did he look pained to be here, "A career boy that one" a dark skinned women pointed her finger, I observed him carefully, he grabbed a war hammar, he was weak with it, but managed to take down dummys, he grabbed a sword, he looked as if that was his specialty, He swung at the lazer figures, "Please time me" He commanded, I flashed him a dirty look and turned on the timer, the smell of turkey surrounded the room, he manged to kill over 30 figures in 40 seconds, the session timer went off and he walked off,

"Emerald Walker, District One" I had hopes she would surprise me as Fredrick was good but not victor material. She was cold but a huge smirk on her face, she grabbed knives and of course had made me bored with plain throwing, she had good accuracy but it was nothing interesting,

District Two -

"Rykar Ashler Styx, District Two!" I was excited for this boy, he grabbed spears two in each hand and threw them into the dummies, he had done that, then grabbed more and threw two at a time, one of the dummies exploded and fake organs and blood had pooled out of it. I clapped and applauded his talent, he glared at me and walked out,

"Daisy Lucrian, District Two" She was accurate, but her actual strength in hit was weak, She barley made the dummies bleed.

District Three -

"Eero Haynseworth..District Three" I was confused upon his name as his family has lots of history his fake and his real one, he walked in, he had used his time to build mines and blow up dummies, made weapons to send of electric charges, which had a huge effect on dummies, and then made his famous spear that stuns other tributes, which had burnt the dummies, and singed the feet off and fell, blood pooled the dummies section,

"Ember Tantum District Three" Prepared to be bored again, she had shown skills with knife, and made many traps, which most of them effective,


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