Hey, everybody! I'm new to this wiki, so I'm going to start by making my own games with my own characters! Feel free to read it and maybe even give some ideas or (constructive, hopefully :)) criticism. Well, here goes!


District 1

Crystal Atery-18

Cliff Rickman-15

District 2

Katarina Monute-13

Jace Lawform-17

District 3

Riley Guret-13

Jonathan Newbert-17

District 4

Linsay Yue-16

Graham Heyman-16

District 5

Fey Juniper-18

Antonio Berinutine-17

District 6

Serena Abena-14

Luke Rufipe-16

District 7

Wendy Glinda-16

Robert Guyson-17

District 8

Calla Feathersome-18

Simon Tuchin-18

District 9

Clare Nightborn-12

Xavier Ruthborn-14

District 10

Quinn Lock-16

Alec Wood-17

District 11

Clyde Weren-15

Ricky Mayn-14

District 12

Maia Notburn-16

Finn Hinder-15


The arena is relatively simple, consisting of a lush forest, a river that runs through the forest, and a lake in a clearing. Mountains surround the perimeter of the arena, and the Cornucopia lies within the middle of the arena. Treasures in the Cornucopia include swords, daggers, bows and arrows, sleeping bags, food, water, fire starting tools, and of course, a tent. Outside the Cornucopia are scattered items (of less value) that include sheets of plastic, bags, and tiny amounts of food and water. The tributes must be careful for tiny piranhas that hide deep in the lake and poisonous fish that swim through the river. Not only that, tracker jacker nests are hidden in some of the trees, as well as deadly spiders.

Day 1

Excitement around the Capitol builds as the 24 tributes rise from their plates. "Ladies and Gentleman, let the 111th Hunger Games begin!" roared the booming voice of the announcer.

The time was ticking. 60 seconds. 59 seconds. 58 seconds. Clare shot a glance at Xavier and smiled, a nervous sort of smile. He looked back and mouthed the word "forest". She nodded her head in agreement, when suddenly a loud explosion sounded. Blood splattered across her face as she turned, and the tribute to her right was dead. Well, what was left of the tribute anyways. A stump from one of her legs was left, leaving intestines sprawled across the ground. You weren't allowed to move before the gong sounded, but I guess this person didn't follow the rules. She was pretty sure it was that Quinn girl from District 10. Immediately, the Careers, all of them, began laughing uncontrollably on their plates, yet standing still to save themselves from the same fate.

And then the gong sounded. Jace sprinted for the Cornucopia, as well as some fellow Careers and other tributes. He stepped an something that cracked and looked back, only to see a trampled body of the District 7 girl. Smirking, he got to the Cornucopia first and grabbed his weapon, the spear. Jace turned and simply stuck the spear out, impaling 3 tributes, Robert, Antonio, and Fey. He laughed maniacally as he saw there faces, struck with a mix of surprise and horror as there innards begin pouring out onto the grass.

Calla turned to see Jace and immediately felt sick. She felt to the ground and began vomiting uncontrollably. She turned to look up, only to see Crystal with a trident in her hand. "Is this too much for you?" Crystal teased, pointing the trident at Calla's throat. "This could all end now you know. I'll make it easy. Ready?" And with a stab, Calla lay motionless on the ground.

Clare had followed Xavier's instructions and took off for the forest, adrenaline pulsing through her. She grabbed a yellow pack on her way and looked back to see the District 12 boy running the same way. He tripped and fell, impaling his eye on a sharp rock. Clare winced. Ouch. Suddenly, she ran into something, or maybe someone, she couldn't tell. Clare fell back and looked up to see Xavier smiling at her. "You should pay attention to where you're running ," he smiled and held out his hand to her. She took it, pulling herself up,

"Thanks," she murmured. They both took off deeper into the forest as the bloodbath continued.

Maia fought with all her strength beside the Cornucopia. Knives were her strength, her aim was perfect. She glanced around, looking for another tribute. Bodies lay covered in blood on the grass. The bloodbath must be over, she thought, when she saw a tribute stumble towards her, clutching his arm and wincing in pain. It was that Alec kid. "Help, please," he begged as he fell to her feet.

"Allies?" she asked?


"Okay, I'll heal you. But first we need to get out of here. This place isn't the safest to be."

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. That's how many cannons Jace counted. Him and the other Careers, Crystal, Cliff, Katarina, Linsay, and Graham laughed as they listened. "Only 10 more morons to go through until it's just us," Cliff smirked.

"Does that mean we have to kill each other soon?" Katarina asked, looking worried.

"Of course, idiot," replied Jace.

"It's just that-"

"That what? You scared to kill a few tributes?"


"You're no use to us, then." Jace got up and pounced at Katarina, grabbing her head.

"No, please! Don't! Please!" she squealed. Jace twisted her neck with a quick flick of his wrists. She fell back, eyes rolling to the back of her head. A cannon sounded.

"Make that 9," Cliff smiled.

