Chapter 1

When I wake up, the other side of my bed is wet. I wrinkle my nose in disgust and roll of my bed. Slapping some clothes on, I look at myself in the mirror and smile. Sexy as usual! Quickly, I ran out the door to the forest. Today was hunting day with my best friends, and I could not wait.

Finally reaching the secret tree fort my friends and I built, I call out for them. "Gale!? Peeta!? Rue!? Thresh!? Where are you!?" Then, I heard it. It was like poison, slowly seeping into my ears.


I screamed and saw them. Tight body suits. Singing to Beyonce. "HOW COULD YOU NOT INCLUDE ME IN THIS?!" They all froze in their dance positions. Gale slapping Peeta's butt, and Rue and Thresh in a very controversial position. Gale was the first to speak.

"Katniss, you came late, we didn't want to wai-"



"No, don't talk Gale. Just let me get my costume, and I'll be right back."


I ran as fast as I could back to my house.

Humming a little tune, I returned to the forest, in proper attire of course. I turned the corner to witness something even more horrific than before. Thresh and Peeta, intently taping Rue and Gale who were passionately making out, with their iPhones. "WHAT THE HECK!?!"

Gale turned and gasped. Rue smiled. "Want to join the party?"


"Catnip, you never called dibs on me."


I kicked off Rue violently and jumped on Gale. We fell to the grass and locked in a super sexy embrace. I moaned softly as I took his shirt off. Rue snorted in disgust. "Katniss, you're such a-"

"Rue, watch your language," Thresh warned. Rue growled.

Chapter 2

After a couple of dance practices (which I choreographed), we had to go back home. Today was reaping day for The Funner Games, and I was pumped. I slipped on a blue dress and ran to the main square to find my friends waiting for me.

"Katniss, I am so excited!" Rue exclaimed, jumping up and down in the air.

"Yeah, who wouldn't be. A life of fame and fortune. I would KILL for it." Now, my dear children. You thought that Katniss would actually kill for the prize? Oh, my! The Funner Games does not involve killing, you see.

Eventually, a strange lady came up to the stage and began a big speech about the history of The Funner Games. You see, this year, District 12 was picked from all the other Districts to take part in The Funner Games. I had learned in countless History classes that the Capitol created the Games to prove that they are funner than us. They were right.

12 boys and 12 girls from our District would compete against one another. Of course, I would win, given the fact that I had smarts, beauty, and talent. After getting lost in the thoughts of how amazing I am, the lady began picking names from the bowl. First were the boys. A bunch of random names came up, and I lost interest when suddenly I heard a name that I recognized. Gale. Then Peeta. Then Thresh. WHAT?!? They got reaped. LUCKY.

Next were the girls. I kept an eye out for any strong competitors. First came this blonde chick, and I hate to admit it, but she was pretty hot. Not as hot as me, of course, but hot. Gale gave her a smile as she walked on the stage, and I felt a surge of anger rush through me. That chick is going down. Next were a bunch of random people, including this girl that looked like a fox. I decided to name her Foxface and made a mental note to keep my eye out for her. Then came Rue. Then Prim. Prim! My little sister?! INSTEAD OF ME!? I ran up to the stage.

"GET OUT OF THE WAY, PRIM!" I shouted, flinging my arms in the air. "I volunteer!"

"And what's your name, dear?"

"Katniss. Katniss Everdeen." I flashed the crowd a smile, and the guys practically melted.

"Well, there you have it! The tributes for The Funner Games!"

Chapter 3

We were taken into a strange building and each given a room for visitors. Unfortunately, I had no visitors. Probably because they are all so jealous of me. Ha!

We then boarded a train to the Capitol. I sat around a table with Rue, Thresh, Gale, and Peeta. I stared at Rue, and she growled at me. I guess she isn't forgiving me for the whole Gale thing. Oh well. We then turned on a television to watch the news.

"Breaking news, tonight. The famous singer, Brit Pears, has died in a fatal car accident. We do not know much about what has happened, but we will update you later on that."

