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    I clasp the flask between my hands. It's full of alcohol. Everyone has been heavily drinking since last night, the night when The Curse Of Rebecca Black was inflicted upon us. Well, everyone except for Peeta. Apparently Peeta's parents always told him that drinking is bad. In fact, he had a song that he sung to us.

    Don't be bad Do not drink It will make you sad So do not drink

    To make things worse, my relationship with Gale has been rocky since the curse. Rue wasn't having much luck with him either. Nothing would be able to cheer me up now. Nothing at all....


    Oh god. It's Peeta's song and dace routine. Peeta jumped out in a sparkling, tight body suit. I immediately shut m…

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  • Dinosaurbones111

    When I wake up, the other side of my bed is wet. I wrinkle my nose in disgust and roll of my bed. Slapping some clothes on, I look at myself in the mirror and smile. Sexy as usual! Quickly, I ran out the door to the forest. Today was hunting day with my best friends, and I could not wait.

    Finally reaching the secret tree fort my friends and I built, I call out for them. "Gale!? Peeta!? Rue!? Thresh!? Where are you!?" Then, I heard it. It was like poison, slowly seeping into my ears.


    I screamed and saw them. Tight body suits. Singing to Beyonce. "HOW COULD YOU NOT INCLUDE ME IN THIS?!" They all froze in their dance positions. Gale slapping Peeta's butt, and Rue and Thresh in a very controver…

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  • Dinosaurbones111

    Okay, chances are you can relate to this. So, you're on the computer, typing furiously as the words come flowing through your head. You are writing your newest story, and your best BY FAR. Everything is perfect, it seems as if writer's block has suddenly disappeared from your world. You've been typing now for hours and hours, and..... VOILA! You are done! You smile from ear to ear as you slowly press save, when suddenly the computer freezes. SERIOUSLY?!?!?! You bang your fists on whatever your computer is placed upon, for laptops, it's your legs. You restart the device, hoping for a miracle. You go back to your previous files, only to find that your story is gone. Forever. Pissed off, you decide to mope around for the rest of the night.

    So …

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  • Dinosaurbones111

    Hey, everybody! I'm new to this wiki, so I'm going to start by making my own games with my own characters! Feel free to read it and maybe even give some ideas or (constructive, hopefully :)) criticism. Well, here goes!

    Crystal Atery-18

    Cliff Rickman-15

    Katarina Monute-13

    Jace Lawform-17

    Riley Guret-13

    Jonathan Newbert-17

    Linsay Yue-16

    Graham Heyman-16

    Fey Juniper-18

    Antonio Berinutine-17

    Serena Abena-14

    Luke Rufipe-16

    Wendy Glinda-16

    Robert Guyson-17

    Calla Feathersome-18

    Simon Tuchin-18

    Clare Nightborn-12

    Xavier Ruthborn-14

    Quinn Lock-16

    Alec Wood-17

    Clyde Weren-15

    Ricky Mayn-14

    Maia Notburn-16

    Finn Hinder-15

    The arena is relatively simple, consisting of a lush forest, a river that runs through the forest, and a lake in a clearing. Mountains surround the perimeter…

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