Deep in the forests, Maia was tending to Alec's wounds. "Thanks," he muttered, "thanks for taking care of me. I would have been dead by now if it weren't for you."

"You will be dead if you don't have some food and water," Maia replied. She threw a piece of bread at him. "Here. And drink some of this water while you're at it."

"Is it poisoned?" Alec asked.

Maia laughed. "Whatever you think." He took a sip of it and bit into his bread. Bland, but good enough. Night began to fall, and already 1 cannon had sounded since the bloodbath. He wondered who it was but shrugged it off, glad that it at least was not him. After finishing his bread and water, he looked up into the sky. The faces of the dead tributes began shooting up in brilliant fireworks. First came a Career from District 2. That's a shocker, thought Alec. Usually all the Careers make it past the first day. Then it was the boy from District 3, both tributes from District 5, both tributes from District 7, the District 8 girl, and then Quinn. He felt a pang of sadness for a moment. Stop it, he thought to himself. You didn't even know her. She had to die if he were to win, whether he liked it or not. Last was the face of the boy from District 12.

9. That's how many had died today. Maia sat back and thought of it for a moment. The number would only grow larger as the days passed. She sighed and lied down on the grass with Alec. "Can you take the first guard shift tonight?" Maia asked. She turned to look at him, only to see him soundly sleeping. Smiling, she sat back up and adjusted her eyes to the dark, looking around for signs of any trouble, but mostly, she found herself looking at Alec.

Day 2

Riley woke to the sound of a cannon. Blinking the sleep out of her eyes, she sat up. Her stomach immediately began groaning. She didn't eat anything yesterday and was starving. Using the small amount of energy she had left, she stood and began searching through nearby bushes for berries. A flash of bright yellow caught her eye, and she followed it into a small clearing. A boy lay sprawled on the grass, his hand inside his yellow pack. She advanced closer to him and bent down, listening for a pulse. Silence. Riley grinned slightly and reached into his pack, grabbing a bag of berries. Her stomach growled again. She grabbed a handful and plopped them in her mouth, when a sudden dizziness and tiredness came over her. Riley's eyes began to close, and she fell on the grass, realizing just then, what really had killed the boy.

"Come on! Get UP!" Jace roared in his tent. Cliff shifted a little and moaned slightly.

"Will you shut up?" Graham groaned. "It's so early!"

"No it isn't. Anyways, we got to go hunting."


"Good morning princess." smiled Jace.

"Get off me!" Linsay yelled.

"Hey, I was just being a gentleman."

Linsay rolled her eyes and sat up.

"Hurry, we're going hunting. Tribute hunting."

Meanwhile, Clare and Xavier were high up in a tree, eating a bag of berries.

"What's up?" Xavier asked, showing a mouthful of blueish liquid.

"First of all, don't talk while chewing. You don't want to be known as the guy that died in the Games for choking on a berry."

Xavier laughed. "Man, I never knew you cared about me so much."

"Shut up!"

He winked at her. "I'm single you know. You're not my type, but we could always try."


Clearly amused by this, Xavier laughed again, nearly falling out of the tree.

"YES!" Clare exclaimed. "YES!"

"So you do want to date me?"

"NO, look up!"

He rasied his head and saw a parachute falling from the sky, tied to a bow and arrows. It fell into Clare's lap when a second parachute carrying the same weapon fell into Xavier's lap. "Thanks District 9." he whispered.

Eventually, the Careers were ready with their weapons and began their walk in the forest. "Did you hear the two cannons this morning?" Crystal asked.

"Yeah," replied Graham. "These tributes are more dumb than I thought!" Everyone laughed. Today, all of them had already each received a sponsor gift, and they were pretty much loaded with weapons of all kinds. Bows, arrows, knives, spears, a trident, and even a small bottle of poison.

"Help, help me!" shrieked the voice of a girl. The Career pack looked at each other and smiled. They headed towards the sound to find Serena, the girl from District 6, lying on the ground, clutching her ankle and wincing in pain. "Help, help, please!"

"What's wrong?" Linsay asked as she bent down, eye level to Serena.

"I tripped and broke my ankle on this vine! I can't get up! It hurts too much!"

"That's good."

"Good?! How is that good?!"

"It's easier to kill you now." grinned Linsay.

"No, no, don't!" But it was too late. Linsay grabbed a sharp stick from the ground and plunged it into Serena's chest. Serena spit out a mouthful of blood and moaned softly. Her chest was rising and falling slowly now. Linsay watched with pleasure as her victim struggled to stay alive.

"I told you it was easier." she winked, as Serena's eyes closed and her cannon sounded.