At that point, Peeta practically broke down, shouting random sentences including "LEAVE BRIT ALONE!" and ran into his room screaming. Gale, Rue, and Thresh looked confused, but I explained to them how much of a fan he is.

"You see, Peeta calls himself a Britniac, which is a fan of Brit."

They shrugged this off, and we flipped to MTV.

"Snooki, stom hittin' on my man, or we gonna have to settle this."

"Don' tell me what to do, girl!"

"Oh, you messed with the wrong -----"

The television pretty much blurred out their mouths the entire time after that. Quickly, we switched to another program.

"The Hunger Games is a film about 24 kids fighting to the death in one arena."

"Pshhh, what a stupid movie. Imagine if people actually did that!" Gale laughed.

We all began laughing with him. He was right, it is a stupid movie. The commercial ended, and it got back to the television show.

"Ashley, men. It's the final rose. Good luck."

"Constastine," the lady said, giving a rose to some random man.

"WHAT THE HECK?" Thresh jumped up from his seat and punched a window. Blood began pouring down his hand as he threw his tantrum. "WHAT ABOUT AMES? FOR GOODNESS SAKES, ASHLEY. DON'T BE STUPID." And with that, he also ran into his room, crying like a girl.

We decided to turn off the television.

Chapter 4

Every year, we would all get a mentor for The Funner Games. I'm not sure how it happened, but we lucked out this year. We got Finnick, Finnick Odair, just about the best guy you could ever get. I swear, ALL the girls are in love with him (Peeta also, but he's a strange kid, so I'm not surprised). After arriving in the Capitol, which is pretty sweet, we had to go through chariot rides, training, blah blah and all that crap. Lucky for me and my group of friends, we aren't the type to do that kind of stuff, so we begged Finnick to stay in our rooms. He always asked why we wanted to be cooped up like that, but we lied and said we were homesick. The truth is, we stay in our rooms to play strip poker, and believe me, with Gale it's AMAZING.

Rue surprises me though. I mean, for a 12-year-old girl she really gets into it. I've recently been wondering if she has been practicing...

I'm snapped out of my thoughts as Rue yells into my ear.


"Huh, what?"

"We're playing Spin the Bottle. Want to join?" She winks at me.


"Yay! Everyone get in a circle!" After teaching Peeta what a circle is, we finally formed a circle (kind of). Rue sat next to Gale (duh) and kept hugging him randomly. Of course, this is extremely disturbing considering the age difference between them. Whatever, I don't really see her as a threat to my relationship with Gale. Well, that it until we began playing.

"I'm first!" Rue exclaimed, flapping her arms as if they were wings. She lightly spun the bottle so that it simply turned a little to land on Gale. "Gale!"

Gale turned red in the face. "Rue, are you sure you want to-" Rue jumped on him, literally, and began kissing him fiercely. Before anything got too serious, Thresh pulled her off. She was giggling like mad and was all jumpy. I rolled my eyes.

"My turn," I sighed and spun the bottle. It went around and around and around, finally landing on..... Oh god. I look up. It's Peeta. "Can I respin?" I begged. Peeta shook his head.

"You don't want to kiss me?" Great. He looked as if he were about to cry. I leaned forward and gave him a quick kiss on his cheek, and he almost fainted. Next was Gale's turn. I crossed my fingerss and hoped that it would land on me, me, me!!!!! But it didn't. It landed on Rue. I stood up and stormed into my room, yelling, "THIS GAME IS RIGGED!"

Chapter 5

I woke up in my room feeling exhausted and groggy. Sitting up, a sharp pain stabbed through my head. I immediately regretted having all those drinks last night. I ran into the main lobby, or whatever you want to call it, and waited with the other Tributes. Today began The Funner Games, and I was nervous. I wasn't nervous of the Games, I was nervous of Peeta. Ever since I kissed him during Spin the Bottle, he's been looking at me like I'm the love of his life and we had known each other for years. I was going to have to confront him soon and tell him that Club Katniss is a private club. Only V.I.P. members have access inside Club Katniss (if you know what I mean).

