Okay, chances are you can relate to this. So, you're on the computer, typing furiously as the words come flowing through your head. You are writing your newest story, and your best BY FAR. Everything is perfect, it seems as if writer's block has suddenly disappeared from your world. You've been typing now for hours and hours, and..... VOILA! You are done! You smile from ear to ear as you slowly press save, when suddenly the computer freezes. SERIOUSLY?!?!?! You bang your fists on whatever your computer is placed upon, for laptops, it's your legs. You restart the device, hoping for a miracle. You go back to your previous files, only to find that your story is gone. Forever. Pissed off, you decide to mope around for the rest of the night.

So this happened to me on the wiki. I spent hours working on my new project, The 111th Hunger Games. When I was done, I pressed publish, only to find that the wiki logged me out sometime while I was writing. Instead of sulking for the rest of the night, I decided to write this article, whether you like it or not.

To make me feel like I am not a total loser, has this happened to you before? Comment and reply below! (Let's just hope that I can publish this at least...)

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