Maia squinted as they came to the lake. The sun was blinding, and it was scorching hot. She was sweating buckets and needed to find water, fast. Wet and miserable, she slouched behind Alec, brushing her hair with her hands from time to time, and secretly even checking for sweaty armpits. There was nothing, she thought, nothing worse in the world than sweating infront of a guy. Especially if it's your armpits. Alec, on the other hand, seemed to be enjoying himself. A little too much, maybe. He was humming a little tune as they came up to the edge of the lake. They knelt down, and just before Alec plunged his head into the water, Maia stopped him. "Wait, let me check if it's safe." She bent over and saw her reflection, her long brown hair in sticky knots and her face covered in dirt. She frowned a little before noticing the small movements in the water. Piranhas, and lots of them too. Hundreds, for sure. "Alec, don't drink from here, the lake is absolutely infested with piranhas."

As if on cue, a tiny piranha shot out and bit into Alec's arm. He swore under his breath and pulled it off as it brought a surprisingly large chunk of skin with it. "Come on, Alec, let's leave this place. I'll bandage you up later."

The Careers had been searching for most of the day and had no luck. "Where is EVERYONE?" Linsay moaned.

"Patience, yeesh," Graham snapped, "No tribute is even going to come out because you are shouting so-" A knife shot from bushes nearby by and planted itself into Graham's arm. He grabbed the knife and quickly pulled it out, turning towards the bushes. "Get out from there, you coward!" he shouted. Graham headed towards the direction of the knife thrower and hoisted a boy up from the bushes by the neck. It was the District 11 boy. "So it was you who threw the knife, eh?" The boy struggled and tried to pull off Graham's arms, but he was too strong. "Good aim, but not good enough."

"Crystal, the poison." She reluctantly passed him the green liquid. "Open wide!" Graham smiled. "Ready? 1, 2, -" A sharp pain immediately coursed through his back, and he turned around to find a large spider staring at him, its eyes reflecting the image of his horrified face. "What the-" The spider immediately shot a purple spray at him, right in the face. Graham fell to the ground and screamed, an agonizing scream, dropping the District 11 boy in the process. His face began bubbling and skin slowly began to peel off. Graham's eyes fell out of their sockets and rolled to the feet of the boy, casing him to get up and flee in terror. Blindly, Graham grabbed onto Crystal's foot as she screamed. The Careers watched, absolutely terrified as their fellow Tribute slowly melted right before their eyes. "RUN!" Cliff roared, and they ran, leaving Crystal behind.

"Get off me!" Crystal cried. Graham mouthed the word help, but she ignored it. "I'm sorry, I-I can't." Two spiders had already appeared and were shooting webs at Graham, advancing in on their prey. With a final tug, she freed herself, looking back at Graham who was almost unrecognizable now. A large pool of blood lay around his body as he madly jerked before abruptly stopping.

Crystal ran into the forest as Graham's cannon fired. She tried to hold back her tears and collapsed onto the ground. "This is not for me!" she moaned. "I can't do this, I can't." These words kept echoing in her head as she slowly curled up into a ball and rocked back and forth before drifting off to sleep.

"Ready, Alec?" Maia asked, twirling the syringe between her fingers.

"Will it hurt?" Alec asked, looking worried.

Yes, Maia thought, but if I told him that, he wouldn't let me inject him.

"No," she smiled. "Anyways, we have to do this, who knows what the piranha gave you."

Maia was right. After being bitten by the piranha, his skin turned a green colour and started developing small bumps.


"Hold out your arm." Alec held it out, and Maia winced. Some of the bumps had popped now and were oozing a yellow liquid. "It looks disgusting."

"Thanks." Maia decided to insert the syringe in the middle of his arm and pushed the liquid in. Alec cried out in pain. "What did you put in that needle?"

"To tell you the truth, the sponsor who gave it to me never told me what it was. However, they told me that it is quite painful, but it works."

"You better hope it does."

"I'm 90% sure you'll live, it's fine."

Alec smiled at her as she took the syringe out and placed it in her bag. "There, all done."

"Thanks, doctor."

"No problem."

"You know, I'm really lucky to have you as a partner, aren't I?"

"You bet you are."

Alec touched her cheek with his hand and looked in her eyes. "I wouldn't want to be with anyone else right now but you." Maia flushed for a moment and could feel her cheeks burning. Hopefully Alec didn't notice. She didn't know what to say, she was at a loss for words.

"Huh?" Maia finally said. Darn it, she thought. You blew it. You really did. Great job, Maia. She cursed at herself, and for a moment, saw a flash of hurt on Alec's face before it returned to normal. He released his hand from Maia's cheek and looked at the ground.

"It's late, we should sleep," he mumbled. Maia felt absolutely terrible for hurting Alec's feelings and nodded her head without saying another word.

Clare and Xavier stared at the night sky as the deceased Tributes were shown in the sky. First was that Riley girl from District 3. Then came a Career, the one from District 4. Two careers had died already, and it has been only two days. The District 6 girl was next, followed by the District 8 boy. 4 deaths today, thought Xavier. "How many people left now?" Clare asked.

"9. Not including us."

Clare sighed and thought about what Xavier had just said. Not including us. Eventually, they would have to split up, and hopefully, one of the will win. She had to be that person. She had to.

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