We were each given a t-shirt, a jacket, and pants to wear. I loved the outfits, it totally showed my beautiful body, especially my upper region.... "KATNISS!" I turned around to find Finnick staring at me. "Hurry up, get on the metal plate. The Games are about to begin!"

"Oh yeah." I smiled at him and waved goodbye as I stepped on the metal plate. It began to rise, taking me higher and higher to the light above.

Before I begin, I should tell you that The Funner Games is like a race to get to a certain place. At that certain place would be the prize. It was simple: first to get the prize wins. However, the Funmakers set up traps around the arena. If you get caught in one of the traps, you are sent ALL the way to the beginning. Sometimes the Funmakers enjoy making twists in the Games, like allowing you to teleport to a certain Tribute or something like that.

Anyways, we were lifted to the arena. I noticed something immediately. This arena was a maze. One of those hedge mazes. And it was HUGE. Bigger than the one in that movie we saw heading to the Capitol: Hairy Toddler and The Goblin of Fire. In the end, Hairy Toddler died because his hair caught on fire from the Goblin of Fire. I laughed a little, remembering the movie. Eventually, I snapped back into focus. There were probably only 30 seconds left before the metal gong sounded, and we would be released. We were in the middle of the maze, I was guessing. Infront of us was the Corn Utopia. It contained an endless supply of corn with bags surrounding it to carry the corn in.

BONG! I ran off my plate and grabbed a bag, stuffing multiple pieces of corn in at the same time. I grab a rotten corn and chuck it at Peeta. It hits him in the head, and he falls to the ground, bawling his eyes out. I lift Peeta up and tug him towards Rue, Thresh, and Gale. "I guess we're allies," I smile. We nod our heads in agreement and take off into the maze. Nothing that interesting happens after that. We turn left. Right. Left. Dead end. Back again. Right. Straight. Dead end. Back again. By the time we come to a small circular clearing, it's night already, and we decided to make camp. Sitting down, munching on corn, how peaceful... But boring. Hoping to add some excitement, I grab a flashflight from my pocket (which I had hidden to bring into the Arena) and light up my face. "Anyone like scary stories?" I ask with a mischievous smile.

Chapter 6

Apparently, Peeta doesn't. He takes on what I like to call his "Peeta Position" by curling up into a ball and rocking back and forth, plugging his ears and saying, "La, la, la, la!" Ignoring this, I face the rest of the group, staring intently at me. I began the story, making sure to lower my voice to add some intensity. Plus, my voice is sexy when it is low, but anyways.

"It was a cold night. Dark and cold. My sister, Prim, and I had decided to have one of her friends over. Wait, this story is 100% true, ok? Ok, so we decided to have one of her friends over to watch a few movies. Prim's friend, Rose, brought her DVD player and a DVD with her. I wanted to see what we were going to watch, so I asked for the DVD. She handed it to me, and I read the label. It said: FRIDAY BY REBECCA BLACK. I immediately dropped the DVD on the floor, and Rose looked at me, confused. Then I explained it to her. I read on Google somewhere that the DVD was cursed. They say anyone who watches it dies in 7 days." Rue let out a little yelp. Peeta was still taking on "Peeta Position".

"I had warned her. I begged her even to not watch that DVD. But she did. She still did. Of course, Prim and I didn't watch with her. We ran out of the room and plugged our ears, just incase the sounds cursed us. Rose came back, 3 minutes 48 seconds earlier to be exact, bouncing up and down. She was humming a little tune and sang a part of the song to us. It's Friday, Friday!" I sang, using my sexy voice the Lord had blessed upon me.

"Rose left our house after that, and we didn't meet up with her again until a week later, on the same day. Then we found her. On the forest, her eyes blank, staring into the sky. She was dead. And the curse of Rebecca Black began!" I jumped up and made a roaring noise. Rue screamed and jumped into Gale's arms, who didn't catch her.

