Hello, everyone, I'm District2. You've probably never heard of me before cuz I'm new but I wanted to start my time with a QUARTER QUELL!


To show that it was the Capitol vs. the Districts, 24 tributes from the will be forced to compete against Capitol fighters in a special battle royal! Its sort of like a game....

It's kinda confusing so let me explain: The tributes will be on the same team, and NOT allowed to kill each other. Each day they will report to the cornucopia in the arena were the refere, Ponzun, will be waiting. There he will roll two dice, one dice decides were the tributes will fight (I.E. forest, wasteland...) the second will decide how many fighters from each side are allowed to step forward. Once the tributes decide on their fighters he will transprt them to the location to fight via high tech capitol teleporter. The fighters will decide who goes first (I.E. Trina and Bob tell Jim to go fight, Jim steps forward as does one capitol fighter. They have a one-on-one fight, and lets say Jim disarms the Capitol fighter, he can decide if he wants to let him surrender, knock him out or kill him. Either way, Jim wins and can move on the next round. Then Bob goes and fights and loses, now if Trina wins the tributes move on to the next round BUT if she looses, every single district tribute is slaughtered because the round would end with a 2-1 victory to the capitol, SO EVERY FIGHT COUNTS! BUT if Trina wins then the Capitol fighter who beat Bob can fight in the next round, but not the others, who are eliminated once they are defeated.) The process is repeated every day. Untill the 7th round, that's the last one, ANY REMAINING TRIBUTES AT THAT TIME WILL BE DECLARED VICTOR!!!

(Dice part of twist copyrighted to Nobuyuki Anzai)


(I'll be making the Capitol Tributes and they might have werid names, being from the Capitol)

District Male/win-tie-loss ratio Female/w-t-l ratio
1 Draco Petra Silk Vendetta
2 Razor Raptor Spirit Velocity
3 Digit Twek Micy Cumput/1-0-0
4 Dondo Grouge/1-0-0 Ronda Grouge
5 Cytosine Johnson/1-0-0 Adeline Bouve
6 Rick Jones/1-0-0 Cathy James
7 Zebrawood Biceps/1-0-0 Primrose Axe
8 Gimli Laurson Seiko Nox/1-0-0
9 Ian Volt Shana Buzz
10 Fall Sky/0-0-1 Holly Honey
11 Grass Whistle Terra Earth
12 Aaron Winters Lilac Coalburner/0-0-1


President Frost (Class: ???)

Peta (Class: ???)

Betion (Class: Bishop)

Pano (Class: Rook)

Rhenio/1-0-0 (Class: Rook)

Alexxander/1-0-0 (Class: Rook)

Day 1: Let the Battles Begin!

President Frost's POV

"Are the Capitol fighters ready?" I ask my right hand man, Peta. He always wears the same crisp midnight blue suit and same short cropped haircut.

"Yes... And may I say, they are quite... Eager to begin," Peta responds.

I smile, this Quarter Quell will be quite interseting,"And is the Zodiac prepared?" I ask.

I can almost see the smile on Peta's face,"Yes and I'm the most eager of all!" He laughs evily.

"No..."I say as I get out of my chair, grip tighting around my secret weapon, Allumage.

"I am."

Ptt 2: Into the Arena!

The metal plates slowly raise the tributes into what most of them will be, their final resting place. Primrose Axe and Zebrawood Biceps smile whan they see it, a large forest, they will now how to survive here. the gong goes off and the tributes don't run, but slowly walk towards the cornucpia to pick their weapons in preperation for the first rounds of battle. Dondo rushes foward and grabs the best tridents and tents for him and his sister. Ronda goes over to Spirit and Razor,"I know we're not fighting the other tributes, but we can still make a pack." They nod and go over to recruit Draco and Silk.

Grass begins sharpening a stick with his knife while Terra forges for some food. Sekio tries picking on Gimli but he climbs a tree. Cytosine pitches a tent for Adeline and Zebrawood does the same for Primrose.


"Looks like it's noon!' Holly yells as she points to the sun, which is directly in the center of the sky. All of the tributes stretch and get their weapons ready as none other then Ponzon Templesmith, a man with green skin and horns, appears by the mouth of the cornucopia,"Hello tributes! Today will be the first day of battles, which will be taking place here! Now, everyone chose one person from your District to step forward!"

"Wait a second," Rick says,"Don't you need to roll the dice?"

"For simplicty the first round will take place here and the first two round will involve one person from their District." Ponzon explains. Out of the Careers Draco and Dondo step forward. Spirit tries to go but Razor pushes her aside,"I'm not going to let you risk your life."