Chapter 7

After I told the story of The Curse of Rebecca Black, nobody wanted to sleep. We were all too freaked out (especially Rue, but she was probably faking it for Gale). Anyways, we decided to grab a snack and go hunting, when suddenly a girl came out of the bushes. But this wasn't any girl. It was that Glimmer girl. The sexy, curvy, blonde, green-eyed girl. I growled at her. "What do you want?"

"I want to make an alliance, what else?"


"Katniss, relax," Gale said, smiling at Glimmer. "It won't hurt for more Tributes, anyways."

Glimmer smiled and walked to Gale. "Gale, isn't it?" she smiled, flicking her flowing blonde hair back and winking at him. I felt like I was going to explode. Seriously, this chick isn't going to get in the way of our relationship. Gale decided that he was going to go hunting, and he had to take someone with him. Immediately, Glimmer and I volunteered. She shot me a look, and I sat back down, moping. What a brat. Seriously. I wasn't going to let them go off alone, of course. But I'm not a stalker, I just mean the best for Gale and I. Following them, I heard Glimmer stop and speak to him.

"Listen, Gale. Why don't we do something else, other then hunting?"

"What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean," she winked.

I wanted to scream, but I couldn't. I knew he would find out I was watching them, I knew it... Jelly doughnuts. This bush grows jelly doughnuts! Must be a trap. Oh, Glimmer is going to get what she deserves!

"These are called The Funner Games, right Gale? So why don't we have some fun here..." And she leaned forward and kissed him passionately. He tried to push her of, but she grabbed his neck and went in for it even more. I couldn't take it anymore. I ran out of the bush, yelling my fierce battle cry.

"GET OFF HIM YOU LITTLE-" And with all my strength, I sent the doughnut flying to her face. It exploded on her, and she disappeared. It was a trap the Funmakers set up! YES! She was sent ALL the way to the beginning! We won't be seing her anytime soon! I grabbed Gale and pulled him into a strong kiss. He gasped a little in surprise, but he kept going for it. And then Rue showed up. Little Rue. She kicked and screamed at me all night, telling me that she had called dibs on him first, but I simply ignored her and fell asleep.

Chapter 8

I woke up to the sounds of feet shuffling and voices saying, "1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4." I sat up and everyone else was already awake, Rue, Thresh, Gale, and Peeta. Peeta squeaked when he saw that I was awake and yelled out, "HIT IT BOYS!"

It then started. Perhaps the most horrifying minutes of my life. Peeta's song and dance routine.

"It doesn't matter if you love him, or capital H-I-M," he yelled out. "Just put your paws up. Cause YOU WERE BORN THIS WAY, BABY!" Gale and Thresh came out in skin tight body suits, doing coreographed dance moves beside Peeta.

"MY MOMMY TOLD ME WHEN I WAS YOUNG, DON'T TAKE SNACKS FROM STRANGE PEOPLE. SHE SAID THAT THEY COULD DO BAD STUFF TO ME. MAKE ME SEE THINGS I DON'T SEE." I swear these were not the right lyrics, but whatever. Peeta's strength was never reading. "I'M BEAUTIFUL IN MY WAY, CAUSE GOD MAKES NO MISTAKES, I'M ON THE RIGHT TRACK BABY-" A gorgeous voice then echoed through the maze.

"I WAS BORN THIS WAY!!!!" Glimmer belted, as she came from a corner. I glared at her, but noticed she had backup dancers with her. It was that Foxface girl and the Clove girl. They were doing that move where you put your finger to your lips and touch your butt.

Another voice then came. "DON'T BE A DRAG, JUST BE A QUEEN." OH MY GOD. It was that Cato boy. Could this get any worse? "WHETHER YOUR BROKE OR EVERDEEN!" They all pointed at me when Cato sang the word EVERDEEN. I felt as if I was going to puke.

"I WAS BORN THIS WAY!" they all shouted. I stared. Rue stared. We were apparently the only ones that didn't get the memo about a Lady GAGAGAGA performance. Then Rue stood and clapped.

"YAY, Go GALE!" I was so frustrated, I WAS NOT INCLUDED IN THIS!? I screamed.

"HOW DARE YOU LEAVE ME OUT! I CAN DO MUCH BETTER THINGS THAN THAT! SEE!" I stood and sang with my sexy voice. "Teach me how to dougie, teach me- teach me how to dougie!" I did my best dougie, and dang, I can bet it was sexy. Everyone stared, clearly dumbfounded of my amazing talents. "Well, what did you think?"

Chapter 9

"Hello, Katniss," Glimmer smiled. "It was a quick walk. After you sent me to the BEGINNING. I managed to get here... in time." I stared at her upper region. THOSE were definitely not real. "Hey, Gale. I missed you last night."


"It's ok babe, I came back for you. Anyways, meet my friends, Foxface, Cato, and Clove." I looked at them. Clove and Cato were totally a solid couple. They were holding hands and giggling. Peeta obviously didn't know that and was practically drooling staring at Clove. This Foxface girl was really quiet. Oh well.

"HI CLOVE." Peeta said, holding her hands. "I'M PEETA. YOU. LOOK. GOOD." Clove turned away in disgust, and Cato grabbed Peeta by his shirt, tugging him closer to him.

"You better watch out Baker Boy, she's MINE." he snarled.



"I DON'T THINK. I KNOOOOW." They began wrestling each other, but Cato won and left Peeta crying from all the bruises he received.

"Get up, Peeta," I moaned, holding out my hand. He gladly took it while wiping some snot off his nose. "OK, EVERYONE. LET US CONTINUE!" I grabbed hold of Gale's hand (Rue grabbed on his other hand), and we skipped into the maze. Straight. Left. Straight. Right. Straight. Straight. Jelly doughnut bush. Left. Dead End. Right. Straight. Eventually, we stopped. Fox took out a DVD player that she managed to sneak into the arena, and we watched reruns of stupid soap operas. Peeta was bawling his eyes out the whole time. Infact, he even brought his own soap opera tissue box. Sometimes I worry about that boy.

Chapter 10

Foxface was a stripper. That's what I found out today. She told me her life story, and boy, it really is quite the story. "So," she began. "Before The Funner Games, I was a stripper. Yeah, yeah. A stripper. Because of my gorgeous bod and staggering lips, I get injections once a week, lots of people paid to see me. Lots of men, and some women of course, but that's a whole different story." Foxface winked. "Anyways, lots of men. So I met this one guy called SeTheD. Nobody knew why his name was spelt SeTheD, but I was about to find out. The truth is, I had sex with him. Call me a **** or whatever, but I did. And I enjoyed it. BUT. He. did. NOT. use. a. condom. I ended up getting STD, and that's when I realized why he was called SeTheD, emphasis on the STD." We all stared.


"Yes, that was me." Rue immediately stood up.

"Can you do this though?" She began stripping off her clothes, starting with her shirt. Oh little Rue. So lost in her little world. She then began unzipping her pants. "OH YEAH. GALE! GALE! LOOK AT MEEEEEE!"

"Rue, put some clothes back on, please!"

"You know you LIKE IT! GO RUE! GO RUE! UH UH UH HUH! OH YEAH!" She then began singing the Barbara Streisand song. "OOOOOOOOOOOOH. OOOOOOOOOOOH. Rue and Gale. OOOOOOOOOOOOH OOOOOOOOOOH. Rue and Gale."

Gale looked mortified.

Chapter 11

After Rue's little episode, I decided to let her and Gale go hunting together for our breakfast. I felt bad for her. She was so desperate. "Psst, Katniss. Come here," Thresh whispered, motioning me to follow him. He brought me to Rue's pile of clothes and began digging frantically through the pile. Even though she acted older for her age, her clothes were still 12-year-oldish. Her t-shirts had Bye-Bye Kitty, Super Mario Sisters, and even Dora the Explora. Thresh grabbed a diary from a pair of jeans and pulled it out. "Listen, Katniss. I don't like you much, but I like you enough to tell you this. Rue's up to something. I'm not sure what, and I'm not even sure why. However, I do know that this diary holds secrets of her. If I were you, I would check it out." And with that, Thresh walked away. I checked out the diary. The title, Rue's Diary, was scribbled in pink handwriting. Little hearts were glued to the diary. And carefully, I opened it.