Digit nods to Micy who walks to Ponzon, while Cytosine comes up. Rick and Cathy have a short argument about who should go first (Neither wants to) but Rick finally gives in and steps forward. Zebrawood agrees to go first and Seiko gladly comes up. Ian nervously comes forward and Fall goes first to protect sweet little Holly. Grass' tail flickers nervously as he comes up and finally Lilac rushes up, eager to fight.

"Alright, if these are you chocies, let me explain who Capitol fighters are classified (Copyrighted to Nobuyuki Anzai, it's just SUCH a good idea!), they come in four rankes, pawns, rooks, bishops and knights. Pawns are weak fighters who have little skill and only carry simple weapons, rooks are stronger and carry better weapons, bishops are far more powerful and have much better weapons and knights, nicknamed the zodiac because of the fact that there is 13 of them, are extremly powerfull and carry amazing weapons. Undersatnd?" Ponzon explains. All the tributes nod in reply and Ponzon says,"Today you will be fighting 6 pawns, 5 rooks and one bishop! With out further adue, come on out Capitol Fighters!"

Suddenly a bright beam of light hits the ground across the cornucopia clearing, when it fades, 12 warriors stand there. 6 figures wear black cloaks and white masks, while another person looks like a castle, a man has a blue jumpsuit and has a mask with black stripes across it, a girl has pink hair, another boy has black shrit and pants on with a mask with werid red shapes across it and has long green hair, someone else has spicky red hair and a white robe on and the last figure, a giant man wearing boxing gloves and red shorts stand in the back.

"Pawns go first," The giant says. One of the people wearing a black robe step forward as Ponzon takes his position in the center.

"I'll go first and show you guys how it's done!" Seiko laughs as she steps up. Ponzon nods and says," Pawn vs. Seiko, First Round, first match, BEGIN!!!"

The pawn draws his dagger out of its sheth,"Pawns may be the weakest, but we can kill simple District dwellers!" He points the dagger straight forward and charges.


The pawn's body hits the floor, knife in its head. "Simple? I don't think so," Seiko says slyly.

"VICTOR, SEIKO!" Ponzon shouts (I told you pawns were weak...). Seiko walks back to the group smiling. Another pawn, this time holding a axe, walks up,"My turn."

Zebrawood laughs,"You think you can use that? I'll show you how it's done!" He pulls out his double sided war axe. "Pawn vs. Zebrawood, first round, second match, begin!!!"

The pawns runs up and slashes with his hatchet but missses and Zebrawood simply decapitates him. "VICTOR, ZEBRAWOOD!"

"Let's get this over with," Micy yawns as she walks forward to face a pawn using a blowgun. " Pawn vs. Micy, FIRST ROUND, THRID MATCH, BEGIN!"

"My darts are dipped in a deadly poison, you'll never win!" The pawn boasts. He shots a dart a Micy's heart but she deflects it with her knife. He shots more darts but she deflects them all as she runs towards him,"One hit, that's all I need", the pawn thinks. Suddenly Micy is right behind him,"Bye, bye," she whispers as she drives one of his own darts into his neck. "VICTOR, MICY!" Pozon compliments,"Wow, you guys are quite the fighters, a 3-0 in the first round!"

"You haven't seen anything let,"Dondo snarls as he pushes a angry Draco out of the way to face a pawn wielding a spear. "Alright, let's begin! Pawn vs. Dondo, FIRST ROUND, FOURTH MATCH BEGIN!!!" Ponzon barly has time to finish that sentence because Dondo's trident is already in the pawn's chest.

"Victor... Dondo..." Ponzon gulps.

The girl rook shakes her head in disgust,"Betion, let me go next, I'm sick of seeing them win."

"No Pano, the pawns will go first, you'll have your chance soon," The large man, who is a bishop replies.

"Don't worry Pano, I will win this next match,"A pawn who is twirling his trident says as he steps forward to face Rick.


The pawn rushes forward and jabs his trident repeatedly at Rick, who swiftly dodges them. Rick disarms the the pawn by knocking the trident aside with his knife. Rick puts the knife up to his throat,"I SURRENDER!!! PLEASE!!!" The pawn begs. Rick nods and Ponzon says,"VICTOR, RICK!!!"

"One pawn left..."Fall says. All the tributes besides Razor and Draco argue over who gets to fight the pawn, an easy win. Eventully they all agree to let Cytosine fight him. "Pawn vs. Cytosine, FIRST ROUND, SIXTH MATCH BEGIN!!!"

"I'm not just a regular pawn," the man says, pulling out two twin blades,"I'm the second most powerfull!!!" He begins slashing rapidly at Cytosine, who barly manages to dodge them. Cytosine soes a roll past the pawn and slashes his side open with his knife. The wound is very deep and the pawn passes out.