Dear Diary,

Today, I have been reaped for The Funner Games! I am SO excited! Especially since Galey Bear is coming! But stupid Katniss is here also :( :( >:( BLEAUGH. Oh well. I will not let anyone stand in the way between Gale and I!

Dear Diary,

Today was the first day of The Funner Games. Katniss told us this really scary story about the Curse of Rebecca Black. I can't believe it! It was soooo scary. I jumped into Gale's arms, and he almost caught me! I'm getting better at this!

Dear Diary,

Glim Glim and I have finally devised our plan to get rid of STUPIIIIID Katniss >:D!

A fold out page then came out of the diary with hearts drawn all over it.

Cute Couple Names!

Rue and Gale!!!! :) :) :D :D <3<3<3<3XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

1. Grue!

2. Rale!

3. Galue!

4. Rug!

Katniss >:( and Peeta BOOOOO :( :( >:( BLEAUGH

1. Keeta

2. Kateeta

3. Katpee! :D

4. Peeniss >:D

Chapter 12

I decided to stay away from Rue and Glimmer for the rest of the Games, even if that meant giving Gale up to them for a little while. Peeta must have thought that Gale and I broke up or something because he kept asking me if I was okay or if I wanted to hold his hand.

"Katniss, I wrote you a poem to cheer you up!" Peeta said excitedly. "Katniss and Peeta sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First I bake a cake. Then comes pies!" But that was all he was able to say before he was knocked out by Gale.

"Then Peeta tragically dies." Gale smiled.

Gale must deliver a hard blow because Peeta was still unconscious. We even had to carry him through the maze. After that, everything went pretty well. Infact, we were even skipping and humming tunes until we reached a sign that read: SACRIFICE ONE TEAMMATE FROM YOUR GROUP. THEY WILL BE SENT ALL THE WAY TO THE BEGINNING OF THE MAZE. Rue snuck behind Thresh and pushed him in another capsule, sending him away. We now had Gale, Peeta (who woke up), Rue, Glimmer, Cato, Clove, Foxface, and I left.

"So tell me what you want, what you really really want!" Foxface shouted.

"I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want!" we all replied.

"I want Clove!" Cato shouted.

"I want Cato!" Clove shouted.

"I want Gale!" Rue and I shouted at the same time.

"I want Katniss!" Gale and Peeta shouted at the same time.

I glared at Rue. Rue glared at me. Gale glared at Peeta. Peeta glared at Gale.

"I want Gale!"

"No, I want Katniss!"

"Gale's mine you stupid!"

"Katniss was always mine!"

"Gale love me more!"

"Katniss loves me more!"

Two separate fights were going on at once, and it was complete chaos. Clove and Cato had to stop us before we began ripping each other apart. Foxface even took her chance to run off in search of the prize.


I think I won the fight in the end though.

Chapter 13

Peeta must have wanted to prove something, because he kept telling me lame things.

"Katniss, I will guard and protect your heart!"

"Katniss, here's my heart. Jump in. Stay awhile."

"I will build a moat around my heart with a drawbridge, and the only person who can get in is you!"

I was so glad when he finally shut up. However, I was dying to get to the end of the maze. It must be coming soon.... jelly doughnut! Random jelly doughnuts started flying from the air. I saw one land on Clove, and she disappeared, all the way to the start of the maze. I ran for cover. Gale, Peeta, Rue, and Glimmer must have gotten the same idea as me, or copied me of course. They also ran with me. Cato got swallowed up by a mountain of jelly and disappeared.

We were exhausted. We lost four members in one day, so we decided to call it a day. We would have to find the prize tomorrow.

I dreamt of doughnuts. Everywhere. Jelly filled. Oh no! NOOOO THEY'RE COMING! HELP! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Chapter 14

I didn't know if after the Games, these jelly filled dreams would still haunt me. I hoped not. How was I ever supposed to go to Tim Hortons with all my doughnut nightmares?! But I had to push these thoughts aside as we turned a corner and a hundred feet away was a light. A light shining on something. The prize. Everyone looked at each other, but we knew what was happening. From now on it was every man for themself. I ran as fast as I could. Gale was ahead of me with Glimmer, and Peeta and Rue were behind me. A vine shot out from the ground and tried to grab me, but I dodged it Matrix style (I have been practicing). I looked back and saw Rue, screaming profanity I doubt a 12-year-old should know as the vines dragged her to the start of the maze.

Peeta tripped and started crying as a vine shot out and dragged him away. Not to sound rude, but I was almost grateful he was gone. Next thing I knew, a vine twisted around my ankle, tripping me. I fell to the ground, and a second vine also grabbed Glimmer. We both started screaming our heads off, but the vines didn't start dragging us away yet. Gale stopped in his tracks and turned around. A robot rolled towards Gale and began speaking.

"Gale, please choose one of these Tributes to save from being sent to the start of the maze. Choose wisely," it said in a robotic voice.

"GALE, PICK ME, PLEASE!" Glimmer screamed.

"NO, PLEASE, GALE. ME!" Gale smiled for a moment.

"Catnip," he said. I breathed a sigh of relief. Thank goodness. Glimmer started swearing loudly.

"Searching for Catnip," the robot said. "No 'Catnip' detected." And the robot rolled away.


"Catnip- I mean Katniss, I'm sorry!!!!!" The vines suddenly jerked backwards, and they pulled Glimmer and I to the start of the maze.

I was surprised to find everyone from our huge alliance there. Turns out, they didn't want to bother going back in, so they waited at the start. It didn't take long though before a voice boomed in the arena. "Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the winner of The Funner Games, GALE HAWTHORNE!"


After the Games ended, we were all brought back to District 12, our home. The prize was a whole lot of money, and Gale was nice enough to split the money amongst us all equally. Peeta decided that he couldn't accept any money because sharing is caring, so we split Peeta's share amongst us. Anyways, everything was going well. Infact, I still kept in touch with EVERYONE from our alliance. Gale (especially), Peeta, Rue, Glimmer, Foxface, Cato, Clove, and Thresh. We decided to throw a huge victory party at my place, using some of the money we won for food and entertainment. It was almost night, and my mom said that I wasn't allowed to throw an all-nighter (I only wanted to have a nice sleepover with Gale though). Nobody wanted to stay for the night anways because they were still scared of the stupid Curse of Rebecca Black thing. Me, being the brave, sexy girl I am, was not scared of course. Oh well. You can't get everything in life.

Foxface was nice enough to use some of her money to buy a super HD surround sound DVD player that we could all use. She brought it tonight, and we gathered around the DVD player.

"The store owner gave me this DVD for free," Foxface said. "She said that she didn't want it anymore anyways."

"That's strange," Gale replied, puzzled. "Since when did District 12 start giving out things for free?"

"I don't know, but who cares! Let's watch this thing!" We all stared with our eyes glued to the screen as Foxface inserted the DVD. Loading 10%. I can't wait! 20%. Oh yeah! 70%. OOOOH! 90%. OH MY GOSSHHHH! 100%.

But then it started. What I hoped I would never see in my life, the sound slowly seeping into my ears.


Oh no.

Author's Note

Hey, it's DinoBones here! I'd just like to thank you all for joining this amazingly wonderful (and hopefully funny too :D) journey with me! Your comments are what kept me going! A special thanks to all those who reviewed me the first day and those who kept coming back for more (Brony12, Leshawna333, InsertRandomnessHere, and Anon...). Once again, thank you!!!!! And I will be writing a sequel to this called Katniss and Friends: The Curse of Rebecca Black! (A Hunger Games Parody). Bye, and see you all soon.

Rawr! -DinoBones

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