"VICTOR, CYTOSINE!!!" Ponzon yells. "But now, be warned, you will now be facing rooks. Your undefeated record is sure to change now," Ponzon says.

"Oh, please!" Lilac says cockily,"I knock the puny rook that dares to face me aside!"

"I'm going next, I want to wipe that smile right off her face before I kill her," the rook with the mask with black stripes and the blue jumpsuit says. The others nod in assent and he walks forward.


Lilac grabs her sword and slashes straight at Rhenio's neck but he simply defects it with his katana. Lilac turns and jabs at his abdomen and Rhenio blocks it agian, but this time he uses a swift counter attack afterwards by slicing her left quad (a muscle in the leg). Lilac stummbles back and barly blocks another strike. She musters up her strength and manages to charge agian. Spark fly through tha ir as the blades meet again and again and again. Finally Lilac kicks him in the chest and he staggers back, cursing. Lilac takes the chance and cuts him across the arm.

"URG!!!" He shouts as he jabs her in the ribs with his katana.

She doesn't stop though, slashing at him over and over. Rhenio jumps back and snarls,"Alright, let's finish this, come and get me!" Lilac charges but doesn't see him push a little button on the hilt of his katana. The second the tip of his katana neets her sword, his weapon sets on fire.

"Wha--WHAT?!" Lilac screams.

"Didn't Ponzon tell you we had stronger weapons?" Rhenio laughs as he swings his katana right at her. She jumos back out of its range but it shoots out some fire that hits her in the face.

Soon her whole body becomes engulfed in flames and she buckles to the floor, dead.

BOOM! A cannon goes off, signafing her death.

"VICTOR, RHENIO!!!" Ponzon shouts.

The tributes look in awe as her body is picked up by a hovercraft.

So this is a power of a rook, they think.

Ptt 3: The Rooks

"Me. I want to go next."

"Fine, Alexxander (Character created by SK999), you can go," Betion says, and the man wearing armor that makes him look like a castle, with turrets on his arms and legs, begins walking forward.

"So, this freak is going next... Who wants to go?" Razor asks.

This time, no one volunteers. "Errrr... Should we do rock paper scissors or something..." Draco suggests.

"No need for your childish games, I'll pick for you," Ponzon says,"Fall, you can go."

Fall groans and walks towards the front. "Alexxander vs. Fall. FIRST ROUND, 8TH MATCH, BEGIN!!!"

Alexxander rushes forward and punches Fall right in the gut, he goes flying back and lands down. The stone armor increased the damage a lot.

"OH, gosh.." Fall moans as he coughs up blood. He staggers up and pulls out some throwing knives. He turns and throws them straight at Alexxander, it hits his armo and bounces off.

"Heh, heh. You'll never be able to break through my armor!" Alexxander laughs. He charges straight at Fall. Fall manages to dodge all the punches this time and pulls out his axe. Jumping up, Fall swings the axe down hard into into his chest, it penetrates it but only about by an inch and get's stuck in the armor.

Alexxander smiles as Fall struggles to pull the axe out, he raises his turret arm and swings it straight down, aiming to crush Fall.

Fall pulls it out last second and dives out of the way. The punch hits the ground and when Alexxander pulls it back uo, there's a crater in the ground. Alexxander dashes towards Fall and tackles him straight on, Fall gets hit adn falls to the ground, but manages to get back up.

"Hmmmm... Managed to last a turret smash and a fortress slam. You're pretty tough. But there's no way you'll survive my second most powerfull attack!" Alexxander says as a jet pack comes out the back of his armor. He lifts in the air menecingly.

Fall tries a last ditch attack by throwing his axe at him. The axe hits and sinks deeper into the armor then last time.

"You're axe actully went through my armor and grazed me, to bad it's not enough!" Alexxander laughs as he points his turret arms at Fall. Bricks begin breaking off and shoting at Fall. He scrambles around, despretly trying to avoid the attack untill one smashes into his leg, he crumples to the ground.

"Please! STOP!!! I surrender!!!" He howls.

"Vict--" Ponzon starts but Alexxander interupts,"No, I won't let him. I want to watch him die."

More bricks barage at Fall untill one smashes into his head.


A cannon goes off. "VICTOR, ALEXXANDER!!!"

A hovercraft comes down to retrive Fall's shattered body while Alexxander trudges back to the Capitol fighters.

"Leno, you're next," Betion orders.

Leno, the man with black clothes on and the mask with blobbish red shapes on it nods and steps up.

"Do, I need to chose who oges next?" Ponzon asks.

"No, all we need is one more win to beat the Capitol this round, and I'm going to get it," Razor says as he walks over to fight Leno.

"Leno vs. Razor! ROUND 1, MATCH 1, BEGIN!!!"


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